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  1. @Eli Can you work with these guys to maybe merge any extra accounts they may have due to not being able to sign in. Thanks.
  2. @IanHighlander Interesting, I'm using an older i7 on my laptop right now and it's only taking up around 8% CPU for me. But sure, i'll add in a hotkey to turn it off.
  3. @Gandigalf and @Dreken136 Can you check to see if it's working now, it should be. Thanks!
  4. Go to the Tribes section of the website in the main menu and look for tribes that are recruiting.
  5. You have some valid points, I'll speak to the team about it and see if we can change things up a bit.
  6. I fixed this issue a few months ago. It was working just fine, i'll see if MS have changed things again.
  7. We are looking into the overspawns.
  8. So sorry to hear about this . I've passed it along to the team.
  9. Looks like it's having issues with your Oculus Rift. I'd try disabling all the Oculus software/hardware and try again.
  10. This is not something we will be adding anytime soon, but thank you for the suggestion.
  11. It's related to Steam Maintenance. We are seeing it across the board right now with both official and non-official.
  12. That won't happen. As it will interfere with our moderation process. Users could easily do/say something terrible and then delete it and claim they hadn't.
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