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  1. Is there a command to spawn in Female/Male only?

    I don't think but I agree with you, we need it a command for it!
  2. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    I see your idea and I underdstand it. I suggested skins and other things because it's a good way to make money without changing anything else than the visual aspect of an armor or dinos. But yes, it could be dangerous if they start selling skins that provides a speed or health bonus or whetever that change something else than the visual aspect of items... To be honest, as I play mainly offline, I don't want to pay a subscription. I'm not using servers and I already paid the game. That would be like buying FIFA and paying to play offline against the IA on your own computer/console. I'm ok to pay the day I want to play online (actually already paying the PS+ subscriptions for online game) but the offline part of the game should stay free for people who bought the game.
  3. Paid Skins Pack

    I don't understand you, I'm sorry You don't care about skins and textures so why are you against Skin packs ? You won't be forced to buy it. And it wouldn't be part of the base game. As you said, you don't need skins or textures, it changes nothing, it's not needed to have access to the base game FULL content. With Skin Packs you would still have access to your game, nobody would have a "power" bonus or whatever because they paid. It's just some visual bonus. You say you don't want skins, but you're whining about "not having the full content" if there are Skin Packs to buy? What would it changes to your game ? Being jealous because some players have a blue Rex instead of a green one? At the end, same stats, same way to kill it...
  4. Paid Skins Pack

    I still think the Rocket League stores is not bad and a good example of how to do it. You can buy cool car model but it changes nothing. Same speed or jumping ability. Only more decorative things. And Rocket League is a bit like ARK: both have DLCs but keep adding free updates to the base game. The stores of Rocket League bring money to help them developping their game. But no player got "more powerful" or "faster" content, just visually adds. It works, so why not the same for WC ? Minecraft sell characters skins or new textures for worlds too. The game don't change. It's just some visual bonus. That's what I want you to understand: There are many bad ways to do it yes, but let's show WC how you can do the right choices. Don't be so negative, if they do the right things some players would be happy to get more skins and WC will get more money to invest in the game. If they don't find a way to get money on a regular basis they will finally let down the game and do an other one, that's what you want ? Maybe you better want a monthly subscriptions to play the game, forcing everybody to pay to play ? Or a 5 minutes soda publicity every time you die or load the game ? There are so much bad ways they could use to get money, we better suggest them how to DO it FAIR instead of whining and suggesting nothing else than "do free content until bankrupt". DLC are a good way but it takes a lot of time and resources. That's why I suggest something else.
  5. Paid Skins Pack

    That's why I keep saying that the store content should ONLY be skins and decorative items that DON'T CHANGE the game. A store LIKE THAT would be good. NO game changing things like new creatures or engram. I'm NOT suggesting THIS. I know that a lot of games have done bad things with their store with paid content that makes your character more powerful. I HATE that. Most of the people HATE that. WC have done nothing that bad for now. They are listening to their community, working on the game to make it better. They are not sitting, collecting money with little efforts, like EA do with their Fifa franchise for example. If WC read this thread and think "Skin packs are a good idea" it would means that they also read what you, I or others are fearing, because we spoke about it in this thread. They'll know what we want and how to do or not to do. They will be aware of the danger of messing with paid content, losing players. So, honestly, if they DON'T mess it like other games you played, wouldn't it be a good idea ?
  6. Paid Skins Pack

    I see the problem but it's already possible to buy skins on consoles for Ark so it's not new. I don't made this thread to say "hey take our cash" but to explain how they could ask players to financially support them while they are working on the main game. Personally I'm not against a store in the same way as the Rocket League one (I'm on playstation). Just skins and decorative objects (without the chance factor, you directly buy the skin you want) Have you seen it ? It wouldn't be a big deal this way, what do you think ?
  7. "ARK 2"

    Yes, Ark 2 would be mainly a remake, with better graphics or some gameplay change. But ark should do like minecraft, no example, just different consoles version and maybe some games based on the original (like SoftF or Ark Park or, why not, a real story telling adventure with quests or a strategy game)
  8. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Okay perfect (I don't play online sorry xp), so you're idea could totally work ! Thanks
  9. Paid Skins Pack

