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  1. They were nerfed once with all the other flyers in the flyer nerf.
  2. That gif of manas killing is just insanely fun to watch, I hope they wipe the lot of you PVPers with manas. Nothing that happens to PVPers including inside jobs etc make me pity you anymore, its shadenfreude all the way to the bank. Revenge of the Manas, destruction of PVP that would be awesome.
  3. So what purpose is the mana to have now ? as they stand now they are nothing but a slightly more sturdy mount than a galli, entirely worthless. Im finding it harder to enjoy Ark for every month in PVE and Manas seriously did more to keep Ark playable than any other content or events, but of course we are not supposed to have too much fun it seems.
  4. Yes thank Wildcard for turning what was my favorite dino into freezer fodder.. god I hate you guys atm. And to all you PVPers that whined this into existence I hope all your bases get raided daily and that you never get a good start again.
  5. As if the games content is limited to farming dust... if it was I don't think many would still be playing the game. Besides doing some veins and not having to drag along the heavy dust, just another bonus. Either way it would fairly quickly level off on the effort vs reward scale anyways which is what matters. Additionally reducing the value of Element brings another bonus, it allows it to be used more extensively for Building on servers outside extinction. Unlocking the end tier of building properly.
  6. It would just add some inflation so what if its suddenly 5x more expensive, element has hardly any weight compared to Dust. The eazy mode in this game mostly stem from the Dinos now being seriously OP compared to their initial stats, element is not where the real need for difficulty lies.
  7. Been a long time since that QOL List got any additions now, many ideas have been added on the forums since then.
  8. Remove Crypod power shortage wipe. I just had a Tribe member quit the game as he logged on having forgotten to check his power, he opened one fridge to find it all empty and the natural reaction until you notice the power missing is to open more to see where your dinos are. Ended up wiping a years worth of work, this mechanic is pure evil and completely ridiculous as the pods still survive in cabinet for 30 days with no power. About 200-300 dinos gone all high level with recent stats. Everything from 8x event included. This has caused quite a few people to leave the game already.
  9. Have the same issue, cant put anything new into but can take stuff already in and put back in.
  10. Completely Irrellevant, but also an issue on ext that people are able to destroy even offline protected based on PVE, still not fixed. There is a massive difference between making survival a bit harder and adding a doomsday creature to the game, that's changing the rules while you play a game.
  11. Your completely missing the point, this is not about some elevated form of fear, A dodorex in your base can wipe the entire base, for many that includes thousands of dinos and about 10000+ hours of work... get real. And with the toxic community in Ark you are guaranteed to see bases get wiped from people pulling stuff in.
  12. what a ridiculous statement, everyone gets attached to time spent at the very minimum.
  13. Heres crossing my fingers Center will not get that event again, great content Wildcard making official servers less desireable to play on.
  14. Can we please get some assurance that our bases will be safe in PVE during this event ?
  15. I hope you are right, but I think the devs owe us an assurance after all the bases wipes that have happened in the past.
  16. Basically it will force alot of people to just log off and get offline protection on and not play, fantastic event.....
  17. if that happens to me its game over for ever for ARK, PVP is one thing PVE another completely. This event is cancer if they do not make sure our bases are safe.
  18. So you feel a perfect griefing mechanic is a great thing to add to the game ?
  19. if as stated they chew trough metal the best thing is likely to not play at all during the event to make sure your dinos and base survives, it sounds like the most idiotic event of all times.
  20. So does this mean we now have to fear people using the dodorex as a PVP tool on PVE pulling it into bases to wipe them ? Please keep that thing inside an Arena.
  21. Original and unique permanent furniture or wall decorations, stuff that Ark is still massively lacking. Anything that allows us to make our bases stand out a little.
  22. Is the OSD drop supposed to wipe your inventory and all in it as well ? I Just lost a 330 giga 1000 melee, a 430 mana, a mantis and a tek set. just as I landed to look around. What kinda screwed up mechanic is that, it boggles the mind.
  23. I hardly do bosses anymore anyways after 100+ times its dull and tedious especially the farming, instead all the Tek usage is isolated to Extinction servers where element is readily available. I suggest that adding tech structures that require fueling should also make the Fuel equally available across different maps. But since Extinction has that as main draw, making it the only server open to element out transfer would retain that special status and make life a lot easier for everyone. Even with a cap on how much per week or per month it would make sense to me at least, as it is now its not worth using tek equipment on normal PVE servers other than the tek generator running tek troughs.
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