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  1. Beware of what you are asking for. As PvE is generally not challenging enough, Devs would have to nerf a ton of tamed dinos and/or buff wildlife to hopefully make it a little bit harder.
  2. Same as with Equus and Unicorn or normal and aberrant dinos: they are considered different species and cannot be bred together.
  3. Wild level that dinos spend on movement speed are considered "wasted" because WC set increase-per-wild-level in speed to 0 for ALL dinos. Flyers that have their speed stat locked from leveling do not spend wild points in it and end up having higher average stat points distribution in the rest of stats compared to other species.
  4. I believe you'll have to be active and helpful on forums first, then one day you might receive a forum message from one of the staff members like this: And while you continue your commitment as a forum moderator you might raise the question of becoming GM via internal channels. Be warned: being a GM (or in customer support in general) is not easy as there are strict policies and rules of what you can/cannot do and how to do what you are allowed to do. Good luck.
  5. These were nerfed twice (at least) - the spawn frequency and the aggro range. So there was no reason to mention them Same story with these little creatures - nerfed to the point they are obsolete: aggro range during the day allows players to literally walk past them, armor torpor resistance addition effectively reduced their prowess and fear of light is just an icing on the cake. Rage mechanic is not the reason why wild Gigas are troublesome to deal with. Their Bleed (Gnashed) attack is - no dino will survive 100 seconds of fight with a wild Giga (usually much less than 100, if you account for direct damage as well) no matter how tanky they are.
  6. But it can happen: Rex that was tamed at 60% taming efficiency and stood up with 40 points in melee will have lower melee compared to rex that was tamed at 90% TE and stood up with same 40 points. Although for melee breeding purposes they are identical - babies that will be born from them and inherit their 40 points in melee will have their melee% corrected as if they were tamed with 100% TE (and thus even higher than parents'). This only occurs on 1st gen babies (those that are born from tamed parents).
  7. The idea behind the change is good and sound - less dino hoarding (for all the old kibble types) means less stress on the servers and less lag. The execution of that idea raises some questions like whether devs know their own game or not...
  8. Separate Theriz in 2 whistle groups, put a pig on passive healing in some corner, ride Yuty yourself, rotate theriz groups to heal them up near the pig, keep yuty buffs up. Also raw stats are good and all but you do need good saddles on theriz and other dinos as well. Each Theriz should have enough cakes in their inventory to last the whole battle. As you can see it is a bit more tactical than in-your-face boxing match. I wonder how this crap keeps spreading. Herbivores have some resistance to direct fire damage, yes. But it doesnt help in any way against percentage-based damage like Dragon's breath. The only reason some players prefer Theriz to Rexes against Dragon boss is their ability to heal with cakes and survive a little bit longer.
  9. Modded server, build a large structure on a platform saddle... or rather several of them. Set them on wander. Done.
  10. It is a tek storage box that can contain only 1 type of item but is almost bottomless. Normally (in S+) it works decently with resource pull system and a special tek pole to easily deposit into these boxes - you move dino to a pole, attack it and all resources inside that dino that you have boxes for in the range of that pole will be deposited automagically. Implementing only part of the system makes them ... less useful.
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