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  1. Thanks for the info, it's Nice from you ! But I won't have hopes for it on PS5, I'm not confident about it, I have a bad feeling. And if it's released years later than on Xbox... we'll have ARK 2 by the time the PS6 we'll be released maybe. Exclusivity is truly one of the worst thing. Just look at Spidey in Avengers on PS, it was a bad idea. They should stop with those consoles wars.
  2. EXCLUSIVITY ? IT'S A JOKE ?! It looked like an awesome news for 5 minutes, I was happy to see Ark coming back stronger. I had hopes it will be great, the trailer looks great ! But in facts, that's the worst possible news. I'll never play Ark 2, thanks to the Xbox Exclusivity. They choosed money over (PS) fans. I just hope this game and console will be a huge flop and they'll give up as soon as possible on it, to work on ARK 3 on all platforms. This news feels like treason for money. Worst news of the day. I'm never gonna buy a Xbox or gaming PC just for ARK.
  3. Seriously guys... Is that soooo hard to design New creatures without robot/zombie/insects/chernobyl parts ?
  4. Skins or Variant for already existing creatures coud bé good. Like that Hammerhead shark from Atlas instead of Megalodon. (Could be the Ragnarok variant for Megalodon, the same way we have Aberrant variants for Aberration)
  5. New horses, a new hammerhead shark, a whale, dolphins and many mythological creatures like the hydra. It can be a very great news ! Or a very bad one... I just hope that content like those creatures will be available for ARK too. If not it would be a big waste...
  6. Saw the picture, had hope that we'll get a TLC but nope... And what the hell is this december update ? a random event that will bring back old skins ? Useless. Just stop those useless events that brings nothing new. We need TLC for so many creatures ! And real updates like S+ and quality of life content. We're still waiting.
  7. Scifi can be awesome but in ARK it just feel like they are overexploiting the scifi style. The idea to have hybrids inspired by prehistoric creatures is great, that's the JP style. Some tek armor and weapons were great additions, the scifi was well included at this time in a logical way. But now... hybrids based on real modern/extinct creatures, that got mutated, then got mechanical-element parts like robots and then got turned into zombies by a venom-like resources. What's next, they'll got magical time-traveling ability, mega-evolutions or super sayan mode and you'll be able to fu
  8. I'd better have ARK additions 's creatures on PS4 than creatures from Extinction. Modders are listening to the community while devs are just loosing themselves with scifi ridiculous maps and creatures. The new giant sloth is like the worst possible result based on this creature. It's like a 3yo kid draw it and they made it 3D, you barely detect that it's meant to be a sloth. Why not something that looks more like a real one, like the Fallout one (waaaay better)? Same with velosaur, why not a cryolophosaur or another real dino without the mechanical mutant parts... wasted. The
  9. I know I just hope they'll stop doing DLCs after this one. At first I thought DLCs would be awesome but now I just feel like I wasted money on a season pass that disappointed me from SE to Extinction. By the time I bought the season pass, WC was listening to fans, adding many creatures that the players ask for (the good old time with all dinos trailers one after one...). And at this time the thread were full of great ideas like an aquatic DLC full of prehistoric and modern marine creatures or an Ice Age DLC with more prehistoric mammals. There were lots of great ideas with aw
  10. Prehistoric creatures are a minor part of ARK ? Take a look at this website, at all the merchandising made by WC, at the game cover. How many prehistoric creatures do you see ? And how many scifi things do you see ? Their main selling argument was CLEARLY the dinosaurs. There was a lack of good dino game, they target this niche to get money and now they let down this niche and all the dino-fans. Be honest, do you really think ARK would have success WITHOUT the "minor part" that are dinosaurs ? If SE, Aberration or Extinction would have been the first & standalone game of WC, do
  11. The base game is still full of bugs, people are still waiting for things like S+ or the mode where you are a dino to be added. It needs a lot of rework, many TLCs... but all of those things are in stand-by (and will probably stay forever in standby) because WC is too busy making DLCs instead of taking care of the original game.
  12. Next: Tek Trike, Tek Mosa and Tek Giga. They'll probably come with a corrupted shield, a corrupted sword and a corrupted rifle. All of this being just copy&paste of things that already are in game. A small visual change and maybe some different stats but still some recycled content... One more "fanart of the week" showing an interesting extinct creatures, great job ! But sadly it looks kind of an ironic choice from WC because they keep ignoring extincted creatures and only focus on fantasy/scifi creatures. Just give some love to The Island and to the prehistoric creatures
  13. No promise about TLC because they focus on Extinction ? Easy, no more ARK on my PS4=Some free space to install Spiderman and JURASSIC WORLD EVOLUTION update. Sick of seing WC ignoring the dinos (both potential new ones and the good old ones). I won't come back until there is more about prehistoric wildlife. and don't speak about those mutant/tek dinos. That's like they made new dinos but totally waste it with zombie/bionic stuff. Let's hope another company raises a new dino survival game to force WC to rework their priorities.
  14. The Scout looks fun. Extinction will look like a futuristic anf full of bug TC'Wildlands ! It will be fun to see drones full of c4 everywhere ?
  15. 13 now ? Wasn't it even better the previous years ? It's cool but it will decrease more and more... Extinction will make players curious and some will play again, it's normal. But I (maybe just me) think it will never have as much success as it had at the beginning. A lot of my friend never played on SE or Aberration and won't play on Extinction because they don't care about the scifi story. It had a good launch because of the niche (a few good dino games only, ARK was nearly alone at this time on the market). But now they don't care about dinos anymore, it's only about scifi. Guess what
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