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    ugh dont let these guys get to you. I'd submit a ticket about it complete with pics proving that you didn't do any abusive pillaring. Or put a post in support thread or something. If you quit cuz of this these guys win and the community will be all the more toxic without you. Community can be the best or worst part of this game and id hate to see it get punted further into the worst side.
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    1: Ragnarok, they only spawn in one area, and you can kite them away when you find the one you want. Alphas can spawn there too, so you have to be careful, but it is 100% reasonable to find several high-levels to tame in one evening of taming. EDIT: Near to Artifact of the Devourer (which is around 47,2 on the ocean floor). 2: Turtles work so well because they are expendable and easy to raise up, but suck to swim with because they are slow. If you lose one, it doesn't sting as bad as when my friend said "no im gonna use my imprinted Mosa, it has 45K hp" and then the Squid never let go, and he watched for 35 minutes, occasionally de-rendering it to see if it would let it go, and it never did, and killed his 12-day raise. Forum heroes might contest this and say it is preventable if you do __________. It is not. Whatever you stick in that Squid's suckers, you'd better be damn well prepared to lose. The big water-tames work, but only if you are so high-class that a 12-day Mosa is nothing to you. 3: This is what I do/have done - Get black pearls for taming (of course). Make a raft. Load 3 Turtles with 20k+ HP on raft as well as the Pearls, scuba tank, mask, flippers, and some veggie cakes. Get an escort tame. I have so far used a Baryonyx, a Basilosaurus, and a Beaver to be the clean-up escort tame (I've also used my other tamed Squids, but they don't count because of course ocean clean-up/sterilization is easy with a Squid). Find Squiddo. Kite away from other Squids. Ride escort tame back to surface, PUT ON PASSIVE. PUT TURTLE ON PASSIVE. Get 50 Pearls out of storage, mount Turtle, open cellphone and set timer for 12min30sec. Swim down on Turtle, relocate Squiddo. It swims at Turtle once below the barrier-ceiling, grabs Turtle (again, it's on PASSIVE!) and when it does, dismount, swim to Squiddo's beak inside tentacles. Spam 'e' to feed it when close to the beak (not spamming because like, you feed one at a time, just spamming to feed it ASAMFP). Swim straight up from that point (flippers really help), whistling Turtle to follow and hit "start" on cellphone timer. If and when Squiddo lets go, it will follow you back up. Breach ceiling, Turtle surfaces, get it on raft and feed a veggie cake. Let it heal a bit, get on escort tame for ocean area clean-up and to monitor Squiddo. If it moves, raft-over to it. At around 11 minutes, make sure you have a clean shot to Squiddo with ocean area clean-up. Twelve minutes rolls around, back on Turtle, 50 more Pearls, ready to reload cellphone timer. Into the water, swim down, it grabs, stuff pearls, rinse, repeat. If Squiddo doesn't release a Turtle, you lost one 24-hour raise on 1x. Just grab another one, dive down at next interval (which is about 13:00). If it is at 12 minutes and you are near Squiddo's mouth, prepare to die. When you see "Wait until it's hungry again!" and at that moment the Squid lets Turtle go and one-shots you, life just got a little harder.
