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  1. Unofficial PVE PC Some very exciting and frustrating things happened yesterday. Last night, my friend and I transferred to the Center to try and tame a mosa as we have a mastercraft plat saddle. We were swimming around on our ichthys, looking for one, when we come across one of the ocean domes. My friend hasn't noticed it, and since we're using game chat, I can't just tell him. So I turn around (he's a fair bit behind me as my ichthy's faster) and see a Megalodon chasing him. All good, I wait for him to catch up to me. I then look around again and then realize that the Megalodon is moving a bit too... fast. I spyglass it in curiosity and realize that the thing that is chasing my friend is not a Megalodon, but a max level Alpha Megalodon! I frantically type in game chat 'alph meg run!', but it's a painstakingly long while before he registers what I've said and gets the heck out of there. We then notice not one, not two, not three, but FOUR mosas swimming around the ocean dome! They were all female, and lvls 30, 40, 170, and 260. We might try to snag the 260 using the dome as a safe shooting spot once we gt kibble up and running. Anyway, that's the exciting part. The frustrating part is that this morning, a Megalodon spawned directly inside our water pen, and so mercilessly chomped our poor defenseless ichthys to death. Tonight we are going to try to tame that 260 mosa!
  2. PC Unofficial PVE Earlier this month, me and my friend decided to start afresh on a new PVE cluster. We'd just finished up a private PVP server on Valguero with a couple of our friends, and we were getting a bit stressed out. We spawn into Ragnarok, as we haven't played it in a while. We both spawn into a megabase, and since it's PVE, we're basically trapped. Luckily, I spawned in a spot where I could run up a ledge and out of the base. Long story short, I have to chuck my friend spoiled meat through a window. Later, we're talking in chat as my Steam calling is broken. A gentleman already set up on the server notices we're new, and so comes over to our meager base from the other side of the map. Unfortunately, I had to get off at this time and so my friend got to accept all his generous gifts. He gave us ascendant tools, ascendant flak, and some very nice pteranodons. Too kind. We've now come a long way from both getting killed by the same 290 ichthyornis (). We have a large base on Ragnarok, located on a large plateau at the border of the desert. We've got beds and boxes to the 4 loot crates in the deathsands. We've now got an even bigger base on Scorched in the very center of the map, that we only made this morning. But now onto the story. So last night, my friend really wanted to tame a Spino. He transferred to the Island and I searched the canyons of Ragnarok. I looked for a while and eventually found a 280 (max 300). I called my friend over but I had to leave in 20 minutes, so I was unsure if we should tame it right then. He insisted he could take over if I had to go, so I gave in. After losing my friend and nearly losing his griffin to the Spino, I trapped it against a cliff wall with a couple of S+ gates. 5 minutes and 70 darts later, it fell unconscious. After tranqing it out, I REALLY had to go, so I told my friend he would need some spike walls as it's terror bird/raptor city where we knocked it out. He assured me everything would be fine. How wrong he was. No less than 10 minutes later, I get a call from him. I pick up my phone with dread and say tentatively, 'Yes?' My fears are cemented when it takes him a second to answer... "I hate STUPID TERROR BIRDS!" Turns out a Pteranodon had gotten clipped into the Spino's body and the terror birds had attacked it, but not before knocking 86% taming effectiveness of the Spino. Real nice. My friend didn't make spike walls either because he thought nothing in the vicinity would attack a wild Spino. Tonight we're going to try and tame a 290 I saw on the flight back to base, but this time I'm not leaving my friend alone with it.
