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So what did you do in ARK today?


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Decided today my main goal would be the most critical one: my outer perimeter wall. So it took up quite a chunk of my time today, but I got it done so aside from being open at the shoreline, my base is now completely protected. Then of course came the annoyance of rearranging all the animals inside the walls so everything wasn't just crowded around my house.

My argent grew up during this time period so I put him with my clean base female and started working on my next mutation. No luck so far, but Yulia is getting a lot of levels from eating all the rejects. Cruel? Maybe a bit. But the exp isn't going to waste this way.

With my walls complete, I took my rex out and kited the 150 yuty back to the taming arena. Boy am I glad I tamed her. She stood up with 40 points in HP, a solid 9.9k, and a whole 10 points over my previous 30. Fantastic. I know they don't need it but she also has a new high melee stat too. I am honestly very excited to work these stats in together, especially with my 39 stamina.

Really need to push for the final 2 levels I need to unlock the Industrial Cooker, I have so many yuty eggs now.

Definitely want to hunt down a few more rexes and hopefully find a good HP stat like the new yuty. I think if I can get 40+ in HP, paired with my current 38 melee I should be in good enough shape to potentially take on gamma bosses even with primitive saddles. Should be able to run swamp with my bary to look for bps, just need to set up an outpost over there first. And make a longneck to handle arthros.

Still many, many things to work on in the neat future.

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woke up at 3am this morning and couldn't get back to sleep, so I made myself a pot of coffee, sat down infront of the pc with a fresh cup, took a sip, and fired off ark.  I jumped on the island server, deciding to do abit of cleanup on there.I fed the animals and then I started off by making a few vaults so that I could sort things out in the newer larger building. Once I had them placed I named them out, Saddles, Armor, Weapons, and started storing things.  Noticed I had alot of blueprints scatters through containers, and sense my vaults are spaced due to the building design, I was able to place 5 bookshelves between each vault set. That gave me more then enough room to for storing the blueprints, 12 full, 8 empty. I finished sorting the items out into their vaults, then did a second round of feeding the dinos. afterwards I took and made a few tek storages with what element I had left after putting some in the tek feeder.  I placed those boxes down and started sorting out the different materials I had scattered through different storage containers, and got rid of some of the wooden storage boxes ... 6 more vaults of mats to sort out into the tek storage and all will be done... I look at the clock... its only 5... oh wait... 5pm? gah... I headed to extinction to move a few mats there and a server message pops up "shutting down in 15 minutes for patch" uggg.... right after i transfered... 1 hour later... servers are back up and the patch wasn't applied as it was broken to begin with... hold my breath and hop back on... hope my characters still there... whew, it saved right after i laid down on the bed.... i quickly headed back to the island map, and finished sorting some materials... well... 7pm... best I call it quits....

doesn't seem like i did alot, but got alot sorted and the inside of the building looks much better now :) I need 1 more industrial cooker on the main floor, and that level will pretty much be done.  I'm glad all the weapons / armor / tools / saddles are all sorted out now, it will make finding what i need alot easier, and now that alot of the materials are tucked away in tek storage, it'll be easier to get the ones I need (yes they are all pincoded).  so... basically I sorted stuff in ark for 16 hrs today...

had some dinner and now im watching a movie.  cheers all.

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PS4 - Unofficial Cluster - Valguerro


So with the cluster adding Abberation, that means the Reaper Queens will be removed from the Valguerro map, so I spent Monday night trying to get at least one last event colored Reaper Queen (Summer Bash), before they disappear from the server. The Abberation server won't be operational until this weekend is sounds like.

So I get on, and quickly find and kite a level 46 into the trap. Normal baby.

Trap a level 210, normal baby

Kite a level 128 female, and I get a White body, red stomach, with blue highlights Reaper baby. I immediately pm Texas to log into the map and get knocked up. About the same time, my buddy Indiana just happens to stop by. On Sunday, I helped him get his first Reaper, a baby from a level 339 Queen (max level is 351).

I ask him is he wants to get one of these Red.White/Blue babies, and he says no, but that he would like to look for another high level. So off he goes into the Radiation zone, and a few minutes later he says he found a 222 Queen, and is leading her to the traps. We get her trapped, and I begin draining her health, while getting Indiana into position to get impregnated.

