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  1. I use to play ESO but on the ps4, haven't played any games on it in a while, don't have my psn subscription anymore, so its just been sitting collecting dust for the time being. I like the metro series, they have a decent storyline with them. fun games I'm still playing around in 7 days to die. started building a new world based losely on a pubg map (much smaller and less structures). Took forever to get the roads all setup, then added in some bridges (which im probably going to change now), and started working on decking out the one city that will be on the map with various buildings, trying not to duplicate any of them. Its very time consuming but it keeps me occupied during my free time and the end result will be worth it i think, well, if i can get it done before a19 comes out hahaha....
  2. you all must be delusional with as many times as i've been told patches only happen on tuesday and only around 12-1pm PST! sounds like wildcard finally found a way to kill the game. Good job guys play testing your patches before releasing. Typical really, never test their coding changes before tossing them out there live at everyone. not the first time, won't be the last. The real question is - sense everyones bases / dino's seem to of gone missing, how much of a rollback will there be, and how many bases will instantly decay, dino's die, players lose tribe ownership, like with the last time something like this happened.
  3. If you say so. Events are supose to be fun and enjoyable for people, not another grind fest. Just like the previous event, the turkey's spawns are low, other dino's are over spawning (scorched earth is overly filled with water camels near grean ob). Perhaps if you didn't have to spend countless hours just looking for the turkeys it would be fun and enjoyable, but that really isn't the case, and honestly, I doubt anyone would sit there and spend the time to find the wishbones for 9 individual characters. Pathetically ungrateful, entitled? no. P.S. I don't watch TV, spend countless hours on cell phones, bar hop on weekends or any other 'social activity'. I'm a hermit, and playing games is what I use as my form of entertainment, so no, for me its not wasted time.
  4. sometimes the so called "obvious" statements by people show how "obviously" they don't participate in events. The so called "obvious" statement is "Incorrect".
  5. yep its a desync issue between the client and server, its been steadily getting worse and worse sense last year, happening more frequently and to more people. wildcard at their best.
  6. Wildcard does it again.... thought about logging in to get the new emotes... learned they are character bound not account bound.... didn't bother. why they do this is beyond me. Having the emotes shared over your mulitple characters adds no advantage to game play. Don't want to spend the time collecting 75 bones per character to unlock the emotes for them all. more wasted time is all I see. Good job wildcard.
  7. go here: https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new?flash_digest=00fabb269fb52f06c5cfb033232dcc318391f063 top right, sign in. once signed in close browser, and open it back up, restore previous session, fill out the form. copy what you type in the last box (just incase). submit the form. Its the only way i know of getting out of the submit loop. Sometimes it will still stick you in the submit loop though. It functions as expected, about the same as the game, sometimes you can submit a form, other times they don't submit at all. If you don't see your post after submitting, it didn't take, and you'll have to do it all over again.
  8. its funny your fighting this so hard, only someone who knows that what they did was wrong would continue to argue the issue. And here we are, you saying something is illogical because it brings a valid point to the table and you can't find a real argument to counter it. Just because something exists in the game that one can use to 'get around something' doesn't mean its a mechanic that was intentionally left in play. But that's okay, you keep thinking that its a illogical argument.
  9. im comparing 'game mechanics' in 'creating / keeping' items that weren't meant to exist. people focus on the smallest of things.
  10. still trying to justify it eh? so using your logic duping via a obelisk is perfectly legit too because, game mechanics and wildcard could easily stop it.
  11. using a game mechanic that isn't meant to be used in such a manor to avoid getting items deleted that should have been deleted is an exploit regardless of how you try to justify it.
  12. Fungal wood - you can store a max of 1 stack, after that any stacks added vanish. that wasn't a fun experience. lost alot of fungal wood.
  13. I had fun with my nephews playing halo 1-4, that was always a blast but sadly, they have all grown up now and are off making families of their own with little time to play games. I loved assassins creed, played all of them up to blackflag. think black flag was my favorite of them all. Yar Pirates! Played a couple of the earlier god's of war, they were fun for a brief time, haven't played the newer one though, watched a few people play and it does seem more involved story wise. yeah i think im on the same boat as you about Genesis, play it till i get bored with it then wait a year for part 2. Its the repetitiveness thats getting me lately, doing the same thing over and over and over... hopefully the mission system isn't something short or just a couple radiant missions like Atlas, cause doing the same radiant missions over n' over gets rather boring rather quickly. Fallout 4 had that, but at least it varied enough that you weren't always going to the same place over n over again. I think the radiant missions in skyrim were more robust then fallout 4... never tried fallout 76... it just looked too empty... and the constant threat of 'mega tribe A is going to wipe you with a nuke' just didn't apeal to me. I was hoping they did a multiplayer game but I was thinking more along the lines of fallout 4 with a 4-8 man team running around doing things together, rather then... yeah.
  14. haha, yeah i can understand that, i probably wouldn't of given it a retry if it wasn't for another one of my friends playing it recently, and i could see their game play had dramatically improved, so I decided to give it a go again.
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