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    Better confirmation on existing bugs in Primitive + will help prioritize and make sure these bugs are getting addressed. Please let me know if there's anything I'm missing! Gameplay Bugs Loot Drops - Some are reporting loot is not dropping while some seem unaffected [Confirmation Needed] Canteen Crafting - Unable to craft the canteen Kibble Consumption - Some are reporting the new kibble isn't working as intended [Confirmation Needed] Kibble Crafting - Cauldron is unable to craft the new kibble Coal Harvesting - Some are reporting the inability to harvest coal Forge Crafting - Unable to craft Primitive+ specific resources in the forge Mailbox - The mailbox isn't working on specific platforms (console) Aberration Hazard Suit - Invalid crafting materials Explorer Notes - Some are reporting the inability to see explorer notes [Confirmation Needed] Bee Hives - Some are reporting the inability to harvest beeswax and problems with beehive functionality. Aberration Saddles - Some aberration saddles appear to be missing S+ Green House Glass - Unable to be crafted in crafting tables Harpoon / Tanq Spear Bolt - Unable to craft Lumber Glass Ceiling - Placement issues on XBOX Quality of Life Bugs Snap Points - Revision on the snap points for Primitive+ structures Collision Boxes - Revision on collision for Primitive+ structures Damage Balance (Weapons, Plant X) - To accommodate for a primitive experience Lumber Texture/Mesh Changes - Structure changes mesh/textures after leaving render distance
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    Hello People, i'm new here and i thought nobody does this before so i start a guide for the Valguero Deep Sea Loot Crates. I made a guide on the german Arkforum: https://arkforum.de/thread/24353-guide-valguero-loot-crates/ And i made a Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6DtSjViacg I also edited the Valguero Explorer Map on Gamepedia: https://ark.gamepedia.com/Explorer_Map_(Valguero)# Sorry for my bad english i come from germany. 1. Loot Crate is by 48.7 / 35.6 here i found no danger nearly. // sometimes here will spawn a couple of Megalodons and Eurypterid 2. Loot Crate is by 46.2 / 32.8 also here no dangers //edit sometimes a Mosa/Alpha Mosa appears 3. Loot Crate is by 54.3 / 30.6 a couple of megalodons was here. 4. Loot Crate is by 35.7 / 33.8 And again i found nothing dangerous here. 5. Loot Crate is by 36.2 / 18.6 Everthing i found here was a couple of Eels. 6. Loot Crate is by 39.8 / 17.9 becareful here was a couple of jellyfishs. 7. Loot Crate is by 41.3 / 37.2 some Megalodons are here. 8. Loot Crate is by 39.8 / 29.8 just a couple of Megalodons was here. 9. Loot Crate is by 38.1 / 25.0 also just a couple of Megalodons. 10. Loot Crate is by 34.2 / 39.0 sometimes a couple of Megalodons here. that was all Loot Crates i found. I hope someone helps this. CrazyZocker90
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    I do not believe the GM/Enforcers are helping another player/tribe to harass you. WC stated it multiple times that if you claim an area; you should establish there. If you don't, and just claim land in prevision of maybe perhaps you might or might not build there in 6 months or 2 years down the line and in the meanwhile someone else want to make good use of the land then I would side by them too. I mean, they are establishing there while you are just monopolizing space that nobody else can use while you yourself are not even using it. At least, this is what I understood of the situation; you pillared the land of your allies that decayed, someone else established nearby and needed more space to expand so they reported your pillars. Try to view it just like a neutral source would; on one side there is a sea of pillars, on the other there is a base with activity and dinos. Who is more entitled to expand than the other? And does the pillars side fall under "preventing other players to play"? I'd say so, personally. I would recommend that if you claim land to establish on it right away. Claiming land for "future use" always ends the same way; it rarely ever gets used and is just preventing others from using it. Admins can see if a structure was build before another by inspecting it and looking at their ID (for example, Pillar_C_1 was placed before Pillar_C_3, etc). But the "age of a structure" is irrelevant. It is not a matter of who claimed the area first, but who is making better use of the space as stated above. And as also mentioned, I would also personally side with the active base over the sea of pillars.
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    In that area its not so bad, except for an overabundance of Squids. So its advisable to try and lure it away from the other Squids, I've seen ocean-floor traps for Squids and they seem to work fairly well. But I always just tame them in open-water, and it works fine as long as you are careful.
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    Just tried to start a new prim plus today on SE, and all the prim plus engrams just don't exist, it's like I'm basically playing regular ark. Got to level 25 before Inoticed I couldn't find any P+ engrsms so I searched a common thing like lumber and got no results. What the hell ark.
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    1) Griffin is the only flyer that allows firing weaponry (from the flyer position). 1 hand or 2 hand depends on weapon you are firing. Tapejera allows passengers firing. Rock Drake is a glider but allows rider and passenger weaponry. 2) Plant X is located in swamp biomes mostly. I don't have specific coordinates. Plant Y is found in the purple plants mostly on Ragnarok and Scorched Earth. Purple plants are in many spots on both maps. I'm not sure if they are available on Valguero. 3) You need to tame a Bee to get a beehive. Once you tame the bee and grab it, it turns into a beehive in your inventory. Then you can place the beehive. Wild beehives are located on redwood trees and mountain/cliff sides. You must destroy the beehive, fight off the bees that attack, while using kibble or mutton or rare flowers to passively tame the Queen. That's an old video but it gives you the idea.
