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  1. Better personal harvesting tool would be cool idea, similar to chain saw like you suggest. and glow in the dark/Aberation style dyes is cool idea
  2. another chainsaw convert since i started on valg before transfers open. picked one up from a drop and now use it all the time, on 2x weekends its so easy. take a couple of argys in pods to red wood trees and keep fillign them up till they get to 80% full then slow flight back with more wood than i need
  3. if the dodorex fire is like the dragon fire then therizino would be good to use against it
  4. i for one really like the update. and having 2x harvesting,breeding and mature rate its great. makes solo raising and hatching alot easier. just hatched and red and blue deino and got about 5 Wyverns on the go too. would like less orange colours and more of the purples but ill take it.
  5. its gonna be the pvp META skin too , hard to get head shot when you have no head. also can head peak easier now too
  6. come over to island 557 and ill sort you out with a few tames and building mats
  7. i have all my tames cryo'd on island map atm as im main on valg right now. do i need to set up some turrets/ X plants and un pod my 2 gigas ready or should i be save from attack. My island server is nice and very quiet, no more than 8-10 people at a time
  8. Thats all i could find on youtube to summon it via cooking pot and turkey bones. are the zombie versions dodo tamable or are they like the bunny oviraptors
  9. First fear evolved event is the event items on auto decay same as the xmas lights/snow man
  10. this is my first Fear evolved event. really enjoy the other events. is there a sub thread for all things fear 3 instead of spamming here, i have so many questions ! do the event items auto decay like the xmas ones did
  11. thanks mate, the only DLC i have is Extinction and now the Genesis Season pass ( Purchased today). i guess ill wait to see if the original pass goes on offer
  12. i just got the Genesis season pass. must of missed the info on the new skins, have you got a link to where i can read up on it. fif a google search instead and found this https://ark.gamepedia.com/Corrupted_Avatar_Helmet_Skin_(Genesis) So if i dont have scorched/Aberration i cant get these skins
  13. You didnt do anything wrong. its an ark bug that happens time to time. the only way is to keep an eye on them, check that there food is going up or the health isnt going down.
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