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  1. we fiddled on official for abit, then jumped onto our unofficial server and despite RaptorClause only wanting to drop 2 presents a night, we managed to put together an nice little cozy christmas scene:
  2. My problem - Joe and the amount of misinformation he tosses at people about problems at hand. He assumes too much rather then stating 'he doesnt now' he was told it was happening on multiple platforms before he said "its a steam issue" when clearly it wasn't. Moderators great, moderators that spread misinformation, necro old threads for current issues - horrible.
  3. "this is what happened is 2016, it MUST be whats happening now!" oh wait, maybe its the "2014 DoS attack" thats causing it to happen now! *facepalm facepalm facepalm*
  4. is it 2016? seriously? clicked the link there at your thread, the thread is from 2016, not 2020, and the latest post was someone replying ins 2019...
  5. if you can cycle the ip for your router, its a temp fix but the problem returns, may give you enough time to pod your babies.
  6. there's over 130 posts in the steam forums for ARK on this issue... but strangely, I can't find these posts that are suppose to be happening with other games "currrently"....
  7. way to necro a 3 year old post joe, or did you miss the date?
  8. you obviously didn't bother to read. and YES your the only one so far thats said 'im getting the same thing with other games'. seems everyone else is saying its happening to ark on both STEAM and EPIC LAUNCHER.
  9. No s*** its a NETWORK ISSUE. I STATED THAT IN MY FIRST POST. OMG. Its Obviously something going on with Wildcards NETWORK.... omg... do i have to hit you with a board to make you actually read whats wrote???? Its happening across multiple pc's. ALL PC's on the network it happens on are effected. IT Happens with both STEAM and EPIC LAUNCHER. Cycling your IP Temprorarly FIXES the issue. I mean really your going to go "Hey look someone found a temp fix, wildcard doesn't need to be bothered with making sure their stuff is functioning properly" .... *shakes head* i should expect this from you joe.... especially by now.... lets sweep as many issues under the rug and toss any temp fix out there so we can ignore the problem.
  10. PERHAPS you don't understand properly, lets spell it out ARK VIA EPIC LAUNCHER is doing the SAME THING.
  11. love it.... "couldn't possibly be something wildcard did, even though its happening on EPIC game launcher as well" ... verified.... happening on Epic launcher as well.... RIP being only a 'steam' issue.
  12. not happening with any of my other steam games curiously enough, and i do have alot to test with. and then joe, you also have this, that kinda says its NOT steam:
  13. its because your cycling your IP, which in note also makes it even more clear that its a issue on Wildcards side and not the Clients side, as i had stated in my original thread about todays json post. nothing most likely as the developers only look IF a moderator points out the forum thread, and support tickets take a week to get a answer....
  14. If you bothered to read the following posts all the way to page 2 it became a general json error. And being this one just started popping up today on everyone I highly doubt its the same as the original. If it is it just goes to show how well wildcard is at fixing reoccurring bugs in there games Joe. And just as a note for yourself Joe - when you get a Json line:1 Char:1 error, its not that box thats the important one, its just the start of it, the crash box is the important part. Being everyone is getting the same crashbox, rather then a varied one, it kinda points to something on Wildcards Network end, including that its effecting other pc's on the same network with different accounts.
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