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  1. monomania

    managarmr These Nerfs Need To Be Fixed!!

    Lol if im pretty much stuck on the ground as Manas are now, even a Galli is a better match, the forward dash on Manas now spend the stamina so fast you spent more time waiting for regen than moving. They also get stuck on even small rocks and trees making them even more useless. Also to hell with PVP and all nerfs that destroy PVE cause some whining morons on PVP is upset. I vacuate myself on PVP in this game.
  2. monomania

    managarmr These Nerfs Need To Be Fixed!!

    Completely agree the Mana was the first creature in a long time I fell in love with and was breeding to have a good supply of backups for my new main steed, now Its back in the freezer for the lot they serve absolutely no purpose whatsoever and are entirely useless.
  3. This is absolutely ridiculous, forcing us to do bosses to learn basic skills again, yeah thats gonna be fun on 8 characters... Also game now has complete lag freezes every so often no movement or sound for up to a minute each time.
  4. monomania

    RTX 2080 BSOD in Ark

    Getting bad pool caller on Center servers very often when I try to do stuff on Lava Island, elsewhere on the map no problems. 1080ti card
  5. I just go up to them and press F and have access to their inventory and put the stuff in there and wait.
  6. have you tried putting it directly into their inventory ?
  7. I wish you guys could have made the colors permanent instead from candy.
  8. Ill second this, and stackable foundations please like in Conan.
  9. monomania

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    Jen is posting about it, send her your messages here.
  10. monomania

    Base destroyed by update 286,103

    Same for us on NA exitinction 460.
  11. Conan exiles style foundations would make this game so much better on building.
  12. Last time you guys did a pillar fix the pillars I used on my structures as a decorative feature went poof, please dont force me to redo everything again.. My entire base including outer wall also made of pillars and walls, probably uses like 4-6k pillars in total.
  13. Yes they do, that timer can be changed to whatever they want or be removed completely.
  14. They already have all that in place, they need to increase Obelix dino storage from 20 to several hundred and possibly allow them to randomly generate eggs based on the dinos in storage as well to kill off egg farms. and indeed then they can reduce dino on server count for tribes to about 200. I know I dont want to have a box that can be destroyed with hundreds of hours of my time at risk.
  15. monomania

    The Great Migration & Xbox UWP

    The key issue to me is not having to start from scratch, sorry I have done my share of thatch huts and taming tedium. However if they had decided to wipe all the servers but allow legacy players to keep say their 20 best dinos, even spayed so as not to spread old breeds into the game I would have been fine with that. Now instead they seem to have found a way to wipe them the slow and painful way, gradually reducing their populations until there is no point playing on them anymore so they can wipe due to low pop. Ive done 4000 hours of all that, there is no way I'm doing it again in a game as labour intensive as this. Instead I will do my best to discourage anyone from buying this game.