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  1. Dune Loot Crates Noticed the desert dune drops are deep sea loot drops, which is full of weird gear like mosa saddles, scuba... stuff I don't need for this map. While there's a lot of stuff useful for Scorched, there's a lot of really.. junk stuff if you compare it to the usefulness of the island. A) Will this ever change? B) Can I change it? I'm vaguely recalling a way to change loot drop contents for a server, if someone can help me verify how, or if it's possible. Thank you!
  2. Yes but that's a terrible comparison and saying they should chain their employees to a desk is cruel. They have lives and families, treat people with respect.
  3. Wow aren't you a barrel of sunshine. What kind of person suggests something that cruel, angry or not. Messed up.
  4. I didn't get to spend as much time with the modded map as I wanted, sadly. I'll take your word on some of these things. Reapers, iirc, were never planned to be added. Rock drakes were though. I could be wrong. The boss thing I think was the map maker's doing. I'm curious about it, but it seems a bit "eh" to see these maps not get their own unique bosses. Griffin was made for ragnarok, where as ice wyverns were reskinned/remaed for ragnarok so technically they are exclusive to Ragnarok. I don't know about resources, I know stuff was reworked. There are basilos on the map, ocean cave. Haven't seen meagalanias tho :C It's a shame to hear they removed so much more in terms of resources. I know the map maker is making a 'companion' mod that will add rock drakes back in, but otherwise I don't know what will be readded. It's still a wonderful map and the idiot arguing with everyone because other mod-made maps havent been updated can scream into the void all they want. It's new content and there's more to come for fixes and content anyway.
  5. From my understanding, the modders who made the map are actively asking their community to send them bugs and broken things for them to get fixed, even I have sent them bugs. I understand frustrations about rag/center not getting updated with their issues, but don't take it out in such a rude way that comes off so disrespectful. Speak your opinion but do it respectfully and all that jazz, politeness goes further. Someone who comes in and just yells their head off about how much they hate something or how much something sucks will probably get ignored. It's not constructive. It's just noise. Ced has mentioned before that the wildcard team is divided into different groups of people working on different parts of the game. There's folks working on meshing, while other folks work on new content or on exploits or w/e. The modders who made the map spent a long time building it, they arguably did the heavy lifting without any interaction with wildcard up until the past few months to make it official. Have some faith, report the bugs politely, and be patient. We've gotten a lot of interesting features added so far this year from content and even just general fixes for exploits and optimization. The numerous amount of fixes in the patch notes is a blessing to see.
  6. Valguero was made by modders who put love into their map, without the expectation it would be added as an official map. Saying it's everything wrong with ark is disgustingly disrespectful to the mod devs who made it. They don't work for wildcard, keep your beef with wildcard out of their hard work.
  7. Unnofficial Island, PC Defeated Alpha Dragon with a 9 person tribe
  8. So...magna pede cuz word play and they are gonna be large? I can get behind that I s'pose. Glad those hands face the right direction
  9. Event boss, which isn't added here. Those give a really good drive for spending time with the event.
  10. My guess is they don't know what is causing it and they are trying to find a solution to it. They could be having a hard time replicating it themselves so that they can try to see what's going on.
  11. If you refuse to try then that is on you. No one can help you at that point.
  12. You're probably better off submitting a ticket about this. I don't think they will say anything to you here.
  13. Rex army raising to kick some boss butt
  14. It's a setting. Pretty sure it's called Enable Flyer Carry, but I've not had my coffee and my brain is tired.
  15. Same here, flashing textures. EDIT: fixed the homestead thing... thanks gportal. Also noticed I can't seem to place any homestead items lately... Not just me, but my server members too. We don't have S+ on the server we are experiencing this bug.
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