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  1. Not 100% sure but I believe a friend showed me a crash with that same line and it ended being that he did not have installed the DLC that he was connecting to.
  2. One guy I know in my island server left his giga on top of his private and not powered tp. He found it the next day in another private tp of one of those guilds with [][][][] in its name, that make them almost untraceable. If they can open locked structures from others I think a wall wont stop them. If you go into paranoid security I believe the safest way to save goods is to store the important stuff in the inventory of a buried dino.
  3. You can see imprint % and maturation % with all its decimals by using the ark smart breeding tool. If you want to manually calculate exact % per imprint on giga you have to divide 100 by 35, that is the number of imprints, its 2,857%. After 6 imprints it is 17,142% I created a post some months ago when I was raising a giga, with a bit detailed progress of the maturation (I obtained 100% at the end but it was very tight)
  4. Maybe that is the porpuse of the one that is calling the people "whiney noobs", talking about skills, etc without contributing at all after 3 posts... I've done alpha manticore multiple times in the different maps, never wiped at it. It just requires the players to be prepared with shotguns just in case, as it randomly bugs and refuses to land. Manticore always lands well the first time, no matter if the tames stay packed or around the map but after that it behaves erratically randomly fixing on tames that can in some situations make it stay static in the air. We usually do alpha valguero with 3 ppl and when I whistle the tames sometimes I feel like Im able to make it land by moving the tames in groups to different locations, but then in the next run I repeat the same strategy and it does not work so I firmly believe there is a high part of RNG on its landing. @Destrian, dont do it alone. I dont feel safe doing this boss in alpha with less than 3 ppl. One of my teammates did some runs of gamma solo by using a combination of deynos and rexes (not op rexes btw, the ones we had before transfers opened were 11800hp/431dmg base) but despite he did it a lot of times he also had some wipes.
  5. Sorry man, it happened to me not long ago. Can I ask in what server number did it happen. Btw, in my case they did not use teleport, they just tanked corrupted gigas to make them do the land path of my base in city (Im in the bridges) so I believe unless there is no physical way to reach the base the tp solution wont work. And about the shinehorns limit, I think as long as the server is not reaching lets say 90% of tame cap, no penalties should be applied, and in case it is over 90% start applying penalties based on the number of dinos, not the types.
  6. Please dont insult @MostSpy as he may have some kind of problem. I put a facepalm in the same post you are referring to and the result is a bit.. illuminating
  7. I've explained in another topic but lets go again. When this event was released some years ago I did not have gigas and the way I used to kill them was constructing a stone 1x1 trap, then after trapping the turkey I killed it with a pike. Killed a lot in the previous turkey trial by this way.
  8. I've never heard about alliances being punished because some tribe in the alliance did something against the CoC. Indeed it is written somewhere that if some member of a tribe uses exploits all the other tribe members will be punished too but it does not says anything about the allied.
  9. Well, sorry for the lost. I've seen more users today struggling with the turkeys, trying to kill them with argies and wyverns and fleeing when their tame was bleeding. I think it is due to a lack of information because the only that players that havent done this event before know about them is that they are "relentless". Ofc if you dig on the wiki you'll find why. Regarding to the pillar problem, report it and an enforcer will join your server and will clear them (as long as the pillar arent in what they consider the buffer area around a base). I guess by what you say that you dont have a giga, if you feel like raising one during the 2x bonus event breeding pm me I'll give you an egg with good damage.
  10. turkey population on valguero is very low compaired to aberration. In abe in the portal zone u could farm enough for all items in a few hours, shame that gigas are not allowed there.
  11. You can kill with gigas very easy but if you dont have one, like it was my case some years ago, I remember I killed a lot of them by creating 1x1 stone traps and then killing them with a pike.
  12. he is talking about an older release, from november 10. Still the official servers are taking a lot today to bootup, but the correct release seem to be 302.1
  13. the email code, in case someone wants to know: 3709ab6c-d05c-4df9-bccc-cdca75ba0ad6
  14. He is probably talking about that: https://twitter.com/ComplexMinded/status/1195118393692581888/ I just will pass to comment this time. I wasted lot of time arguing against the previous wipe, absolutely all my arguments have proven been true (especially those about all the things that a wipe would fix will happen again cause a software can never be made 100% safe failure-proof).
  15. Link? There is nothing of that in official ark twitter account.
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