  3. PC Unofficial The Island Oh my god. So yesterday me and my friend felt we were ready for the Beta Broodmother. We had 9 sloths, one of them with a primitive saddle. 8 or 9 rexes, one had a ramshackle saddle. It's partially our fault, because we have the upgrade station mod but just didn't want to spend our resources upgrading them. We certainly paid the price. So we were a little nervous, but not really. It was just the medium, it couldn't be much harder than gamma, right? We had a bad start even before we teleported, because my friend wanted to ride the Yuty, and the pig was dead so I had no idea who to ride. As soon as we teleported, I whistled attack on the Broodmother and everyone rushed her. Feeling confindent, I just ran around on the ground opening fire on the boss with my 250% dmg ascendant assault rifle. It only did 59 damage per hit, so it wasn't that effective. About 20 seconds in, our weakest rex died. He was level 75 when he was tamed, so it wasn't a big deal. 5 seconds later, our weakest sloth died. Also no big deal. Maybe 10 seconds later, one rex and 2 sloths died at the same time. For the next 10 or so seconds it was a complete slaughter. Rex after sloth was just being destroyed. Then, all that was left were Pie, our strongest rex who had the saddle, Fury, our first sloth with 60k health, and Tickles( with the saddle), the first sloth we bred and imprinted. I leveled him myself on Dead Island to 54k health and 1680% dmg. Because I was on foot, I kept being attacked by level 750 araneo (playing with 225 max level), so I ended up probably using about a quarter of my 224 AR rounds on the spiders. I also ran out of bullets on one particular spider and having to use my pike to poke him to death. Also, because we didn't have stimberries or stimulants, the poisonous attacks of the spiders almost knocked me out! I was on around 40 torpor and counting by the time the bushes in the arena gave me some stimberries. Luckily there was also water in the arena, so I didn't have to worry about dehydration. Then Pie (the rex with the saddle) died. Then, about 10 seconds later, Fury died as well. So Tickles and the Yuty were the sole survivors. The broodmother was on about 30% health at this moment, which is 194400 HP. Me and my friend were saying to each other, "Damn! We brought all our gear, and the assault rifle, and all the dinos, but they will all be gone!" What we didn't account for though, was that Tickles was a freaking GOD!! He was 1v1ing the boss, but he looked pretty bloody. I then remembered the 30% dmg boost and resistance boost that they get from imprinting if I was riding. So I ran over to Tickles, while he was surrounded by spiders, and took a look at his health. He'd been soloing the boss for the past 30 seconds, who now was on about 20% health, and still had over 21k health left! So with new courage, we took on the boss and barely killed her with 10k to spare! After we got back to the obelisk, we renamed him Admiral Tickles and painted his saddle gold. Now I've crafted 9 sloth saddles, because we're going to save our rexes for the Megapithecus. The armor ranges from around 70 to 105 or so, and they're only apprentice, so I think next time we'll have a better chance!
  4. We did it twice last night!!! Lost one megatherium, but it was our only non imprinted one so no problemo. We even named him 'Disposable' lol. Way underestimated how fast the pig's food goes down. We used raw meat for food, and the food was going down at a thousand a second and going up at around 10 a second so no contest. Second time lost the piggie because I wasn't riding it ?. Rip Dr. Pig Both times my friend was riding the Yuty. With the sloths, we leveled them al up to like 12k to 30k, though one has 45k and one has 60k. We have stats changed so they go up quite a bit more, so once we go on a run to dead island we can get them up to 30k or so health and 1500% melee. The second time I was riding my first sloth that I imprinted. he has 1500% melee and around 35k health. With the yuty buff and with the bug buff, he was doing 3900 dmg to the spiders and 1300 dmg to the broddmommy. Btw, we used 9 sloths, 5 rexes, one yuty, and one pig. Fun story, when the timer was at 5 seconds, I felt so freaking nervous that I thought I would throw up. I guess it's because I originally said to leave 2 sloths at home for breeding just in case, but my friend forgot and brought all of them. Super fun times though! Edit: Forgot to say we ended up crafting one assault rifle for me, and my friend used his 500% dmg longneck instead. I didn't even end up using my gun, just wrecked face on my sloth Tickles.
  5. Found a 195 male rex near far's peak. We have a wild 210 tamed female (listening to music... can't focus so idk if that is how you say it) at base which is hidden lake, so pretty close. Bred them twice when I got back with him. Also bred our sloths again and got another nonmutated baby! Grrr. Whatever. We're (me and my friend) breeding these guys for the gamma broodmother fight. If anyone could tell me if these (BASE) stats would work, that'd be great! ? All post 100% imprint 8824 health 2000 stamina oxygen, food, not important 1300-1600 weight 414 melee These will subject to upgrades because again, these are the base stats. We usually take them on a raft to Dead Island and do some spawn clearing. Also, how many would we need? We have a wild 210 tamed Yuty and a piggie. We have I think 4 or 5 megatherium that would be ready for the boss fight so far. Actually, tonight we're planning on fighting the boss, if no one replies lol. We also are working on getting 2 ascendant assault rifles crafted from a bp we got at the very start of the game! The rifles will be 255% dmg, so I'm hoping they'll suffice. We are also going to get better saddles for the sloths (we have the upgrade station mod so no sweat). Can't wait!!
