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  1. all they would need to do is add a config setting for the grinder itself, not really changing anything except adding a OR the if statement for the grinders check on non-grindables. a simple little 'allowAllGriding' config statement and then add the little OR to the if statement check (If grindable OR (allowallGrinding == True)) so its doable, and really not something very complex.
  2. the most recent pc patch fixed most the teleport locations, hopefully they get that to you guys on consoles soon. there are still a couple broken ones but almost all of them have been fixed now. (bog N being one of the fixed ones) edit in: on pc when it would spawn you on bog NE, if you stayed exactly where you were teleported to and teleported out again to bog N it would take you there.
  3. "I'm born in lava! I'm part lava! I shoot flaming lava balls from my mouth! i do a flame burst attack! I can be killed with flame arrows, camp fires, standing torches, lit oil slicks! basically any form of fire! yar! im squishy but look mean!"
  4. i decided to go the easy route, someone offered 2 bloodstalker babies for 4 cryopods. easier then taming wilds lol
  5. the volcano Magma god was angery that you didn't leave behind a White virgin 600 melee Dodo as a sacrifice, and ad you teleported out, stuck you down with a flaming invisible ball of magma, killing you and breaking your armor. However the Magma god was not satisfied with this sacrifice and decided to eat your body, and all your gear before returning to the heart of the Volcano.
  6. as long as you log in to refresh your decay timer on structures, and keep the cryofridge powered, any dino inside cryopods in the cryofridge can remain that way forever.
  7. caleb68

    Wave Ray 64

    my beta time is 120.4 on official
  8. if they can't unclaim dinos they can't cryo them, as cryo'ed dinos can be given away as if unclaiming.
  9. mutliple servers i play on have been experiencing daily crashes sense the last big patch, higher ping rates, and the added 3x event on top of that with the mass breeding people are doing is making it even worse. So far the Genesis server that i play on is the only one that hasn't crashed yet *knock on wood* but were having extremely high lag spikes, especially when loading in bases, or facing a pack of raptors.
  10. caleb68

    missing tames!

    if its a dino you use often putting a tracker on them can really help when things like this happen to locate them quicker.
  11. caleb68

    missing tames!

    roll backs for us have been anywhere from 15 min to 2 hours on our main server, generally the dinos are located at where they were at the time of the rollback (not where we were when the server crashed). We've had to do some serious back tracking to find some of them at times as we'd end up dead miles from where the dino was positioned.
  12. we noticed the same thing today on our genesis server, lava, lunar, bog biomes had next to no dinos spawning in for hours. made it abit hard to collect meat for the few dinos were raising.
  13. alot of people have been having issues with the servers crashing left and right, 4 people asked me if i could see their server from my friends list, all 4 were down, noted that the 3 extinction server I play on sometimes for gettting gacha, who's pings are normally low were also down, as well as a abberation server and my main server. My main servers crashed multiple times daily for the past several days.
  14. caleb68

    Mining Drill

    something seems to of gone fishy with mine... its a apprentice one but... lunar... the only thing it seems to collect for me now is stone.... bog biome... the only thing it seems to harvest at a good rate is .... thatch... its now actually getting lower rates of everything that it collects (except thatch in the bog) then using primative metal picks and axes.
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