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  1. They might have spoiled instantly if the eggs have been there for a long time.
  2. Now only this question remains "how big is a size 2.85 dodo?"
  3. It means that if you breed that 1250 mut one with another 1250mut dodo, the baby will have 2500 mutations... So basically it means nothing. What does a size 2.85 dodo mean?
  4. ark smart breeding. Lets you extract the stats and then you can see the mutations in the app.
  5. Yes those float on the water, but OP is talking about floating in the air.
  6. I never even heard of a smithycator.. Thats probably some kind of mod?
  7. You would only be able to damage them when you are on foot or with the vern range attack. Doesnt seem like a big problem to me, but have fun with your 2k cryos then
  8. I would just turn on friendly fire, only thing it changes is that you can damage your dinos/imaginary tribemates. Then just park a lightning vern at your hatching grounds.
  9. 1.5 / 2 = 0.75 congratulations you have passed your math test
  10. They probably got set on fire faster than they could eat the cakes.
  11. This ^ Wherever you are, the morellatops will smell that you need water and come running to you with water so you dont dehydrate.
  12. If you ever feel like starting over, join an unofficial with decent admins. I have lost my character 2 times and the admin will just give me back my character from an older save.
  13. Thats why i was asking why wouldnt you be able to use rexes.
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