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  1. Well, all is possible, but the pizza thing is valguero for sure, even part of the map has the shape of a pizza slice.
  2. arkark

    osd Floating OSD

    Use the tek chest to reach it. Or try relogging, we have had some OSD's that my teammate was seing it on the sky however I was seeing it on ground.
  3. They already disclosed, check at their twitter Oh, you think that there will be another DLC announced? well I dont think so. The digiorno one had the free dlc tag on the steam depot, which matches with valguero.
  4. You mean that because there are already 100 bodies in the area you cannot spawn in your bed? First time I hear this. Btw 916 is rag? It appears as legacy extinction in battlemetrics. If it is that server it does not have support, because of being in the legacy cluster.
  5. Yeah, technically not flyers because they cant stand in the air for longer periods of time, but as has been suggested before the drake is the map native closes version of a flyer and the managarmr is pretty similar in gliding skills. Also with a gasbag one can probably go from top of green to blue or even red without even touching the ground.
  6. I answered another guy about same thing with a different ragna server yesterday. You guys need to learn how to do proper searchs on battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/search?q="ragnarok71"&features[2e079b9a-d6f7-11e7-8461-83e84cedb373]=true&game=ark&sort=score As you can see, there are 2 servers, the one you are referring as being "dead" and the real one, with 25 players atm. This duplication happens every time the server IP/port is changed and its identified as a new by battlemetrics. Also your ARK client wont connect to it, if you try to connect from the favourites tab.
  7. Open a ticket, indicate as issue "Report Abuse" so it goes to enforcement team. Take you time to elaborate the report indicating exact coords of where the pillars are. In my personal experience almost all the reports I've made to enforcement team based on CoC rules have been succesfully resolved in less than 48h (not counting weekends).
  8. Almost sure it was changed some years ago and SE storms dont stops tek gens at all (to allow cloning on SE).
  9. If it is doable with normal wyverns with zombie ones should be much easier. Still I just prefer traditional rexes+yuti raid composiition.
  10. Oh, I just realized your screenshot is wrong, you are showing an screen of the old server (prior to maintenance). You screenshot is taken from here: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3427244 The correct EU Ragnarok 210 page on battlemetrics is: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/401633 You can notice the port changed, it was ending in 21, after the maintenance it ends in 17, so it explains why its duplicated on battlemetrics. Due to that, also, you ARK client can be failing to connect to it, if you are connecting from the favourites tab.
  11. Weird, I play on that server sometimes, and been breeding wyvs and basilos there for the last 5 days until yesterday at 18pm or so and did not notice any outage, nevertheless a 24h one I would have noticed (and reported) for sure. This server really need an improved machine btw, the stalls due to saves are really long and despite it was working in good condition after last maintenanced in which it was taken apart from 211 it is now lagging again.
  12. Its a new separated content for sure. It already has an assigned steam app id (1100810).
  13. It is the same all the time with this guy... I think there is a creative subforum where he could post all of that s---- without making us clicking on his posts to realize it is an ad.
  14. Aberration was hawaiian, some hate it the most some love it. I just hope next menu comes with drink, a large one.
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