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  1. The new creature seems to be called Blade Wasp (however this does not work at the terminal uplink form) For those trying to solve the new puzzle, probably decoding the right message, remember how we decoded past broken messages. ARK lang has some peculiarities that can help dealing with swapping, adding or removing characters, etc. Just take a look at the decoder wiki page and learn how the characters are made. A suggestion for WC, it would be better to have this in a sepparate topic because there is too much noise from ppl complaining about different issues, instead focusing on solve this.
  2. Same, servers where I play except extinction, ragna and center are down. Also, I cannot update my private test server to 298.40, steam says there is no update: arkserver@arkserver:~$ ./arkserver update [ OK ] Update arkserver: Checking for update: SteamCMD No update available * Local build: 4143025 * Remote build: 4143025 https://steamdb.info/app/376030/
  3. Manticore often refuses to land once it is alone on the arena. Still we've killed alpha with shotgun and 6 players with a lot of time left. We do use rexes. What I've notices is that there are some spots in the ground that, if you place rexes there and the manticore focus on them it gets indefinitely stucked on air until you move them. Valguero servers are on the official cluster. However Allow Download Item option its set to false until october. Otherwise you wont be able to upload/download chars on Val.
  4. By the symptoms I would not discard either a failing SATA wire or drive self turning off because overheating as the causes for the failure. Use any S.M.A.R.T. tool (I.e. CrystalDiskInfo) to check drive health and temp.
  5. As far as I know Stadia does not work with steam it uses own platform so its not likely they will support it unless there is some agreement to port the game to stadia platform (like ark w10 store version). However you can play ark on the cloud with the nvidia''s geforce now (currently at beta).
  6. If you read the html code it belongs to a page with title "BT Hub Welcome". This is appearing because your ISP (British Telecom) router is in Smart configuration mode and its intercepting http requests and showing its config wizard instead. Search for "BT Hub Welcome" on google for detailed info about how to disable this page, or just follow this randomly picked page with instructions: https://bigtechquestion.com/2017/09/11/hardware/i-stop-bt-home-hub-trying-set-parental-controls-every-time-i-add-new-device/
  7. Version mismatch with last patch There is a version mismatch regarding the announced version and the version deployed. Patch notes says version 298.39, however version deployed is 298.37. Should we expect a re-deploy in the next hours?
  8. is there any video of what happened in 77? do you have his steam id?
  9. Te lo han explicado en el post anterior. Lo más probable es que tu char se ha duplicado. Ve al servidor al que quieres trasferir el personaje y en la pantalla de crear superviviente le das al botón de abajo a la derecha para descargar un superviviente. Mira a ver si así te funciona.
  10. arkark

    Wind on Valguero?

    I've seen that now a lot of zones have wind 24/7. We are in tundra and sadly there the turbines dont work but very close to us is the Beaver Moore, Claw Valley and Berfestung and in these zones the turbines are working ok.
  11. Looks like its already been fixed: 1/100 - EU-PVP-Official-TheCenter-ClassicPVP110 - (v298.3) Ping: 45 Players: Rules: Legacy Server 0 Allow Download Chars 1 Server Uses BattleEye true Match Timeout 120.000000 Cluster ID ClassicPVPMain Session Flags 683 Official Server 1 Session Is PVE 0 Allow Download Items 1 Num Open Pub Connections 99 Search Keywords Custom Owning Name 90128463676915712 Daytime 3472 P2P Port 7783 Mod ID List 0 Networking 0 GameMode TestGameMode_C P2P Address 90128463676915712 Custom Server Name eu-pvp-official-thecenter-classicpvp110 Owning ID 90128463676915712 Server Password false
  12. Fill a report in ark.gg/outage selecting "Incorrect config problem". In battlemetrics this server appears as unofficial and battleeye disabled. However this server is running in the same IP as EU-PVP-Official-ScorchedEarth-ClassicPVP103, EU-PVP-Official-Ragnarok-ClassicPVP99 and EU-PVP-Official-TheIsland-ClassicPVP111, which are configured as Official and BE enabled, so it must be a configuration error @lilpanda
  13. Well, we've faced that problem during the last events, in some we were too conservative and stoped the breeding before the event ended (and it resulted that the event was on for about 24h after it was supposed to end), and in some other they announced delay because of patch/certification problem and we hoped the delay was longer and it was not the case at the end. In both cases we did not maximize the efficience of the imprinting bonus. I think it would be just fine if they strictly stick to the times they announce for event end and, in case there is some last minute change add at least 8h of event bonus to let the current imprint end. Dont think other changes would be necessary, just let us prepare and do our calcs based on the event dates.
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