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  1. 15-25k rexes with primitive saddles are not going to survive alpha brood
  2. We beat alpha with megas lvld to 15k hp, 600 melee and 115 saddles. 3 players, i think 8 megas died. Oh and one of those 3 player was riding yuti offcourse.
  3. Are you sure thr maps are downloaded and installed? I know you have to do it manually on the steam version after the game is installed.
  4. I find that hard to believe, but i have theris with a bit higher melee and 100 saddle, so ill go and see for my self
  5. Baby sheep are so tiny you probably missed them
  6. Theris are the best, tame one! Yes go ahead, tame a good one give it a good saddle and go say hello to a giga.. you'll have fun XD
  7. How is that easier? Island lava cave is really easy, just dont fall in lava...
  8. Deaodon is useless in my opinion, and i think you can even do alpha dragon with those as long as you dont lvl HP.
  9. This ^ But instead lvl delicate harvesting for more hide.
  10. We did alpha monkey with 19 rexes and yuti, rexes were lvld up to 20k hp 650 melee with 56 armor saddles.. Only 2 rexes died because they had primitive saddles. just saying you got some very strong rexes there. Dont lvl hp on yout rexes and go full melee, im sure you can beat all bosses.
  11. PvE? On PvE you cant pick up wild dinos.
  12. I suggest leveling HP then, idk how you can live with 100hp
  13. Studio support. Wildcard has a semi-reliable customer service team/enforcement team. Support on the server i play on is ALOT better than what you get on official. Official posed more of a challenge. Rates on our server arent that much higher than official, it just a bit less of a grind. Official wasn't controlled by private 3rd party server lease/owners. (we've seen our fair share of @#$@'ed up admins from private server clusters) True, you need to find a good server Official servers aren't constantly down like unofficial servers due to frequent patching and the need for private owners to update them. ? The server i play on isnt down much, if i look at the forums, official is down more Official offers a much larger and more interesting community of players from all over the country/world. Unofficial usually involves a handful of friends in a closed network. You are right, official is more popukated, but there is players from all over the world on the unofficial i play on.. Official means there's a certain amount of responsibility and commitment by Wildcard to maintain their servers and CoC enforcement. Again.. Nothing wrong with that on the server i play on. For me the reason for choosing unofficial was the 8 days timer for you to lose all your dinos. raptor that XD
  14. Im just wondering how low your hp must be if you die so quickly... For giga i always dismount and walk to the side slowly till i fall, yes i take a little damage, but im sure i can do that 10 times before i die from it.
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