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  1. The app wasn't used by many people so we ended support for it.
  2. Ok, I've fixed this. The menu button is directly under the logo on mobile devices now.
  3. I'm aware of this and looking into it right now.
  4. Awesome, thanks guys! I'll go ahead and close this thread.
  5. Hey guys, we found some European CDN nodes being blocked. Can you try now?
  6. Thanks for the detailed data. When our CDN company opens back up tomorrow i'll be in touch with them to figure out the issue. Thanks again everyone for your feedback.
  7. Can you guys check now and see if you're all good? Thanks!
  8. Hmm, strange. I'll flush the cache on the site and at the CDN and see if you guys can see them.
  9. This was due to the global Cloud Flare outage.
  10. We don't need an EGS forum section as it's the same crossplay build as the Steam version.
  11. This is already a feature, check your Notification settings and make sure you have them turned on.
  12. It's unfortunate that in the 60 seconds it took me to create this image, you think the dev team has completely stopped all work. The team have been and still are working hard to fix all high-priority issues.
  13. @Eli Can you work with these guys to maybe merge any extra accounts they may have due to not being able to sign in. Thanks.
  14. @IanHighlander Interesting, I'm using an older i7 on my laptop right now and it's only taking up around 8% CPU for me. But sure, i'll add in a hotkey to turn it off.
  15. @Gandigalf and @Dreken136 Can you check to see if it's working now, it should be. Thanks!
  16. Go to the Tribes section of the website in the main menu and look for tribes that are recruiting.
  17. You have some valid points, I'll speak to the team about it and see if we can change things up a bit.
  18. I fixed this issue a few months ago. It was working just fine, i'll see if MS have changed things again.
  19. We are looking into the overspawns.
  20. It's related to Steam Maintenance. We are seeing it across the board right now with both official and non-official.
  21. Also please don't make a Single Suggestion Thread filled with different DLC ideas. For example don't make a "DLC Ideas" thread and then post many different ideas for different DLCs. Instead make your own thread with your single idea. That way it's easier for us to see each idea as a thread of it's own. Thanks.
  22. It's great you guys are trying to figure out this issue. As I said since installing my 2x 2080ti's I haven't had ANY issues what so ever, and I've seen reports of other games with the the same thing happening.. However it's awesome to see Nvidia are able to reproduce the issue and are aware of it. With that said, our entire studio is in crunch mode right now for the Extinction release, however I am going to speak to our Lead Developer and Project lead as this is clearly happening to a bunch of you. I'm not promising anything this side of Extinction release (couple weeks), but I'll certain
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