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Community Crunch 171: ARK Stream & Homestead Update Tomorrow!


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Can we get a slider for pick up timer and stack sizes please? I know it's a specific request but I prefer to play on PS4 in single player.... it's better for my health. I don't have the time to play on officials and non officials is hard to find a good server that has the settings I prefer and an admin that doesn't abuse their power.

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40 minutes ago, Graf1cs said:

So we will have to transfer drake and wyvern eggs from another map to make this kibble now, am I missing something. No way to get these eggs naturally on extinction, and you cant tame hesperonis from the caves anymore, so whats up? Why would they move titanboa to superior? HELP me understand?

Do hesperornis even spawn on Extinction? I’ve been all over that map and never seen one, ever. 

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This is great news. I'm a tiny bit sad that the greenhouse tier got so little love (I always regreted that S+ didn't add much to it except double doors ; gates, pillars or 4-high walls would be awesome for us builders, though probably costly), but that's me nitpicking. I'm always happy when Ark gives us opportunities for more crazy bases, especially since Extinction really didn't do much in that department.
What's the next step for Ark now ?

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13 hours ago, Supersonic said:

What's the deal with Parahelicoprion? Are you going to add it? Making the ocean a bit more populated with them will be great. :) Nice update!

They feature artwork/created works from the community in every community crunch, the Parahelicoprion was made by a community member! I agree with you on seeing these guys in game though, the ocean needs more love!

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On 3/4/2019 at 8:17 PM, Jen said:

Mind Wipe

  • Characters can be respeced once every 24 hours 

Should be AT LEAST 72 hours. 168 hours (a week) would have been perfect-ish.

Reason: to retain the importance of character stat build while not screwing up (solo)players completely.

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 Amateurs. Never fails. 

How about a list, or even just mention that there is a new imprinting list as well?

Or the meat & vegetables etc required to make the new kibble? Instead of searching your old posts and hoping that's still accurate.

Seriously have you guys played your own game? 

I'm currently looking for a job if you want to hire someone who'd understand how & what to communicate to your player base so they don't view you as incompetent.  (Because they do)

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6 hours ago, AndrewLB said:

Sooo..... when are we to expect an update that makes it so players with RTX graphics cards don't constantly crash? And what's up with DLSS being added? Or are they "a little further out?" You guys did go through the trouble of having nVidia add Ark to all their RTX promotional stuff...  Or was that just a marketing ploy to bump sales?  I'm asking because from what i've read on the Unreal Engine's forum that both DLSS and Raytracing  require not only Direct X 12, but also an updated engine which supports the technologies.

OH.. Totally feel for you!!  Went thru this myself.. I ordered a new customized computer around Thanksgiving and specifically requested the GTX 1080 Ti, yet when they sent it to me it,  had the RTX 2080 in it.  Had issues from the get go.  After a week of frustrations and trying everything I could think of, sent the computer back and insisted it was the GPU.  They swapped it out with a different RTX 2080 (grrrrr.. they said GXT 1080Ti was no longer available) and sent it back to me and again, crash after crash after crash (during the first 5 minutes of playing).  So, I did more research.  NOTE: I did buy the new computer specifically to play ARK. I was originally playing on 9yo Laptop (it was time) so this was a VERY BIG ISSUE for me.  

Long story short.. I found this link.. https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/3223871682616487082/ 

The work around I used was Put in Set launch options -norhithread  .  This was the least invasive thing I had to do to the computer and works perfect.  No more crashes (knock on wood). 

I do not run all epic although I can.  My FPS average 100..   

Very happy it works, but don't like the band-Aid..

Good Luck..   OH.. and I did see where someone mentioned to use the setting terrain shadows to low.. I think I have the same setting also only because I don't like the shadows as much but I ran it epic on all after I fixed it and had no errors.. It was after the fix that I changed various settings.. 

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