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    There are other dinos that can be used as bait, too. Spinos are actually pretty good for it because of the HP regen you get while in water coupled with their speed. But taking your 100% I-finally-got-all-my-stats-on-one imprinted Spino probably isn't a great idea! The above is all MY way, other ways work, like Spinos, Mosas, Plessies, and others. I just like using Turtles because they are cheap. Just keep in mind that two tames can not be used at all: Squids and Basilos. You can use em as an escort for clean-up, but Squids won't grab other Squids or Basilos, and they need to hold something to be tamed due to their high aggression (lest they kill you very badly). This does not work. You are more than welcome to bring extra weight and gear to Squid taming, but my testing on this ages ago as well as right now to re-confirm shows that shooting it doesn't cause it to let your dinosaur go (although it does not hurt TE, strangely). In ARK we have to look for predictable results, and if the results aren't 100% steady it is not a predictable thing, just a fluke. Shooting the Squid doesn't cause it to release your dinosaur. If you shoot it two, or five, ten times and then it releases, the arrows didn't make it let go, it just let go. It releases it after a bit of time, and sometimes doesn't, but in the case of my friend's Mosa, nothing would release it. He de-rendered, he shot it, he even punched it. To reiterate, don't give anything to the Squid that you aren't willing to lose. That is why Turtles are great, because they are expendable.
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    Thanks very much for the reply. There are amazing suggestions that your reply includes. Also, it is a good feeling to see, that my suggestions find a positive resonance within the evolved community. I did not even think yet about seasons, but you are right, they are needed, too. Still , as the days in Ark are short, I would go for shorter seasons that those mentioned 60 days. Maybe 10 to 15 days for each season. But that is my own opinion, I am looking forward to see more feedback from other players. I want to know, what they think about all this here. I also agree with all your other suggestions. And here's one more from my side: 25 - Animals: Mutated Meganeura Same shape as a regular meganeura, but 2 to 3 meters (yards) long. Can be tamed. Relatively low fighting values due its low health points (since its body is so slender and easily breakable by brute force during attack)). But its ability to hover and to be controlled with one hand, makes it to an excellent flyer for building structures and/or painting them. Other attributes: regular flight speed extremely low, but high flying speed is very high. High stamina. Medium melee. Low or medium weight. Taming: meats. Everyone: what do you think about all these suggestions in the previous two postings above? Please add your feedback!
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    I think anyone who has played ark for a while has felt both ways about this subject. I was once anti-pillaring, then my friends and I began to see more of the endgame. As more people move in around you, you have to venture farther and farther for wood and stone, thatch and flint. Meat runs take longer and longer, which is time out of your day. After a certain point the PVE game is all about a scheduled grind. Oh, then that guy, you know, THAT guy, set up a shack right outside my dino gate, I couldnt even get out. Eventually you discover the magic that is the Rex, and how few spawn areas there actually are for this guy when you are digging for a 150 to breed with your other 150, and some dirty little nub has his hump shack on top of one of those few. But you get yourself a rex line going, start wanting to do boss fights, and its caving time....you need guns, finally, on pve. So you probably want a mammoth or a beaver to mass harvest wood for charcoal for bullets. Well everyone built on the beaver spawns, and the north is dominated by alpha tribe, looking more like a labyrinth than a biome, but they will sell you a mammoth if you'll farm spino sails! great! those spinos have killed me so many times, I got this. But wait, why, who builds a base here, of all places, here. So no spino sails, no mammoth, no beaver, guess crossbow it is, doable, but some pew pew would be better. You get the idea. I would love to say that people shouldn't pillar, but I can't. Now maybe a better way to pillar would be nice.
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    Don't you read the forums? We PvP because we're toxic sociopaths who suck at the game and take it out on the world by wrecking innocent jerboa farms.
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    You can find some high lvl in center too, and use plesi or mosa its the best way. If the squid didn't release it after you feed it, just hit it with some arrow. Also kite it near to the surface just like a plesi tame
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    Because in my honest opinion this game has some cool stuff going for it with the complexity and tames and such but its all pointless unless theres something to use it for. PvP is the ultimate challenge. Sure losing stuff is frustrating at times but i enjoy trying to do as much as i can by losing as little as i can. I love the mind games and diplomacy in the community. I love hiding my stuff and I love coming up with new ideas to do things solo (im a small tribes solo player). There has never been a game that challenges me to think outside the box and express my ingenuity quite like this one. That more than outweighs any frustration for me. Ofc i only play in winter cuz life happens but still lol.
