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  1. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Grace time and imprint deterioration has been disabled for quite some time already on official servers iirc because you essentially ended up with 0% imprinted dino if you either missed an imprint or didnt have kibble it wants. It was a bad mechanic that needlessly punished players. This is true, but i've never said "maturation%", and you agreed with me about maturation time/rates. Anyway if your imprint% is greater than maturation% right after imprint - it is a good indication that you might get 100%.
  2. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Imprinted dinos perform way better during boss battles and its faster to imprint a batch of rexes/theris than to raise a batch with enough mutations making up for imprint.
  3. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    it has everything to do with it. Imprint times (percentage increase) is based off dino's time to fully mature, when you increase maturation speed - dinos get more% per imprint unless you proportionally reduce imprint interval as well. @Jatheish @TheRightHand Why not base amount of imprints to 100% on the rounded down value of (maturation time/max imprint timer) instead of rounded up? That way players will be guaranteed 100% imprint if they have never missed one during the maturation and will have some buffer time (unless maturation time is exactly a multiple of imprint timer). That will also remove the pain in the arse with setting maturation and cuddle multipliers in config since every setting will be good (unless resulting imprint timer gets to be greater than maturation time). In relation to current system this one effectively reduces amount of imprints needed by 1. Lets take Ptera example apart: Under current system ptera takes 37/8 or 4.625 imprints. Since imprints have to be integer, the real amount is 5 which creates a situation where it is impossible to 100%. With suggested system that ptera will require floor(37/8) = 4 imprints exactly that will require 36 hours with 1 hour of buffer time. To avoid weird rounding that might prevent 100%, add some insignificant amount to each imprint, like 0.1% or 0.01%. So the end formula should be: %per_imprint = 100/floor(maturation_time/imprint_timer) + 0.1.
  4. Not Enough Free disk space

    even if you dont have aberration it will still require that much space because it adds all aberration assets to the base game. But its mostly used for backups during update, so some of the space will be freed when update finishes.
  5. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    shouldn't they be ready just before the update, especially if we take into account all the delays?
  6. Not Enough Free disk space

    well, you can blame both steam's update mechanic (back up all files that are to be changed > download update > decompress update > swap files > check integrity > delete backups if everything is good) and ARK's huge files. With update that touches a huge part of the game Steam will backup pretty much whole game and them some more space for update and unpacked update files. So it'll take a TON of space just for update, but then clear it up.
  7. Imprint Changes - IN GAME NOW

    Link to patchnotes please. Because as of this post they are neither on this official forum nor on steam discussion board.
  8. Single Player Max Difficulty Broken?

    that is exactly what "Max Difficulty" setting is for. OP, you have to use "Destroywilddnos" command to clear map from old spawns and let game re-populate map with new ones. You'll notice that it worked if any new dinos' levels are a multiple of 5 (max level 150) instead of 4 (max level 120).
  9. Server Dino Cap Discussion

    Can be circumvented and automated for every rideable creature with clever building and positioning. And that would produce even MORE lag because instead of idle creatures server would have to calculate all of them perpetually moving.
  10. Griffin Balance

    Without quoting and punctuation that standalone sentence makes no sense whatsoever...
  11. "Survivor! I am your father!" "You shall not pass!"
  12. Strange... There were some screenshots uploaded for what i assume is Ragnarok's 2nd part of desert biome and screenshots for the Primitive+ update. But none of that is shown in this "Mysterious mysteries" update...