We carefully get the Queen into pink, and she whips her tail, but for some odd reason, she grabbed me, instead of my buddy, who was to my left. Thankfully I get pregnant, so off I go to gain HP for the baby. As I am still within render, I hear Texas say, "Ok Indiana, I'm get her pink again so she grabs you". Texas is the guy who taught me virtually all I know about Reapers, so he know his stuff.  He moves up to the Queen, and hits her with his reaper to get her pink, then he just as he is biting a second time he says, "who has a light pet on? OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Turns out that Indiana (new to Reaper queens) turned on his glow pet to get a better look at the Queen (it was nighttime) and the queen was so low on health, that just one bite from Texas's Reaper killed the queen.

We all took a moment to explain to Indiana what had happened, and we know it was an accident, but oh well, what are the odds it would be another event colored, since we had just had the Red/White/Blue queen immediately before.

So Texas decides to get pregnant again from the Red/White/Blue Queen. (We have 3 traps set up all in same render distance, so we can farm Queens over and over, as long as 1 person stays in render.) I meanwhile continue to harvest HP for baby, and then return to the birthing building to have the Reaper baby evacuate from my chest.

You can imagine my joy, followed by instant sadness, when the baby pops out SOLID RED! IT is freaking amazing looking, and was the #2 looking Reaper on my wish list  (I want to get an all Toxic Green one, when they run Easter event.)

But knowing that the Queen was accidently killed, I had to temper my excitement, as to not make the other guys jealous, and not to make Indiana feel bad. Needless to say, after seeing my baby, the guys were a bit down in the dumps.

We mopped around for a few minutes, and then we decided to try finding another Queen. With Texas off gaining HP for his R/W/B baby, I said I would stay at the traps to keep that Queen in render, so Indiana when back in to find another Queen. He soon says he has another 46 queen after him. He is crossing over the land bridge, and the Queen falls off the edge to the bottom. So he turns around, and starts after her again, when another 222 Queen pops up. So he kites her back to me, and we are trying to get her into an open trap, when the Queen bizarrely vears right into the trap already containing the R/W/B queen.  well crap, this is a problem, as this trap is made with a ramp to enable easy in, but impossible out.  We then spend the next 15 minutes trying to get one of the queens out of the trap, with me getting all my tek broken as I had to get close to try and install a temp exit ramp. 

Finally we do, and we get the 222 over into a different trap.

As ARK would have it, after all of that hard work, the baby is normal colored.

So Indiana heads back to his base to breed up some more of his owls.

Texas and I continue to farm Queens until midnight, I decide it is well past my bed time, but I offer to go into the Radiation zone, and try to kite a queen for Texas before I log off.


Well of course, I find a max level Queen, and after some troubles, and hiccups, I finally got her into the trap.

Knowing she was max level, I OF COURSE decide I better at least get one baby from her, so Texas and I manage to quickly get impregnated bam-bam.  I give birth, and it is another Event colored Reaper!  White body & Belly, with Parchment highlights!!!!!!!!!!  Incredible, after only getting 2 event colored queens from Thursday thru Sunday (well over 30 different queen babies) we proceed to get 3 different event queens on the same night!  And the last one is max level to boot.

Needless to say, I don't end up getting to bed until after 2am, as I proceeded to get impregnanted 2 more times.

Finally I log off.

This morning the discord for the cluster announces that Reaper Queens have been removed from Valguerro, as the Abberation map will be active in a couple days.

What a night of ups and downs Monday was!

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22 hours ago, Stretch11 said:

Official PvE Valguero, all by myself

I still have not settled in an area to build a base.  The most interesting place along the lake that is unpopulated by castles is currently populated with three Spinos.  I might be able to trap one, but three is a bit much at this stage of development.  In the meantime, I have discovered that you can build a lot on rafts even in areas that have been overly pillared.  I now have my main raft with living area and enclosed construction devices up through metal plus a "trap" raft with a 3x3 capture area at the end of a ramp plus a "hydroponics" raft just for farming.  I discovered that you cannot put plumbing on a raft, but crops work with just the regular rains if you are willing to wait for them.

I used my "trap" raft to catch a male and a female Stego, my first tames.  Their eggs will drive my standard kibble process along with the farming.  I just caught low-level ones since I will only be using them to make eggs for kibble and a 150 Stego would take over six hours with just berries.  After I make enough kibble, I will go for a high-level Ptera to give me more mobility.  I am kind of torn between a Ptera or a Pelagornis, but the Pelas on Valguero never seem to perch on land making them a bit harder to catch.

