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  1. WarpSpasm


    The ones in my local zoo do enjoy their swimming pool but they surface for air quite regularly. Maybe their behaviour is different in the wild but as I haven't witnessed it I can only go by what I have seen. Your reply was informative and I thank you for that. I could imagine them being somewhere between a moschops and a phiomia in terms of size and quite an early tame.
  2. WarpSpasm


    Yes it does. Why? Why would those abilities be appropriate? As a mammal it would be restricted by it's oxygen stat, you'd be better off using an aquatic animal.
  3. Quite tough I would imagine as it would probably be quite muscular.
  4. It's the same as the wild summon command but 'gmsummon' instead of 'summon'.
  5. Gmsummon rex_character_bp_c 150 0 0 That will summon a wild 150 that has been force tamed. Or: Gmsummon rex_character_bp_c 150 Not sure if the 0 0 is needed.
  6. Thanks, that's good to know. I haven't tried to transfer any of them off Valguero because I saw other people posting about the problems. I got an ice wyvern egg on Rag and took it to scorched to hatch and had triplets.
  7. Singleplayer settings increases the amount of engram points but not enough to learn all engrams. I don't know if that can be enabled on a server, your best bet might be to increase the loot quality to it's maximum setting and use blueprints instead of engrams wherever possible. In my singleplayer game I have only learnt the argentavis and rex saddle engrams, all of my other saddles and saddle bps have come from loot drops. If you and your friends are in different tribes you can always trade for blueprints.
  8. You and me both. Trying to read and take in all the math just hurts my head, like trying to read and understand a foreign language without any source to aid translation. P.S. welcome to ark and the forum, I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavours.
  9. I carry both but only use the pike for spear fishing, most of my time on land is spent in the safety of a base. If I do venture into the wilds I have a tame to fight with, usually an argent. I have an ascendant sword with good damage though.
  10. My wife is pretty much the reason why we have a cryofridge almost full of coloured argents, I can't go anywhere without hearing 'that's pretty, I want it'.
  11. Just about everything in this game wants to kill you, never forget that. The oceans are just as dangerous as the land, if not more so. Level up as quickly as you can, 'note runs' will help, wild dinos can spawn at max level even though you may only be level 1.
  12. I started the game slowly so I had a dilo pack named after the greek alphabet, I also had a raptor named 'Clever Girl' but I think most people do at some point.
  13. England doesn't care, we just want the pretty colours.
  14. Valguero elementals (chalk and ice), ice wyverns and deinonycus cannot be transfered to other maps and when cryopodded their icon shows as a raptor but the written info stays correct for the creature that was podded.
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