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  1. It's because the feature isn't available to users in the "Early Bird" group.
  2. Devs inactivity

    Well as we've said many times, just because you don't hear anything it doesn't mean we are all sitting back and playing video games to pass our time. In fact the opposite is the case. We see exactly what is going on and are working hard on improving and fixing things, over the past few weeks we have been bringing on new talent to the studio and expanding in all areas so that we can tackle issues much easier and quicker if/when they arise. Jat has been out for the past week due to some sickness and family things, but now that he's back and the holiday period is over I'm sure we'll be making some new articles here soon.
  3. Devs inactivity

    Jesse was posting on a lot Wednesday during our "short break" and he was just on this forum yesterday looking through it. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/profile/11-jesse/
  4. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    A couple of Compys and some hide shoes.
  5. You're welcome to use what you need to as long as you don't try to make out that's it's an official Wildcard or ARK product.
  6. Forum Game: Bad Advice

    In the swamp. My question: What do I need to reach the surface on Aberration?
  7. WC on Reddit

    Power in what way?
  8. Good news, I've just enabled PayPal payments
  9. Post classification

    People can already add tags to any topic on the forum. I see your point but we can't make it mandatory to add a tag as not all topics require them.
  10. Thank you for continued disappointment

    Let's keep the "inter-user" bickering to a minimum and stick to valid discussions, I don't want to have to lock this thread. Thanks.
  11. ALT Profile

    Please submit a ticket at support.survivetheark.com and follow the Forum Support section. Thanks.
  12. Ah, I see... it's when you scroll. I guess that's why I missed it. Thanks, i'll fix it.
  13. I did indeed, sorry for the late reply I've just been crazy busy with the Aberration launch. Ok so I checked with Fedex and they only allow shipping to FPO/APO addresses with their SmartPost product, however there is a weight limit (only small packages) and our 5.3lb box is unfortunately too big to use the service.