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  1. Logged in for the first time in a while. Couldn't remember what I was doing last so checked my inventory but no joy, checked my argy and lo and behold enough adobe foundations to finish the floor at castle base. Learnt the large (4 high) adobe wall engram for the next stage. Crafted some cryopods to collect the allos and friends from beach base and put them in castle before Fear Evolved. Next up I need to hop back to the other maps and make sure all dinos are as safely put away as possible and taming supplies are topped up in case there are cool colours around, also need to craft up ammo and lots of it judging from what I've read.
  2. I was half asleep and getting ready for work when I posted this morning, I realised about an hour ago that I had misread it. Still, no harm done and life goes on.
  3. Should be. Xbox works just how you described for singleplayer, but you can't run events after the have finished on SP so clear your calender and make the most of it.
  4. She's beautiful. I would name her Pumpkin if she were mine.
  5. I like the unique coloured dinos. I only ever seem to find low level cool colours which has always put me off breeding them but now I have high level tames I can see that it's just as easy to breed for stats and then breed colours in. I also like the colours to fit the event theme, would be nice to have another purple and blue event or better yet a purple and green event.
  6. I think a tv series following Helena and Rockwell and company could be good. If the dinos are introduced at a steady pace, like the early days of the game, then each episode could have Helena writing the dossier of a new dino. I imagine it being like a cross between Terra Nova and The I-Land maybe with a slight Dinotopia vibe around the tribes of the Island.
  7. My incubation area on Valguero is 3×3 foundations with ac's grouped on the middle foundation and spilling slightly to either side and the front. I have walls around the edges with a doorframe on two of edges (generator is in the back corner), ceilings are placed at one wall high with fridges along the back wall. I haven't had a problem yet but i have only hatched 2 Deinos so far. I have 3 fridges of eggs, mostly deino and wyvern as I grab all levels for making so I can kibble the low ones.
  8. I am not sure what the range is for the ac's but it might be worth inverting your setup if you can, drop the eggs on the foundations and have the ac's on the ceilings. You may need to have the ceilings a bit higher hence the need to check the range. You could also put Dimetrodons (melee levelled) against the walls of the incubation area if you have the space.
  9. Nice to hear someone had an issue resolved promptly, makes a change from the usual 'submitted a ticket, waited ages and still no response' posts.
  10. I don't know anything about making games or content but it seems to me that each time new content is added it causes more problems/conflicts within the games code. Because of this I think fixing meshing outright is, at this point, too complex/complicated to be done in one update/patch. Wildcard said they are working on mesh detection functionality which could, most likely, be a series of measures to target meshing bit by bit.
  11. A solution for meshing could be the sentry turret that was in the community crunch. It seems to have a camera instead of gun barrel so maybe it is linked to the mesh detection measures they are working on. In theory it could automatically turn on when in render distance and if it detects anything in the mesh submit a ticket or an alert message to gms. It could include info like player/dino name, tribe name and more importantly server and coordinates.
  12. I am breeding up for boss fights on the island but after reading this I don't know if it's worth working towards ascension or if it's worth returning to the game. I enjoy playing (when I have the time) but without the end goal of the story is there really a reason to play?
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