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  1. we fiddled on official for abit, then jumped onto our unofficial server and despite RaptorClause only wanting to drop 2 presents a night, we managed to put together an nice little cozy christmas scene:
  2. also noted - it doesn't matter if you leave the flyer inside a building, you can be offline, come back online, and your flyer will be gone, they've randomly decided to walk off as someone flew past your base, but apparenlty when your offline they can walk through walls if no ones within building render range. after that, if your lucky you may find your flyer off in the direction it was facing if some cliff / rocks didn't cause the flyers direction to change. We have also noted that tamed wyvern are starting to do what wild wyvern will do when they decide to wander off on their own, turning direction northward and just vanishing out of existance after a bit.
  3. it happens with any flyer. It doesn't matter if you dismount too fast or sit on the flyer for 5 minutes before dismounting. There is no rhyme or reason for this happening. When it first started with Argies only I reported it. I got told that it must be my ark bugged (even though i was only playing official at the time) Sense then its moved to wyvern, then ptera, then griffon, snow owls, and now far as i can tell, its happening with every flyer. (don't know about mana, i refuse to fly them as they like to go POOF out of existance still on official).
  4. Honestly, I don't get it. Cop killed a guy. Cop is in jail facing murder chargers. People riot because cop killed guy. but.... every day in the US people are killed by cops, thieves, thugs, gangs... and they don't give two cents then... The guy getting killed isn't the reason for the riots, its just a excuse for people to behave badly, destroy other peoples property, and be criminals themselves. So whats the point? is there one really? fighting bad behavior with bad behavior? has it ever worked in the past? no, will it ever work? no.
  5. today i was trying to work with my magmasaurs, decided to build a greenhouse while waiting for their food to drop, consistant lag spikes every minute, desyncing so you couldn't interact with anything and had to reconnect on order to, and the real kicker, there were only 5 people on the server... only 5, everyone was experiencing it. First day that i've ever seen less then 15 people on all my servers as well, less the 10 on all of them, im guessing the other servers were having like issues. But hey at the server list it says "Network Status: Healthy" so... if this is healthy, just think what a unhealthy network would be in Wildcards eyes.
  6. tribe leader told me to build a multipurpose taming pen at carno island.... soo.....
  7. its probably been merged with the large thread on server stability found here -
  8. you can't recover the lost character however you can file a support ticket and see if they will restore it. you'll need proof of your characters level, a screenshot of your character level in the tribe log works.
  9. a player on our server lost their character three times now from transfering to other servers. servers crashing after you transfer your character usually leads to a deleted character as it rolls back to its last save point. people think im crazy for starting a new character every time a map comes out, but this is why, i don't want to risk losing my main character because wildcard can't provide stable servers.
  10. expecially when people build massive structures that are comprised mostly of greenhouse pieces. omg the lag inducement from that is insane.
  11. we do but it doesn't do much good, sit there for hours waiting for your server to come back online because there's no one maintaining the servers.
  12. well being the devs don't read the forum you failed on notifying the devs first off. secondly its a combination of things making the servers unplayable, not just what your mentioning. VPN connections bog the network and slow down communication on the servers, causing more lag, reguardless of the current event, this is going to continue to be a issue right now and cause higher pings for everyone on the servers. Antiquated Servers - been a issue for a long while, rather then swapping out the old servers and leasing new ones wildcard just recycles the current servers for newer maps, old hardware on outdated servers compounds the issues making it even more of a issue when high numbers of players get on the servers or events are running. Duping - This has been a issue with the servers for a long while, and is usually fairly easy to spot, the server will start lagging horribly then start dropping all players from it, not actually crashing the server but causing such a high ping, everyone gets dumped. During events it will even cause server crashing. thos are just a few reasons that the servers are crashing, known reasons. Granted the events do add more lag to the servers do to the number of people playing, the mass amounts of materials being farmed, dino's being killed, and the respawns for all those items but are not the root cause for the server crashes, it just magnifies other existing problems. I think you need to do more homework before running around saying "its all the events fault".
  13. Does wildcard have any plans to actually do something about the outages or are they just going to sit back and go 'must be the data center' ? two seprate server machines have crashed back to back that I play on in the last 10 minutes.
  14. all you have to do is go to the twitter page and look at the comments to the latest post about the 'dev kit' being updated. Tons of comments on there about consistent server crashes. my island server averages 20-30 people, yet its experiencing high lag, server disconnects, and crashes. Same with my ragnarok server. My SE server that normally has anywhere from 5-20 people playing on it is experiencing the same issues. My valguero server has had 1-2 crashes per day, and is experiencing save lag of up to a minute now. My genesis server is experiencing high ping and server disconnects as well, luckly so far *knock on wood* its not getting daily crashes. all these servers are official. All of this started 3 patches ago, and has been getting steadily worse.
  15. except breeding, taming and xp you mean. only thing that was 4x prior to event was harvesting. It happens when you have alot of VPN users connecting to your server as well. its not only the Genesis servers having this issue, the lag and server crashes have steadily grown across official for the last 3 patches.
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