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  1. If you actually think they care about our thoughts on their 500 dino big box, your mistaken.
  2. Upload Dino for storage indefinitely

    Well the game lead designer did say someday we would get uploads to steam inventory.
  3. RE: Transfer System and Dino Cap

    Well. In advance, tame 20 dilo's. Have the dilo's ready to be murdered, then download the rex. So, download rex, if it says you cant, kill a dilo, then download rex. Otherwise your just SOL.
  4. Turret Changes: A Technical Talk about why.

    So, shutdown legacy, and now you have more machines. 3 servers per machine must mean what, 200 machines? Repurpose them for official, lets learn from this mistake and move on.
  5. Genetics Lab (non-tek)

    Sure it would be expensive to make, and use, but you could add a genetics lab to the game where you extract the dna/mutaitons from a dino, and then rebuild the dna (ie the stats/mutations) into an egg that hatches. It would eliminate the dino hording overnight 'for the stats', since you could transfer them to a new dino.
  6. Server Cap Exploitation PVE

    Easy way to solve server cap issues. 100 dinos per player, however, making a tribe allows up to 500 dinos, but you must have 4 other unique steam id tribe members to get all 500.
  7. I really don't have a problem with the timer on the game for moving items between servers, however, I think the timer is in the wrong spot. Why not allow players to upload items, but have the timer in the obelisk and not the inventory. Instead of wait 30+ minutes to upload, you upload immediately, and a 30+ minute timer ticks down in the obelisk. Then you get to have happy players, and, happy developers. Both sides are happy.
  8. Pulling Tribe Data

    Has anyone figured out how to pull the tribe data from a map into a new map? I don't seem to be able to load my old server map because its too big for my server to handle. If i could pull one tribe out of the map, and insert it into a clean map, that would help myself and others.
  9. With the size of these save files being so big, has anyone figured out how to export a tribe and then import it into a new save file? For example, if i wanted to export my tribe from a save file, then reimport it back into a new save?
  10. Fair warning, don't try and load up server 14 ragnarok, my server running linux with 32gb of ram, took forever to load. Horry sheet mang.
  11. I haven't used this tool in a while, so i sort of forgot how to export the eggs from a save file into a json. Anyone have a quick command for it?
  12. Once I verify my save files are good, im deleting legacy and letting the dinos go to who ever wants them. Just show up and collect them when the base goes up, i had a lot of stuff stored.
  13. This guy has no idea what he is talking about, don't ruin it for the rest of us, thanks.
  14. Dinosaur Life Span (Because Caps Suck)

    Dino's would die nightly, that would free up spots for people to tame new dinos after. Dino's, regardless, shouldn't be immortal. They can consider an age factor in with other methods of controlling the population. I've suggested they disable breeding when the cap hit 90%. Also entirely disable claiming dinos. They can disable it, i did on my server, now dino's can never be claimed and will simply poof when the 8 days is up. This should be considered for part of the solving of the problem.