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  1. DauntingBeef08


    it sounds like your maturation rates have been turnt up but the imprint scale hasnt been adjusted.
  2. Im not sure if i got the same update as everyone else but im loving it! I havent noticed any more lag than usual or DC more than before, the new building items is great, looking forward to being able to build more stuff that arnt boxes with a nice roof !. sure some of the snap points in s+ needs attention but its ok so far. like being able to put a normal sloped roof next to the triangle slops without needing to put ceilings then a sloped wall first. kibble rework is great for me so far, im a solo tribe and it means i can use kibble to tame most things now, i dont need to grind and get 200 kibble dino isntead !
  3. DauntingBeef08

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Swamp cave has loads in, take a decent level baryonyx in there , collect loads
  4. DauntingBeef08

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    if you provide the mat's id make them for you, or i could travel to your server and make them for ya
  5. DauntingBeef08

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    Maybe could make a tek structure or high level item like a super air con that drasticly slows food consumption. or a reciepe for a food that only eaton by babies that spoils slow and fills alot of food
  6. DauntingBeef08

    Community Crunch 168: Valentine's Day!

    everyone prepare to cryopod your snow owl glitched baby dino's
  7. DauntingBeef08

    Giga raising plan

    thats good suggestion , i plan on doing some other meat eaters at same time, my tribe will be helping raise them aswell but i doign imprint on one so it will be my focus
  8. DauntingBeef08

    Giga raising plan

    Yep, i almost wish i never started ARK, its so addictive i look past the bugs,glitches and the amount of hours dumped into it. but on the other hand its my most played game by far currently at almost 39 days, some of that is idle time but damm its alot !
  9. DauntingBeef08

    Giga raising plan

    thats my thinking, if i want a half decent one with also working a full time job mon-fri and wife and race car season starting i need to do what i can and when.
  10. DauntingBeef08

    Giga raising plan

    Thanks for taking the time to write such a detailed write up and explanation, it was the infomation i was trying to find on google. im gonna aim to get the highest imprint i can and it is a 335base egg im getting which is already higher than my current giga . What is your thoughts on using cryopod to control the imprint timers?
  11. so its like eating rare flowers but maybe slighty less powerfull and give you preserving bin like properties for the meat stored in it. id like to see more skins/costumes make the game more variable
  12. DauntingBeef08

    Help, I'm being griefed on PvE!

    I think its fair that they pillard the area to claim it as it loooked like you had left but since you have come back and have asked them i would remove them i would wait for 2 times and tame as many bronto, diplo as you can be bothered too. then cryo pod them and then throw them out in their base in their main base door ways, if oyu really wanna get them back see fi you can spot them hatching eggs and the block doors. nasty and might be against pve rules but you have politly asked them to remove them.
  13. DauntingBeef08

    Any holiday events coming up?

    our tribe is planning and prepping for this event so we really hope it goes ahead !.
  14. DauntingBeef08

    Giga raising plan

    PVE official - island xbox Hi our tribe are planning on raising some giga eggs during the next breeding event (hopefully easter/valentines). im getting my first giga to raise and imprint. Im not sure if its 2x or 3x does the imprint timers change? on 1x its 8 hours so if i pop the egg Saturday morning at 7am next imprint will be 15:00 then 23:00 then 7am again on sunday. so i should get a constant 6 imprint. after that during the week it will be juvi im planning on using cryopods to control the imprint timers, it will take longer to raise i know but id rather wait an extra week or 2 to get a 80%+ imprint rather than try and rush it in the normal 2 weeks. we will be using tek and normal troughs and all have giga for meat runs so thats that part is covered, plus we have element dust gacha to grind out some element to power it before the event. is there anything else we/i can do to maximise my imprint?
  15. DauntingBeef08

    Island Snow Cave near Impossible solo

    i recently did this cave solo, using a boss rex , 50 health,800 melee and only a 40 armour saddle, and also a theri using cryo pods. the rex for the main part of the cave where it can fit then i di throw the theri out for the tighter bits and just clear the next large space that the rex would fit again. it was tough and the rex did loose 40k health but its doable solo. TL:DR Solo is possible with cryopod rex's & theri