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  1. Its does not deal more damage to carnivores.. herbivores only advantage is veggie cakes.
  2. Unblock the caves with c4.. If it is on PvE, contact support.
  3. Baklap


    Protect it with your life, you probably wont find anything higer.. ever
  4. BUT when you play single player or your own unofficial server a mod definetely can help make things easier. Then i suggest bitou2k's binoculars. I makes you able to see the dinos stat points, also of wild ones.
  5. I know.. this has nothing to do with the question he asked though.. Also doesnt make trying to find his mutated babys any easier
  6. You export every baby to smart breeding to check for mutations? Weow
  7. You know, you could use your eyes to look at the hp bar in the bottom right of the screen..
  8. If the mutation you got is in hp, and you get another baby with a new mutation in melee that didnt inherit the hp mutation, it will still be lvl 277 but with another mutation. Also mutations dont always carry over to the babys, thats why you are getting 275 babys. But if you get a baby that has the mutated stat + a new mutation, it will be lvl 279
  9. Why would anyone that farms more than 2 nodes at a time, not want to use an anky or magma??
  10. If you are talking about the dino candy colors, you dont have to worry about that since those are just temporary and wont carry over to offspring.
  11. They also broke my dodorex, gachaclaus and enraged trike dermis. IT probably still works, you just got to get a new one
  12. I know mine didnt adjust itself when i set resolution to 1080 and was wondering why it looked so crappy
  13. Does it even spawn in the wild? Then yes, tek giga is better since tek variants can spawn up to lvl 180.
  14. You can change the resolution and then there is also the resolution scale slider... Its just a tip, i know people forget that one sometimes.
  15. Make sure the resolution scale slider is all the way to the right.
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