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  1. i dont know about US but in uk websites like https://www.pcspecialist.co.uk/ is good thing to look up, put in what specs you want and it can show you the parts and how much new it will be, then look up those products for yourself. linus tech tips is a great youtuber who can help you build it yourself. can get one with 2 hard drives, a hybrid for your main os and general files and then a smaller SSD to store ark or other games on so you get the good boot speed
  2. I agree with some of your points, a fix would be to have a "primary" fuel slot where that fuel is used as a priority, still burns and makes charcoal. but also anything in the inventory will also burn too.
  3. Better personal harvesting tool would be cool idea, similar to chain saw like you suggest. and glow in the dark/Aberation style dyes is cool idea
  4. i for one really like the update. and having 2x harvesting,breeding and mature rate its great. makes solo raising and hatching alot easier. just hatched and red and blue deino and got about 5 Wyverns on the go too. would like less orange colours and more of the purples but ill take it.
  5. its gonna be the pvp META skin too , hard to get head shot when you have no head. also can head peak easier now too
  6. this is my first Fear evolved event. really enjoy the other events. is there a sub thread for all things fear 3 instead of spamming here, i have so many questions ! do the event items auto decay like the xmas ones did
  7. like the idea for the clock work creatures similar to how the bone skins etc. Good idea for the transcendence , it would be awsome if we could put dino to "sleep" similar to how we get megatherium to sit. stop the endless wyvern wagging tails etc. might help with server lag too
  8. That building saver has lots of opportunity, could make it work like a custom blueprint. it creates a BP of whatever building you want.
  9. This in theory shouldnt be too difficult to make happen aswell. have 2 files for each mode. then like you say they can make server side adjustments to each .ini when needed
  10. Wait what?! more building stuff. i must have missed this. got a link to when/what is coming and maybe a date too ?
  11. Something along this would be good idea, similar to a dino leash that has a set range, doesnt block dino spawn or resources, but maybe give each land beacon has unique code so if someone is claiming to much land it can be reported easily? also limit to x amount per tribe
  12. im happy to have a new map thats free, be cool to give pvp a try on a new map as a fresh start where there's no alpha tribes pre set up
  13. Just like the wyverns and rock drakes and reapers are not tamable but are ridable
  14. Im not sure if i got the same update as everyone else but im loving it! I havent noticed any more lag than usual or DC more than before, the new building items is great, looking forward to being able to build more stuff that arnt boxes with a nice roof !. sure some of the snap points in s+ needs attention but its ok so far. like being able to put a normal sloped roof next to the triangle slops without needing to put ceilings then a sloped wall first. kibble rework is great for me so far, im a solo tribe and it means i can use kibble to tame most thing
  15. Swamp cave has loads in, take a decent level baryonyx in there , collect loads
  16. if you provide the mat's id make them for you, or i could travel to your server and make them for ya
  17. Maybe could make a tek structure or high level item like a super air con that drasticly slows food consumption. or a reciepe for a food that only eaton by babies that spoils slow and fills alot of food
  18. everyone prepare to cryopod your snow owl glitched baby dino's
  19. so its like eating rare flowers but maybe slighty less powerfull and give you preserving bin like properties for the meat stored in it. id like to see more skins/costumes make the game more variable
  20. its only on PC beta right now, it is being bug tested (with good reason multiple have already been found) it will be coming to console as soon as the testing is complicated.
  21. Completely agree that the cyro frdige is locked to people that have done the boss fight atleast once. I have been lucky and made good alliance with another tribe (PVE) and they made the fridges and some pods and also raptor clause dropped a load. I dont think it would be too much to put it into fabricator class for the the fridge and pods.
  22. I am really looking forward to the new kibble system as being solo its a pain and hardwork for me to take 250 kibble dino's fort the time i have to play. with this new system i can keep a small selection of each size which are easiest to tame for solo an dkibble tame the bigger/difficult tames easier. I cant wait to get the new building items, im now going to hold off on building new workshop building till this is released and practice with it in SP first.
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