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  1. i want my event on valguero! u say "All Official Servers across each platform". why dont u write "(except Valguero)"???? damn, u broke my heart
  2. i love the last one, the magazine
  3. Wildcard! please fix it... i was waiting so much this tek bridge and i cant use it...
  4. December 25 and still have the same problem... what are u doing guys? Playing with Santa Raptor Claus? PLEASE! Fix it!
  5. same happend here! is very frustating this bug, please fix it !!!! finally i have the tek bridge and i cant use them...
  6. Yes, i that moment my tribe members was offline. I will test with dodo eggs the way to dont lose the damn eggs.
  7. My base is on snow biome, and i was incubating 4 snow owl eggs with a/c, still need 2 hours to raise the egg and eggs full health, then i disconect for 4 minutes , im back and my eggs disapear. I know is a bug, like the millions of extintion, but just i want let u know to never disconect, take care ur eggs! If u will disconect take the eggs and put in ur fridge. PLEASE FIX THIS! with all crash we always will lose our damn eggs. Pleeeease... with love KriZ
  8. Krizalid

    cant download dino

    why dont they disable the upload too? now we will lose dinos.
  9. Krizalid

    cant download dino

    We are from extintion server 501. And we upload dinos on the terminal from desert, to dowload on the terminal from snow biome. But we can download dinos. I need fix this, because i will lose dino into 20 hours.
  10. please! downgrade the damn server... client 286.104.. server 286.111 Lot of friends are playing with no problem on 286.104 server version. I think i will lost dinos and stuff if i cant conect soon... pd: my server is NA extintion 501
  11. I was playing all perfect on forest. But when i go to the city, the server start kick me 4 times in a row. Then, when i conect again, instantaneously kick me. My tribe member same happend on city. And my sever 501 ext, have a diferent version. All server have "286.104" and server 501 have "286.111".
  12. omg, i knew it!! quetz! i love the new tek dino! thx !! =D
  13. I love that treant, I want tame it now! About that robot, will be a enemy? Like defense Unit? 36 more days...
  14. what can i say, i apreciate the info we get with the 6 questions. But i want more, i hope we can get more info in the next weeks. I know is hard or imposible to keep everyone happy, but u are making a good job and thx for givin us fun times with Ark.
  15. OMG! i love the Earth! look that Treant! And the new creatures, i hope they can be so awesome like Drakes on Aberration. Cant wait to play the new map! GJ
  16. NOOOOOOOO! why!? Tek Parasaur? i prefer other dinos to be tek... I like the green color, and the coorrupted chest look really cool.
  17. I love the scout! And i want breeding event too, i hope this 18th september we can breed with x2.
  18. I like tame karkinos, i think is fun. But i love tame Reapers, search a nice queen, and get pregnant. It is the most fun tame.
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