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  1. Gen 2 934, 935, 936, 937, 938 and Gen 2 Legacy 946, 947. All this 7 (7!) servers are on the same physical machine. When one of this servers crash it often drags all the other servers with it. Example of this morning: At 07:33 server 938 crashes. At 07:58 while 938 is not responding (crashed, crashing, generating dump, or even booting), all the other servers on the machine start crashing one after other This is just a real example of this morning. This exact same behaviour is happening 10-15 times a day on this machine. When one server crashes it grabs all the other servers on the same machine with it. I would speculate about this is some memory leakage on the crashing server that hog the resources of the machine until every server crashes, result of limited shared resources (RAM) of the physical machine. But this is just speculation. What is clear is that until you take a look at it and move some server to another machine or increase the shared resources this situation is not gonna improve. Please do it soon so we can enjoy gen2 without being worried all the time about if we can do x thing because it may crash or not. @lilpanda @Cedric
  2. Genesis 2 performance its horrible. We are playing all the time in 938 with 200-255 ping. Dinos just teleport and dissapear all the time. Even taming a bee becomes a challenge. I think each bare metal server was hosting 3 servers before (27015, 27017 and 27019), but with genesis you seem to be running 5 servers or more in the same hardware (27015, 17, 19, 21 and 23) ? Whatever you are trying to do, probably with more powerful machines is not working at all, rendering to a very poor latency.
  3. Siempre ha sido igual, los nuevos servidores tienen 90 días en los que no se puede transferir nada más que el personaje. Cuando pase ese tiempo quitarán la limitación.
  4. This exact same crash happened to some users back in 2018 and apparently it was some DNS problem at provider (most if not all of the ppl reporting were australian telstra users): https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/1694922980046496262/?ctp=5 The crash was in the same function ValidateSendBuffer() and with exact same payload size (506 bytes), so I would bet it is the same problem. Changing the DNS or connecting through VPN seemed to work, maybe you can try that.
  5. Yes, the problem is that this two maps, due to how easy element farming is are saturated of giant bases with tons of cloners plus tons of dinos for selling / mutation breeding. But the long save times is not really the problem, I mean, I can live with 1 or even 2 minute save every 15 min, thats no problem, I accept it. Problem is that due to that long save times the game client (I think) believes that the server is down and disconnect with timeout message. And at the same time the server, after the save is done, still thinks we are connected so if Im doing an osd the zone where I am does not enter stasis and dinos and char get killed while we are waiting on the login lock screen. I think optimal solution would just be increase the timeout of the game client when a save its being done. At least until more appropiated solution is found it would workaround this kind of timeout disconnections. This is not only happening on the maps I play btw. Some months ago I considered relocating my bases to another servers and asked active playing friends about how they gen and ext were performing and almost all told me they are experiencing same thing on this two maps.
  6. Its good to see you are working on improving stability of the game but please dont forget whats going on on most (afaik) genesis and extinction official pve servers where long save time makes game clients disconnect due to timeout and then server does not allow to reconnect fast because "there is already someone connected with that account". This makes the area where the player was not entering stasis immediately, and if player was doing veins/osd/missions this much likely means player killed, dinos killed, broken gear... rendering this maps to non playable status.
  7. I understand you perfectly. In the last few months, playing ark has become a risky activity on many servers. When the anti-mesh system does not kill you, the server disconnects you by timeout and when you manage to connect you are dead, or the client crashes and the result is the same. In recent months my participation in the official servers has only been to connect to the bases so that they do not disappear, to fill the generators with a little gasoline and little else. Just a couple of days I spent more hours fishing for chibis from the event, until my game crashed and, disappointed, I reconnected, went back to base and closed the game. The truth is that wildcard has to put a lot of effort for Gen2 to be successful and of course be prudent when launching Ark 2 mostly bug-free, because after what happened with CDProjectRed, which had no history of releasing games with obvious flaws, I don't want to imagine what will happen in the media and social networks if Ark 2 comes out with a multitude of bugs.
  8. There is a maintenance atm and, at least on PC, the transfers are not working. Try to go to genesis, and in the character creation screen click on Character download button (at bottom right of screen). Your char probably will be there.
  9. Hello, This server is performing very bad lately. Almost every time there is a save it kicks the players and then you cant inmediately reconnect cause "there is a player from this account already connected". I myself have reported it dozens of times thru ark.gg/outage, and right before leaving the server I asked in global and ppl told me they are reporting it a lot too. This last time we were doing a purple OSD when the server kicked us. We though, OK, all players kicked, also the zone its in stasis but nope. As soon as we were able to reconnect we were dead, the 825 imprinted gigas were dead, all our quality tek gear was destroyed and as a bonus all the dinos in the zone did not despawn so when we were able to clean the area and escape with the stuff we could pickup the server kicked us again and another dino from the osd killed us again. I think some can be learned from there: 1. Extinction 464 really needs attention. Do some clean up, move to other server, leave alone on the server it is. Something, but it is kicking everybody even with low population and I think it is because the required time to do a save is so insane and its bigger than the timeout set on the client. 2. The OSD should despawn with all the creatures if everybody around disconnect. I think it was behaving like that some time ago idk when changed. 3. The dinos should enter stasis faster, or the server detect the player been kicked and stasis the area, because I cant understand how the dinos where able to take on a 36k 124 saddle dino that fast while the area was theorically in stasis. 4. Its so pissing when the work of two weeks is destroyed that fast due to a failure on the server. Same for the repairs of all the tek we had. If the player is disconnected it shouldnt be visible for the dinos around, especially when the disconnect is not clean. Please look whats going on extinction 464.
  10. I dont have deep knowledge in unreal engine but I think ARK is compiled against UE 4.5 and Nvidia RTX+DLSS UE versions are 4.25 or so. And I believe it would take some effort to upgrade to the last nvidia branch. Someone with more knowledge in that confirm it pls.
  11. NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland340 connection timeout again After 313.9 deployment this server is again 0/70 players connected and giving timeout when trying to connect. You did something yesterday to fix it, please do it again. Thanks!
  12. I believe the problem is that the spawns are so concentrated in specific points, and this can be seen in water where u travel long distances seeing no life then suddenly you see an spot of lets say 4x4x4 foundations in which there are concentrated 4 dunkleos, 10 piranhas, 8 eels, 10 cnidarias. Same happen around the north part past the desert. There is a spot where u can often see a bunch of brontos all together. For me its not really a big problem but its a fact that doing meat farm runs takes more time than usual on this map.
  13. I've put 10 reports or so regarding this server at ark.gg/outage in the last hours. The server is not allowing anyone to connect since more than day and a half. Also reported here in the forum and topic was merged into generic outage post, where I have seen that someone also put a post regarding this server hours ago. I hope its fixed today or if no solution is coming soon they could just shut it down until fixed, in order the game timer dont progress because Im gonna lost a bunch of dinos and a skiff if not able to connect.
  14. NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland340 not accesible since day and half After putting a reasonable amount of reports on ark.gg/outage Im just posting here to see if I can attract some attention. This server NA-PVE-Official-TheIsland340 has been innacessible for a day and a half. It always show 0/70. When you try to connect you get a timeout. You can see on battlemetric that no login has been registered in the last day and a half. Can you check whats going on on this server? thx
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