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  1. Yeah, this helps. However if both parents are already heavily mutated, you wont get any new ones and instead you're just doubling up on mutations. Can't get more than 20/20 on both sides or you lose all chances at new ones.
  2. When really early in the game, I find it best not to bother a whole lot with taming. Start with a flier, ptera to get yourself around if need be. But grind those levels till you can make tranqs and a bow... Its always best to go for the higher levels, but you can get a low level just to get you around. I find your first real tame should be a herbi.. something easy that can get berries (trike, para, iguana) thats going to help when it comes to getting narcos and making narcotics. Then you can work on your carnis. Look into building traps.. that'll help significantly with all tames.
  3. Mannn SoTF was great... I'm willing to definitely give this Classic PvP a go though
  4. I all around feel if I'm taming a high level dino, carni or herbi, I'll use kibbles regardless. TE is kinda important with those high levels... as for everything else where TE doesn't matter.... I think crops are still somewhat comparative to mutton. Imagine taming a equus with berries versus karrots...
  5. Looking forward to all these new updates. This PvP seems like it might be worth trying out
  6. I've never tried the mobile version. Been playing on PC since Beta. Still a great game and very much still addicted.
  7. Basically best way we've found with breeding and mutations is get all your best stats on a male and breed him to several females (non mutated) at once. The level on the females doesn't matter. In fact, level 5 females work just fine if you're just focusing on getting a higher weight mutation. Hope this kind of answered your question?
  8. Ive thought something similar before. Would be pretty amazing to have zombie dinos.
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