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  1. on the contrary, there are queues some times
  2. On PS4, uhmmmm.... just say good bye for your money!
  3. Today i will breeding argy and ptera eggs, it´s my frist babies!!!!
  4. I have buy a console (XONEX) for no more problem with hack, its a new life!
  5. Have 2 new maps and a lot of game time to discovery all
  6. For PVE i recommend Valguero, to PVP don't lost your time solo
  7. Today i will continue farm to breeding more and more REX
  8. Today I will be a farmer to make kibles!!!!
  9. Muttley


    Welcome FooFarny!! Enjoy the game! I play on XBOX, unfortunately I won't play with you!
  10. Have a lot on deep sea, just enter on deep sea cave and you can find
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