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  1. well that's it for me in this game.... Wildcard finally broke the l;ast straw, almost 200 raised dino's total now have been lost due to Wildcard "issues" and them not rolling back when they should of, like this time. I'm done raising stuff just to have it go 'poof' because wildcard cant properly handle issues. Great job, just spectacular, if you wanted to lower your player base, I think you've managed to do that today once again.
  2. I was going to argue this with you but its pointless, you'd just keep on with what your saying regardless of things people can point out to why its 'wildcards servers' regardless if they are 'hosting' with Nitro.
  3. 8 hours After it started.
  4. Lack of Communication Lack of Properly addressing such issue. Why do I blame wildcard - because its THERE servers, regardless with the fact that they've been hosting in Nitro sense day 1 and haven't bothered to opt in for better servers or more backbone support. Wildcard in the end are the only ones that can properly resolve what happened because of said issue, instead of doing that they give us EVO for another 24 hours? get real, yes Wildcard is to blame for the END RESULT and THe lack of Communication.
  5. lame.... just lame.... 'hey were gonna extend evo 2x a day, who cares you lost all your dinos! you guys didn't want them anyhow' why am I still playing this? time to move on I think, obviously Wildcard doesn't give a rats DILO about their player base.
  6. check your server on battlematrix, see if other players have been getting onto it, ours was everyone locked out and then everyone able to log back in once it was 'resolved' though the effects of those people not being able to get on for 8 hours still in effect due to no rollback.
  7. here's a shot from battle matrix showing the lockout of players.
  8. I agree, they should of done a rollback prior to opening the servers back up due to the length of time that players were locked out of the servers. Now its just a freaking mess, again, created by wildcard.
  9. that would be taking responsibility for said problem.
  10. look at all that discontent and people requesting a rollback, yet nothing from wildcard: 2 hours sense they 'looked into it', something that took them 30 minutes to fix, and yet, 8 hours of lockout time for people on the servers, yet they have no care about restoring the servers prior to the problem. Post your discontent there too about no server rollbacks.
  11. Not always true. Some rollbacks have sent servers back several days in the past.
  12. talking to wildcard is apparently like trying to talk to a deaf & blind person, they just sit there staring blankly.
  13. so he submitted a ticket to "Server Issues" as the selection for the drop down, got the ticket to post and he gets a automated reply back saying": " server issues is not something they deal with and have to speak to a engineers and submit a new ticket " see what I mean about the automated replies ? I mean seriously now.... If its not something they deal with DILO is it even a ticket OPTION? Great communication and Automated service there Wildcard!
  14. Seems the support ticket system is still just as broken as it was last year. Mate filled out a ticket, submitted it and …. it took him back to the main support page instead of actually submitting the ticket. This has been a on going problem for as long as I can remember with their support system. Its not that people don't try to submit support tickets, its: 1) they don't submit 2) they get a automated reply telling them they have to submit a 'new ticket'. 3) they get a automated reply that closes the ticket before its even resolved.
  15. my mate is pretty pissed he rage quit the game.... first time in a year 1/2 he's done that. hopefully they fire off a few good brain cells and go 'yeah we need to get on this and rollback those servers" … but... im not holding my breath on it, just hanging around so if it does happen I can cryo the wyverns for my mate.
  16. they really need to work on their communication skills.
  17. still waiting...…
  18. yeah if Wildcard doesn't do a rollback that's flat out irresponsible of them. Honestly they need to quit Dragging their feet and just get it done ASAP.
  19. if the eggs vanished they hatched while you were locked out and the babies died. that's how wildcard support explained it to me when I asked about vanishing eggs while they were helping with another issue on a server. I've had eggs end up under foundations before though due to server crashes, so my baby hatching room now has a empty floorless room under it so they can be recovered if that happens.
  20. well judging the problem existed for 8 hours, it may take another 8 hours for them to decide, and at that point it'll be a 30 min rollback.
  21. I know right? heaven forbid that wildcard does something right.
  22. Waiting to hear about rollback possibility..... I'm judging that its most likely not going to happen though... anyone wanna bet on it?
  23. I have to agree on this point, they do have a serious lack of communication with their public, more so then other games, even when people post to their twitter feeds, there is a terrible response from them. Its too bad they lost their best PR person, sense then the communication has gotten even worse, not to say it was good in the first place but its seems to be a trend, worse support, worse PR, worse Patches, More bugs then fixes...… is the company finally heading for its last leg?
  24. Lots of mad people on my mates server. one guy lost 20 rexs due to this, feel sorry for him. if they don't do a rollback that's not a very good PR option, to be frank, due to the amount of time that this problem was up for.
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