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  1. Modded server, build a large structure on a platform saddle... or rather several of them. Set them on wander. Done.
  2. it has been "clamped", aka artificially limited to 3x-5x hp of the node. That was before "great dino nerf" when 2000-2500% melee was normal to have on almost any dino. Then there were changes to resource nodes' HP as well making it harder to hit the "cap".
  3. The other way around: once you start to 1-hit nodes - every extra damage transforms into extra resources without resetting anymore up to resource harvesting cap. The graph looks like this (x is damage you do to node in %, y is % of resources collected compared to normal):
  4. not necessarily true. Each metal node has some amount of HP attached to it and the more damage you do to it - the more resource you get per hit. So the more melee - the faster you'll harvest the node, plus if you manage to do some excess amount of damage then you'll get some overharvest resources as well. For example: lets assume anky1 does 100 damage to 500 hp metal node - it'll harvest it fully in 5 swings. Anky2 that does 120 damage to that node will get 480hp worth of resources in 4 swings and on 5th swing it'll get another 120hp worth of resources totaling 600hp worth of resources from 500 hp node - a 20% increase. Anky3 with 250 damage will harvest that node exactly in 2 swings but wont get any extra. Generally harvesting faster can result in more metal given you have access to many nodes and because different metal nodes have different amount of hp its better to go as high melee as you can - there is no sweet spot. There is a limit to overharvesting - it is either 3x or 5x of node's hp.
  5. that is why whitelisting is better, because your current list is nowhere to be completed. You are missing: - all the skins and other stuff that can be colored in inventory (unique property - color regions) - all the fertilizer/poop types (unique property - nitrogen) - limited edition items (SotF tournament rewards) - notes I'm pretty sure i've missed a ton of stuff still.
  6. Technically you only want to increase stack sizes of resources, materials and food. And your list is incomplete as there are all sorts of problems with fertilized eggs as well and other items that appear in game as objects with unique properties (thus unstackable). The difference in skinning this cat lies in one small detail: if you forget something in blacklist then some player on your server might encounter this missed item and either have unpleasant experience or abuse their stackable property. Either way you'll have to deal with aftermath when in whitelist scenario you are protected from that - even if you forgot something then you can simply add it to the list later without any harm to the player or the server.
  7. To be fair, they have said exactly same thing about DX12 several years ago...
  8. Interesting... Have you tried to run ARK with -nomansky launch parameter?
  9. when you speak with such confidence you have to be able to prove your words with a link to credible source. And this is where test will become skewed, simply because "no BE" also means either unofficial server (with low population) or singleplayer (with, again, barren map) and players reported here that the problem most often occurs when game has to load lots of things at once: when, for example, player approaches a big base with tons of dinos and stuff in it on a fast/flying mount.
  10. IF you dont have a problem - that doesnt mean others dont have it. Also i remember @Chris saying that he runs 2080Ti in Sli with no problems/crashes as well. So maybe the solution to the RTX BSODs is to buy more RTX cards?
  11. So... it took only a month to acknowledge that issue exists. Not bad by WC standards.
  12. Obviously, NO. Just an extended ponder/assumption of what that reply might be based on known information from patchnotes about "performance optimizations" WC did.
  13. Inbe4: "the cause of the crash is the modified version of UE that ARK uses - SWC tweaked several low level timings for whatever reason that cause instability with new line of video cards and with some of the older ones under certain conditions. Bring up the problem to SWC".
  14. Do those extra levels on Tek Rexes even matter if there is a cap of 450 still? Fortitude rework... its nice and all but what it really needed to do to become relevant is to shorten debuff timers or debuff effect scale, imo. And i mean all debuffs (bolas, various fires, poisons, megarabies, stuns, shocks etc.) Everything else in the "news" is just a fluff.
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