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  1. Yeah drowning the giga has always been the peasant way when u dont have the right dinos (breeded giga / managarmr) to fight it.
  2. I think this happened on center during EA, and if I remember well it was because there were thousands of fishes in a zone. It took some week to be solved.
  3. I think its just because x-megalodon is more resilent than a normal megalodon you can find on other map. Mine struggles to kill most of the X dinos, but however oneshots the eels and kills alpha tusos relative fast compaired to killing a 13k wild x-basil.
  4. Pretty sure what you asking for its not possible. Bots drag the info scrapping pages (like battlemetrics) or directly using the steam server queries protocol: https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Server_queries#A2S_PLAYER And what this protocol is able to gather, in ARK, is player name (the steam account name) and the time the player has been connected to server.
  5. There is not game balance based on what players do. It has been "confirmed" in another post.
  6. Jealousy... Today I've read the exact same response when reading in the newspaper about covid-19 and those uncivilied people that breaks the quarentine. Yeah, the rest of the people that is doing the things right (because we like the game and we are concerned doing this damages it, among other things) and not bringing unintended dinos are jealous. Sure. Yeah, lets all buy clones to the cheaters and make that people rich (they probably dont need, if they dont mind bringing unintended dino for second time they sure know every single active cheating method).
  7. Some official boss kills, reapers, reapers and more reapers. You say this is fair, this dont affect others. That peopled abused of an unintended feature and are now enjoying their new tek skitff. Legit players still breeding and breeding and collecting saddles.
  8. Center lava cave, I've got some asc pickaxes and also hatchets from there.
  9. Yeah I know they not blizzard, but is that your oppinion or confirmed information? Months ago when I was trying to enable dynamic config on my private server, I discovered that if I put my server in official mode it starts sending api calls to a known game telemetry third party service, so it seems logical to me that along all the other data they are also gathering that kind of statistics. Anyway lets go back to the main topic.
  10. So, they not gathering statistics of boss/missions progression for game balance? How they balance the pve side of game then?
  11. Ofc letting the reapers on PVE affects everybody. Just to begin with, ALL the boss fights on official that you can find on youtube have a raid composition of reapers. And if WC is datamining the boss kills to balance the game this is affecting us all. But also, stop the PVP/PVE obsession. There are enough proofs of that is happening on official PVE again. It is for sure happeing on official PVP too.
  12. Joe, this time you wrong. I play official and right after the patch you are mentioning was live all the reaper kings not in pod were auto-deleted. I read it from a lot of sources, steam friends claiming their reapers in genesis deleted, ppl at global chat too... And what caleb is saying about there is again reapers on official genesis is true. After he posted I wanted to do a proof of concept-> Go to near a megabase of some tribe whose name begins with [] and issue some command and here are the results: They have again one reaper deployed. So please this need dev attention.
  13. Yeah I asked because I have the suspect that after the reaper delete patch there were cloning chambers with a reaper in process still working. But no idea if that finally worked or not.
  14. I've completed all alpha races I've tried except the one of the skiff. In official the races are super random due to lag and rubberbanding, you do exactly the same and sometimes you complete with very good time sometimes you dont even reach the finish line. I opened a post about that some days ago related to the doe race, time always ended near the last turn. I tried in single player and the first attempt I did it with some spare secs. Then I just kept trying in official, doing the exact same movements and randomly one of the attempts made me finish it with the #2 best time of the server.
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