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  1. DauntingBeef08

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Ragnarok Xbox one official PVE - solo tribe Finished building my hatchery room that i spent a good few hours playing with layout and materials in SP. took me an age to farm the materials mainly the thatch. managed to buy a Male deer which helped out alot and got it all done and was about to log off for the night i spotted 4-5 wyverns and atleast one rider. then i saw just the one wild one left and then it come towards my base, i had nothing i could do , it got one hit in then luckily my base neighbour spotted it and killed it before it could do more damage . but it managed to kill my mammoth (RIP Snowy) . the res tof the week will be spent buying/farming to get as many raptor kibble as i can get my hands on. and will tame a new higher level one at hte weekend when its x2 again.
  2. DauntingBeef08

    Help, I'm trapped

    go to the gates and find the owner and drop them a message and ask them to open them up, or ask on the server chat if you can borrow an argy from some one to pick your self and horse up.
  3. DauntingBeef08

    Thoughts on this...

    sorry for stupid questions, if i make another character and try and join same server i still access all my original characters things, then log back in later as my orignal character?
  4. DauntingBeef08

    Game Suggestion: Fix/Rework the tame cap

    Dont think anything will be done anytime soon, people are right above that Tribes with Huge box bases with 30 wyverns. flew around ragnarok and spotted atleast 4 bases with more wyverns tucked away than i could shack a stick at
  5. DauntingBeef08

    Thoughts on this...

    I assume it works on xbox aswell then the same way, ARK can see the character share the same xbox live account.
  6. DauntingBeef08

    Thoughts on this...

    Might be being thick here but how would i bring a dino over to another server but use a fresh new character?
  7. DauntingBeef08

    irl If you could tame a dinosaur IRL, what would it be?

    Id really like a Anky , just because i think they look pretty cool
  8. DauntingBeef08

    Your favourite Dinosaur [Personal Question]

    Land Dino: Bear or saber tooth tiger Aquatic: dont have any yet Air: Argy for sure Mammal: Dont have yet but do really want a rhino or mamoth Favourite of all argy as it makes every other dino even better if it can be carried by it
  9. DauntingBeef08

    ARK - Which Map next

    Thanks all for your thoughts. I wasn't aware that there was free DLC so that's a bonus!
  10. DauntingBeef08

    ARK - Which Map next

    I'm not sure how many hours I've put into ark. Played alot of SP before going onto official server. Im level 81 atm and at a guess about 400 hours in
  11. DauntingBeef08

    ARK - Which Map next

    This is a question as to what map i should give a try to next, currently on the island and dont have nay DLC yet. I play PvE on xbox official servers as a solo Tribe. quiet happy to do the same on another map but which would you choose. I think id like to give Scorched earth a try as its Something a bit different, but from watching youtube vids the constant heat and sandstorms are a PITA. The center looks a pretty map but quite similar to the island.
  12. DauntingBeef08

    When does it become harassment?

    was this on server 866 last night by anychance
  13. DauntingBeef08

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    Xbox Official 866 The Island Solo Tribe I have got alot done since my last update. Buildings My main house/hatchery is now all stone. The Dino shed is now wood instead of thatch i have increased the size of my storage hut so it will fit 4 vaults along the back wall, when i build them all that is. i now have a 5x3 greenhouse ontop of the workshop with running water and also a tammed dung beetle for fertilizer. the dino barn now has a aviary on top. with dino gate and wood fence walls. also build a rex breeding/holding pen and a argy/dino breeding stable. Dino's i purchesed a high level rex so i could breed them together. also tammed a Dung beetle. And a 130+ saber on my new taming raft. i started to raise some egg's , which was interesting,i raised 5 argy eggs and 5 ptera eggs and 1 rex. all of them made it to juvinelle stage, by 3 am i couldnt stay awake any longer and had topped up the feding troughs with as much cooked meat and the rest raw meat. When i woke i was left with 2 ptera's and 3 argy ( the 3 of the 5 i wanted to survive) and also the rex. after that i took some of the things i learnt and started to hatch another 4 rex and eggs and 3 argy's and raptor. once they got to holding about 60 raw meat as baby i started to do meat runs on the rex, durign 3x event getting over 300 from a parasaur. and then getting it cooking in the grill. once it cooked moving it to feeding trough. this time they all survived with lots left over. I also took the saber to 3 of the easier caves and got some chitin for cementing paste and also artifacts. Got the artifact of the pack,cunning and hunter. will try and add pictures below when i get home and figure out how this forum likes pics lol
  14. DauntingBeef08

    3x Taming, Breeding, EXP, etc. This weekend

    I will be trying to hatch my first dino' s this weekend then. Last attempt I had to let them die because i could spend the time.
  15. DauntingBeef08

    Building advice- storage room

    thanks for all the suggestions, it's good to know about the keypad trick. If anyone has any pics or youtube links. Atm I have 1 vault ready to place.