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  1. in a cryopod it didn't work,the cryopod came out dead. not sure i wanna risk another wyvern with all the issues ark is currently having after their TLC uploading one to the creatures tab.
  2. well i tried uploading a wyvern via a pod then downloaded it, and .... instant dead cryopod >.<
  3. on the unofficial server i have been playing on recently (streamers server) and rex mating is 6 imprints at 45 min apart, we have the mating interval set as follows: MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.001 it goes in the game.ini file under [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] if your playing on your pc, it would be in your ark folder under shootergame/saved/config/windowsnoeditor make sure you don't have it in their twice as well, they will cancel each other out.
  4. no haven't tried uploading due to people having issues with their items going poof in ob atm.
  5. so... the only wyvern we can get to breed are the frost, the lighting and fire won't breed
  6. after podding and unpodding them they seem to be working except the ones that don't show the 'enable mating' in their view box. we did get some nice ones though
  7. all the maps are stable, if your not playing official. Far as playing on Official, its trying to find a server that is stable rather then map.
  8. we hatched a few wyvern eggs and grew them up but noticed something with them, Some have the 'enable mating or wandering to breed' while others hatched at the same time dont, when we try breeding nothing is happening, there is no bar showing mating going on that we can see. Are we missing something with the new wyvern breeding? do you have to take them to a certain spot like the magmasaurs or something?
  9. sorry thats the only thing i know of you need to do on pc in order to get the chibi if you own Genesis
  10. go into your options and check the box for "Give Default Survivor Items" then apply and go back to game and kill yourself. default survivor items needs to be turned on.
  11. thanks guys, i'll pass that info about the stomp, we tried every key i think except the spacebar lol.
  12. went to go harvest wood with my mammoth like i always do, and now its hardly getting any wood and getting tons of thatch, is there some key that im missing to change this? there is nothing in the wheels for it for changing harvest types. Also where can we find the key bindings for the mammoth & Stego that tell us what the different keys are for them? check official wiki its not updated with any info, in fact it still says mammoths are good for wood. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Edit in: Show Drum Radius seems to be broken and doesn't do anything.
  13. saw it in steam when it came out and thought... this might be interesting to try.
  14. i have to agree and disagree with the other posters.... after you reach a certain level in ark, you get to a point of 'whats left to do?', there is breeding but even after you've done that for a long time and got those high stat dinos you were looking for, there isn't any point to it besides mixing colors between the dinos. Honestly, anyone who says breeding isn't boring must like watching grass grow lol i've done enough breeding to be pretty darn sure its about the most boring thing you can do in ark lol. Every time a new map comes out our tribe starts new characters just to try to b
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