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  1. I don't want an accurate Archelon. It could be bigger, have a different behavior, additionnal spikes or rocks or plates like most of dinos in arks. But actually, they took so much liberty it's ridiculous. 6 limbs and eyes and a ugly face like that it's too much, it looks like a frankenstein monster, not an Archelon now. With a Nice head and normal number of limbs and eyes it would be great. I just feel like they turned it too much into a freakshow turtle by adding limbs and eyes. It's like taking a bird, cutting all limbs, the head, taking away the feathers and give it a potato color. Yes it was based on a bird but they are too much unnecessary changes and now it looks like a potato, not like a bird. Same with thé turtle, okay for some changes but this time they just did too much without any reason.
  2. And maybe on the flying Cow of the Last Airbender too. 6 limbs and a "living base".
  3. Seriously guys... Is that soooo hard to design New creatures without robot/zombie/insects/chernobyl parts ?
  4. I don't want accurate creatures, I'm just asking for more creatures BASED on real creatures instead of creatures based on scifi/mythology. Jurassic Park creature aren't that accurate but I like how they create their dinos based on what we know. I want "Ark versions" of creatures like the Killer Whale, Gorgonopsyd, Archelon or Fox for example. Less Pokemon-like creatures.
  5. Yes, I know the scifi part and the evolution thing. It's okey, even the original dinos are subspecies of the real ones. I just would like more creatures based on historical (or modern) animals. You don't need to have extrem fantasy or futuristic look to creatures or super power. Some example of great creatures to add: The Killer whale, a huge SMART underwater Killing machine, beautiful and dangerous. The Gorgonopsyd, a great prehistoric predator, a good Hunter with powerful jaws. The Archelon, a huge living raft turtle. I just don't understand why they only focus on doing overevolved creatures while some creatures could already be implemented "like that" without needing magical Light on the skin. They focus too much on monster of scifi/mythology and not enough on real creatures I think.
  6. So... Where are the dinos ? (again ?) Okey 2 new DLCs and 3 new creatures: A robot buddy A lava lizard A 4-arms gremlin-garogo hybrid Edited: and now a 6-eyes Turtle. Seriously ? Why can't we have an Archelon without insects/zombie/robot part ? Who the hell thought "yes a Turtle with 6 eyes is a great idea"? It would have looked great with only 2 regular eyes guys ! If we don't get an Archelon like the awesome one seen in one of the sponsored mods, I'm OUT of this game. I'll never buy Genisis if it's only creatures designed like this disgusting Turtle. The artistic team definitely should be changed. Next creatures will be what ? A 8-arms-snail with a Rocket-launcher-shell ? We got SE, Aberration and Extinction. No dinos except the fully invented camelsaurus and the spiky velonasaur... The deinonychus gave us hope for New dinos after a very long wait. But nope, 2 new fully scifi monster DLC coming. I missed the good ol' days when we got lots of prehistoric creatures. The prehistoric survival part is my favorite part of the game since the begining. So sad it's left apart and we only got scifi monster now. I play games like Borderlands, Fallout and no Man sky, I've got enough scifi. Ark was kind of special thanks to the dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures. But now it feels "déjà-vu" between the old dinos and the overdose of scifi creatures. At least more TLCs, variants and skins for the good old dinos, mammoth&co would be refreshing. Am I the only one that remember the old days when Ark was mainly a Dino game ?
  7. Skins or Variant for already existing creatures coud bé good. Like that Hammerhead shark from Atlas instead of Megalodon. (Could be the Ragnarok variant for Megalodon, the same way we have Aberrant variants for Aberration)
  8. New horses, a new hammerhead shark, a whale, dolphins and many mythological creatures like the hydra. It can be a very great news ! Or a very bad one... I just hope that content like those creatures will be available for ARK too. If not it would be a big waste...
  9. Saw the picture, had hope that we'll get a TLC but nope... And what the hell is this december update ? a random event that will bring back old skins ? Useless. Just stop those useless events that brings nothing new. We need TLC for so many creatures ! And real updates like S+ and quality of life content. We're still waiting.
  10. Scifi can be awesome but in ARK it just feel like they are overexploiting the scifi style. The idea to have hybrids inspired by prehistoric creatures is great, that's the JP style. Some tek armor and weapons were great additions, the scifi was well included at this time in a logical way. But now... hybrids based on real modern/extinct creatures, that got mutated, then got mechanical-element parts like robots and then got turned into zombies by a venom-like resources. What's next, they'll got magical time-traveling ability, mega-evolutions or super sayan mode and you'll be able to fusion them ?
