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  1. did you agro it maybe ? i know passive tames cant be tamed if you "touch" them they agro and run.
  2. PVE i recommend Valguero as a good start. ive had a base on island for close to 2 years now and its ok. jumped to Valg for the deino can started fresh as no item or dino transfers and its been loads of fun. when transfers open i prob will migrate my fave dinos over and just use island for mass breeding . i will also be downsizing my base area too. currently had a section gated off for future expansion project but i dont need that space any more.
  3. if your on Xbox Official ,i have a Rex BP that you can use if you bring the mats
  4. SO sorry to hear about your loss, id love to take part in the march to. may he rest in piece
  5. ive heard of this but never found what you actually need to do. im going to try this tonight !
  6. like the idea for the clock work creatures similar to how the bone skins etc. Good idea for the transcendence , it would be awsome if we could put dino to "sleep" similar to how we get megatherium to sit. stop the endless wyvern wagging tails etc. might help with server lag too
  7. That building saver has lots of opportunity, could make it work like a custom blueprint. it creates a BP of whatever building you want.
  8. You can grow things in crop plots with them being Irrigated . just have to put in a water source (water skin,jar or canteen) then force use it while on the crop plot. as long as the plot has water it will grow. if its irrigated it means i t will just keep filling itself up
  9. Go in with another Tame, not sure on center caves but im sure you could take a decent mount in or via cryo pod then use spy glass to whistle it .
  10. This in theory shouldnt be too difficult to make happen aswell. have 2 files for each mode. then like you say they can make server side adjustments to each .ini when needed
  11. Wait what?! more building stuff. i must have missed this. got a link to when/what is coming and maybe a date too ?
  12. I I like some of these ideas, mainly different turrets, maybe a lower tier defense turret that runs off spark powder and fires arrows or narcotic arrows.
  13. Something along this would be good idea, similar to a dino leash that has a set range, doesnt block dino spawn or resources, but maybe give each land beacon has unique code so if someone is claiming to much land it can be reported easily? also limit to x amount per tribe
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