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  1. DarthaNyan

    rtx 20xx users

  2. DarthaNyan

    Question about breeding

    Actually this is a bad advise. If you are looking for mutation stacking - it is better to breed a male with the stat you want to mutate with TONS of clean females (of any level). In the example you were advised to breed a male with 1 mut marker with female with also a 1 mut marker which will put an unnecessary mutation marker on the next offspring regardless of whether it gets 2nd mutation (in that case it'll have 3 markers) or not.
  3. DarthaNyan

    Offspring higher stats than parents, but no mutes?

    If it affects only melee, then the most likely culprit is TE correction on 1st gen offspring (that has tamed parents). Every dino with a few exceptions get several bonuses upon taming: bonus levels depending on TE, additive bonus to stats, multiplicative bonus to stats that depends on TE. Since your parents are not 100% TE tames their multiplicative bonus to melee (the most common stat to have it) is not full, but every baby dino gets their stats as if they were a 100% tame. A simple example: lets say you have a rex parent that was tamed at 90% TE with 50 points in melee. If you check wiki you'll notice that it has an additive bonus of 7% to melee and a multiplicative bonus of 17.6%. According to (simplified) creature stats calculation formula that parent will have (100 + 5*50 +7)*(1+ 0.176*0.9) = 413.55% melee Its offspring can inherit its 50 points in the stat, but the total value will be recalculated for 100% TE: (100 + 5*50 +7)*(1+ 0.176) = 419.83% melee Edit: in your case it is possible that stat extraction in ARK smart breeding app was incorrect - it automatically calculates as if male parent has been tamed from level 143 wild, which is impossible for a difficulty 5 servers. Screenshots of stats and level from the game would have helped a bit.
  4. DarthaNyan

    Why are gigas so stupid?

    I'd blame person that abused that giga with drugs and poorly trained it after it has been tamed.
  5. DarthaNyan

    breeding Breeding Total Mutation Count 40 or infinity?

    it is part of disassembled executable that handles mutations. The one who posted it just adapted it to something readable by broader audience. 0.025f and 0.2f refer to floating point values as opposed to 0.025 and 0.2 that are defaulted to "double".
  6. DarthaNyan

    breeding Breeding Total Mutation Count 40 or infinity?

    It is actually as simple as: https://www.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/6gsk84/breeding_and_mutation_probabilities_from/
  7. DarthaNyan

    breeding Breeding Total Mutation Count 40 or infinity?

    stubborn, arent you? you can get all 3 parent selections fall on 20/20 male resulting in all mutation rolls fail even before 2.5% chance calculation. There are 8 possible states of parent selection: mmm = all 3 times 20/20 male was selected so no mutations here fmm, mfm, mmf = only 1 out of 3 rolls clean female is selected. ffm, fmf, mff = 2 out of 3 rolls clean female is selected fff = 3/3 A total of 12 possible successful rolls - a half compared to breeding clean male and clean female.
  8. DarthaNyan

    breeding Breeding Total Mutation Count 40 or infinity?

    yes. If one parent is at 20/20 - then the chance of successful mutation rolls on a random stat is essentially halved. This part wont change no matter what. If you combine several stats you want to mutate in one male - you get less "wasted" successful mutations (like melee mut on a HP line, etc) but are subject to a lot more RNG in the process which leads to a lot of wasted time preparing the next male for new mutation breeding.
  9. DarthaNyan

    breeding Breeding Total Mutation Count 40 or infinity?

    3 rolls at 2.5% with a random parent and stat chosen per roll. It is possible to get all 3 of them if you are lucky enough for RNG to choose parent that is able to mutate(usually female) AND hit those 2.5% all 3 times. You are confusing pure chance of mutation with chance of mutation and inheriting of a wanted stat. The problem in your scenario is an added RNG of not inheriting all the highest stats even if/when mutation occurrs which will lead to the breeding overhead, aka waste of time of putting all the needed stats back in one male every time.
  10. DarthaNyan

    Rex Stats

    then you have too much free time on your hands.
  11. DarthaNyan

    Rex Stats

    There is really only 1 method: hatch as many eggs as possible, as often as possible. It is a game of time vs. numbers. He probably has like 200+ females for HP line and about same amount for melee line or more. Possibly 2 or more tribes each raising a separate line with 300-400 rex females each.
  12. DarthaNyan

    Boss Dino Question - Leveling

    Not exactly correct. The reason why Dragon is easier on Ragnarok is because it deals 3 times less direct damage (fire dot is still as strong as ever) and takes 3x damage from all sources (yes, as in old singleplayer settings), Manticore has stock settings. Same with Broodmother on The Center - it is way weaker than island counterpart while Megapithecus packs the punch. I guess it is a shared gimmick for paired bosses to make them bearable/beatable.
  13. That would be annoying for breeders as it would skew stats the moment you imprint on a baby.
  14. DarthaNyan

    Boss Dino Question - Leveling

    For dino to get exp it either has to kill something personally, or you have to ride it while your tribemate kills/does something exp-worthy.
  15. DarthaNyan

    Help With Reapers!

    the general idea is that tamed dinos loot items from corpses of their victims when they kill them. So you just fill yourself with meat and let it kill you too feed it without pheromones. Still using intended method (with pheromones) is much safer in a way that you know exactly how much food has left/when to feed.