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  1. Praetor

    Boss weapons

    I've always been an advocate for smaller tribes having options to compete with bigger better established ones so here's my latest idea... Since extinction came out with the mega mek that can only be used when a king titan is around it gave me the idea that there be more powerful hand held weapons that can only be used in boss fights. The idea is that the ammo (I'm thinking explosive) would be extra expensive to make so big established tribes that already have their high level boss dinos wouldn't waste time farming for but would give less established tribes an option to get some element and tek grams.
  2. WC did a Thanos... for the good of the game.
  3. Oh I've never bothered making a trap for anglers and I'm not sure you can lure them up to the surface. I just swim down to them and tranq them while kiting the megalodons. if there's eels or plesi's around I'll either kill them off or try to lure the angler I want away.
  4. I've always tamed my anglers in the north part of ragnarok. Squids are very rare up there. I suggest you make a raft so you don't need to fight all those annoying sea creatures while waiting on your tame. take your raft out to sea, flipper around until you find an angler then bring the raft to that spot. I recommend bringing a GPS and lazarus chowder for stamina. Anglers lose torpor very fast like 400 a minute I believe so make sure you bring enough narcotics. Refer to dododex. P.S The really high level anglers always die to tranq arrows so you might need to use harpoon tranqs.
  5. If you want BP's look into red loot crate locations
  6. Yeah this new system hurts the people in the early game the most. On my end I finally had enough dilo kibble to tame a decent anky/doed when the patch went live and is now basic junk. Now in a pvp server all those regular kibble eggs come from big dinos that are hard to hide and take substantially longer to tame.
  7. It worked for me. The recipes were changed. This page has the new recipes in case you need them. https://ark.gamepedia.com/Kibble#Recipe
  8. According to community crunch 171 " Creatures prefer their category of Kibble or above "
  9. Does higher tier kibble then is required tame faster?
  10. tried taming a yuty and while flying an ovis over to it I nearly flew my wyvern into someones heavy turret base thanks to fog. Whew!
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