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Community Crunch 153: Extinction Chronicles V Tomorrow!


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2 minutes ago, DauntingBeef08 said:

Does the 2x breeding cover incubation and hatching times aswell or is it just how often females can breed.


not that its much use on most maps as they are all tame capped but thats a different story.

Breeding usually includes maturation, egg hatching and mating interval. Also baby food consumption too.

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3 hours ago, DarkRaptor13 said:

The base game is still full of bugs, people are still waiting for things like S+ or the mode where you are a dino to be added. It needs a lot of rework, many TLCs... but all of those things are in stand-by (and will probably stay forever in standby) because WC is too busy making DLCs instead of taking care of the original game. 

the DLCs are part of the original game. as in they were planned from the very start. they're too busy making DLCs because that is what they planned to do even before the island came out. The original game does not exist anymore, it evolved into the current game. if your talking about the original map, well all the other maps need to be taken care of too, not just the island.

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9 hours ago, N3DEM said:

Tons of servers just hit dino cap! no-one can tame or breed so this whole event will be wasted :) 

AMEN to that mate
From storage bases where ppl just refresh their stuff to blocked resources and entrances to stuff...
Why not continue to research ways to prevent this and implement them , will also help the stupid cap wich makes taming impossible

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