Then I guess I will go looking for something large to tame with standard kibble.  With a Ptera, I might even be able to steal a Deinonychus egg or two.  With all the times that i died in the White Cliffs (20+ per day for a couple of weeks), I deserve to get something good out of them.

I am glad that i decided to restart in PvE.  I can build up resources and not have them stolen every day or two.  A few of the neighbors have stopped by to say "hi", but I will probably have different neighbors when I finally settle down from my nomad phase.

FYI you can fill crop plots from water skins or jars, and pteras and pelas will both land on your raft, esp. when you've got a good flat spot and are standing up there. You used to be able to bola and knock out pelas right on the water and tame them there (they floated) , but sharks generally made that a bad option. But you could probably build a cage off of your raft and just drive it right around one though. 

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1 hour ago, Milsurp said:

FYI you can fill crop plots from water skins or jars, and pteras and pelas will both land on your raft, esp. when you've got a good flat spot and are standing up there. You used to be able to bola and knock out pelas right on the water and tame them there (they floated) , but sharks generally made that a bad option. But you could probably build a cage off of your raft and just drive it right around one though. 

I did not know that you could fill crop plots "manually", I just wait for rain.  I might try that to speed up the process when my plots are dry.  Thanks for the info.  I took my raft out in the lake where all the Pelas are flying, but none landed.  Maybe I just need to keep it still for a while.  I have had Pteras land on my raft before.  They always wait until I am not prepared to capture them.  ?

I tamed a level-15 Ptera last night (I did not feel like waiting for 5 hours for a level 150) and I will be boosting its weight and stamina to use it for exploring.  I will have to be careful not to land in hazardous areas since it will be fragile.  When I get enough regular kibble, I will go for a high-level one (or maybe a Pelagornis for variety).

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@caleb68 When I was a tribe leader I did the same thing all the time. Long after my tribe had all logged off I would still be on, organizing, cleaning up, restocking mats, etc. Not quite for 16 hours, but probably a good hour or so every night. I don't think anyone ever noticed, but I knew. I miss playing with my friends, but I don't miss the responsibility lol.

Some huge, huge progress last night.

Having done a little more research, I started out my day with confidence. I built a really basic apex taming pen, loaded up my argent, and flew out to carno island. I set up the pen in the shallows on the safe side. I actually have a high level icthy there, I keep forgetting to make a saddle. It was just chilling the last time I was taming rexes, so I tamed it too. I still have 3 rexes stationed there also, 2 males and the precious female who made my actual breeding line possible.

My plan was to raid drops and farm rexes at the same time, since I can do that here. But it's Ark, plans rarely survive the bird landing. Because on a whim I scouted the nearby argents, and the first one my spyglass touched had 41 wild points in melee. Well then. My pen didn't have a roof, but I successfully kited and dropped that bird right where I wanted her, in front of my temporary bed/respawn point well away from the pen.

She stood up with an impressive 53 points, surpassing my previous base by 9 whole points. Not wanting to take any risks, I took the opportunity to fly her all the way back to the safety of my base.

I returned to an island transformed. Since much of carno island was in render, naturally a lot of animals died and respawned when I came back. I almost immediately spotted not 1, but 2 level 150 female rexes. The celebrations were cut somewhat short by their traveling companions--I counted no less than 5 alphas, including a 135 rex. Even if I brought my best rex across, there was no way I'd be killing that thing. It seems Ark had decided to cancel my plans for me.

But, without risk there is no victory, in Ark or life. We boldly flew in on one of the 150 rexes when it wandered away from its alpha mommy and draw her aggro, leading her across the island and straight into my new trap. She was the uglier of the two, with 31 points in HP that I sorely needed to gamble on. Got her down without trouble and waited patiently-impatiently for the tame.

Success! She stood up with 41 points in HP, just over 10k base. Perfect!

But you might be wondering, how am I going to get her home without cryopods, and on single player where you can't use supply drops to upload and even if you could, there's an alpha rex camping the drops? Easy! The other rexes are still there because I didn't. I take advantage of my higher single player settings. I bred 3 eggs from the new female and one of the trash males, they're just sacrificial here anyway, I use them to clear the island because raptor pounce is a thing.

Then I flew home, got the the new argent breeding, and got my eggs into the hatchery. The first egg popped out exactly what I needed, a female with my 10k base HP. The other two eggs were trash. I also almost immediately popped a 4-stat bird with my new melee, breeding with my clean, high stat bred male.

