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  1. These are posted in the old PC Bugs section which is now archived. Our QA team can still see those older posts, but they are not available to users.
  2. The Early Bird member group didn't have voting enabled. We put this in place to stop people making multiple 'quick accounts' to manipulate the voting.
  3. We did a large backend upgrade, you should be good now.
  4. Don't worry, this has been passed along to the people in charge of organizing the prizes. They'll be in contact with you shortly.
  5. It's unfortunate that in the 60 seconds it took me to create this image, you think the dev team has completely stopped all work. The team have been and still are working hard to fix all high-priority issues.
  6. We are looking into the overspawns.
  7. The first paragraph of this Crunch says exactly what the date of release is.
  8. We are aiming at around 1PM EST. Which will be morning for West Coast America and late afternoon for Europe.
  9. Nope, they are all full-sized creatures. I took this shot and I can tell you that those "rings" are just huge!
  10. Yes, click the link and you'll see it's around 25% off right now.
  11. It's this one: https://go.twitch.tv/videos/183739022 Starts at 01:58:00
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