  6. Today I found a 172 female allo to breed with my 225 male at home, so I trapped it and tamed it. Brought it back to base and bred them. I changed the colors of my 225 allo with cheats, just for fun. I would show the pictures of the baby, but it says "You are only allowed to upload 399.36kb." So... idk. Unfortunately the 225 allo tamed with low melee, and the 172 allo tamed with low health, and they both had one point above average for health (for the 225) and melee damage (for the 172). And luckily the baby got both the good stats plus the 172's good stamina! I also got like 10 eggs from our scorpion egg farm. Looked for rexes for what felt like an hour, found around 10, all crappy levels. So I quit a little earlier today... Actually, right now I need to check on my baby allo! ?
  7. This morning I tamed a male 180 Megatherium to go with my 217 I found yesterday. I also knocked him out with a trap, in the same place I KO'd the other one! So after I downed him, I uploaded his stats into dododex. This is what I got: http://www.dododex.com/stat-calculator/megatherium/180?&h=3996&s=1240&o=1296&f=10200&w=1116.5&d=225 (just copy paste) If you're too lazy to look (like me lol) then I got below average health, stamina, melee, and weight. Buuuuuttt... I got high OXYGEN, which is going to be super useful for the broodmother boss fight! ? Anyway, still tamed him with a combination of cooked lamb chops in the fridge and prime from some generous argents that provided it. Took him back to base (we're at hidden lake, tranqed him and the other at the little trench towards the snow) and bred him with my other one. A couple minutes later, out popped a little purple megatherium (his mother was purple in the wild; no mutations unfortunately) with all the good stats from his mom! Around 7100 health, 414% damage, and 2000 stamina. And he also got the high 1400 oxygen. Took the dog to the park, did my mile run, and came back an hour and a half later. Tickles is now fully grown! I went out of hidden lake and went on a raft over to Dead Island. Killed a scorpion, 500 damage or so. Now I have the bug killer buff so he's doing ~400 damage to the carnos, raptors, etc. I also found a 135 male rex, which would be good for our boss fighting breeding group, but didn't know if I would be allowed to tame it as we're usually not allowed to tame animals when the other person is not online, except for scorpions for kibble and sloths for the broodmother. Also, one of our scorpions FINALLY laid an egg! Whenever I'm waiting for some baby to grow, or for someone to finish mating, or for some metal to smelt, I always check the kibble farm. I've checked it around 30 times. So I made some rex kibble, not sure if the scorps will lay eggs often enough for kibble to be practical, but whatevs. I bred our argents and our barys(without my friends permission but I doubt he'll have a reason to get mad ?) I also bred the rexes, one being level 305 and one being level 190 or so, so he's way out of his league there lol. Put the eggs in the refrigerator and logged.
  8. Today I tamed 4 new scorpions at dead island for the kibble farm, (oh yeah we have a kibble farm ?) and made an industrial grill for the first time. Actually, this season (I'm playing on the island with my friend) is the first time I've ever had an industrial anything! We have a forge and a grill right now, we're going for an industrial cooker, and I'm secretly planning on making a chem bench as a surprise! I need more pearls though, and conveniently we need more oil too, so I guess we'll do another ocean run with the Barys. Oh and I just remembered! Last night we went into three caves on our 210 base tamed wolves: central cave, no problem, two artifacts, lower south cave, no problem except for a megalania that dropped off the ceiling and gave us a heart attack, two artifacts, but then, when we got to the lava cave, things went bad. We got most of the way there without a problem, but then, at the area right before the artifact, we both got mega rabies from some bats! We'd completely forgotten to make some antidote! So we died, and my dog was in lava so we both used god and infinitestats to get our stuff and the artifact. Oh, and we spent about an hour spawn clearing and looking for good level male rexes for the megapithecus boss fight (more on that in a sec). We need a male because I flew up to frozen tooth for metal and spotted a black and orange 210 female rex! The max level on our server is 225, so compare that to finding a 140 on official and you'll have an idea of how we felt. Funny story, we never knew the max level was 225 until a few days ago, when I found a 225 dodo. We'd previously thought the max was 217. Now of course I've found a 225 allo and saber, but that's irrelevant. So we were looking for good male rexes, and my friend is like, OOOOOOOOHHH!! I