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  1. DarkRaptor13

    New Extinction Teasers!

    Kind of sad, having Extinction after Aberration wasn't the best idea. New creatures will only be pure-scifi things again, like robots or the gasbag. Only "new dinos" will be the old ones with an "element-corrupted" look. I bought the game because I'm a fan of dinos and both prehistoric/modern animals. I'm probably not the only one. A bit of fantasy with the dragon was nice too. But with the actual focus only on scifi and the lack of new "prehistoric creatures", it just doesn't look like the game I was hyped about years ago. I had a bit of hope/hype with the picture of brachio, stygi and styra (finally just skins for a random event...) but I totally stopped playing ARK since 2 months. I kept looking at the news, hoping for something less scifi but... you know. Not even sure if they will be another DLC after Extinction. If not, probably not a single new dinos anymore. Guess I was too hyped about dinos when buying the season pass, my mistake... But cool for people that enjoy this evolution, it looks very good ! But I'm just looking for something else. If somebody can suggest me a good dino (survival) game, because I'm just playing JW Evolution, while waiting (hoping) for "The Isle" to release on consoles... Definitely the Extinction of ARK for me😂 Thanks for all those years of hype and all those hours playing with awesome dinos ! Good luck for the next years !
  2. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    You forgot all those people asking for licensed content like Indoraptor, Indominus, Godzilla... Yes guys, let's add Dark Vador, Superman and all Looney Toons too, sure WC can do it! This kind of suggestion starts to make this thread boring, every page someone asking for Indominus without taking a look at what was already said about in previous pages... I'm not against an hybrid dino but no LICENSED creature NO INDOMINUS NO INDORAPTOR Yes I find it sooo annoying because lot of good ideas are hidden between these kind of innapropriate suggestion. Guess in the next week someone just going to suggest Indominus again without looking to any previous post... By the way, am I the only one not hyped anymore by ARK because of the lack of new (real) dinosaurs/prehistoric creatures ? Just waiting for Ceratosaurus, Deinonychus, Postosuchus and Gorgonopsyd...
  3. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    It would be a better way to do it yes. Any idea how ?
  4. DarkRaptor13

    New Creature: Glyptodon

    Maybe as a skin or a map "variant" of Doedicurus. Same gameplay, just a different look. Or maybe as alpha doed (like Yeti are alpha giganthopithecus)
  5. Not a dino but at least a creature inspired by a real one ! Finally something interesting for Extinction !
  6. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Basically making a whole Ark on a dinos back instead of space station ?
  7. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I love this idea, Maiasaura as a hatchery/taking care of babies is something that is suggested since years I think. Same as Archelon and Dakosaurus.
  8. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Dakotaraptor could be good yes ! And the idea of a cannibalistic predator is interesting !
  9. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Hey ! Am I the only one that hope the Aquaman trailer will give some ideas to WC ? Sharks looks badass, good example for Megalodon TLC. Same for Mosasaur. Let's just take a minute to wonder why there are no hippocampus (god they look awesome in this trailer), sea turtle (come on, Archelon is asked since the first page of this 125-pages thread), whales (as underwater cargo ?) or famous crustaceans as lobster or real crab (not aberrant one). And soooo many other underwater creatures as Killerwhales, Tylosaurus, Kronosaurus... We need more aquatic content. A lot more 'cause you know, we are kind of deshydrated after traveling through a desert, a radioactive map and then timetraveling to a world full of Venom-things. We need some kind of ARK Oasis with seas, beach and treasures to find !
  10. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    AUROOOOOOCH ! Would be perfect to build farm with ovis and dodo
  11. DarkRaptor13

    ARK 2: Stop to massive online multiplayer ?

    story don't need to be the focus but it's one more thing than a solo/coop game could make better than online. I think about something like a mix between Fallout 4 and ARK. Big map, some quests and still the good parts of sandbox. By the way it would cost less as it needs less servers maintenances if the solo/coop is the focus. To be honest, looking at comments on the threads and the common updates of WC, a lot of problems come from players because some cheat, other are unfair (pillaring and other things like that) and WC has to act as the police between players. That's why I want a solo or coop game, this way they could focus on fixing bugs and adding content without dealing with so much conflicts between players, because conflicts always happen, it's human nature especially in videogames where you play with strangers. There will always be somebody looking for an unfair way to control the map (megatribes, playing with server cap or blocking key area...) and they will always find a new way, especially with new content coming to the game. Not a problem in solo or coop (if you choose your teamates)
  12. Didn't they say S+ would be implemented ? And they would work on "quality of life" stuff ? Both looks like forgotten now.
  13. At least you can enjoy content sooner than us. And you have a lot more content thanks to mods, our version has less bugs yes but a lot less content too because of this, despite WC having "sponsored mods". S+, Immersive taming and many other great mods are unavailable to consoles players. We need to wait for "official content" so the game evolve a lot slower. Or wait for WC to implement some mod content in the vanilla game, but it won't happen because they don't need to do that, PC players already have mods so they won't make effort if it's only for consoles players. To me, as a console player, sponsored mods is actually the most useless thing they made, it brings nothing new to the game. For us, no sponsorship would be exactly the same result. Sad because it could be awesome.
  14. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    What about new turtles ? Carbonemys looks linea Galapagos turtle but why not a Sea Turtle (Archelon ?) and a Snapping Turtle (Gator turtle looks so badass)
  15. They were all available to me but I don't know for other