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  1. DarthaNyan

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    They kinda HAVE TO move on a sequel or a different game to make profit. With B2P model, especially when company also runs "official" server cluster service (costs tons of money) for free, there is hardly any story left after Extinction, so possibilities for new DLCs are limited.
  2. DarthaNyan

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    On contrary. Better to create something else with a different setting and, hopefully on the latest engine version or, at least, support engine updates unlike current ARK.
  3. DarthaNyan

    So, what do you think is next for ARK?

    ARK 2, possibly.
  4. DarthaNyan

    New Boss Killers?

    Thats not entirely correct. Only for difficulty 5 servers (officials) Tek Rexes will come with level multiple of 6. What game really does is it spawns Tek Rex at the server's difficulty level and then applies +20% on top of it. So if you have a server with difficulty 6 (max wild dino 180) and a wild 180 Tek Rex were to spawn, server would add 0.2*180=36 additional levels to it for a total of level 216 wild Tek Rex. Same happens when you try to summon them with commands. Not sure how rounding works in this case tho (probably rounds down from what i have seen). As for forcing spawn/taming them: one way would be to kill everything on carnivorous island on The Island until Tek Rex spawns (hopefully high level), on SE i think there is a place in the desert where rexes constantly spawn - can be manipulated to spawn Tek Rexes as well.
  5. At level 25 you should be able to tame a trike (any level). If player rides it, Trike has high knock back with its primary attack and can easily fend off alpha raptors/carnos.
  6. DarthaNyan

    Extinction Teaser Image

    Extended_countdown. or Crash To Desktop.
  7. DarthaNyan

    Pillar logic

    Well, you still can attack a wild dino that is trying to bite (clip) through the wall... So the bug is partially still there.
  8. DarthaNyan

    How is this still a thing?

    Because if you have other games with lots of mods installed, sifting through whole library of them for applicable ones will take longer than copying them into ARK's directory once.
  9. DarthaNyan

    New countdown!!!

    If we take 2 weeks count down for 4 skins as a base point, then 3 days countdown = only 1 extra skin.
  10. DarthaNyan

    Announcing: ARKaeology Event!

    Do those extra levels on Tek Rexes even matter if there is a cap of 450 still? Fortitude rework... its nice and all but what it really needed to do to become relevant is to shorten debuff timers or debuff effect scale, imo. And i mean all debuffs (bolas, various fires, poisons, megarabies, stuns, shocks etc.) Everything else in the "news" is just a fluff.
  11. DarthaNyan

    Life finds a way...

    And raise baby dinos on tamagotchi-like devices. Ark:Extinction E3? hmmm...
  12. DarthaNyan

    Boss Run Deaodon Healing

    Have you tried a stopwatch? Damage dino for X amount and count how long does it take to heal with 1/2/n amount of pigs.
  13. DarthaNyan

    Deleting Character Presets?

    You can overwrite one of them with something different. If you are on PC tho, you can delete them manually from: ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\SavedArksLocal
  14. DarthaNyan

    Spawning In Dragon on Ragnarok w/Console Comands?

    summon Dragon_Character_BP_Boss_Hard_Ragnarok_c although it WILL take 3x damage as well as its analog in ragnarok boss arena does.
  15. DarthaNyan

    Gamma Dragon fight

    If you are solo, then having to control pig and yuty at same time can prove to be difficult - it'll be easier to to just bring 19 theriz and yuty. If you have a friend - then it'll be safer with heal pig. As a suggestion - separate Theriz in 2 whistle groups and alternate them every time dragon lands (keep resting/regenerating group away from the dragon). Fight will take a little bit longer (but not by much) but there are several pros to this: - resting group of threiz will have more time for cakes and/or pig to do their work - if there is only 7-8 theriz under the dragon's feet, there is quite a high change that its breath wont hit any of your creatures beneath