say, what!?! And he says, well I guess it's not that exciting but he'd found a 187 female rex, meaning we can't breed it. So I'm rushing over, and then he's like, hurry it's getting attacked by a Yuty!! So I'm saying I can't go any faster when he gets fear roared, so he doesn't know what's going on. Now this Yuty happened to be level 165, so it and it's team of carnos destroyed it pretty quickly. I saw it happen, and I was like damn, and my friend was going on about how he HATES yutys and their stupid mechanics. ? So later he's down at the Maw and he happens upon a 112 male rex. So we tame this as a fallback in case we don't find any higher level ones, easy trap, and pretty quick tame. He's getting it back to base when I see a BEAUTIFUL Tek Rex on the side of Frozen Tooth. I spyglass it, it's a freaking lvl 44!! We then decided to use Megatherium for the broodmother instead of rexes, and save them for the dragon and megapithecus. So after a while of searching, the highest I'd seen was a 135, which is the equivalent of a 90 on official, so I didn't go for it. We've decided that anyone can go on at any time, but they can't tame anything unless it's a Megatherium or a scorpion for kibble. I'm sure we'd make an exception if we found like a 200+ male rex, but we haven't gotten that straight yet so idk. So the other thing I did this morning, after checking the trible log and finding out that my friend had tamed a sloth (only a 112) but it was killed by the also 112 blue giga that's hanging out near frozen tooth, was find a dark purple megatherium lvl 217!! I kited it out of the snow and into the little trench near hidden lake. I moved away from it a little and started arranging stone dino gateways with the poles clipping through the entrances of the surrounding ones so he wouldn't be able to escape. when I tried to kite him/her in she/he stopped and just attacked one of the gateways. So I stealthily got of my argentavis and picked up (S+) the other gateways. There were only 8, including the one she was attacking but luckily she was up against the wall, so I sort of just mishmashed them together into an inescapable mess. When I was tranqing her, it seemed she was taking way more tranq arrows than Dododex said and was looking pretty bloody, but she was eventually brought down with whatever 1499/5476 of her health to spare. Also, an 135 alpha raptor spawned pretty much right in our base and killed our first Pteranodon. The rexes and the spino brought him to very low health, and then the dimorphodoin killed him and got 12 levels! On another note, I found an ever-elusive Ovis in the snow being wrecked by sabers, so I got about 160 mutton and cooked it in the industrial grill that I had very luckily made an hour before. So tomorrow I think I'll go hunting for another sloth, and take the existing one on a fun little murder spree.
  9. So yesterday me and my dad FINALLY got the levels up to 150 (they were at max 30 previously). My dad took the raft to Skull Island to get metal. I told my dad twice that he would have to bring a flyer to get up to the metal. When he arrived, he said: "Oh, looks like there isn't a way up without a flyer!" . So I went back to base from looking for an argent and got his Pteranodon, then flew back to Skull Island with it in tow. When we got there, I decided that I may as well help with the metal gathering, so we began the harvesting. On my first trip back from the forge on our raft, I noticed 2 bats flying above the lava. We engaged, and the 60 flew after me and the 15 flew after my dad on his ptero. I barrel rolled it a couple times but my bird didn't have much stamina (tamed at wild level 28) so I decided to just kill it with my ascendant bow. It was doing 248 dmg as opposed to my bird's barrel roll's 75, so it died after a couple of shots. My dad, in the meantime, was content to leave his bird to fight the lvl 15 bat while gathering metal. A few seconds later, he said "Uh oh, my bird's getting really sick... come help!!!!!!" I rushed over but too late. My dad was like "Oh, that sucks, whatever..." because we can get up to 150 tames now. We did a little more metal farming, then went back to base on the raft after avoiding a Leedsichthys that was hanging out in a shallower place than I would have thought possible, but ok. Then we went to look for a new Pteranodon for my dad, and since the dino levels were much higher than before, I decided to get myself a new Pteranodon as well. I pointed out a 95 really close to base, and so my dad went for him. I wanted a 100+, and found a 100. I was in 2 minds about taming it, but it was attacked by a raptor, so that settled my mind. After a couple of minutes, I lucked out on a 140. Bola'd him, KO'd him, got some prime from a Diplo, and tamed him. After that, I knocked out a 90 carno with a single 10x tranq arrow from a mod, then logged.
