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  1. This is new bug, or at least I've never seen it before. Its not the dinos walking after you dismount. You leave a flyer resting on ground (or foundation/ceilings) and it can randomly at any moment start to walk forward. Due to this bug we were told the other day that one of our tropeo was like half map away from the base. We've also seen griffin of a player walking into and staying in our water pen (and it did not drown). We've also seen a Wyvern of another player walking in deepest part of the ocean (again not drowning).
  2. Crystal Wyverns spawning inside bases We have seen that 3-4 times. We connect or come back to base after some farming and we find wild wyverns wandering inside. Maybe they are bypassing the spawn restrictions? Our base ground are foundations and the base is completely covered. As I said we found other wyvs before but we though it could be because they glitched inside while rendering however this last time, and Im writing this because of that, we just found 3 wyvs wandering inside the base at the same time!
  3. That inconsistence is not new, I've noticed some time ago. Steam Game Info window obtain the number by using A2S_INFO "Players" response (https://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Server_queries) which often returns an incorrect number higher than the real number of players connected. with valve.source.a2s.ServerQuerier(SERVER_ADDRESS,timeout=1.0) as server: info = server.info() print("{player_count}/{max_players} {server_name}".format(**info)) It has nothing to do with EGS, indeed as you said battlemetrics is not showing any data related to Epic players. In fact, both Steam and Battlemetrics obtain the player counter from the same place, but steam shows the one previously mentioned, and battlemetrics just sum the players array (probably because they noticed of this error) I think that after crossplay the only reliable connected players number is the one that appear ingame in the search window.
  4. craft a link like this, with the ip and port of your server and paste in, for example, g chrome: steam://connect/ip.of.your.server:port that, in case the problem is gethostbyname client related, because Im seeing more ppl having this error, and maybe its not even a harmful error (just more like a notice in the server log trying to resolve client dns) and the real error has nothing to do with this.
  5. gethostbyname is a C function that resolves a hostname into an IP address. Try connecting using the IP of the server instead of the hostname to bypass a possible failure in resolving.
  6. I always do the same route of farming starting bit east from the big entrance at north volcano and following all the path down. There are 6 clusters of nodes. No matter which anky I use I always get 90-95 ele.
  7. Vulcan nodes have some dr on them. Farming with a 900dmg x-anky or a 1500 abe anky give the same amount of shard.
  8. The trick is killing coels, you kill one, then 3 more spawn and you can complete.
  9. As stated in the patch notes the change has been made for server performance porpuses, however it has a side effect that defeats a QoL food so imho some adjustement needs to be done.
  10. There is also another server on that same IP called QASteamOnly1, so, yes, much likely that crossplay is between Steam and Epic https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/6995098
  11. I did alpha master controller today (official PC) and it was smooth, we aimed at mid part of head, moreless the center, and the damage was registering correctly.
  12. I think there isnt official announcement about that but I can guess two different routes: - Epic customer will have their own servers. I think this is probably what will happen. - There will be crossplay, which will make WC do severe changes in how the game recognices users (and how users report other platform users), as currently in steam pc the user files are saved as steamid numbers. I think this can open a new vector of problems related to character loss and I really hope it is not the way they decided to do. All of that having in mind that ARK in Epic is just an information leak that is not confirmed.
  13. You can see the server down while it is online, this are some cases I can think of: - The server IP changed, so if you select server from favorites list it will be missing. You can search it under the official list, or directly try to conect via battlemetrics steam:// link. - There is an outage at some point in the network connection of the server. - The server is under heavy load and its not responding to Steam Query protocol. This just happened yesterday in our Gen Official. The server went apparently down, it was down according to battlemetrics, but when I used my python check script it was eventually responding to steam queries, like 0,5% of request. The server was down for like 1h, however the rollback was very small (when compaired to the predicted dino imprint times), probably because it was rebooted after being about 50 min in this status.
  14. Wow error 007 its a very old error. Sad to hear that it is still happening at Official PC. Something needs to be done @Cedric @Dollie . Every server transfer we do its like buying a ticket for character deletion, and just in a second a player can lose a progression of thousands of hours. 256 Million xp, 176 missions, 7 bosses... That is really a lot of progression and time invested to be instantly lost.
  15. @Dollie @Cedric Looks like this may need some attention. We were going to try alpha very soon but seeing this we gonna wait for confirmation of that its working ok.
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