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  1. Baklap

    Going north

    You should start with taming an argy, because a ptera cant carry a direwolf..
  2. Hello, i bought these amazing super highl lvl, bred for years, mutated to infinity, terminator 2000 monster rexes. Do you think i can do beta broodmother?
  3. Baklap


    400 × 1.75 is 700... so thats the exact damage it should do if base is 400.
  4. Baklap


    Very stronk!
  5. Baklap

    inbreeding bug? (mutation counter)

    Thats normal.. even though its the same mutation, ark makes it 1 + 1 = 2
  6. Baklap

    Fert Giga eggs vanishing

    Maybe a stupid quistion, but there is a roof on your incubating area right?
  7. Masochism... Thats what this is called
  8. Baklap

    Direwolfs for alpha broodmother?

    How much damage does a wolf with that stats even do. :O The wolves i have do almost as much damage as my boss rexes, but with not even 10% of the damage yours have..
  9. Baklap

    Metal farming

    I always use one argy + anky on the island. Fly up the mountain, harvest all the pure nodes and fly back down in about 15min with almost 5k metal. Now we have started on abb.. crab+anky in the blue zone
  10. Baklap

    Rex eats titanosaurs and gigas

    They might get even better if Ernie decides to help Bert.
  11. Baklap

    I learned something new in ark today...

    You can fly owl, griffin and wyvern backwards??? I learned something new today
  12. Baklap

    snow cave with direwolf

    I have been playing on the island for almost half a year now, and i still havent been in that cave.. You will die with your direwolf. Like this guy said, only dimorphodons fit through the choke point.
  13. Baklap

    What to use for boss fights

    One rex.. no! If you have 19 of them, go ahead you'll shred them. Just watch out of the island dragon.. that one might ve a problem on alpha
  14. Baklap

    Falling behind

    How much time do you have to play the game? You probably need more time and/or more tribe members.
  15. Baklap

    S+ snap point fix is finally here and...

    Probably because they aren't supposed to be floating in the air..