    Skins are not needed, they are not useful and don't change the game. They don't take a lot of time to be made I think. And it will give more money to WC to make their game better ! The only problem is people with the Pokemon syndrome that want to a "collection" of everything, without paying more. Skins. It's like clothes. If you already have everything you need, only people that want absolutely every unuseful things like that would buy it. It's not useful, you don't need that to play it's just a visual bonus.
  10. Paid Skins Pack

    thanks, good to know it already exist
  11. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Good idea but don't forget consoles players please I think playstation don't already have a rent server option? (not sure about this sorry) Cross-consoles gaming should be allowed btw. Other way I totally love this idea !
  12. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    I play on local, I bought the game but I won't pay a subscription to play local game the same way I'm already playing for free. I suggested Skins pack because it only visually changes the game. You really don't need them. I'm not sure I woukd buy them personnally. There already had "exclusive" skins for player who bought played the game before is official launch or bought the season pass, skins like that are not new. Does it change the game ? nope. + I suggest that those skills would be still unlockable without paying: during events "quests" or by unlocking some achievements. Skin are just a funny visually bonus, not a game changer. I know lot of companies are breaking their game with stores and I ABSOLUTELY don't want that WC becomes one of them. But there is some good example of game that don't. I was thinking more of a stores like the Minecraft skins for you character or like Rocket League (you can unlock skins or decorative objects, but it changes absolutely nothing to the way you play.) This way the game will get more money, getting better but the way you play would stay the same. If your problem is that you (not particularly you, but could be anyone) want all skins and decorative objects because you want the full "collection" it's your problem, because skin and decorative objects are not NEEDED or USEFUL in the game. It's just a visual bonus. A store COULD be good if it doesn't change the way people are playing the game. BUT you're right too, if the store could change the way people are playing, it would totally be a gamebreaker. I don't want a pay-to-win, that's the worst things in all kind of game and would kill the game.
  13. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Your idea is good Your idea is good but maybe it won't work (don't want to be rude, I had also the same idea as you) Why would people pay to play in better servers if they already could in a free servers? The "premium" servers should really be a lot better and at the first problem with it, players will be complaining that they paid "premium" servers and it's not perfect... Then WC should put resources to take care of "premium" servers but not in normal servers. They won't take care of "free" servers because if they become as good as premium servers people will stop using premium servers and go back to free servers...
  14. Paid Skins Pack

    Hi, What do you think of the idea of paid skins pack for Ark? Skins don't really change the game but would be good and be a good way for WC to make money. Skins could be still possible to get free thought events but as not everybody as the time to unlock it this way, they could unlock it thanks to paid skins packs. If you purchase a skins packs you unlock the relatives Skins engrams and your skins are only visible by you in the inventory, it would be "grey" and unusable for others. Some Skins Packs ideas: -Undead Creatures to give a zombie look to all your creatures -Boned Creatures (available the whole year instead of always waiting for halloween to get them) -More bionic skins -Ultimate Predators skins (skins that give a more badass look to creatures) -Cartoon Skins (skins that give an adorable look to your creatures) more (saddle, items, armor, weapons skins) ... To me it looks like a good way to support the Devs with more money, with a "bonus" in exchange that keep the balance between player who pay more and other that don't pay for skins. What do you think ?
  15. Should Ark add a monthly Subscription?

    Other possible money source (inspired by other games): Micro transactions: It shouldn't be a pay to win or changenthe way you play. But what about cross ark transfers on official servers ? you can freely transfer a set number of dino per day (1-3) but if you want to transfer more instead of waiting you could pay for it. More money for the Dev and a way to slow migrations between servers, isn't it good ? It doesn't change the whole game. The other possibility: Paid Skins Pack. People love skins, it doesn't change the game... when you buy it you have a skin blueprint. Skins are only usable (visible in the inventory) by the player who bought it. A way to use Halloween, Christmas and other event skins, making them available the whole year. many company are selling skins pack and it's a good way to support the game, no ?