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  1. AMEN to that mate From storage bases where ppl just refresh their stuff to blocked resources and entrances to stuff... Why not continue to research ways to prevent this and implement them , will also help the stupid cap wich makes taming impossible
  2. mogrot

    Broodmother Tips

    Yuty buff is a must on every boss
  3. mogrot

    Global ban

    1 raft for some reason counts as 10 for the server and 1 for the tribe
  4. Hey all, I kinda need some help on this since even though i have a new pc, it still does show the Broodmother Arena like this. As you can see i can hardly see anything here, even though it is gamma 4 lol. I seem to be the only one with this problem in the tribe, also had the same darkness in tek cave when passed the teleporter. My settings: https://i.imgur.com/Ej5ZsuY.jpg My Launch Options: -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -sm4 -nomansky -preventhibernation -d3d10 (-preventhibernation for single player, but doesn't seem to work though) If i could get this solved then I would be a happy man Friendly Greetings, Mogrot
  5. mogrot

    [Help] Broodmother Arena is Dark Dark

    anyone has a solution?
  6. mogrot

    Broodmother Tips

    The damage that broodmother does is & - wise. 30k rest in dmg should be enough if your dinos are good.
  7. mogrot

    [Help] Broodmother Arena is Dark Dark

    Well, ok, but the other people i do the boss with have a clear view on this arena. and they also see the little spiders on the floor
  8. I suppose Tek Stegos will benefit pvp. Not sure how they will come in handy for PVE. They look amazing though i must say that. Make em harvest a lot more berries lol , so it has a purpose On another note, that s+ integration would be nice to have before Extinction. And when are resource spawns like metal and beaver dams gonna be unbuildable?
  9. mogrot


    i wouldn't mind. if you would be here you would see it is just impossible to play. Like dupers having their fun or whatever it was in legacy aswell... This must stop djeez, i can't even run at my base again
  10. mogrot


    Are you guys getting Ddos-ed? EU-PVE-Official198 is getting so much lag and crashed already once. Meanwhile i hear friends on other servers say it is unplayable aswell... Please do something about this , this is unplayable if you rubberband every 5 seconds after a 20 sec lagspike. I could use an explanation for this aswell @lilpanda
  11. mogrot

    OC servers PVE down?

    Dear Wildcard @lilpanda, We have been crashing twice in a row around 45 mins ago, maybe less. After it came back up it has been SUPER laggy. Yet again I will inform you guys weird stuff is happening. I have been reporting huge numbers of rafts are hidden in caves and also IN rocks There are also suspicious things going on ( maybe attempts to dupe/crash the server) I think they succeeded now Can you guys please come have a look at the server? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform I filled it in aswell
  12. mogrot

    OC servers PVE down?

    4th crash - was up again , but crashed straight away
  13. mogrot

    OC servers PVE down?

    3rd crash just happened
  14. mogrot

    Deathworm in Rag Desert

    never saw any deathworm in that desert area though
  15. mogrot

    Server Caps

    They speak of that redesign for quiet à while now, yet it is no priority it seems, aswell as other bugs or flaws. Community kibble farm is a good idea, but still seems something that is only possible in utopia
  16. mogrot

    Server Caps

    still no dev response
  17. mogrot

    Server Caps

    double post, but
  18. mogrot

    Blue graphics bug on Ragnarok

    Same here, blue fog, weird af
  19. mogrot

    Server Caps

    Totaly Agree with JOnopeo! Something must be done. We bought the game, we should be able to play without rubberbanding and dc's of servers. Aswell as tame or breed what we want... I am sure there are recodes possible to make this work, aswell as better server solutions. The current servers are pathetic if you compare it with Legacy/prelaunch. It is after the server swaps all servers were crap. And they weren't even the best before.... So show some responsability Wildcard.... It is time to stop filling pockets and to do something for your costumers. Good servers, server cap solutions, ... I DON'T MIND ABERATION COMING MUCH LATER THEN
  20. mogrot

    Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    I am logged in on steam on this forum. How you want me to log on then on the App?
  21. mogrot

    Suspension Bridge

    with mods?
  22. mogrot

    Griffins and Breeding

    would be nice if they change this actualy, would be nice to see them in muta colors