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  1. CryptidHorror

    Ragnarock... Wildcard...

    Hey there OP, here's some things that helped me optimize my Ragnarok map. Having read your other comments I do see it's issues with your players as well, so I'll give two kinds of advice: Server side and client side. Client side is my usual go to when someone has a problem. What's your computer's specs? Are you running 8gb ram? If so, you need more Ram. That's not enough for ark since your GPU/System is also using that ram. I doubled my ram and I very rarely get DC/d or lag anymore. Additionally, AMD or Nvidia? AMD is finicky and you need a special command ran via steam at the start of ark that greatly reduces issues that occur with an AMD card and Ark (Wildcard please). Verify your files!!! Do this weekly, make sure you have all your files validated in steam. This causes SO many problems and is fixed so easily (you just have to wait!). Server side? It could be different things! What mods do you have? Who is your server provider? What settings have you adjusted. Someone suggested halving your dino count and this could help, but it severely effects your experience. I personally suggest removing dinos that you hate, since the kibble doesn't work the same anymore. This doesn't effect your dino counts of other dinos and everyone ends up happy on your unofficial server! Ignore people who mock others who remove dinos, it's your unofficial server, do what you want. Check with your server host, there might be something they can do to help you out. When I've exhausted all my sources of 'fix it' I go to my server host. They often have solutions. If you are server savvy and you don't happen to have a host, but instead you are the host with your own machine, check your server machine's specs and make sure its up to the task properly to host everyone trying to play! I don't know enough or anything about hosting your server with your own machine, so if this is the case, take a day or two to look into it and make sure everything is right as rain. When was the last time you did a dino wipe? Do them regularly. In an area with intense structures? That's causing the lag since it has to load in the base (especially bad if you have low ram. There's an area of our map with a building that one of my server members just cannot go near). Most often times that you get crashes from an unofficial that effect everyone it's your mods. Your mods could be outdated or causing conflicts with other mods. Double check them, if you have them, and make sure they are compatible or in the right load order. I hope this helps and you find a solution to your lag ❤️
  2. CryptidHorror

    Why do you hate us? Loot crates in Scorched cave inacessibles

    Skylord is flaky, it does spawn on unofficial, but I think its single player games that are having the bad end of the stick where it either doesn't spawn or takes 84 years to spawn. Major patches are great, major bug fixes are great, but the little bugs need some love to. They are small things that can be release in one big update and the community would greatly appreciate it. Even if there is no plans of ascensions/content updates to Scorched earth, at least go in and hammer out the bugs.
  3. CryptidHorror

    Unknown patch?

    Was Prim+ crash fix I believe.
  4. I have been led astray, thank you for letting me know. There is a timer for official/unofficial servers.
  5. I've defeated alpha dragon with rexes at one point but it was incredibly difficult and by the nose. We wiped the first time. The dragon does a % damage with it's breath. You'll want to pump melee hard on your rexes so they can deliver blows before they fall. A really good daedon is a needed addition, and of course your Yuty. Really good Theri pack is also a fantastic suggestion, or an Allo pack for the added bleed. I think no matter what you pick though it's going to be an incredibly tough fight.
  6. Devs do have families, work hours, responsibilities, etc. Probably meetings to discuss the other things they are working on. Fixes don't just magically happen with the push of a button. There's testing and trial and error. Maybe they did set up snap points right but somewhere there's an error. Now they have to find that error. They knew about the snap point issue when releasing homestead, it's safe to assume they are still working out the issue as they try to find out what's causing it. Homestead was probably released even though it's got bugs because of some pressure from the community. People kept asking when it was coming and they probably felt that everyone wanted it right away, so once it was at least useable and mostly stable they pushed it out to you.
  7. CryptidHorror

    Freezer with pros and cons...

    S+ introduced some new items in their last update that I would love to see come to the game (but without the ridiculous crafting requirements and a little less OP). A Tek fridge was one of those things, it resets spoil timers and I think it's a good next step tier for fridges. Coupled with your idea I think it would be a great debuff so it isn't an OP item. A lot of the last update items from S+ are quite op, but if they get added it would be nice, even with a Nerf.
  8. Yeah a converter would be great, but I think I'm on the side of 'this isn't wildcard's responsibility.' This is a task I would expect S+ to handle if it still received updates. Personally I might just give my players creative mode and set aside a time to help them convert their bases. This obviously only works if you have extreme trust in your server players of course.
  9. CryptidHorror

    Extraordinary Kibble requirements on The Islands

    I think you need the Kibble for imprinting, so there's still that problem too. I've got boss killer rexes to 100% imprint, I'd be pretty frustrated if the last kibble they ask for is something I can maybe get if rng decides I've suffered enough for the week.
  10. CryptidHorror

    Extraordinary Kibble requirements on The Islands

    Hesperonis need to kill like what? 20-25 fish to lay an egg instead of just passively laying eggs? Its the only extraordinary kibble producer on extinction as well.
  11. S+ isn't closed, just is now open source; it should still work, there's just a bug from the homestead update that the devs did respond to on reddit I believe. As for missing things from the mod, iirc as well the devs stated that not everything would make it because they felt it was against what they envisioned for the game. However I do think some items would have made great tek-tier additions, or configurable ini options (item pulling, some of the automation things like the nanny, etc). If what we have been given so far is all we are getting, while slightly disappointing, it's still nice to see them make it to the game because they open more possibilities. I share your frustration as a server owner who has S+ that isn't working properly. S+ has been a massive game changer for Ark, and while I have a hard time thinking about playing Ark without it, it's just not feasible in my mind to continue using a mod that will most likely stop working as time goes on and more things are added. It is not the developer's job to fix the bugs that occur over time to a mod (however they have acknowledged the bug as of recent and are working to fix it, which is greatly appreciated). S+ is now open source, hopefully someone can take the files and has the time to make a 'new S+' to fix any bugs left in the mod and continue keeping it up-to-date with the changes that are bound to come to the game.
  12. CryptidHorror

    New Sloped Roofs

    I would imagine, much like in S+, your circle building needs to go something like triangle slope, regular slope, triangle, etc all the way around if you do just 12 triangle foundations and 6 square ones. However sloped roofs require you have specific sloped right/left walls in vanilla. So it's not working because the sloped roof isn't recognizing the sloped triangle roof piece as a snapping point like it does sloped right/left. Kind of frustrating. Hope they fix that soon or someone who has gotten it to work can shed some light on how.
  13. They feature artwork/created works from the community in every community crunch, the Parahelicoprion was made by a community member! I agree with you on seeing these guys in game though, the ocean needs more love!
  14. Question for the developer stream: Is scorched Earth going to get Ascension? Right now it's a very lackluster map in terms of end game with just fighting the manticore, and it doesn't have any Ascension cinematic despite it being a main map.
  15. CryptidHorror

    Instant kill is a thing?

    I've had both the barrier warning and the instant kill. The instant kill was on a managarmr. I guess I dashed too far beyond the barrier and the game didn't bother with a warning. Killed my tame and then killed me.