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  1. Krizalid

    Official Extinction Server Crash Megathread

    please! downgrade the damn server... client 286.104.. server 286.111 Lot of friends are playing with no problem on 286.104 server version. I think i will lost dinos and stuff if i cant conect soon... pd: my server is NA extintion 501
  2. Krizalid

    Official Extinction Server Crash Megathread

    I was playing all perfect on forest. But when i go to the city, the server start kick me 4 times in a row. Then, when i conect again, instantaneously kick me. My tribe member same happend on city. And my sever 501 ext, have a diferent version. All server have "286.104" and server 501 have "286.111".
  3. omg, i knew it!! quetz! i love the new tek dino! thx !! =D
  4. I love that treant, I want tame it now! About that robot, will be a enemy? Like defense Unit? 36 more days...
  5. Krizalid

    Enforcement: boxed in charge nodes

    If that message has reached your friend, it is because someone has sent a report through a Ticket. It only applies to your friend's server. If you want your Nodes and entries to be unlocked on your server, use a Ticket and inform the GMs.
  6. Krizalid

    Should I tame a megalosaurus or a spino?

    If u are new on Abbe, i prefer spinos. They have the buff with water, and they are more fast than a megalosaurus. Long time ago, when Abbe was the new DLC, i get Megas and i went to red zone to get my first Drake egg, and all time purlovias dismount me. I get the egg, but take me more time. But when i do with spinos (140+ tamed) was LOT more easy and fast. If u ask me, i prefer spinos. Good luck.
  7. what can i say, i apreciate the info we get with the 6 questions. But i want more, i hope we can get more info in the next weeks. I know is hard or imposible to keep everyone happy, but u are making a good job and thx for givin us fun times with Ark.
  8. Krizalid

    Brand New Extinction Teasers!

    OMG! i love the Earth! look that Treant! And the new creatures, i hope they can be so awesome like Drakes on Aberration. Cant wait to play the new map! GJ
  9. NOOOOOOOO! why!? Tek Parasaur? i prefer other dinos to be tek... I like the green color, and the coorrupted chest look really cool.
  10. I love the scout! And i want breeding event too, i hope this 18th september we can breed with x2.
  11. Krizalid

    What is yalls favorite abb tame

    I like tame karkinos, i think is fun. But i love tame Reapers, search a nice queen, and get pregnant. It is the most fun tame.
  12. Krizalid

    Dino Stuck on aberration

    I have already learned to communicate with the GM, I was able to arrange the appointment with one of them. But unfortunately the Rock Drake auto-decay, so the next time I lose a Dino, I'll communicate faster with them. But I hope it does not happen again and I do not need to ask for help. I consider the issue solved, you can close the post. Thx for all ur help!! cya later KriZ
  13. I will copy paste what other forum members told me. Did you contact the devs through help support ticket last month? If not, I really, highly suggest you do it asap. PLEASE get the X, Y, Z coords [Hit tab and type the command "showdebug location" to show the coordinates Hit tab and type the command "showdebug reset" to hide the coordinates That will be where the coordinates show up An example is -71467 -52156 0] Add that information to posts like this one and also submit a ticket for STUCK DINO and include the coords in your description too (not just in the field they provide you to fill in). hope u can solve soon the problem. CYA
  14. Krizalid

    Dino Stuck on aberration

    Thanks all for the instructions. I do what u told me, and now im waiting. I will tell you when some Mod solve the problem. Thanks!
  15. Krizalid

    Dino Stuck on aberration

    The server is Aberration PVE 381. It is a Rock Drake. It is found in the giant skeleton near the drake nests. It's been stuck for a month, if an admin visits the server, I'd appreciate it if can get it out. I do not know if I can ask for this, maybe the moderators will tell me that it is not their problem and that I look for another egg and raise it again. But I do not lose anything with trying and asking for some help. I'm not rushed, I've waited 1 month for an administrator to visit the server, I can wait another month. Thanks in advance, Kriz. Here some pictures.