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  1. Mavrick

    Dino Storage Vault

    Just pull out the dinos when you need em then shove them back into the vault 12 hours, or 24 hours, later.
  2. Mavrick

    Dino Storage Vault

    I suppose that one could always make it so we can make pixcube style items from dinos and store them in normal vaults.
  3. Mavrick

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    Because it was paid DLC during a early access, and it was shortly after they lost the lawsuit for being shady as raptor, and they werent fixing the issues with the game but instead cashing in on DLC. However, none of that is relevant when the game is post-launch and could easily drop a screenshot to get us all talking about it. The ARK community is dying, and anything to do with future content could possibly spark that right back up.
  4. Mavrick

    Dino Storage Vault

    Perhaps a new vault could be made, one that can store dinos as items and then you can take those items and trade them to other players who can respawn them as needed. A lot of people would be willing to shrink their population down if they could store them safely. I'm thinking the vault would be as big, or bigger than, the old style vault. Also, it would have the same properties, dropping to the ground and being able to have 90 days demo. Perhaps 300 storage slots. Dinos uploaded would have a 24 hour respawn timer, or what ever you feel is appropriate to avoid abuse.
  5. Mavrick

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    No, im saying that there are other companies who hype up the next expansion over a year in advance and we still have nothing. Guess we just have to wait for them to make an announcement, then delay it 6 months, then release it.
  6. Mavrick

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    I was just asking for anything about the expansion, blizzard releases info a year or more before they release an expansion, and yet in theory this one should be out by the end of the year and yet nothing about it.
  7. Mavrick

    Where is the ARK: Extinction Hype?

    Trolls will be trolls. Also, they can do both if they stopped being cheap and hired people. It would be nice to see a screenshot of something, or a broken picture like with aberration. Just something to show we didnt give wildcard money for an expansion and we might get something someday.
  8. IT's been forever, shouldnt you guys be hyping us for extinction? maybe a screenshot of something... anything>
  9. Mavrick

    WildCard and Dictionary

    Maybe some employees at wildcard could go pick up an english language dictionary and look up 'minor' with it. Minor updates should be less than 100mb, not 1.1gb.
  10. Mavrick

    players blocking drops and arks

    They should make them random, then people cant put huts out near the drops in the desert.
  11. The level of entitlement in these replies is amazing. Addressing some points here. Evolution Events have never been guaranteed to give what you want from them. Their trying new things and if you want to raise herbivores this weekend then this will be a great time with 3x as many crops growing those fridges will be full in no time. Breeding Events are announced to be RARE with them happening for special occasions 3-4 times per year MAX. Crying about it isn't a special occasion, players crying is a daily thing. If you don't like this evo event then pretend like there isn't one. I think it's sort of lame but they get an A for effort. Maybe next weekend will be something else, or a 3x event could happen soon again. Honestly folks, if you need a breeding event to have fun, maybe what you want is an unofficial server with higher rates. PS: I remember when we had the original rates that were 1/2 current rates. And if anyone at wildcard does read this, consider the next event (or maybe this one) to triple egg rates on dinos to match the veggies, that would shut a whole lot of people right up about it.
  12. Mavrick

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    Just an idea, how about bring back the first version of the island before the biomes and remove any dino that didn't exist before the change. But increase stats on the dinos back to pre-nerf.
  13. Thats quite the interesting display picture you have there, eh? ;P

  14. Mavrick

    Best dinosaurs to obtain wyvern eggs

    Silly goose, you dont get speed boost on ptera anymore.
  15. Mavrick


    Thats a whole lot of excuse making but the point stands that if you cheat, or are in a tribe of cheaters, then you benefit from the cheating and if you get wiped then too bad.