I spent the rest of the night around the base, popping eggs and waiting for my babies to grow. It was getting a bit late now however, and I was sleepy. The argent grew up so I replaced her mom and started the next breeding cycle anew. The rex is 75% grown and will finish within the next hour of play.

All in all, a very happy night. Shame about all those alphas though, I won't be able to clear that area for a long, long time. A next gen battle bird could, but not without the high armor saddle I don't have. The rexes I have on carno island wouldn't last 2 minutes against such a behemoth, especially with 2 alpha raptors and 2 alpha carnos in the immediate area as well. Plus a 3rd carno some distance away. I have never seen so many on this island at once, it's insane. Going to be great for exp, if I ever get a saddle worth a beaver.

Obviously my next goal is to continue breeding my argent and rex lines. I believe I can go ahead and start building a rex army now, with my base stats being 41 HP and 38 melee, clean and unmutated. As long as I get decent saddles, I should be able to take on gamma and possibly even beta bosses. I plan to simply breed the full 19 rexes, keep any mutations aside to start stacking, and then I'll simply replace the ones that die with next gen rexes as I progress. I'll name them by gen too, it'll be interesting to observe how long the older ones survive. Assuming I don't immediately wipe to something lol.

Still need an otter for artifact collecting. I have my bary for caves, but I should probably breed a backup just in case. My bary is actually my only tamed with an actually good saddle, he has a mc on but I have a bp for an asc one that I haven't gotten around to making yet. And I still need to make that asc longneck too.

Busy, busy. But a happy busy.

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PS4 - UNofficial Cluster - Abberration


Last night the new cluster put the Abberration map online, so after I took a few minutes to destroy the now unneeded Reaper traps and buildings in near the Valguerro Radiation zone;  my Reaper buddy "Texas" and I went over to ABB and got started. We only transferred over a few things, but I did bring a Reaper over from Valguerro, 1 tek suit, and a pre-made stone starter base.

I set up the temp base right on the edge of the green zone and the blue zone, along side the river. I had to battle a few Spinos and Karks at first but was able get my temp base made.

Texas built not to far away, and after Texas tamed  spino and a couple raptors; we grabbed a couple bulbdogs  (I saw a trike get knocked out by a scorpion, so I tamed it.) 

We then decended into the Blue zone on our way to Radiation zone.  Texas has his main Abberration base in this area on the old cluster, so he know this area like the back of his hand. I still get lost, so I followed him closely. We built a small taming trap, and two small birthing huts right on the safe edge next to the radiation zone. We then headed in to find a Reaper Queen. The first one we saw was a level 35, but it immediately popped up a better sister at level 280 (max level is 351) So he carefully killed the low level, and then kited the high level into the trap.  She was a bit feisty, and not really in the mood, but eventually she got us both pregnant.  The spot we built in is very, very dark, so we will need to build a better trap that includes regular lights, so we can see what we are doing. (i'm pretty sure regular lights don't hurt Reapers)

Finally the babies popped, but sadly were just black with orange trim. (The cluster owner took my suggestion, and is running the Chronicles 5 color event to start with!)

Texas needed to raise the baby, since his Spino was getting major torpor damage from the Queen.

So while he did this, I headed back out on my transferred Reaper to find another Queen as we hoped for an event color baby. Since we each only had 1 Tek suit, we had  to be very careful, as not to break them in the radiation zone.

After a time, I found a level 268 queen, and we finally made it back to the trap. We both managed to get impregnated in between fighting off the nameless, seekers and other riffraff trying to spoil our fun.

Bummer, but those two babies popped out vanilla with the black and tan trim. By this point it was past midnight,  and I needed to get to bed. So in between his imprints on the first baby reaper, Texas guided me back up to my temp base in green zone.


Because the server is brand new, there are bound to be  some setting adjustments and re-starts. So neither of us is planning on building a permanent base for another week or so, but will lay down some temp bases to claim our desired locations.  We were the only 2 on the new map last night besides the admin/owner, so I don't think there will be too much competition, at least in the near future.

Making Teleporters cost 10k ingot, 10k element, plus other resources, so it will be quite some time before I have a couple teleporters, but my goal is to have my main map base in a large flat space on the Green zone, and then have a TP to travel to my smaller birthing and trap base in the blue zone near the radiation.  Eventually I would like to try @AngrySaltire, @d1nk  teleporter/reaper trap idea, but that is much farther down the road.


