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  1. Well, thats some kind of international license that I highly doubt it would apply in Europe regulation. This kind of software is just not under the scope of the regulations. Look how the terms of service of the anti-cheat of a well-known germany developer company looks like: I mean, im pretty sure if some group brings enough attention to this kind of software embbeded in games which exceed the reasonable mechanism to prevent cheating would be banned. Not to talk about this kind of software potentially looking another files like browser history, cookies and others, which may contain pro
  2. So for that same clause am I giving rights to them for i.e. store CP in my computer? Or using my computer and bandwidth for any activity they want?
  3. Just my 2 cents. I can understand someone calling battleeye (or any other protection) a malware/virus. There are thousands of post on Internet about battleeye crashing the computer, and not only in ARK but R6s, PUBG... It is perfectly understandable that anti-cheat programs should have rights to hook into game process and files to scan for cheats, but clearly BE devs have gone too far sometimes hooking into kernel functions/calls or memory segments in wrong ways which make the whole computer crash, and imho thats completely unnaceptable and I havent checked the BE EULA but I would bet the
  4. This exact same crash happened to some users back in 2018 and apparently it was some DNS problem at provider (most if not all of the ppl reporting were australian telstra users): https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1694922980046496262/?ctp=5 The crash was in the same function ValidateSendBuffer() and with exact same payload size (506 bytes), so I would bet it is the same problem. Changing the DNS or connecting through VPN seemed to work, maybe you can try that.
  5. Full list of official servers with disabled item and survivor upload/download (some of them are begginer/isolated and some may be new so its normal they have transfers capped): I guess you should open a outage report in case you server is on the list and it was allowing transfers before. Allow Download Chars: 0 Allow Download Items: 0 Custom Server Name: oc-pve-official-aberration393 Allow Download Chars: 0 Allow Download Items: 0 Custom Server Name: oc-pvp-official-ragnarok205 Allow Download Cha
  6. This. Please @Cedric @Dollie @Jatheish take a look into it before ppl start flooding the ark with dinos cause putting them in cryopod put females into cooldown. Also that the cooldown timer is rerolled everytime a female is uncryoed.
  7. Yes, the problem is that this two maps, due to how easy element farming is are saturated of giant bases with tons of cloners plus tons of dinos for selling / mutation breeding. But the long save times is not really the problem, I mean, I can live with 1 or even 2 minute save every 15 min, thats no problem, I accept it. Problem is that due to that long save times the game client (I think) believes that the server is down and disconnect with timeout message. And at the same time the server, after the save is done, still thinks we are connected so if Im doing an osd the zone where I am does
  8. Its good to see you are working on improving stability of the game but please dont forget whats going on on most (afaik) genesis and extinction official pve servers where long save time makes game clients disconnect due to timeout and then server does not allow to reconnect fast because "there is already someone connected with that account". This makes the area where the player was not entering stasis immediately, and if player was doing veins/osd/missions this much likely means player killed, dinos killed, broken gear... rendering this maps to non playable status.
  9. Never travel with items in char inventory you cant afford losing. What I do, and I havent lost any item since (and I move top bp's from server to server) is that when downloading I check the yellow 16 min timer in the transmiter and wait until it is lower than a minute. This way in case of server crash and rollback the chances of losing an item are 1/16.
  10. I understand you perfectly. In the last few months, playing ark has become a risky activity on many servers. When the anti-mesh system does not kill you, the server disconnects you by timeout and when you manage to connect you are dead, or the client crashes and the result is the same. In recent months my participation in the official servers has only been to connect to the bases so that they do not disappear, to fill the generators with a little gasoline and little else. Just a couple of days I spent more hours fishing for chibis from the event, until my game crashed and, disap
  11. Since some months ago there is a serious issue in an undetermined (to my knowledge) number of official pve extinction servers. Every 15 minutes (when server saves) there is a lottery in which most or even all current players are kicked due to the large timeout the server save produces on the game client. This makes farming veins a risky task, farming red drop an very risky task and farming purple drops a suicide. We detected that in our server some time ago. Considered relocating to a different server but every single person I've asked about their server they told me the are experien
  12. It served to the last day lol
  13. Yeah while thats right I dont think it is really a game changer for pve. Water is probable the thing that gets and advantage, but at the same time water is barely used in ark and also the same clean effect can be obtained with the gas mask which is pretty easy to farm in gen missions. I mean, if I have to choose playing with decent graphics and good fps or playing with that tweaks I prefer good graphics. Thx, my old i5 4670k from 2013 was really needing a replacement now Im trying to decide if I should buy a 3080 now (well, when the scalpers and miners allow me hehe) or wait som
  14. I've been using that in pve for some time because my old 4th gen i5 was at 100% load all the time and with one of those consolecommands.ini file I was able to get it to 65% usage or so. Now that my new ryzen 5900x arrived I'm back to nice graphics with only 15% cpu usage. I dont think anyone is gonna be punished for using tweaked ini files, but I think at some point they may disable some of the tweaking options that give an advantage to pvp players.
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