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  1. Did you catch the last sentence where I said "and I still can't bring myself to play it anymore"? Or before that where I said it's been hard to quit with so much time invested and lots of friends that still play? This is a niche game. If there were another option (besides Conan, which....lulz) I'd gladly play it instead. Hence my very real desire to lobby a competent team to rip it off and steal their entire player base. And I need a better system? I'm not on PC. The game was released on X Box One before the X was even a thing. I have this weird mindset that if you release your game on a certain console, it should work on said console.... Crazy, I know. Check around and you'll find everyone on X box has all these same problems. The One X solves some crashing and lag issues. Some. The game is a dumpster fire and the devs are incredibly inept as they've proven over and over. I haven't even touched on meshing, or all their terrible responses. Including the one in this Community Crunch. As we speak our cluster is doing whatever they can to defend against a group of meshers who already robbed the largest tribe and have been quite vocal about hitting every tribe on the cluster. Anyone wanna make a wager on anything being done in a timely manner? lol.... Read thoroughly before dropping your pithy response.
  2. One of these days I'll write a novel about how much of a raging dumpster fire this game has been and continues to be in my 200+ days played on XBox. More likely, I'll be sending letters to game publishers encouraging them to rip off your good idea and have people that can actually create a functioning game put out a working product. It's been quite the battle to quit playing when there's already so much time invested and friends made that still play. It feels stupid to throw it all away but the game has become all but unplayable. Literally can't stay on Scorched or Extinction for more than 15 mins without a crash. Tonight yet another crash upon entering Ab boss (with 2 others) battle I logged in for. Part of the only team to complete Ascension cave on our cluster (2 people got teleported outside map when entering boss battle then too) and I still cant bring myself to play anymore.
  3. Don't add anything to the game. Ever again. If anything, remove stuff. There's still day one bugs..... Can't play Scorched on regular xbox since pre-extinction update. Can't play extinction. Crash every 15-30 min. FIX IT.
  4. Amateurs. Never fails. How about a list, or even just mention that there is a new imprinting list as well? Or the meat & vegetables etc required to make the new kibble? Instead of searching your old posts and hoping that's still accurate. Seriously have you guys played your own game? I'm currently looking for a job if you want to hire someone who'd understand how & what to communicate to your player base so they don't view you as incompetent. (Because they do)
  5. As someone with 300+ days played I can say with great confidence you (WildCard) are without a doubt some of the most inept developers etc I've ever had to deal with. It's like you're a bunch of bankers with no experience that had a great idea for a game but NO business actually executing it. I could write an essay but the point of this particular rant is that you removed 2x weekend after displaying it originally. (Not to mention no notice of event. Or secret 2.5g updates.) I'm sure you haven't played your own game so you have no idea how infuriating and inconvenient this is after planning for it. It not only changes what can/needs to be done moving forward, but how we could have already spent lost time. You guys are amateurs. P.S. can't play Scorched Earth for the past 4 months and you just ignore tickets and posts. Fix it or recoup the couple months work we put into it before you broke it. #ButBuyAtlas
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