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  1. "To that end, we're actively examining Aberration and looking at further ways to adjust and improve the player experience there in the near future as well." I have a suggestion, do something about the raptoring chinese and russians who pillar everywhere and you cant expand at all. Also, make the oil pumps on SE always be unlocked so the assholes who go around spamming pumps will find it less appealing when everyone can open them. I've got 2 at my base that a chinese dude owns, who lives on the other side of the map.
  2. Hello,

    i have 3 mantis female lvl 200+ unleveled for sale, also 2 rock elementals(golems) unleveled  137 and 142 with 40+ points, also have lots of DW horns...let me know what you can offer.

    Looking for polymer, good blueprints, event wyverns 150+ unl or 200+ leveled, electric wyvern 180+ unl or 220+ leveled to dmg.

    I can accept metal structures but only for low price...or any good adult dinos... 


  3. Man I thought year 3 would be a 3x event. Afterall you guys said, 'next year is 3x'.
  4. The level of entitlement in these replies is amazing. Addressing some points here. Evolution Events have never been guaranteed to give what you want from them. Their trying new things and if you want to raise herbivores this weekend then this will be a great time with 3x as many crops growing those fridges will be full in no time. Breeding Events are announced to be RARE with them happening for special occasions 3-4 times per year MAX. Crying about it isn't a special occasion, players crying is a daily thing. If you don't like this evo event then pretend like there isn
  5. Just an idea, how about bring back the first version of the island before the biomes and remove any dino that didn't exist before the change. But increase stats on the dinos back to pre-nerf.
  6. Thats quite the interesting display picture you have there, eh? ;P

  7. You could make a new character and then give him 15 levels of experience?
  8. No, but dino station mod has a sex change potion. Just install it, use it to change the sex, then remove if you dont want to keep it.
  9. "Survivors across ALL Platforms will be receiving a special Evolution Event perk this weekend!" How is it special, its just normal 2x we have every weekend, not really special anymore.
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