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  1. The guys at Nvidia are already working on this.
  2. Chris

    BOSS team finder.

    You can do that in the Cross-ARK Strategizing forum. You can use tags also.
  3. Chris

    Forums idea

    This is a good idea, but unfortunately not something that is YET supported by the forum software we use.
  4. Thanks for bringing this up, I do indeed think it would be a good option. I'll add it to my list!
  5. The first paragraph of this Crunch says exactly what the date of release is.
  6. Chris

    ARK merch store problems

    Yeah, I got in touch with their top people and made sure things go a little more smoothly in the future. I'm glad we got you sorted out
  7. Chris

    ARK merch store problems

    Thanks for bringing this up, we don't run this store, it's a partner company, so I'll get in touch with them immediately. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Shoot me a message on twitter and we can discuss it. Thanks.
  9. Chris

    Download conversations from Inbox

    Customers? Unfortunately this forum is not a place to conduct business.
  10. The Nintendo Switch and Mobile have now been added as platforms in the "Tribes" section.
  11. Chris

    What's up at WC?

    The reason I took the "Members Online" section away from the bottom of the forum is because it takes thousands of requests to display that data and I'd much rather have a faster and more stable forum than just seeing who was online. We are actively here every day, just working away in the background
  12. Chris


    You're not wrong. Inbox messages are limited to 10 per day started conversations and 10 total inbox.
  13. Chris

    Red Blinking V icon?

    You've been tagged by a scout as an enemy.
  14. Chris

    Extinction Trailer Theory

    Just wait until you see our proper gameplay trailer in approximately and hour
  15. Chris

    Where is the extra life stream?

    Sorry guys, the dumb counter uses browser time instead of server time or UTC. It starts in 39mins.