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  1. Found a good lot of them in the snow biome, just gotta harvest with a dinosaur or if you're able to, a mining drill. Same probably goes for all regions too though.
  2. This is a fair assessment, and I agree. It would probably be really 'OP' on officials. Would like to see an option for unofficial to carry on as normal though and disable it.
  3. This is what confuses me, why can't I grind these? They are just low quality saddles and gear for the most part? Unless you do harder missions of course. But then you also get a lot of flier saddles, which as an unofficial player I'm not to angry about but for official that's pretty whack. You can't use them AND you can't grind them??? Why lock them so they can't be ground up End up just tossing them onto the ground at this point. Everything you get you can't grind. Grinder is pretty useless in genesis it seems.
  4. My biggest issue is we bright the microbes and fended off sharks and randomly spawning coels and sabertooth salmon constantly for well into an hour, just to have the taming bar reset randomly despite no damage being done to anything and the microbes still being there. Honestly it's just really annoying. Cool taming idea, but like the blood stalker it's just a huge pain.
  5. Filtering out weak links is one thing but one you tame the x creature it loses that fancy damage reduction of near 50%. I'm all for working harder to tame then but don't take the thing about them that makes them special away once they've been tamed. Or at least Nerf the wild reduction rate a tad. At this point it leaves you in worry if you should be taking out your fresh tame when you've just started. Even if that fresh tame happens to be max level tamed.
  6. Looks like the level thing is a bug (having more levels than they should). As for the health gain, that is a bit much, but also might just be a bug? There's a lot of bugs in this DLC tbh. However aside from that, this is supposed to be carry your entire ocean base so I expect it to have some good health. It just sounds like a big bug issue (especially the egg incubation too). Which sucks, and hopefully it is fixed soon. Less nerf, more fix... whatever bug is happening?
  7. Yeah, I gotta say that's a really dumb approach. Give us fliers with new skins, but no ability to ride them unless you are on unofficial and enter a command line? Who made this choice, it's silly.
  8. I keep getting slaughtered, but I've found one in the bog biome. It's just frustrating to load into what's called an 'easy' biome and get murdered by ants or whatever else happens to be existing there.
  9. I don't think it's as big a deal you're making it, but I do agree it is very annoying. It's happened to both a friend and I and we were both very... surprised to say the least.
  10. It doesn't seem like it is any better if you put in more than one at a time.
  11. Tired of all these nerfs. You've nerfed both velonosaur and mana into the ground. At what point do you stop and think that maybe your solution should be something more like an actual counter. There was never anything wrong with these two creatures, you just didn't give pvp a counter. I have no hope at this point for any of this getting turned around because you just cater to pvp at every corner. Even if something is built for PvE it tends to get nerfed anyway because of PvP meta. It's not fun anymore.
  12. Skeleton Dinos not only seem super rare on aberration, but I noticed with my friends that when a skeleton dinosaur does spawn (we've seen a single bone stego btw) we see NON aberrant dinosaurs spawn around then too. We were very confused about the wild normal stego. We've seen no skeletal carnos, raptors, or trikes. Just a single stego and it's non aberrant friends.
  13. Will we get special colors with the Genesis Chronicles? , like with the Extinction Chronicles?
  14. Yes but that's a terrible comparison and saying they should chain their employees to a desk is cruel. They have lives and families, treat people with respect.
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