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  1. hrm... they only take a 2x2 foundation space, so i'd think you could place them on a 4x4 grid.
  2. PVE: craft yourself 4 tek force fields, place them all down in a 4x4 foundation grid. stick 3 element in each, and set them all to max range. log off. This will give your base enough protection to cover your valuable lute while that 15 minute timer kicks off. this is just one solution. the 3 element will last for aprox. 18 minutes at max range in the tek force fields, and they'd need to drop a aweful lot of corrupted on your base in order for them to chew through all 4 shields.
  3. Not in big picture mode, you can do it by: right clicking ark click Properties click 'Language' tab Set the language to play the game in.
  4. I thought about that myself but it would lead to a whole new form of griefing players, imagine people placing turrets up on a cliffside that you can see, but are getting killed from as you walk down the beach because they can fire though the mesh. or as you enter a cave the person who placed tek turrets up on his base above the cave on the land end up killing you? Its actually more problematic then a solution. Need a working defense rather then a offense to them.
  5. PVE-Official-Valguero Well after being griefed multiple times by the same tibe, I closed off my gateway that allowed them to pass through, now they either have to walk around my base, or go around a large rock formation on the opposite side to get to the flat area where the unicorn spawns and sheep. Don't think i should be nice and leave my gateway open for them to pass through if they are going to do things like that to me. Today was probably a pretty boring day to most people, I spent most of it crafting and placing parts of my base up. I expanded the courtyard on the back side, and people can still get around but gave me more room to place dino's outside, just need to get the dino leash engram off extinction now and craft a few of them to place around the inner courtyard. It also gives me more room to build utility buildings for the main base that will be protected behind our wall. in the background you can see my house thats currently surrounded with the behemoth gates my tribemate put down, this is a temporary solution for a ongoing problem. The wall there in front of the house will be coming down that separates the two courtyards after i finish building the new exit gate there on the left. as you can see there are still pieces that need to be placed but its coming along alright so far. Now if I could just get that one pillar removed thats blocking me on the other side so I can finish up the wall over there. once the two parts are done that should give us ample room for our dinos and babies we are bringing over to valguero. The little corner towers are going to be for plant species X to give some additional protection to the base, and were discussing putting some along the walls as well. Also made two clones of my heavy hitter rock golem to bring over to valguero for some additional protection inside the wall. So this side is pretty much what i got done today, tomorrow, more crafting to finish off the corner towers and the gate entrance, then perhaps heading off to a extinction server to learn a couple engrams.
  6. well... to put it short... my experience with dungeons: Tribemember - "Arg Kill kill!" - "that was easy" Me - "ahh ffs, why'd you drag that flock of bats ontop of me?!" or.. "im dead again, got a spare sleeping bag on your bird?" lol I tend to die a lot to the caves / dungeons. But still fun when I do do it with my tribemates. My worst experience though: Tribemate: "oh hey I haven't been in this cave im gonna go check it out" Me: "I'll wait here" ...a few moments later … my tribe mate comes running out of the cave and strait for me, with about 10 lvl 200+ bats chasing him... I ended up with rabies that day...
  7. its too bad the tek forcefield is so expensive to run, it would work great as a antimesh defense.
  8. I can't really say I have any one favorite dino, many I favor for one reason or another. Favorite far as what? Looks, fighting, transporting, harvesting?
  9. Most the PvE servers have the same problem, pillars everywhere, I've helped people on my servers to find land, even given some starter dinos, tools, armor, crafted some rafts for others that we couldn't find a piece of land so they at least had someplace to live while they continued their search. The key to keep people from killing you then looting your body when your offline - first and foremost - stick all your gear in a locked container. Always lay down on a bed before logging off (Hold E down on bed and select lay on bed) and make sure your food / water are full. Laying on the bed makes it so that they can not drag you off to the water and drown you to steal your stuff. After logging off there is still a 15 minute timer where you body can be killed by wild dinos. so its best to keep your bed away from a outer wall, as many of the smaller carnivores can still bite you through the walls (i.e. like a raptor, saber, wolf, ravager, etc). It would be nice if there was a way that we could transfer our Official Dino's to Unofficial / Single player, I understand why they don't allow them to come in from Unofficial / Single Player, but it would be nice to be able to take them off, incase we decide we don't want to play official anymore, and could continue with the dino's on Unofficial / Single player where we left off with them. I know you can still spawn dino's in, but its just not the same thing, and your not as attached or careful with a giga you spawned in vs. one that you raised from a baby. Wish Wildcard could come up with a method to transfer dino's out for Unofficial / Single player, They have the Export for Ark Park, so I can't see why they wouldn't be able to do it for that. Far as the backups, only backups of Legacy servers are available, none of the regular servers are. And please note what @TiiaAurora said, they will only last in there 24 hrs, characters, items and dino's, so you'll need to get them back out before that time runs out if you don't want to lose them!
  10. I agree especially when your taming or fighting some high level dino, or running from a pack of dieno on foot... defiantly not fun.
  11. yeah i use to get the connection box, but for some reason im not, after patch my internet dropped twice, perhaps it didn't noticed that the internet dropped before steam did and just did the insta-close from that instead, if you pulled the plug and got the connection message then im guessing that may very well be the case then.
  12. for max production, pair a male and female together, make sure all other gacha near them are at least a minimal of 12 foundation spaces away from them, make sure that the gacha have owl pellets in their inventory, make sure their crafting skill is at least 150-160. What you feed them has never mattered, I've been feeding mine seeds as they are the easiest for me to acquire both during the week and weekend and don't hinder my ability to continue building.
  13. No one will reallly know will they? I will say however that after the patch, if my internet drops now, Ark Instantly closes.
  14. 13.45mb update - no version number no details. So whats this 13.4mb update all about for ark? No version number change for it, its client side, both pc's received it, same exact size, its not mod content, so what is this update about?
  15. Yes, and while some things in ark I find frustrating, most problems are caused by players. For instance, there have been cases where people have gone to transfer to another server, then during that transfer got disconnected, then they log back onto the previous server, no character and instantly go "my character got deleted" when their character was sitting on the server they were transferring to, or cases where the same thing has happened, and their character was sitting in the download character list, but rather then downloading their character they click that 'create new character' button and then say their character was deleted. Its not always the companies fault, an nothing is infallible when it comes to people, after all the computer is only as smart as the person sitting behind the keyboard. If official frustrates you so much, and you have the skills to do it, perhaps you should start playing unofficial and designing a mod that does the backups how you see they should be done, Once you get it fleshed out and functioning properly, submit it to the wildcard sponsored mods to get their attention drawn to it, and who knows, they may just very well do what you want them to, and use your very mod to do it. Fact of matter is, and even the moderators have said so, complaining about game core mechanics on the forum is just fruitless, there's like a 1% chance (if even that) that a Wildcard coder will even come on and read what you've written, and think 'hrm maybe that will work'. I can say in all the time I've played ark - I've lost a grand total of 5 characters sense 2015. 1 character was due to a patch snafu that effected a lot of people, and wildcard worked hard to get people restored and the game back to its normal state. The other 4 characters - due to my own mistake. So here we are in a grand total of 4 years, I've lost 1 character because of wildcard and they restored said character. Honestly, I have to say that's a pretty good track record.
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