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  1. BUT the updates download really slow..
  2. Idk what is wrong, buy did you craft the same 176bp twice? That shouldnt be possible, mek bp's are only one time use.
  3. Congratulations son! Onto the next one.
  4. Single player settings or official? And yea lvl doesnt matter much, stats are important
  5. Dev's are very rare, if you are lucky you can find one, but a group? I dont think so. I have no idea what they look like because i have never seen one.
  6. What are you even trying to say? Throw stuff everywhere.. bubble method?? What?
  7. I havent tried it personally, but how do you do that without getting eaten by the giga? Since you have to be really close to do damage.
  8. If you breed that 1/20 with a 0/20 the offspring will also have 1/20. Now if you breed those 1/20's together the babys will have 2/20, because 1+1=2 obviously
  9. Offroad motorcycle would be cool, i would ride that for sure.
  10. My rhino females are all floating in the air. Build thatch 3 walls high, park them all on top, remove thatch, and walk your male under them to breed. 2 hours later its raining baby rhinos. Maybe not the best looking, but makes it very easy to get the babys.
  11. I just started too, 5100hp (46 points) 636stam and 355 melee. Not sure about stam and melee, think those are 40 points
  12. You can snap foundations to the bottom of stairs, then place (sloped) walls on top. Or maybe try with triangle foundations and stairs?
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