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  1. Since some months ago there is a serious issue in an undetermined (to my knowledge) number of official pve extinction servers. Every 15 minutes (when server saves) there is a lottery in which most or even all current players are kicked due to the large timeout the server save produces on the game client. This makes farming veins a risky task, farming red drop an very risky task and farming purple drops a suicide. We detected that in our server some time ago. Considered relocating to a different server but every single person I've asked about their server they told me the are experien
  2. It served to the last day lol
  3. Yeah while thats right I dont think it is really a game changer for pve. Water is probable the thing that gets and advantage, but at the same time water is barely used in ark and also the same clean effect can be obtained with the gas mask which is pretty easy to farm in gen missions. I mean, if I have to choose playing with decent graphics and good fps or playing with that tweaks I prefer good graphics. Thx, my old i5 4670k from 2013 was really needing a replacement now Im trying to decide if I should buy a 3080 now (well, when the scalpers and miners allow me hehe) or wait som
  4. I've been using that in pve for some time because my old 4th gen i5 was at 100% load all the time and with one of those consolecommands.ini file I was able to get it to 65% usage or so. Now that my new ryzen 5900x arrived I'm back to nice graphics with only 15% cpu usage. I dont think anyone is gonna be punished for using tweaked ini files, but I think at some point they may disable some of the tweaking options that give an advantage to pvp players.
  5. Not long ago they capped the getallstate command that shown if there was a given dino in render range (now it requires to be admin) but before to that I've hunted a lot of both alpha reapers and basilisks and based on the info that command gave: - The normal and also alpha basilisks can spawn in the mesh so even if you are close to one you cant reach it, and it will stay there for days. The most reliable way to catch one is spamming kills in the portal zone and hope for them to spawn in areas the player can reach. - There is only one alpha reaper in the map. It doesnt matter how many
  6. Really mixed feelings, not for the otaku anime, but ark2
  7. There is a problem we are experiencing in Extinction (and, as far as I know, a lot of ppl is also experiencing this in their official extinction servers). Every time the server saves there is like a 99% chance of disconnecting because of a timeout. The server keeps running so technically the problem is at the game client that (apparently) trigger some timeout value and decides that the server is not responding and sends the player to game menu with a timeout popup message. I havent measured the time with precision, but I would say its about a minute or so. If the server is saving during m
  8. Never tried to do that but I believe that if you create a new non-dedicated, then copy the files of the solo game into non-dedicated it should work. If instead of non-dedicated it was a local server the steps you will have to do would be: - copy the map save from SavedArksLocal to SavedArks. The map save its an .ark file (i.e. theisland.ark) - copy and rename the player data, from SavedArksLocal\LocalPlayer.arkprofle to Saved\[your-steam-id-number].arkprofile - copy the tribe files, same paths and extension .arktribe Probably with non-dedicated its another path instead
  9. We are currently in a point in which top stats cannot been improved for a bunch of dinos due to max stat cap. Rexes, manas, deinos, theriz are just some examples. I dont know where you trade on FB, never checked whats going on there but main breeders have discord servers and most of the time they sell even cheaper than randoms you can find on global chat. Every time I see someone ask i.e. for rexes and other tries to scam offering eggs for 30-40 or even more tek I cannot resist and enter the conv saying the original breeder is selling for 1/3 of the price. I think also we should resp
  10. Update game if you havent done, because that screen is from .19 version and if recent it should be .28. The crash is happening at IsValid() function, and if you look at the backtrace there is a call to something enough descriptive to guess what it is: FAmazonS3MultipartUpload... I would bet it is due the problem that happened some days ago that they said it was cloudflare probably masking the S3 Storage service they use for god knows what. Basically what I think is happening is that your game client is internally trying to access some ark resource via web, it recieves a bad resp
  11. I went the other day to hunt reaper skins on my official PVE Abe server and for some reason it is working fine. I entered surface at 18, leaved at 4. The day was 50%/50% idk if this makes the difference.
  12. There is a maintenance atm and, at least on PC, the transfers are not working. Try to go to genesis, and in the character creation screen click on Character download button (at bottom right of screen). Your char probably will be there.
  13. Hello, This server is performing very bad lately. Almost every time there is a save it kicks the players and then you cant inmediately reconnect cause "there is a player from this account already connected". I myself have reported it dozens of times thru ark.gg/outage, and right before leaving the server I asked in global and ppl told me they are reporting it a lot too. This last time we were doing a purple OSD when the server kicked us. We though, OK, all players kicked, also the zone its in stasis but nope. As soon as we were able to reconnect we were dead, the 825 imprinted g
  14. Lol, I use that, its much faster than any other method for chitin farming.
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