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  1. There is a rule in the CoC, PVE Griefing section that says the following: Game Blocking - you are not allowed to block other tribes from playing the game on PvE servers. This can include but is not limited to: Building at their base Now, this is a fictional situation that has never happened but which I have not clear if it breaks the CoC or not: Imagine that you found a spot, completely empty of structures cause the server is fresh new. You place some structures, make a small outpost and while you are farming for more structures another tribe comes and pil
  2. Gen 2 934, 935, 936, 937, 938 and Gen 2 Legacy 946, 947. All this 7 (7!) servers are on the same physical machine. When one of this servers crash it often drags all the other servers with it. Example of this morning: At 07:33 server 938 crashes. At 07:58 while 938 is not responding (crashed, crashing, generating dump, or even booting), all the other servers on the machine start crashing one after other This is just a real example of this morning. This exact same behaviour is happening 10-15 times a day on this machine. When one server crashes it grabs all the other s
  3. You need to look at it, either disallow build in that zone and remove all structures inside or allow to build in all of the walls of the chamber, because the zone that allows to build is relative small, only 3 tribes plus allies can fit.
  4. This is not a problem with legacy servers. Your server 946 its in the same physical machine as our non-legacy official PVE. To be more precise, 946 and 947 are on the same bare metal as 934, 935, 936, 937, 938. This is 7 servers on the same physical machine and I would bet sharing the same memory resources. Due to the big number of crashes we have every day in our server I've started monitoring all that servers to see if there is some pattern and I can say that every time: - One of those 7 servers crashes. - There is small chance, I would say 10%, of that server normally recov
  5. Probably related to transfers disabled in gen2 official. Leave stuff on dinos or, if you dont mind keeping the stuff on another server, just go back to main menu and download survivor on any transfers enabled map.
  6. Confirmed, if the server saves when you are on a mission and it crashes before next save you lose all you had in inventory and the tames you brough to mission.
  7. This is happening in a few missions with time objectives. desync, rubberband, desync... all the time This is an example with Circuit Chase, this mision is super easy in local however in multiplayer (tested in official) its close to undoable and not fun at all to do, while it can be enjoyed in local. Local gameplay, its smooth and really fun to play. Even doing some mistakes one can reach the finish line in the intended time. https://streamable.com/i1lf49 Multiplayer official gameplay, its really a pain to do this mission. Its very hard to climb walls and when you do it
  8. It can be, yes. But the ppl on my server noticed in less than 5 minutes of 331.7 being booted. It can be a coincidence but I think its worth checking that the code that makes stryders not count on the platform limit is working as intended. Not to say that if its capped for real in 20 days from launch then there is something wrong here.
  9. Patch 330.8 fixed the error. Patch 331.7 is a regression and again the error message appears when trying to build on skiff.
  10. 938 and other servers that were affected by the +140/70 players overcap are now super laggy during all day. Just throwing and idea, why dont you announce each of that servers its gonna be taken out of the main cluster and temporary being clustered with two new ones, allow structure pickup and open transfer during a week? After a week delete the initial servers and close transfers and move to the main pve cluster. So at least the players of that servers are splitted 70 and 70 and there is not perma lag.
  11. Genesis 2 performance its horrible. We are playing all the time in 938 with 200-255 ping. Dinos just teleport and dissapear all the time. Even taming a bee becomes a challenge. I think each bare metal server was hosting 3 servers before (27015, 27017 and 27019), but with genesis you seem to be running 5 servers or more in the same hardware (27015, 17, 19, 21 and 23) ? Whatever you are trying to do, probably with more powerful machines is not working at all, rendering to a very poor latency.
  12. Just wait for a fix or try to tame at hours where the ping is lower than 100-120, and bless no one enters and no day change or save time. This tame is very easy but it becomes a complete pain and a waste of time often due to external reason which have nothing to do with the tame itself.
  13. If anything can be suggested about this topic would be, if you use cheats then you dont get the cinematic. You can end the game, get the ascension levels, but the cinematic is locked until boss is defeated by some tribe who meet some parameters like no vr mission cheat unlock, no god mode, no infinitestats.
  14. Hello, Since some hours ago our official (938) is already capped showing a message that I remember back in 2017 regarding structures placement on saddles. This means for instance that you cant put a chair on a skiff... I am pretty sure that Tek Stryders have something to do with this problem, as they apparently count as a saddle with structure. It could also be that someone has spawned rafts or something like hell, but with the tribe dino limit im more confident the problem is related to stryder.
  15. Siempre ha sido igual, los nuevos servidores tienen 90 días en los que no se puede transferir nada más que el personaje. Cuando pase ese tiempo quitarán la limitación.
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