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  1. Did you take the dermis to another map? I know that if you take brood or monkey boss dermis from island to another map they wont show up. Same for dragon, killed it on rag, took the dermis to island and its just blank.
  2. If you are ever planning on being offline for longer than 8 days, dont play official. All your dinos will be gone.
  3. Sorry to hear about your stuff gone.. When i found out that all your dinos would be gone if you dont come online for 8 days, i immediately started looking for an unofficial server. Found a good one pretty quick and im still there a year later :)
  4. I think jerboa is stronger than velona.
  5. Make a base right next to theirs before you remove the pillars? And then report them for building to close to you
  6. I also want to play video games and get 50 an hour, although it does depend on 50 of what you get.
  7. Are the parents leveled up? Only the base stats will be passed on to the offspring.
  8. I have the same thing happen, but also on rag.
  9. Baklap


    Is this on mobile? There is a separate forum for that.
  10. I play on a server thats like official but just a bit more QOL. Taming 2x, i think harvesting is also 2x but not twice as fast, things just give 2x Resources. Baby maturing is x5 wich is nice, alot faster than official but not too quick.
  11. And then it will be awake after 5min... so dont do that. 100 narcotics adds 4k torpor. So keep an eye on the torpor and dont spam too many at once, because when its at full torpor it will start dropping again, even if you fed it all the narcotics ypu had. A 150 giga needs 479 narcotics if you use kibble on 2x.
  12. Doh! You are right, for some reason i thought he was talking about the underwear.
  13. Those are the event underwear skins, you can make them in the cooking pot.
  14. That all doesnt matter, if you are offline for more than 8 days all your dinos are gone. Cryoing all of them will solve that though.
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