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  1. We still getting a beta update, or are those plans dead?
  2. Only tested in SP so don't know if unofficial servers will have the same problem but; if you place any of the integrated S+ structures, next time you start your save with the S+ mod installed all integrated S+ structures will change to modded S+ structures. And side note: all modded S+ structures don't have snap points when on the beta build.
  3. I just learned the hard way trying to expand my base that this beta build broke all building structures for the modded version of S+. Noting snaps to anything.
  4. There is no delay in the radial menu when picking up structures, is this; intentional, a oversight, or phase 1 shenanigans.
  5. @Jen What's happening to the Structures Plus mod itself? There is talk about the mod being removed from the workshop by end of January and Orionsun can't open source it, nor it's sister mods Platforms Plus and Platforms Anywhere, since WildCard owns the rights to all 3 mods, especially since you are talked about not adding everything in those mods like the utility guns and the utility npc's (Item Collector, Farmer, est.), and the Resource Pulling system.
  6. Can confirm that samsung galaxy s6 runs game but it's laggy, only tested in sp thought.
  7. dcrago

    Base stats of these Rex?

    Yes it is still updated. It is on version 26.2 as of this post. Downloads are on github. Make sure you have the right multipliers in your settings. Also level the dino, especially if bred, to get the right stats, just 1 lvl up will normally do it.
  8. dcrago

    dino tlc Argentavis - Excluded from TLC?

    Sometime in march so next month, the date that is, or was, going around is the 20th
  9. Red obelisk on island should have the range to the water for water tames. For ragnarok I've heard both red and blue obelisk work for water tames though I've never tried. There was also a underwater terminal at one point but it's gone. The tek transmitter will work fine if you have it unlocked. Transfers from drops is disabled in SP
  10. dcrago

    Valentine event on single player

    You need to launch ark with -vday to get event in sp. If you don't know how to go to your steam library and then right click ARK, properties, then set launch options in general tab.
  11. Even living in Ohio it's a bit much. Just shipping along is at $50, and I was looking forward for this.