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  1. DauntingBeef08

    Guys. look at this freaking fish.

    Why are they so big, have i missed an event or is random, would fishing these fish give better loot too ?
  2. im getting really interested in Extinction , but unsure of how to prepare for it, are people making a second character and levelling up on island or just start new on Extinction. WIll it be possible to access the map with out doing any boss fights on another maps for example
  3. DauntingBeef08

    So what did you do in ARK today?

    xbox Official server 557 PVE solo tribe Been a while since my last update. i now have extended my base walls extended with Behemoth gates, i have made a box with Beh gate roof is still do . that has a walkway extended from my workshop. trying to keep the base functional and looking good. have the start of breeding line of anklyo and argy and some cool colours of ptera's. green house on the cliff with 2 dung beetles walking about inside. On my Rag server finishe dmoving all my dino's to island map, tamed a couple of horses too. using the horses as chem benches to make more paste and also lots of paste from rags beaver dams Spent most of saturday evening and sunday grinding for hard polymer. in prep for buying breeding pair of Boss Rex's. Also tammed a bronto and its amazing for beries and is better at collecting thatch than my Megaloceros lookign forward to making a platform saddle base Next on the todo list is Build a roof for my dino storage. if i have enoughy poly left over make a lift instead of ramps. add some more fridges and an extra vault Prepare for baby hatching on the Life event, breeding all my dino for eggs
  4. DauntingBeef08

    Cant find anyone social or even nice

    i just spen half hour going through this. killed tme at work but was also very interesting and a bit of an eye opener
  5. DauntingBeef08

    Small question on xbox version of ark.

    I played the game about 2 1/2 years ago on demo and was aweful screen tearing and laggy. but there has been alot of updates and chnages. it does have lag spikes usually when near a big bas with lots of dino's. Its perfectly playable now tbh
  6. I have only ever tagged onto a monkey boss battle. Being a solo tribe has its down side
  7. Looking forward to seeing what the cyro pods are gonna be. Hope they are not TeK and not too high level to optain and run off normal electricity. Think around level 75/80 will be good spot
  8. In that case its brilliant, being a solo tribe i cant do the long 2 day hand feeding tames, so i stick with the argy, ptera and biggest is rex so far
  9. Does the 2x breeding cover incubation and hatching times aswell or is it just how often females can breed. not that its much use on most maps as they are all tame capped but thats a different story.
  10. bump for an easy and useful fix ! also Tek is end game so a tex gate isnt an option for most
  11. DauntingBeef08

    Planing to move server

    Rain isn't an issue, means I don't have to fill up water bottle as often lol
  12. DauntingBeef08

    Planing to move server

    i have a think i have found both an island and centre map server that has space, just need to choose which
  13. DauntingBeef08

    Planing to move server

    In Prep of migrating away from tame capped ragnarok to another map, im not sure do i give The center a try or go back to island? Ive had a quick fly around the center on SP but thats it, is it a nice map ? Ive already spent alot of time on the island so i know it quite well.
  14. DauntingBeef08

    Argy stuck on top of world

    i had the same thing, its only ever happened once, when my argy started fighting another and they spiralled upwards fighting, mine won the fight but then hovered in the sky box. i had to make it follow me to the top of the volcano and then build ladder and pillars to get upto it !
  15. DauntingBeef08

    Planing to move server

    Xbox one Ragnarok official server want to find a rag server that isnt tame capped 99% of the time. What tips and suggestions have you got? current plan is to stay on server and make enough for one vault and fabricator (i drop the vault so its clipped in the fab to save space) and enough walls/cielings to make a basic base. transfer one of my argy over and start moving raw materials over, pack argy up fly to new base, dump all in vault and then rinse and repeat.