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  1. I suppose Tek Stegos will benefit pvp. Not sure how they will come in handy for PVE. They look amazing though i must say that. Make em harvest a lot more berries lol , so it has a purpose On another note, that s+ integration would be nice to have before Extinction. And when are resource spawns like metal and beaver dams gonna be unbuildable?
  2. mogrot


    Are you guys getting Ddos-ed? EU-PVE-Official198 is getting so much lag and crashed already once. Meanwhile i hear friends on other servers say it is unplayable aswell... Please do something about this , this is unplayable if you rubberband every 5 seconds after a 20 sec lagspike. I could use an explanation for this aswell @lilpanda
  3. mogrot


    i wouldn't mind. if you would be here you would see it is just impossible to play. Like dupers having their fun or whatever it was in legacy aswell... This must stop djeez, i can't even run at my base again
  4. mogrot

    OC servers PVE down?

    Dear Wildcard @lilpanda, We have been crashing twice in a row around 45 mins ago, maybe less. After it came back up it has been SUPER laggy. Yet again I will inform you guys weird stuff is happening. I have been reporting huge numbers of rafts are hidden in caves and also IN rocks There are also suspicious things going on ( maybe attempts to dupe/crash the server) I think they succeeded now Can you guys please come have a look at the server? https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd8Xn6z_RP7fxGgH_86VZAKDzqmbDboanrC51GSpr_1v9_PLA/viewform I filled it in aswell
  5. mogrot

    OC servers PVE down?

    4th crash - was up again , but crashed straight away
  6. mogrot

    OC servers PVE down?

    3rd crash just happened
  7. mogrot

    Deathworm in Rag Desert

    never saw any deathworm in that desert area though
  8. mogrot

    Server Caps

    They speak of that redesign for quiet à while now, yet it is no priority it seems, aswell as other bugs or flaws. Community kibble farm is a good idea, but still seems something that is only possible in utopia
  9. mogrot

    Server Caps

    still no dev response
  10. mogrot

    Server Caps

    double post, but
  11. mogrot

    Blue graphics bug on Ragnarok

    Same here, blue fog, weird af
  12. mogrot

    Server Caps

    Totaly Agree with JOnopeo! Something must be done. We bought the game, we should be able to play without rubberbanding and dc's of servers. Aswell as tame or breed what we want... I am sure there are recodes possible to make this work, aswell as better server solutions. The current servers are pathetic if you compare it with Legacy/prelaunch. It is after the server swaps all servers were crap. And they weren't even the best before.... So show some responsability Wildcard.... It is time to stop filling pockets and to do something for your costumers. Good servers, server cap solutions, ... I DON'T MIND ABERATION COMING MUCH LATER THEN
  13. The griffin's best ability just has been disabled.... Why oh why...? I can't see why this is an issue. And if you "Fix" it, why does it rubberband you atm? I would not change such a cool feature ever.. Flyer nerf, lagging servers, early server tame caps,... you guys are doing everything to get rid of the ppl playing Ark do you?
  14. mogrot

    Griffin quick ascend disabled?

    Well ascending backwards is now rubberbanding the griffin, maybe they need to recheck that again. I never realised it could help for Ddos or duping... It was just and awesome thing to do. Still, I believe they just take more and more fun away of the normal players in stead of handling the ppl who do such lame stuff
  15. mogrot

    Servers not as good as they should be

    totaly agree that the servers are really not at their best. I also think you owe the buyers of your game a stable server to play on... It is even worse than it was on Legacy sorry You are not prepared
  16. mogrot

    Server crashing 375-382 clusters.

    NA-PVE-Ragnarok70 has it every 10 minutes, it is unplayable, been taming a nice pterra with op stats 6 times now....
  17. Would be nice to see a different forum for Legacy traders and Official traders.
  18. mogrot

    Official SurviveTheArk Community App

    I am logged in on steam on this forum. How you want me to log on then on the App?
  19. mogrot

    Suspension Bridge

    with mods?
  20. mogrot

    Are the moderators on?

    i doubt they do that
  21. mogrot

    Are the moderators on?

    rest assured you can't, i know that well enough They even delete posts of someone i want to report, saying i should use the form... And when i go to the form it is even not included.... like deliberatly left out.. so ppl can't report
  22. mogrot

    Official Server launch timeframe

    When? We are waiting for so long... I have patience but this is getting annoying. PVP eu i can see a few.. PVE EU launch plzzzzz
  23. Mods keeping defensive with all power they have.. Sounds right. Thing is you know well enough what we mean. That is the sad part. Yet you just think with the amount of arguments you give you can draw away attention from the fact that you: 1. Are forcing people to go to the new servers. Wich is ok for me, but you did say there would be legacy servers and only when servers after release would seem deserted, they would get wiped. Maybe you better did announce a wipe in stead of giving people hope by saying the servers they are on with a lot would stay. False hope creation 2. The things you listed in your arguments are things the community wanted. BUT ALSO what Wildcart wanted. They would not pick up the idea and implement this into Ark, if they would not agree with the fact it is an addition to their game, to their vision. Sorry but those arguments are invalid 3. Keep allowing exploiters and cheaters in this game. (I got warnings for reporting an exploit, and after that for posting a warning because you couldn't report , wich is fine rly lol , no power abusement there at all) 4. The community that you have now brought the game + Wildcart as far as they are now. Yet you seem to have no respect at all for these players . You just spit them out , by deleting servers with the most finest art of buildings on it.(798 for example around 24.3 - 50.1, but there are a bigger amount of them in this game) People gave all to accomplish bases like this. Yet they get flushed down the drain, while comforting them that there will be no wipe 5. Kibbles are a must, this game needs to be looking more to the player that actually works during the day. There must be a way for casual players to get to end gaming.... Even if it will take them 10x longer or whatever. I hope this post will be looked at as not literally, but more as in understanding and willing to see the context, rather than replying with another series of arguments pulled out of their context and emotion. My 5 cents for my beloved community
  24. What they do now is a "Softwipe" More like forcing ppl to go to the new servers. They should have bee honest from the start.... Not talk around the point, and lie to us. Well prepare to start all over again folks. We will be taming dodos again soon! In all honesty, I though they would have more respect for us as we are playing this game the longest. On the other hand, we have a massive headstart on the new servers. Why not use that in our advantage. Probably in 2 weeks you have all of it again, or at least the most important things.... Yet sucks how they lied to us. 1 SE server for a zillion players? Are you mad?
  25. from posts i saw i thought you would not be swapping to x1 , but testing out higher rates. Guess that goes into the dust now....