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  1. we fiddled on official for abit, then jumped onto our unofficial server and despite RaptorClause only wanting to drop 2 presents a night, we managed to put together an nice little cozy christmas scene:
  2. Your right about one thing, its working exactly the same as it did last year for UNOFFICIAL, only 2 drops every time RaptorClause shows up. we don't have night speed scaled.
  3. so whats the config setting to make raptor clause drop like the normal on Official networks? Seriously? only 2 on unofficial?.... there has to be a configuration setting.
  4. its just a toon shader, they could easily make skins for all the dinos with one.
  5. it opens the video in the steam overlay, if steam overlay is shut off for ark it won't open.
  6. now it says "Click to Watch trailer & Gain Santiago's Spear & Axe Skins" instead of spear and raptor.... so I watched it again, spawned in on a different server and I got .... a cartoon shaded raptor skin.... so, now its... where is the spear and axe skin? EDIT IN: SOOOOO IF anyone is wondering why they are NOT getting the spear and Axe, Click the Text UNDER the video link, not the video link, it will still pop open the video, and once in game you'll have the raptor, spear and Axe. Me thinks They need to fix that.
  7. watched the video and all i got was a cartoon shaded raptor skin from doing so, but it says watching it gives you the spear skin & raptor skin. am I missing something?
  8. in a cryopod it didn't work,the cryopod came out dead. not sure i wanna risk another wyvern with all the issues ark is currently having after their TLC uploading one to the creatures tab.
  9. well i tried uploading a wyvern via a pod then downloaded it, and .... instant dead cryopod >.<
  10. on the unofficial server i have been playing on recently (streamers server) and rex mating is 6 imprints at 45 min apart, we have the mating interval set as follows: MatingIntervalMultiplier=0.001 it goes in the game.ini file under [/Script/ShooterGame.ShooterGameMode] if your playing on your pc, it would be in your ark folder under shootergame/saved/config/windowsnoeditor make sure you don't have it in their twice as well, they will cancel each other out.
  11. no haven't tried uploading due to people having issues with their items going poof in ob atm.
  12. so... the only wyvern we can get to breed are the frost, the lighting and fire won't breed
  13. after podding and unpodding them they seem to be working except the ones that don't show the 'enable mating' in their view box. we did get some nice ones though
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