Going forward I think I will focus on getting Reaper kings (hopefully event colored) as well as some glow pets. I did get an event Featherlight and Shinehorn on the way back to my base last night. :)

Then next week, I will probably start on building my permanent 2 bases on Abberration. (Tribes are limited to 2 bases per map) Because of this rule, and our fondness foe breeding for color mutation, my buddies (Texas, California & Indiana) are all in our own tribes, but we alliance up at least.

Excited yet scared to play more Abberration, as I just get so confused on that map. It doesn't help that my map returns to default every time I log out, so I can't use way points.  :(


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I logged in, bred some Pteras, renamed a lot of them by their colours and getting ready to start podding literally hundreds of dinos. Im annoyed that they lose their folders when podded as I wont know which have stats I want but I guess Ill think of a way round it at a later date. 

After trying to feed close to the limit of dinos weekly, I have spoken to my tribemate and we will take 2 hrs out of busy gaming lives to have a mass clear down so rather than spending hrs meat, berry and fish collecting, it will be a quick run and all done method.

ARK is a grind to play even at the best of times, it is still a grind even when trying to take a break. Lots of fuel and element so our kibbles and dinos 'should' be ok :)

Ive a few games I want to go back to and see where they got to, 7 days to die amongst others so I need to put ARK in a cryo freeze state.

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we joined an old freind of mines pvp server, our team of ten teens split up into pairs to build a base on each map. Riley and i took extinction, we tamed 6 raptors named them blue, echo, charlie, delta, darth craptor and crimson craptor. the server had the event that was held in the leading into extinction release. so they had event colours. we traveled out into the wastelands to go to the desert dome. we tamed some velanos and i bred them for the good stats. we made a base and i made myself a nice pump. we found a blue OSD and set up for it, we placed dino gates around the OSD cause structure resistance is turned up for some reason even though it is pvp. we placed 2 velanos on each side. riley rode the raptors while i rode on my dire wolf pack i made while breeding the velanos. we had gotten to wave 3 and were doin great till some troll came out of nowhere on a thyla and shot our creatures making them aggro onto him. they followed him down to where corrupt giga was and it killed them all. i tranqed the dude and grappled him. we took him back to base and i built a metal box with aircon inside. he will be there for a while since food and water dont drain on the server. i asked my friend if we are allowed to do that and he said yes if he caused us grief which he did. i knocked him out and painted some "stuff' on him. we managed to rebreed our velanos and thankfully the raptors killed the giga before they died. i went back out and tamed 3 dire wolves. they all had the colours of the pokemon lycanroc's forms. midday, midnight and dusk. our next plan is to tame utility tames and build the bases up. i got an OP asc rifle from a yellow OSD we done. it has 700+ damage. the OSD drops are extremly OP on the server so purple and red are not a must to get boss rank loot. i found some rexes outside of the desert dome which have neat colours. they also great lvls as well so i might go try out my new rifle. max lvl is 180 i think. that is the highest lvl we have found on the server. might be higher. after we get a sturdy base and defence up i wanna go to val and get me some event deinos.

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What is there to say, really? I spent my day breeding, hatching, culling, and raising rexes. I would have been done a lot faster if I realized I had the wrong male breeding...but it's a moot point now. This is my first generation of self bred boss rexes, ever, just 5 left to finish growing up.

The far corner is my current cull pile, surely I'm not the only one who does that. I find it way easier to put them aside and periodically remove them after I'm sure I don't need them anymore.

The rex standing off by itself is actually my new male breeder, once I realized my mistake I waited until I hatched one with matching stats to my current breeding female and pulled him aside. The reason why is so he doesn't get imprinted, makes it easier to not accidentally take him out with me. I also keep the breeders on the other side of the compound, at least until I can unlock cryo and get all that sorted.

Not pictured is my first HP mutated rex, who I actually got fairly early on in the process. I didn't want to wait for her to grow up and then breed for a male though, and I was also kinda hoping I would get lucky with a melee mutation so I could establish both stacks, but Ark was generous enough for one day. Also not pictured is a very fat yuty who has been eating dozens of baby birds and rexes. Honestly it probably would have been easier to raise a new bred yuty with my high stats than level this one, she's still a couple levels off from my minimum HP goal of 35k and already has the requisite 3k stamina. It's fine, though.

