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  1. You can get less stuff from the crystals? Dont they just not drop any crystals when they are unhappy?
  2. Uuuh what?? Really? That doesnt make any sense
  3. If you got 19 of those rexes you can do alpha without even putting lvls into them.. dont know if 6 will be enough to do gamma. We do alpha with 30k 800 melee rexes, 90 armor saddles and the fight is over in 2 min or so.
  4. And then people are complaining about getting offline raided... i wonder why.
  5. So you are saying you tame a 150, 224 after tame and when you unfreeze it, its a lvl 294?
  6. You are just lucky, i wish it was a 50/50 chance everytime.. And if you breed a lvl 450 with a 200, its impossible to keep all the stats and get a lower lvl.. If you get lower food/oxy/speed, yeah then the lvls will go down.
  7. You mean this? Scroll down for the list. First result on google https://ark.gamepedia.com/Imprinting Probably not, but what do you mean by drops out?
  8. Edit: nvm you are right I Play on unofficial, so i forget about these things sometimes.. sorry
  9. I got killed by a managarmar on the island, can you tell me where they spawn? Because if someone has one there, it must spawn there too, right? XD
  10. Baklap


    Ark What is the ark?
  11. You have 2 years experience, so maybe you should try the swamp cave for a bit more of a challenge, since the lower south cave is one of the easiest.
  12. You only have a bad stam ptera.. tame a better one? You dont care about your capro army.. go into the cave and see what happens? Try to make your own decisions?
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