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  1. I have had no problem at all placing 2 x 3 tek bridges snapped together and snapped to foundation/ceiling. I am on unofficial though, but there is no mods. Noclip is enabled, so maybe thats it. Should be an easy fix if you ask me.
  2. I just placed some last week and they snapped to ceilings and foundations np.
  3. I checked too, you can withdraw stuff if its locked and not pin coded... PIN CODE YOUR TEK STORAGE
  4. Uhhm, cant you just walk them to the entrance???
  5. No idea... maybe try it at the mobile forums?
  6. Baklap

    Dino Xp

    Dinos in the CRYOFRIDGE get waaaaay more xp than dinos outside. I had rexes out for months collecting passive xp, the ones in the fridge had as many lvls as them in a week.
  7. Baklap

    Dino Xp

    Never tried that myself but im pretty sure its only if you are with a tribemate. If you can get a cryofridge, put it in there and you'll have lots of lvl ups after a couple hours being around it.
  8. In the same time a bronto takes to get to the bushes, i'm already back in base with my kangaroo and a full inventory of berries.
  9. Yes right click.. you're not supposed to be doing damage. Have you tried picking up one of your own dinos?
  10. Get an extra 300% damage into those rexes, and maybe you'll make it.
  11. This is the expensive version of the OP?
  12. This is my favourite by far Liking these too
  13. Baklap

    Going north

    You should start with taming an argy, because a ptera cant carry a direwolf..
  14. Hello, i bought these amazing super highl lvl, bred for years, mutated to infinity, terminator 2000 monster rexes. Do you think i can do beta broodmother?
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