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    I agree with every bug this person listed. As I stated in my previous comment, Primitive Plus is easily the BEST version of this game and it DESPERATELY needs attention. All the futuristic nonsense can be tabled for later. Fixing and updating Primitive Plus will make such a large portion of your game fanbase happier than any of the new DLCs ever could. Trust us.
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    no they acquire the target at the same rate it may seem faster at the shorter range but that's just a side effect of the area covered, if the critter were some how able to get into range on a high setting to the same place as a low setting kicks in, it would be exactly the same reaction time for the turret. same with plant species X
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    PVE-Official-Valguero Well no griefing today found at the base, so that's good. Spent most the day on here, first making parts to finish the gate on the courtyard, and taring down part of the old gate that was put up, got it and the corner towers done, then decided to work on the velon for abit, so I hopped on the island and brought tbe baby velon over to valguero. Tossed them all out and got them lined up. Got all but 3 up to 10+%, the other three are just shy of it. So next time i'll be able to toss them out and put them on the feeding troughs. That'll be good, maybe get them all done this weekend while getting meat is easier The dino pen is unfinished inside, but the walls and gates are up, and the 4 tek troughs in the middle of the room cover pretty much the whole area for it, which is good, theres a few spots that won't be hit but its covered enough to put the rexs in here and our flyers. Still want to get another 4 tek troughs going in there so that there are 8 total, that way when the babies are out I won't have to refill them as often. I think were just going to do 8 at a time when they are up, my mate brought over 9 baby velon of his own too to raise, so that's 22 in total that we have to raise still. going to pop back on a little later to check the troughs, they are all full of cooked meat but I'm not sure how fast these little guys are going to empty them out, it took them a hour to take one down 3/4ths the way so im thinking 4 hours tops, but im gonna check sooner then that just to be on the safe side, Never left babies out before when I've been offline on official servers so this will be a new thing for me... just want to get them all done and over with, so I can move on to some others that take much much longer to raise.
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    Today sadly I lost my character on xbox pvp small tribes during a transfer. Wild Card was quick to respond but still sad I lost the little I had but happy I'll get my levels back at least. It took about 2 hours from the time I submitted the ticket to get a response which I was glad about since other posts put the ticket response time to a few weeks. I have to wait till Monday night to get my exp back but until then I guess I'll just hand harvest and attempt to start taming something.
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    All hail the dodorex ! Long live the King !
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    Someone posted about it on the Community Crunch, so I'm just gonna share it here for anyone who wasn't sure if colors were just from candies or not.
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    The default stack sizes are intentional. If you want different stack sizes, WC added the settings. But you have to play on a unofficial servers. Which is what you should choose if you don't like the vanilla settings.
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    Man who make mistake in elevator... Wrong on many levels.
