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  1. My dodorex dermis stayed last year, untill they broke it in a later patch...
  2. Resource regen effect and stryder under rockwells heart.
  3. What is about the same strength as these turkeys? The corrupted? The mana?
  4. You are right, they always include the event colors during event, but that is mainly because mutations always include all colors.
  5. What new fast flyers? As far as i know only snow owl gets a speed buff from imprint.
  6. Maybe there was a thyla you didnt see that took its chance when you were distracted.
  7. Thats probably half the pvp playerbase called 123 and □□□
  8. If you ever feel like starting over, join an unofficial with decent admins. I have lost my character 2 times and the admin will just give me back my character from an older save.
  9. For you (and me) its 26st yes, but not for the people overseas...
  10. Hey guys, you probably dont know yet, but there is 2x taming!
  11. Wohooo winter wonderland! What! No snow? You cant call it winter wonderland without snow...
  12. Aww, why did they do that, couldnt they just keep wiping tribes?
  13. Did my first cave run (island swamp cave). Used 4 lvl ~230 wolves, took 2 sets skuba/ghilly with me. Things went pretty good, untill i got very deep into the cave, jumped off my wolf to get a drop, but i didnt think about the 20 leeches in the water... I got stuck and they killed me in seconds. Didnt have gear/sleeping bag at the cave, so i spawned back at base, took some gear, an argy and another wolf and hurried back to the cave. Unfortunately the critters already spawned back, so i went back to get a second wolf with my argy. By the time i got back to the wolf pack, my stuff despawned. Didnt have anything important on me, but lost the stuff i got from the drops. I did get the artifact and 2 more drops on the way out. All 6 wolves survived and i got the artifact, so i guess it was a succesfull first run After that was done, i went to get some silica pearls and found this 120 Yuti. So i finally tamed my first Yuti Found a 135 Thyla on my way back to base, not that far from my trap. Never tamed one before. I had enough titanoboa kibble though, so its mine now. Thats ANOTHER first for today!
  14. Incubated my first egg (tek rex!) Just to see how it works. Killed my first alpha rex with one of my argents.
  15. Spotted a lvl 145 saber near my trap on the frozen tooth, so i trapped and tranqed it. While i was taming the 145 i saw a 150 saber. The 145 finished taming so i started trying to catch the 150, but i ran into a whole pack of sabers and then a giga came in... All the sabers dead. Saw another lvl 150 but this time an argent (oh lucky day). It was very bloody from the giga i quess, but i knocked it out in my trap anyway after waiting a while. After about half an hour a pack of sabers came my way. Took care if them with my argent, but one sneaky saber went behind the trap and killed my already low hp tame. Trapped ANOTHER argent, 135 this time. While getting prime meat on my 245 argent, killing everything, i get knocked off it by a raptor while i was fighting a stego. I respawn at a sleeping bag near my trap stuck in a rock.. After 2 min being stuck i see a message that my lvl 245 argent, wich i had since the beginning, got killed by an allosaurus RIP
  16. Tamed a low lvl Theri to help with construction. Build a bridge and made some more walls.
  17. Moved my stuff to my new base SE off redwood forest. Tried to get my trap raft there, got stuck on the LAST narrow/shallow part before i had open water to my base. Decided to build a trap close to my base. Just finished it and spotted a lvl 120 rex across the river. Lured it in and tranqed it. Waitet about 30min then collected some prime meat and just when i was putting the meat in his inventory, a Therizino ran in to my trap (ramps on the outside) and killed the rex while hitting me. Jumped on my argy and wrecked him. Was about to log off when there was a pink rex across the water. It was only a lvl 50, but she is mine now.
  18. Had no luck finding a good doed yesterday, but today i found a lvl 150 in the red forest. Had 50 tranq arrows on me, figured that would be anough. It wasnt. Flew back to base and got 96 more, found the doed again, made a pincushion out of it, think i only had 13 arrows left. Put spike walls around it with one opening, parked my argy and went afk for one minute to get something to eat. Got back to a death message by a terrorbird. Jumped on my ptera to race back, thought my argy was on passive but luckily it wasnt. The terrorbird cost me 20lvls on the doed, but i got it lvl 205
  19. Tried to find some cool event color dinos, didnt find any good ones. Took my sabers on a meat run and took a ride on my frog. Found a purple monkey right next to my base, tried to tame it, it ran away every time. Put on my ghilly suit but got disturbed by an alpha raptor. Got my therizo out and killed the alpha, but couldnt find the monkey anymore.
  20. Build a trap raft, went looking for baryonix, didnt find any. Sailed all the way from the south east coast to the north west coast at the snow border. Tamed a lvl 130 Sabertooth, luckily there was a lvl 10 alpha Raptor nearby that helped with some premium meat. Left my raft there and flew the saber back with my argy. After that, upgraded my dino gates and 2 lvl of the walls to stone and build another floor below my bird house to park my 3 sabers, doed and frog
  21. Tamed 3 sabertoots, one died on the way back (they weren't very high lvl) Then went looking for a good frog, best i could find was a lvl 115. So i tamed that one while killing all the aggresive dinos in the area. (Pve so cant pick him up before taming) Its my first beelzebufo, now lvl 171 and so much fun to ride
  22. Went out looking for a decent ptetanodon in a cool color, immedietly found a lvl 140 on herbivore island with a black and red body and white wings. Flew off to the main island for some prime meat. Found a lvl 20 alpha raptor close to my spike walls so i blocked him in while in the air. He took around 25 arrows to the face before he died. After killing some stegos and brontos, i found another lvl 25 alpha raptor and decided to take him head on with my ptera. After a couple minutes i was on low health so flew up on a cliff to heal a little and the raptor got himself stuck between the cliff and a spike wall So i finished him off with a few arrows and got plenty prime meat for the last 3% of taming I now have a lvl 180 ptera
  23. Made a roof on part of my dino pen, and then build a bird cage on top. But holy poop, its difficult to make something that is not a wooden box.. Could have probably build this twice if i did everything right the first time What you see at the ground lvl is the first dino pen i ever made. I learned some things from that
  24. This weekend i wanted to start taming my first water dino's. Decided ichthy would be best, but these things kept swimming away.. So i build a raft with a stone trap under it. That worked great, tamed 4 dolphins and 3 of them al already dead Oh and my raft got eaten by a leed.. Also trapped and tamed my first 2 argents, the second one was lvl 179 after taming
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