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  1. Chris

    Shoten the timer!

    This post belongs in Game Suggestions, and cut the bad language
  2. It's Low Medium High Under Attack Right now it's set to medium. But when you see the swamp fever screen, that's "under attack".
  3. I've opened it for you.
  4. I've turned off "under attack mode". But it will be used when our site is getting attacked (which happens often). You'll also be pleased to know we are looking into other DDOS protection right now, as CloudFlare unfortunately isn't working great for us.
  5. This is actually an issue that has been reported before. I will get it fixed shortly.
  6. Thanks, I'll look into this!
  7. If we switched it to "Start Date" then none of the other threads would get seen either, there are pros and cons to each setting which is why you are able to sort them yourself.
  8. I've fixed the issue, you should see it in your profile now.
  9. I've fixed the issue, you should be good to go now !
  10. Use this link for now: https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/zendesk/
  11. I'm looking into this now
  12. I'm looking into it, thanks for the report.
  13. Guys, this is turning into another "Project chat thread", not a Suggestion thread that users can easily vote on and we can clearly decipher. As mentioned before I recommend you start your own Tribe in the Tribes section of the forum where you can discuss your project as much as you want. I'll be locking this thread in a few days.
  14. For sure! I completely agree, you vets deserve a little more say. I'll work up a new package for the higher ranking members that come with some benefits. Thanks!
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