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  1. Try to make it follow you to a zone in which its body is slighly outside of the terrain and try to cryo it. Or try to to put it on follow of another dino close and render out/in the zone maybe it eventually gets freed. Also being near a beaver pond, are you sure it is inside the terrain and not in the top entrance of the center underworld? There are some beaver spawns close to it if I remember well.
  2. Macro is not really needed. The problem with that mission is that it spawns less coels than the requiered number, so if you just sit and fish you wont be able to finish it. Happened to me lot of times, 5 min left and no more fishes to be catched. The trick to do the mission is just kill some of the coels because when you do new ones spawn. Like you kill a pair of mission coels and the mission will spawn 8 new ones and the mission becomes doable.
  3. I've also noticed that the last updates were very slow and in my case for no reason Steam decided to use the temp downloading folder of my slowest drive. Network is not the issue, I have 600mbit and I can see spikes of about 40MB/s while installing so I assume its not a network issue. I have ARK installed in F: which is a 1TB SSD with about 350GB free. I also have E: which is a 1TB SATA 3 HDD, very slow compaired to an SSD. Dont ask me why but Steam is using E:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\downloading as their temporary download folder, slowing a lot the upgrade process of ARK. I can see
  4. There are some boss fights (ragnarok boss, valguero boss...) in which you have to beat more than 1 boss. You asked: And what I said is the most probably answer of why someone would be carrying element in a Valguero boss fight. He killed Dragon, looted the element, then he killed ape and looted the element and finally he died with the element of the previous bosses in inventory because he run out of time at manticore.
  5. Regarding to the NAT issue , if you only have 1 router and there is no other device between the router and the xbox it is possible that your provider has CG-NAT (Carrier Grade NAT).
  6. Yeah when u do a bossfight which have multiple bosses you dont get all the element at the end, you get the element corresponding to a boss after killing it. IE. Alpha Valguero you kill the Dragon which is usually the first to kill and you loot from it (or from a dino inventory if item loot is enabled) the first 200 element of the total reward.
  7. Theorically, if your dino duped and you put it on a cryopod, the next time you uncryo it will auto dissapear. At least on official.
  8. I dont have deep knowledge in unreal engine but I think ARK is compiled against UE 4.5 and Nvidia RTX+DLSS UE versions are 4.25 or so. And I believe it would take some effort to upgrade to the last nvidia branch. Someone with more knowledge in that confirm it pls.
  9. The tek gun does not work in most bosses and the element is probably the loot from killing the other bosses (dragon and manticore) in the same fight. The fail I see here is knowing how manticore is prone to bug and stay in air the players should bring shotguns and ammo. I've never wipe in a bossfight with manticore and thats why I always say the ppl that come with me to bring at least a 250% shotgun and 200 ammo. Sometimes you dont have to use but its the key not to wipe due to bug.
  10. En PVE puedes hacer Claim a la vein para que, en teoría, solo permita lootear a tu tribu.
  11. Once you have good breeded rexes and gigas the alpha hunts are not that hard. You basically need to understand how not to grab the aggro and let the rex tank while u kill the beasts with the gigas. 2 players at least is a must. However gauntlets are near impossible and races are extremely laggy on official. If there wasnt that bug that allowed to put tamed dinos inside the gauntlet arena I bet not even the 0,1% of ppl that completed that missions would have succeed. The boss imho is well balanced and its not designed to be solo or duo. You need a full group at least 6-7 ppl to deal w
  12. Im not deliberately ingnoring it. Its just I dont see where u want to go with that. If mods were a thing that one creates and uploads to a random hosting provider I would be saying the same but mods are in the steam workshop, with valve having some responsability about what is hosted there. Its not the same thing by far.
  13. No. This is not the first time I've replied to a post regarding the global font. I can remember at least two or three times I've said the same which basically is "be careful with what you are downloading" and never anyone told something near what invincible said today. If you knew its fine, but without that infomation trying to convince someone to go to a steam guide that is copied from a random .ru domain and which has a file hosted in a cloud storage provider its not ok. There is not a forum post, there are not even (afaik) twitter post from official sources regarding that font. M
  14. In my work I often have to submit samples of malware/suspicious files obtained in the wild to virustotal and you would wonder how almost no av detect those files as harmful when they are new threats. Sorry, english is not my mother tongue, when I said "procedence" I meant that we dont know where that package comes from. Now that invincible said that author is known here this makes the original work to be more trusted to me. But this should be more clear imho. I've been in this forum for 3 years or so, and its the first time I know about that. I think there is something wrong here, an
  15. Ok, I did not know that. This shred light about where this package comes from but apparently the original work is from 2016 and I cannot find any checksum in the original website (heroez.ru?)/wayback machine yr2017 copy so I cannot validate that the original work has not been altered by 3rd party during all this 4 years.
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