  10. This morning on me and my friend's private server (the island) I farmed finally enough metal for an industrial forge! Right now, we have ~2700 ingots; definitely the most metal I've ever had. I'm not supposed to go on the server when he's not there, but we didn't get to play much this weekend (different time zones) so in skype messages I said I was going to work on the base. To be fair I did finish the 4 high walls and the ceiling (9 x 12 foundations, the biggest base I've ever made (Wow, this playthrough is setting all sorts of records ?)) But also, last night and this morning I farmed about 2000 obsidian, 800 crystal, 600 oil, 1000 cementing paste (beaver dams) and around 4000 metal! I mean, it's not like he's missing out on anything, right? Just boring farming. I also managed to find a new max level dino! We had previously thought the max level was 217, but I found a 225 dodo () on the northern beach near the arthro dossier! I knocked it out with one tranq arrow to the head with my 208% dmg crossbow (after looking on dododex to make sure it wouldn't die of course). Unfortunately I didn't have any mejoberries so I flew up to the little hill with the dossier, grabbed about 10, flew down to a sarco chomping on my unconscious dodo! Grrrrrr...
  11. Yeah, I'd been begging my dad to play with me and we did about 6 months ago, but he was playing on his not-so-good work computer, so he quit after a bit. This month we got another super good gaming computer so we can play now!
  12. I started a dedicated server with my dad yesterday on the Center. We started on Tropical Island South. We've got the S+ mod, the Upgrade Station mod, Better Narcotics and Tranq Arrows Combined, and of course Classic Flyers. So we started, got a thatch base (with no walls, because my dad was the one building this time and he doesn't like to bother with walls (a mistake, as it later turned out?)), and a dilo and a dodo, both tamed by me. We (I) tamed two Parasaurs while my dad was building the base, so after he finished we went on our Paras to get some metal from inland. We were then jumped by raptors, me forgetting the new ability Parasaurs have to scare them away. My dad died, and I was still quite close to the base so luckily our dilo heard my cries for help and came over and killed the raptor! The Parasaur was on passive for some reason, so it just watched as I was mauled. So we ended up getting metal, returning to base, crafting an upgrade station, blah blah blah. I think ark decided our life was a bit too easy so it spawned two rexes right up the beach from us. I tried to kite the closer one up the beach away from the base, and tried shooting it with my apprentice bow, but it just stuck around. Until I walked right up to it and hit it with my hatchet while it roared. My sprint speed was faster than it, but not my walk speed. Luckily I was being attacked by Meganeura before and had put about 60 stimberries in my hotbar. I ate these while running up the beach, until... I ran out of stimberries. Long story short, the Rex killed me. I respawned at the base and ran all the way back to grab my stuff. I got it, and as a bonus, the Rex looked like it was staying there! So I got some narcotics from our base and went off to tame a trike. My dad was off on his Parasaur getting more metal, so our base was unguarded. As I was shooting the Trike, I saw red messages flash across the screen. Your Parasaur (Parasaur) was killed by a Rex (Lvl 5)! or something like that. Same with the dodo and the dilo. So I ran away from the trike that was attacking me and rushed back in time to see the Rex chomping on our thatch foundations. It destroyed the storage boxes, which my dad replaced. I kited it for the second time up the beach and away from our beach. After that I went back to KO a trike. So I knocked him out without a hassle, and then tamed him and saddled him without a hassle, and then brought him back to base without a hassle. Oh yeah, by this point my dad had tamed a Pteranodon. We were in need of hide for building our massive spike wall to keep out the rexes. So I hopped on the Trike and killed an iguanodon and a chalico. By now it was dusk, and I needed to go back to base. Then I saw another Chalico, and thought about all the extra hide he would give. This guy was much higher level than the past one, and I knew I would win, but it would take longer than expected. So as I was killing him, somehow another iguanodon was brought into the fight. I said to myself, ok, I can deal with this, but it will be a bit close. My trike was on about half health and the chalico was dead, so I thought I was safe. Wrong. Then came the troodons. About 6 or 7 of them, they ripped apart my trike and I dipped. Turns out Troodon are faster than humans! Yay. So they got to me and killed me, I respawned, they found their way to our base and killed all our animals, including the Ptero and the Para. Fun times. So me and my dad got our stuff back, most notably our journeyman bows, so we killed a couple of troodons each. After two, one bit me and immediately knocked me out, but luckily my dad forcefed me stimberries so I was fine. After that, we finished the spike wall and I tamed a nice purple Pteranodon. I was grinding XP for the saddle when my dad suggested we kill the bronto that was near our base for hide. I killed it with my now ascendant bow after it walked into the spike wall. Then the Rex came back. It started munching on the brontos around our base. I crafted a tranq arrow with 10 times the punch of a normal tranq arrow, and with my 450% damage bow, knocked it out in one shot. Unfortunately, it must have accidentally aggroed a dimorphodon because the little scumbag took off a lot of the taming effectiveness before I realized. I then flew on my Ptero over to where there were some Terror Birds. I bola'd one and tranqed it, tamed it, saddled it and brought it back to base, then we logged.