  11. I'd better have ARK additions 's creatures on PS4 than creatures from Extinction. Modders are listening to the community while devs are just loosing themselves with scifi ridiculous maps and creatures. The new giant sloth is like the worst possible result based on this creature. It's like a 3yo kid draw it and they made it 3D, you barely detect that it's meant to be a sloth. Why not something that looks more like a real one, like the Fallout one (waaaay better)? Same with velosaur, why not a cryolophosaur or another real dino without the mechanical mutant parts... wasted. They always have bad ideas about DLCs, they should only implement mods into their game instead of doing those bad DLCs, the game would be way better. Thanks god there is a new Fallout that look awesome, I just hope Extinction will fail and they'll stop their crazy scifi focus once for all.
  12. I know I just hope they'll stop doing DLCs after this one. At first I thought DLCs would be awesome but now I just feel like I wasted money on a season pass that disappointed me from SE to Extinction. By the time I bought the season pass, WC was listening to fans, adding many creatures that the players ask for (the good old time with all dinos trailers one after one...). And at this time the thread were full of great ideas like an aquatic DLC full of prehistoric and modern marine creatures or an Ice Age DLC with more prehistoric mammals. There were lots of great ideas with awesome prehistoric creatures. But WC didn't listen. One "Fantasy" DLC with SE is okey, more diversity. One "Scifi" DLC with Aberration is okey, more diversity too. But I'll never understand why they choosed to make ANOTHER scifi DLC like Extinction. 3 DLCs and the only "dino" is the morellatops which is fully invented. Just check the threads about creatures. So much wasted potential. Third and probably last DLC and we got no new prehistoric creatures. Buying the season pass was a big WASTE. WC has BETRAYED all dinos fans with their DLCs.
  13. Prehistoric creatures are a minor part of ARK ? Take a look at this website, at all the merchandising made by WC, at the game cover. How many prehistoric creatures do you see ? And how many scifi things do you see ? Their main selling argument was CLEARLY the dinosaurs. There was a lack of good dino game, they target this niche to get money and now they let down this niche and all the dino-fans. Be honest, do you really think ARK would have success WITHOUT the "minor part" that are dinosaurs ? If SE, Aberration or Extinction would have been the first & standalone game of WC, do you think they would have gone out of early access ? Would you really buy ARK if there was no dinos in it, only things like the Gasbag or Lanterndog? I bought ARK because some company finally made a dino survival. I waited for them to make it bigger and better. But instead of finally having a good dino survival, nope we got another scifi game. With Extinction we'll probably get corrupted zombies or whatever just to get another clichee of modern survival games. Instead of having an original and refreshing dino-survival. Same with the Isle, looks good but nope, they made mutant zombie hypo dinos because it's all about zombie, aliens and mutants nowadays. No one is able to make a real good dino survival.
  14. The base game is still full of bugs, people are still waiting for things like S+ or the mode where you are a dino to be added. It needs a lot of rework, many TLCs... but all of those things are in stand-by (and will probably stay forever in standby) because WC is too busy making DLCs instead of taking care of the original game.
  15. Next: Tek Trike, Tek Mosa and Tek Giga. They'll probably come with a corrupted shield, a corrupted sword and a corrupted rifle. All of this being just copy&paste of things that already are in game. A small visual change and maybe some different stats but still some recycled content... One more "fanart of the week" showing an interesting extinct creatures, great job ! But sadly it looks kind of an ironic choice from WC because they keep ignoring extincted creatures and only focus on fantasy/scifi creatures. Just give some love to The Island and to the prehistoric creatures. More TLC, more dinos, maybe other skins like the brachio. But please do it soon. I'm sick of waiting for DLCs I don't care about, while the good old dino game part is left, forgotten. I wait for a good reason to install this game on my PS4 again. I don't want to waste storage for some bad scifi game full of bugs. I'll never buy a season pass before knowing all the content that will be added, cause WC season pass is a huge disappointment. Third DLC but still no new dino while everybody keep suggesting prehistoric creatures. Don't you see people waiting for more prehistoric creatures ? You keep ignoring one of the most important thing in ARK success, the prehistoric creatures. Without Dinos, ARK would be one more early access fail. I showed the Extinction trailer to many friends. They won't buy ARK. They'd wait for the next Fallout. Sad because the first trailer of the game (on the Island with all dinos...) looked awesome to them. Big waste. Some scifi quote that perfectly apply to ARK: "You were the chosen one, Arknakin"
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