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  1. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Could be good at grabbing fishes and trilobites, a small predator useful to take fish back to you, like an underwater hunting dog/living fish trap ?
  2. Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    It looks a bit like the JP raptor yes but still a different head. It looks way more awesome this way ! the old one looks more like the deinonychus from the Jurassic world upgoming game. Maybe a reskin or variant could be made in the future to get another raptor or deinonychus skin/variant with feathers and one without feathers at all too maybe ?
  3. Community Crunch 119 & Raptor TLC!

    The Raptor pounce ability look great and would be awesome with an animation for his famous claw to stop the prey from moving. Still think it absolutely need a latching ability to fight bigger creatures, pouncing on big preys and staying a short time on it, dealing damages with his arms and teeth. Basically the same behavior than the dev idea but applied to bigger preys in a bit different way. This latching ability could be good to harass bigger dinos, letting time to the player to flee from big predators or come with a bigger predator to end a preys life.
  4. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I agree with you, the roll rat need something more specific. It would be good if it could move underground like the basilisk or, maybe hard to do but, help building underground bases/nests. A more classic rat could be useful for bio warfare, getting and spreading disease easier OR something like infesting bases (you'll need some kind of cat to hunt them or they will steal your food for example) OR increasing the chance of mutation around him (rat are lab creatures so... could be a turtle ninja easter egg too...) or a big mutated rat spawning near dead corpses. OR finally, a shoulder mounted creatures that can be use to get anti-venom and antidote to disease or could protect you from it, as an ability that they got after so much experiences on them. Many ways but mainly relative to scifi and perfect for aberration I think.
  5. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    You're idea is good too ! Not really sure that all flyers can swim too, but pteranodon for sure (diving and floating on the surface, the second one is really funny if you search on google) and eagles can too (more like floating on the surface with their wings fully opened, funny too). By giving the swimming ability to flyers and ability to beach to swimmers I think that it will give more option to the game. Like marine creatures jumping and grabbing flyers underwater, Flyers transporting marine creatures outside of water from one lake/river to another for example. And it's more logical as many flyers eat fishes...
  6. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Giant Basilisk Lizard: A rideable lizard. It eats insects. It’s good at swimming but it can also run and walk on water thanks to his special feet. Can climb walls and trees. It can also store water in his body and shot it like a water gun (for agriculture, firefighting and to push back enemies like a riot force, it slows enemies and make flyers fall). Walk as a quadrupedal and run like a bipedal. To avoid confusion with the actual basilisk of aberration, could be named Water Lizard or something like that.
  7. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    I think that he speak about an other kind of rat. The roll rat is similar to naked rat (the specie without fur) and he probably want a "classic" rat, with fur, probably smaller and maybe giving diseases or infesting bases, something this way could be fun.
  8. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Perfect for Aberration I think. Like the phoenix, a new creature for an already existing dlc.
  9. Obelisk parking or boss summon?

    You're right, Murphys law... If everybody can store creatures in personnal transmitters and can download them in bosses obelisks directly from thoses storages, there is no more excuses for "parking" creatures like that and tames shouldn't be protected around obelisks. Obelisks area should be dangerous and players have to clean it to access the obelisks, choose creatures from personnal storage to transfer in the boss arena and then go to the fight... If you want to have many active tames, okey, but you'll need to protect them in your base, not by using "protected area" like that. Having an army of creatures should be powerful BUT hard to manage in a dangerous place like the Island, because harder to fully protect...
  10. TLC Pass 1 on PS4 ?

    Hi ! I saw many videos about the tlc pass but it looks like it's still not available on PS4, right ? Looks already available on PC so I would like to know if I can play with it soon...
  11. Dino TLC: Feedback! Suggestions?

    Flyers should be able to swim on/in water. Would be more realistic for most of them (pteranodon diving underwater to grab fishes). Still a problem to be dismounted when close to water or to see your flying tame bugging because it can't land on water when out of stamina... The Rock Drake can glide and swim, it can jump out of water to fly, flyers could have a similar ability too. I know that some birds or pteranosaur doesn't look that "great" when swimming (searched it on google...) but they still can swim so why not? An other thing is the ability to beach for marine creatures. Right now there is corpse of basilo in ragnarok but it could be great to see real basilo, manta or even mosa on beaches, trying to slowly get back in water. Marine creatures could have an oxygen stat when beached. Marine creature should only be able to go forward or back when beached. This way, you could attract and trap marine creatures for example. Or go on beach with a mosa, grabbing a prey and getting back in water, jurassic world-style. Right now ground creatures can easily move on ground and in water, some can also fly , but marine creatures have no way to survive on ground even for a short time and flyers are not able to go in/on water at all.
  12. Obelisk parking or boss summon?

    Why not an active tame cap for players (instead of tame cap for servers) AND a dino storage system connected to obelisk like the actual tek transmitter or something pokeball-like, like storing dinos in a new implant in the other arm? Always too much creatures there, too much creatures on servers, too much creatures in boss arena... This way players could have a near unlimited number of creatures in a storage BUT only a maximum of 30-40 ACTIVE tames on the servers at the same time. Maybe different cap for small/medium/big creatures. Maybe they should change the difficulty or way to fight bosses too, this way people doesn't need so much rexes. Maybe a more "tactical" way to fight them, with other kind of creatures or arena events, not just frontal power...
  13. Classic Model Skins

    With the TLC Pass soon there, I just thought that it would be great to get skins for the new dinos that will give them back their old look (saber, rex, bear...). New models are awesome and way better, but I think than, in maybe 1-2 years, people will remember the old models and it could be funny to have this kind of nostalgic skins, like we got bionic skins when the game launch so maybe an Ark Anniversary pack or something like that with the big noise- rex and the "cartoon" saber. Not an absolute need but could be fun to remember the whole evolution of the game.
  14. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    Ichtyostega: As a big prehistoric salamander it could be inspired by mythology, having a skin that only stop burning (if it's shot by a fire arrow or heat wave?) when back in the water but immuned to fire damages. To give him a real utility, it could let an oil track behind him. It uses stamina but it's an easier way to make a fire wall than using oil jar... Good to find around SE water. Rideable with a fireproof armor, like the Phoenix could be ? Gigantoraptor: It protects eggs. It can form a "teepee" with his wings and his feathers protect everything under it from weather (cold/heat) Gorgonopsyd: It deals damages ignoring the armor of creatures thanks to his powerful jaws, to hunt ankylo/doed and carbo ? OR Aggressive to every bleeding/damaged creatures (other carnivorous too).
  15. What creatures would you like to see on the ARK?

    A giant flying squirrel yes, but rideable by only one player and more the size of a beelzebufo. Climbing, gliding yes. Making squirrel a cargo climber doesn't look natural, but a recon creature yes ! Maybe reduced weight for seeds/nuts and ability to store them in his mouth and shoot them at enemies ? It would be awesome like that I think ! As a true climber that could act as a transport for many people/resources, I would suggest some kind of big sloth, looking like modern sloth but bigger and faster, an evolved eremotherium for example ? It could climb any surfaces thanks to his claws but no ability to jump/glide...