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  1. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Interesting creatures but Torvo, Carcha and the Sucho are really clos to already ingame creatures. And WC is more focused on scifi right now so... Best chance to get them would be as skin like for brachio, styra and stygi. Torvo (megalosaurus skin) Carcha (giga skin) Sucho (baryonyx skin)
  2. DarkRaptor13

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Most people unhappy with this DLC are not against the scifi aspect BUT they are only disappointed than there aren't new dinos/prehistoric creatures. All creatures of ark are genetically engineered, even the rex in the trailer so why not an evolved subspecie of Gorgonopsyd or Postosuchus ? Instead of fully imaginary creatures like this Gasbag thing... Nobody would complain about a scifi DLC as long as it adds prehistoric creatures too, not only those aberrant pokemon-like creature (Bulbdog I choose you )
  3. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Nodosaurus, Polancanthus or Sauropelta could be interesting too
  4. DarkRaptor13


    Hi ! Looking at the lasts maps added to ARK, they all are huge (Ragnarok, Aberration &, as you said, Extinction will be too... ) So why not making SMALLER maps for future DLC but with more dynamic maps (weather, events or change...) and different focus ? More diversity but smaller... A frozen land, a sea with many small islands, a lost valley, a modern city... many possibilities for more diversity !
  5. DarkRaptor13

    Future "Ice Age" or "Frozen Wasteland" DLC

    Aurora Borealis yes ! Nearly same name in French but wasn't sure about the translation, thanks Yes this whole forum is full of good ideas, a Frozen land DLC is one of the most interesting idea as DLC (with an aquatic DLC too, full of small island lost in a big sea). I hope those ideas will make their way in the game after extinction, to go back to the original ark style, a bit less scifi than the 2 lasts DLC... So let's add as more ideas as possible to give more material to WC in case they have to choose a new idea as DLC ! By the way, some interesting creatures could be Orcas aka "Killer whales" as an underwater (underfloe ?) pack predator, Acrophoca as a kind of fast leopard seal, Owl as a new flyer able to detect small preys from far away, the elephant bird could be useful as a kind of walking teepee protecting us from cold despite not being in his classic biomes, the Warrah as a fox able to hunt and take back preys to the player, NPC Neanderthals could become a thing, seal could be a cute friend that protect from cold, and I'm not gonna speak about all classic creatures like Mammoth and Direwolf that would perfectly fit in this.
  6. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    It probably won't happen with extinction (water AND dinos doesn't sound like the focus of this DLC), but let's hope for a 4th DLC about sea, submarines caves and small islands !
  7. DarkRaptor13

    Player Skins Outfits

    Skins for armors with different themes would be great... Aztecs, greek, cowboys, natives, military, neanderthal, modern clothes, samurai, ninja, hunter, explorer, viking... many possibilities for both armors AND weapons (katana, greek shield, viking axe...)
  8. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    They live in pack, can fight croc, are amphibious, powerful... would be one of the best modern creatures to add in the game with Killer Whales.
  9. DarkRaptor13

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Some tek and dragons yes, but dino were the MAIN focus by far. And both aberration and extinction seems to forget them. Not against the scifi, just against the lack of new extinct creatures...
  10. DarkRaptor13

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    Yes but with a name like EXTINCTION, it seemed legit to hope for EXTINCT creatures. It was a game focused on dinos at first and now it's focused on scifi, many dino-fans are now disappointed and feel like forgotten... The only thing still about dino in this trailer are the rex and giga, nothing new. That's why some of us are disappointed...
  11. DarkRaptor13

    Question for ARK Digest

    Will you do a new DLC after Extinction ? Will you add more extinct creatures in the future ? Or a DLC with a prehistoric theme ? Because both aberration and extinction are focused on scifi...
  12. DarkRaptor13

    What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Very interesting list ! But for now, hopes to see it in the game are... extinct. The "Final DLC" goes full scifi. So a full DLC about extinct creatures... we will be very lucky if there is at least one non-scifi creature in this DLC, as it will be more like Aberration 2.0, full of tek and aberrations... End of the prehistoric focus, it's really an Extinction. Let's hope Life finds a way... More hype about potential TLCs than the DLC...
  13. DarkRaptor13

    ARK Extinction Trailer Discussion

    We got the TLC that added new models and abilities. And 3 new dinos as skins. To be honest, I'd better have more TLCs and skins for actual creatures than new imaginary scifi creatures but that's only my opinion
  14. DarkRaptor13

    Terror Bird & Sabertooth TLC

    I love your ideas too ! Sabertooth could be the substitute to raptors in cold areas, maybe with a little insulation effect too as they have a warm blood? I agree for the purlovia, it has still potential ! Since they made moschops rideable and we can ride the basilisk while underground, I think that making the Purlovia rideable on ground AND underground should be a thing. Maybe to move under the enemy walls and attack from inside the base ?
  15. DarkRaptor13

    ARK: Extinction Release Date Revealed!

    It looks great, a big job but... to be honest, after Aberration I was hoping for something less scifi. Something more like Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom end (dino in modern days) or a water/mythology/ice age-based DLC. More Scifi ? looks great yes but I don't really want a new "Horizon Zero Dawn" game... Especially with the new creatures. Full scifi, no new extinct creatures... I was hoping more dino and prehistoric creatures especially since Arkaeology event. Now I feel more fear than hype about this DLC. The cryo-cube idea and Kaiju "Titan" are good too but if there are other "Gasbag"-fully scifi-invented creatures instead of prehistoric ones it will be a big fail to my eyes... Already enough scifi games, ARK was interesting because of the dinos (rare things in video games) so forgetting it to go that much scifi... Dinos & Prehistoric creatures's fans will be truly disappointed and look for other games... (JW evolution is different yes but can attract many dino-fans...) Nearly no hype/hope for this DLC. Now I'm just expecting a new 4th DLC with a prehistoric based game or way more TLCs and skins like stygi, styra and brachio. Or mods on consoles at least... Sorry to be so pessimistic, I'm sure it will be a big and original DLC and I will try it. But it doesn't match my hopes for dinos at all and I'm probably not the only one. They are so many scifi game (Horizon Zero Dawn looks a lot like this DLC...) and mythology games (Witcher, Skyrim...) out there but ARK is special because of dinos and prehistoric creatures (no other big dino game except for JW evolution) so that's why so many people started playing this game. Letting the prehistoric wildlife on the side like that is like forgetting those players. Some will try like me, because it's part of ark. But others will lose interest because it lacks what they were looking for at the beginning: DINOSAURS. WC should show some NEW prehistoric creatures SOON or many players will lose interest in it because of the new scifi focus... Please don't forget the original dino style !