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  1. Chubchub2020

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    There is no way to balance a game for both pve and pvp
  2. Chubchub2020

    Community Crunch 177: Eggcellent Adventure Returns Tomorrow!

    Sigh. So much for the mana being an end game mount... now all it is good for is short distance fast travel, with no weight. If you are going to make it useless for fighting, atleast buff its weight and stam to make it useful for utility purposes.
  3. Chubchub2020

    Weigh In: Options for the future of Primitive+

    I agree most people who play it now play to get away from tek. I have played it and I stopped playing it because it didn't have tek. It is hard to please everyone. I would say add it to the game for my preference. Then make a mod that takes out tek.
  4. Chubchub2020

    Stack Size Slider

    I just finished watching the Dev live stream (fine job team, love the new approach of keeping things quiet and more in house) there was something said about the tether distance capped by console memory, this got me thinking about how in split screen while in the inventory it causes lag issues. My question is wouldn't increasing stack size minimize the instances of items on screen (for example instead of having 10x icons of the same item if they are stacked there is only once icon racing needed memory)? Assuming you used inheritance for items this shouldn't be too hard to implement.
  5. Can we get a slider for pick up timer and stack sizes please? I know it's a specific request but I prefer to play on PS4 in single player.... it's better for my health. I don't have the time to play on officials and non officials is hard to find a good server that has the settings I prefer and an admin that doesn't abuse their power.
  6. I agree with everything you said. In addition a server option to disable pick up timer please. This could really help with pve clutter, as I think people would be much more willing to pickup structures they don't need as opposed to destroying them. Things like taming traps tend to be scattered everywhere, for me this hinders the immersion in pve.
  7. Chubchub2020

    Wildcard’s post Extinction plan

    The posts here tell you how the players feel and unless there is dramatic change, there will be no future. A game simply can't be sustained if players are not happy. You don't see anyone complaining about fortnight, PvP, shooter, builder, Unreal engine 4. Many similarities just better implementation, the devs knew what they were making and perfected it. WC still doesn't know what Ark is.
  8. Chubchub2020

    Modding Contest Discussion

    Just a place to share your opinions on the modding contest. I will start by saying I am surprised to see how many votes mods that re-skin and buff creatures are getting. I had hoped more mods with with unique content would be supported.
  9. Hi been playing since 2015. Wow great times I've had playing Ark. Thanks for doing your best to keep the experience alive for us Ark fans. Here is my idea for a temporary fix. If I host my own server I can disable climbing pics. Why not have official servers with no climbing pics clustered without abberation.
  10. Chubchub2020

    Another INI option.

    Allow tameable ini option. In single player Titans can become permanent tame an option to allow any creature to be a permanent tame will be really nice for server and single player options. Considering the Titan is the most overpowered creature I don't think it would cause any more balance issues than being able to tame a Titan.
  11. Chubchub2020

    We need a soaker/turret/bullet balance

    Simple fix. It has been suggested before add land mines. Attackers have c4 and rockets that do catastrophic damage and base defense has nothing similar.
  12. I wasn't complaining simply offering some advice for WC. You have many loyal fans, your loyalty in return would be appreciated.
  13. Chubchub2020

    ability to make carried farm dino auto-attack

    I believe if you never upgrade weight on creatures with auto harvest you can; set them on auto, keep over weight while on a quetz and they should perform the function you are looking for.
  14. Chubchub2020

    Wildcard... Please give us this Final Content.

    As far as I know they haven't mentioned any future TLC plans it seems they are done with it for now. I think the OP was just wanting to confirm they have definite future plans for more TLC. Going forward! "That's it for this update guys! We hope you enjoy the new changes and we can't wait to see your feedback. As mentioned previously, we're targetting a console release for this update in mid-April and will keep you posted about more accurate release dates once we get closer to submitting the patch. We'll need a bit more time to work on Primitive+, it'll have the missing engrams for the DLC as well as the latest Dino TLC content in an upcoming patch! Now that TLC #2 has been released we will be turning our focus more directly on to bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements for the core game in the weeks ahead. Going forward, we'll be consolidating the patching process on PC. We will be leaning heavily on regular Tuesday (or Wednesday if needed) deployments unless critical fixes require patches outside of that regular patch day. These will become collective weekly bug and quality-of-life patching updates."