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  1. Good work team! I can hardly hold in my excitement in for Genesis
  2. We have multiple players on ps4 that cannot play the game at all either SP or on our server since the last update. The game immediately crashes and WC has not responded to any of them. This is very disappointing.
  3. I feel like a massive boost to turret damage on titans at the very least would go a long way. As for the cave meta for breeding that has been around forever, there is no easy fix for this. Breeding should be embraced as it is the end game that keeps Ark alive for PvP and PvE players alike! The only fix that come to mind is implementing a breeding facility that can store dinos without them being rendered while allowing breeding. It would probably need to be balanced with a cap on storage of dinos and requiring element to run. I would say only females can be stored and all stored females will mate with the closest male.
  4. My server is also having this problem on PS4
  5. I thought y'all said PvE was the most played game mode... still seems like PvP gets all the attention.
  6. Only problem is you have to have a computer that is built 4 developing games to run the dev kit it takes over an hour just to open the dev kit for me. Unreal Engine has a complete documentation. It would be nice if there was documentation like that for the ark dev kit
  7. Any update to progress being made on these bugs would be appreciated also a state of game in regards to prim+ would be good. I'd you are going to add prim+ to the base game will our save files be compatible?
  8. I do agree with you. While maybe not directly what you are looking for, this may help. Added [ServerSettings] ItemStackSizeMultiplier to allow increasing or decreasing item stack size Added [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] ConfigOverrideItemMaxQuantity to allow manually overriding item stack Everytime you release a baby dino from a crypod it will reset what it needs for imprint. While you cannot change resources received by harvesting resources. you can change what a creature will drop in their inventory on death. I believe you can make fliers faster by either increasing wild levels in speed or tamed affinity levels for speed. I cant remember which it is.
  9. There is already a single player setting that adjusts the game for sp. Why couldn't there be a setting for pve that just unnerfs everything? honestly all the nerfs are for pvp they take all of this time to fix pvp and destroy pve. Save the setting you have before the nerf, create a boolean that when =true enacts the nerfs. It would only be a lot of work because they didn't start doing it this way.
  10. There is already a single player setting that adjusts the game for sp. Why couldn't there be a setting for pve that just unnerfs everything?
  11. I do have a some suggestions. 1. Make all doors close automatically 2. Add switches 3. Player and smaller creatures (make the saber relevant) have slide, roll, dodge mechanic. (The mana is the only one who has anything like this. And IMO it is the funnest creature to use) 4. Procedural dungeons 5. NPC humans 6. Allow pve flyer speed leveling option for private servers. 7. Integrate mods: upgrade station, advanced rafts, ACM. 8. PVE volunteer admins for official servers... PVE is best with active admins no doubt about it.
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