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  1. My first and prolly last post

    I am so waiting for the ark clone to come out. Maybe then dev's will listen to players and not shun us like we had the greyscale.
  2. Official Server Wipes

    I think a lot of the time, unless your giving them praise for something, they don't care what we have to say. I remember that dev saying 'oh we value the opinion and criticism of our players' and then either punish you somehow for having an opinion or ignore you entirely.
  3. I pointed it to ark-tools.exe and the map directory and it gave me an error 'ark-tools.exe is not recognized as'. Used the most recent one as of now.
  4. I'm excited and hope to see if this becomes a full gui for all sorts of things. Going to check it out right now.
  5. Official Server Wipes

    I agree, this damn timer is stupid. Why the timer can't be on the inventory of the obelisk and not on the character is beyond me. You should be able to upload, but the timer sits there and waits out the save then allows you to download on the other end. Also, they need to just blacklist items which are commonly duped like tek items and let the rest pass.
  6. My Ragnarok server sits there for 15-30 minutes at 100% load doing nothing. Not sure what is going on with it. Probably going to see if people want to switch maps.
  7. Missing Legacy PVE Maps

    Nope, that is where they are missing from. You click the link and it gives an error.
  8. The following servers are missing maps in the 'depreciated servers' download. I'm a bit of an OCD/Collector type and going through what I was able to download vs whats listed, servers below are missing. OC-PVE-Ragnarok39 The-Asia-PVE-Ragnarok41 PVE-OfficialServer37 Just thought I would let you know. PS: On a side note, many of the maps contain much more data than just the backup of that map file, some are several backups from significantly older maps, with one being over 1 GB in size.
  9. Cluster Dino Blacklist

    Is it currently possible to blacklist dino species for transfer between servers? For example, lets say i dont want people taking gigas to scorched earth, since it sort of makes it super-easy-mode. Or bringing wyverns from SE to anywhere else?
  10. Ark: Aberration

    So who want's to bet that those of us with slower connections get shafted because chinese will go in and pillar/thatch everywhere before we can get on.
  11. Ark: Aberration

    Will there be more than 4 servers for NA PVE? Or will you be creating some sort of anti-pillar so those with the fastest connection can't take over the entire server with pillars and poop?
  12. If you actually think they care about our thoughts on their 500 dino big box, your mistaken.
  13. Upload Dino for storage indefinitely

    Well the game lead designer did say someday we would get uploads to steam inventory.
  14. RE: Transfer System and Dino Cap

    Well. In advance, tame 20 dilo's. Have the dilo's ready to be murdered, then download the rex. So, download rex, if it says you cant, kill a dilo, then download rex. Otherwise your just SOL.
  15. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    So, shutdown legacy, and now you have more machines. 3 servers per machine must mean what, 200 machines? Repurpose them for official, lets learn from this mistake and move on.