My bird is also new, the first baby from my new high melee clean base pair. Also not pictured is my first melee mutation, which I am honestly pretty excited about. I did also get an HP mutation, I'm just not sure if I want to work that stack or hold out for a 50+ point tame. 48 base HP is already quite respectable, 50 with the mut. Still need one really good weight bird, and I suppose I could go find a low level 0 food/0 oxygen to clear my junk stats, but it's hardly necessary at this stage.

All in all, things are progressing quite a lot faster than I expected. One of the reasons I wanted to breed the army as quickly as possible is so they gain a lot of passive exp while I'm doing the rest of the boss prep. By the time I'm done collecting the artifacts, hunting down a good saddle bp, etc they should have quite a few levels stacked up, and once I'm done with the yuty I'll start rotating rexes in as my baby eaters to maximize exp gain. Even when it's "just" argents that's still a lot of exp when you're culling 5-15 at a time...

For stats I plan to go to 35k HP each and then dump the rest into melee. Maybe overkill on the HP, but this is a base bloodline that simply isn't very strong yet, so I think I'm better off focusing on longevity a bit more until I get a good melee stack going to provide the raw power I'll need for the higher level bosses.

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Not much of note happened last night. The rest of the army grew up. I went through the rest of the eggs hoping for a melee mut, no luck. I did keep and raise one more rex to serve as my temporary main mount until I get around to taming some spinos. Also made my cooker, although I haven't set it up yet. Need to do some rearranging first. Honestly what I really need to do is rebuild this whole base from the ground up, but what I'm thinking I might do instead is actually start planning to build a brand new main base somewhere else and leave this one as my "boss factory" that I'll just do a few QoL upgrades to after I start unlocking Tekgrams. It's plenty big enough for mass breeding, and my taming arena is here.

I did run over to carno island again to look for drops, didn't get anything noteworthy, but here's an action shot:


My unnamed argent, already bloodied after taking down a 120 alpha carno, boldly taking on two level 90 alpha raptors while the 135 alpha rex hunts in the near distance.

Following the fight, we went home to rest up and I decided that was enough for one day.

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PS4 - Unoffical Cluster - Abberration


Continued to feed my Reaper addiction, as I try to get more event colored Reapers. Over the last 2 days, I have been very lucky, and gotten 7 different colored babies.Including the lat one last night which was dark green body, with white highlights and white belly.  Looks really good. I have been really trying for a Purple colored one, and we finally got a queen yesterday. Texas got pregnant and the baby popped out Black body & belly, with purple trim. Looks amazing.  UNfortunately, when we went back to the trap to get pregnant, a Megosaurus was fighting her, and managed to kill the Queen! So Texas is the only lucky guy.

We also got mint green body, with moss green trim, white body with blue belly, and white body with yellow belly. And finally my watermelon babies Green body, orange trim, and burgandy belly. Kind of looks like the layers of a watermelon.

I forgot to take screen shots, but here is an image from last weekend while the Reapers were spawning on Val.





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The war machine’s been rumbling on quietly this week as Manolo and I firm up our position in the north. The argy has been an absolute godsend, laying waste to direwolves and daedrons with merciless abandon. Godammit Manolo, don’t make me start to care about you.

Troy the feeble beaver drowned, which came as a surprise to both of us. RIP Troy, you died doing what you loved – helplessly struggling for air in the ink black depths of a frozen lake. He’s since been replaced with an upgraded model and I’ve added an anky to the gang, which I’d been hoping to do for a while.

The old mountain safehouse got wiped to ground level. It’s been out of play for a while but it’s a concerning display of casual power in a generally backwoods neighbourhood.


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Added pic.
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Official PvE Valguero, all by myself

I tamed a level 55 Ptero (tamed out to around 70) and took to the skies with my new long-range flyer (at least compared to the level 30 Ptero that I had previously).  I had seen a video with Dimorphodons in the Southwest, so i headed that way to see if I could find the place and if it was conducive to taming with my resources.  Pteros definitely do not have the endurance of Argies, but I managed to find the spot near a giant hollow log across a stream.  It was a really tranquil looking spot until the ants came for me (I was obviously sitting in one spot too long).  I got away and headed further Southwest because I saw some mountain-looking rises in the distance.  I found where the Argies hide and I will have to come back later to get one.  Unfortunately, it looks like Yutys and their boosted Carno minions also like that area.  There were some pillars placed by someone way up on the mountaintops.  I am not sure what they were protecting or if they just wanted to show that they had been to the mountaintops.  At  the base of the mountains, there were some tree ring forts in the redwoods.  When I get that engram, I might settle down near them.  Although I would prefer something on the lake, there was plenty of water near the redwoods and the lake is getting really overcrowded with fortresses and pillars.