  13. Well, after the disaster on Aberration that was last night I hopped on a private server (the island) with my friend. In the past, our bases have usually been 2x3 or so, and having one or two bases around the map. This time though, we are making a 7x11 stone castle by Hidden Lake. It's the first time I've ever built by Hidden Lake and the first time I realized how perfect of a location it is! Close to metal at Frozen Tooth, Far's Peak and Winter's Mouth, Frozen Tooth and Far's Peak have obsidian, there's beaver dams, water, not many hostile animals, close to oil and pearls in the snow, close to crystal at Frozen Tooth, heck, it's even close to the snow for lategame tames like Yuty's and piggies! Also, we've never had time for the 3-4 hour tames for anything so we just put the taming rates at 30 or so. We're halfway through the game, like we have one rex and one spino, good Argies, etc. This time I'm thinking about starting to lower the taming rates to neccessitate kibble! That means a generator, more gasoline (which we usually use only for the fabricator) fridges, probably some aircons, and an electricity system in general. We've also never used stuff like industrial forges, grills, and stuff that requires mass amounts of metal, crystal, and polymer. We're also thinking about doing some cave runs this season!
  14. Oh why did that post again? Anyway, last night I traveled down to the red zone on my bred and imprinted megalosaurus. 20k health, 1000% melee, etc. (I'm on SP and I've customized the settings a bit). So I got there no problem, following the Spine, then... I got there, and cleared about 50 drakes, but the just kept respawning! I looked around for a spot in the canyon where I could take my Megalo down safely but there wasn't one! So then, I said 'Whatever, I'll just keep following the path until there's a spot to take him down'. Guess what. There wasn't one. So I went over to the Rockwell Terminal area, and looked across at the giant skeleton. I broke some trees and farmed some bushes to get fiber, and built some ramps to get back up the small cliff, but when I tried to place it, it says something like: Cannot place structure here! So I ran back to the first instance of nests, and left my Megalo at the top of the cliff. I climbing picked down the cliff and go to a nest. I had already killed a bunch of the drakes around, and didn't see any in the valley/canyon. So I grabbed the egg, and started climbing back up. About 2-3 seconds later, I was swarmed by 4 drakes. I tried to fight it out, so when it was clear I was dead, I got very scared about losing my ascendant crossbow, and full apprentice Hazard Suit (Upgrade Station mod). For the first time in my runthrough of the three story maps, I activated God and InfiniteStats. Climbed back up after piking and crossbowing all the drakes, and went over to the Megalo. We ran back up on the way to the blue zone, but right after getting into Halls of the Reaper Queen, we were attacked by not one, but two Reaper Queens! They were chasing, and I was almost out of the red zone, but then a STUPID Purlovia jumped out and stunned me. I just want to make it clear that I've been jumped by Purlovia many many times but not once have they knocked me off and stunned me. Of course this time it had to happen and the Queens did their stupid spin attack and knocked my megalo into liquid Element. I activated God and Infinitestats again and ran out of there. Halfway out, I had dinner so I quit and ate for maybe 45 min to an hour. Came back and ran out of the blue zone. My base is on the Overlook so I got out of the blue zone right to my base. I looked in my inventory and the EGG WAS GONE!!!!!!!!! Needless to say, I ragequit.
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