Question - If I build a tree ring fort in a redwood, what happens when someone chops down the redwood?  When a tree ring fort redwood falls in the forest and there is no one in spawning distance, does it make a sound?

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3 hours ago, Stretch11 said:

Official PvE Valguero, all by myself

  I found where the Argies hide and I will have to come back later to get one.  Unfortunately, it looks like Yutys and their boosted Carno minions also like that area. 

The best Argie spot is over towards the green obi, near the lava cave. Argies all day long there, and the only ground threats I've seen were carnos and rexes. Just build your trap up high and a bit aways and you should be fine. (which reminds me, I need to go get one myself from over there, need a second).

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Today i hopped on the crab, grabbed two doedic, and proceeded to farm rock, took it back home, stuck it in storage, hopped on the crab, grabbed two doedic, and proceeded to farm rock, took it back home, stuck it in storage, hopped on the crab, grabbed two doedic, and proceeded to farm rock, took it back home, stuck it in storage, hopped on the crab... well ... i think you get the idea.

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Productive week for me on my SE solo series :
- Finally got my hands on a pair of yutys (male 145 and female 120) and leveled up the first baby (currently sits at 273).
- Also finished leveling the rexes for the manticore and crafted the last remaining saddles.
- Cleared all 3 caves for artifacts.
- Went straight for the alpha manticore with the crew and nailed it.

Started today on Aberration :
- Tamed a pair of ravager males (150 & 130).
- Built a small base in the blue zone (10 x 6 metal structure with basics stuff)
- Got VERY lucky and came accross a female mega (140) and a male mega (145)
- Made a few hazmats for red-zone fun during the weekend.

Oh and here's the gamma monkey video :


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PC Unofficial PVE

Earlier this month, me and my friend decided to start afresh on a new PVE cluster. We'd just finished up a private PVP server on Valguero with a couple of our friends, and we were getting a bit stressed out. We spawn into Ragnarok, as we haven't played it in a while. We both spawn into a megabase, and since it's PVE, we're basically trapped. Luckily, I spawned in a spot where I could run up a ledge and out of the base. Long story short, I have to chuck my friend spoiled meat through a window.

Later, we're talking in chat as my Steam calling is broken. A gentleman already set up on the server notices we're new, and so comes over to our meager base from the other side of the map. Unfortunately, I had to get off at this time and so my friend got to accept all his generous gifts. He gave us ascendant tools, ascendant flak, and some very nice pteranodons. Too kind.

We've now come a long way from both getting killed by the same 290 ichthyornis  (:Jerbmad:). We have a large base on Ragnarok, located on a large plateau at the border of the desert. We've got beds and boxes to the 4 loot crates in the deathsands. We've now got an even bigger base on Scorched in the very center of the map, that we only made this morning.

But now onto the story.

So last night, my friend really wanted to tame a Spino. He transferred to the Island and I searched the canyons of Ragnarok. I looked for a while and eventually found a 280 (max 300). I called my friend over but I had to leave in 20 minutes, so I was unsure if we should tame it right then. He insisted he could take over if I had to go, so I gave in. After losing my friend and nearly losing his griffin to the Spino, I trapped it against a cliff wall with a couple of S+ gates. 5 minutes and 70 darts later, it fell unconscious. After tranqing it out, I REALLY had to go, so I told my friend he would need some spike walls as it's terror bird/raptor city where we knocked it out. He assured me everything would be fine.

How wrong he was.

No less than 10 minutes later, I get a call from him. I pick up my phone with dread and say tentatively, 'Yes?'

My fears are cemented when it takes him a second to answer...


Turns out a Pteranodon had gotten clipped into the Spino's body and the terror birds had attacked it, but not before knocking 86% taming effectiveness of the Spino. Real nice. My friend didn't make spike walls either because he thought nothing in the vicinity would attack a wild Spino. 

Tonight we're going to try and tame a 290 I saw on the flight back to base, but this time I'm not leaving my friend alone with it.

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