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    Spent the day trying to hide from my korean/chinese/russian overlords. Hell if i know what they are it just shows up as boxes anyways. Spent 3 days in game and have little to show besides a ptera and some cheap tames but im determined. They can wipe everyone else off server but ill still be there waiting for the day they fall even if i spend months naked living in a hidden stone box with nothing lol. I wanted a sheep so i could get mutton to tame something half decent. I was in hide with metal tools at least and my ptera was decent. I was poking around highlands on Rag. Always seems like bad idea to go to highlands. Anywho one of them drops down by me on a lvl 280 something griff. He picks me up and i poke him with my sad pike and he puts me down a couple times. He says hes gunna give me something. Turned out to be some garbo hide and fiber and a cryopod. I played the thankful noob and took the cryopod but i was a lil suspicious. I never did get my sheep cuz i ate my cake when he landed. A lil while later im flying around looking for i forget what prolly crystal or something. I see the guy on the griff. I set down to recover stam on the ptera and the guy comes at me. I can take maybe 4 hits max before im dead. I fly up and dart away. He pursues me, trying to tear me out of the air. I realize the motive behind that cryopod. Odds are pretty good he simply wanted to kill me later and take the sheep. I shoot between a brontos legs. I knew i couldn't win this fight and I knew my odds of survival were slim but i was determined to make a go of it at least. I try to aggro him onto anything i can. I want him to waste stamina. My only chance is to evade long enough for his mount to tire or to lose him in the dense vegetation. I juke like a bat as he spins around for another dive at me. I spiral around a cliff and weave between trees, anything to make it harder for him to track me. Any time i broke away for a few seconds i would drop into a bush to hide and recover stam while he wasted some time looking for me. He was never far behind and he knew it but that tiny reprieve would buy me time and energy to leap into the air and evade him again. I managed to break away and dive into the canyons to escape. I dropped and hid in a bush and held my breath. One heartbeat... two.. three it went on forever. I forcefed my poor tired and bloody ptera. Something griffin shaped hit the waterfall. I dunno if it was him or not cuz griffs do spawn there and freq fall off the cliffs above. I wasn't taking any chances though. If it was him he would have been kicked off his mount the minute he hit the water. I leapt up, rapidly scaling the cliffs and disappeared into the forest. I took the long way home, always clinging to cover and always looking over my shoulder. Was a hell of an escape i didn't think id pull off honestly. I def felt like the mouse fleeing the cat. I found out just skeevy and hostile the alphas are. Bring it on then lol. Go take my crap out of my sad stone box. But one day when you've grown fat and complacent I'll be there.
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    Took a break on Wednesday. Yesterday ended up being productive. Ran swamp cave and hit 2 red drops outside, nothing again. Headed back to base. Popped some spino eggs, got the HP mut I needed for my stack. Looked at my pair of tapejaras and decided to go ahead and breed them. The stats aren't the best but tapes are rare, and I've found myself grabbing the female more often than the argents these days. Long story short I've now got 5 tapejaras; the original female I'm keeping, a perfect stat pair, a cyan mut I happened to pop, and: I named her Boo, being that it's October and all. She didn't get all of my stats, but I feel like she got the best possible color combination out of her parents. It's weird to feel this way about pixels but sometimes you tame/hatch an animal and you just immediately get attached to it, well that's why I decided to keep Boo instead of rebreeding her colors onto a full stat tape. This isn't an active breeding line or anything anyway, the stats are not bloodline quality, but it was something to do and now I have backup tapes in case I need them. I also bred a mutated pair of spinos I had kept aside for color projects and got both of the combinations I wanted out of them, so I'm quite happy with that. Neither project is finished, need to get lucky on color muts. It'll mess the counter up something fierce, but these are only for colors so it makes no difference. I'll breed the stats in later and the counter won't matter then anyway. The new rexes grew up and I put them into breeding rotation. And that was about it for the day. Spent most of it popping eggs and managing the babies. I really need somewhere to house all these birds, my little deck has enough space for my "rescue ranger" ptera and my 3 main argents, but definitely not enough room for 5 tapes, plus all of the breeding argents I have scattered around. Still looking for a high weight argent to tame too.
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    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnn worst day of my ark life ever, so riley recently got a ps4 and bought ark. our friend hornet also parently has a ps4 and ark even though when i asked the group riley and i play with they all said no or dont have ark on it. so riley said hornet has been playing on an official server, it is pve and lightly populated. but the few people that do play on it are friendly. so i figure sounds ok. so hornet sends us an invite to join the server. i dont know the name of the server and honestly it does not matter cause now when ever i have official set as active all i have to do to join it is press join last server played on. or what ever it called. anyway the map is val. riley and i spawned on the beach opposite from the white cliffs. we made the usual pick and hatchet. next was spears. me being the more experienced player we decided i would be the one to get the first set of metal gear. i forgot how long it take to harvest enough stone for even on mortar. let alone 2. so we made a 4x4 thatch hut. we tamed some dodos and lystros. dodos to make kibble and the lystros for the experience. we started breeding the dodos to get more females. now i remember. so we finally got our first forge up and places what tiny amount of metal we had in there. as i was out collecting berries i find a moschops. its lvl 20. and it want mejos. so i feed it, next it want tintos. i give it that then it want organic poly. it finally tamed and we had our first tame. not what we wanted but hey u gatta work with what ya got. i used chops to harvest some narcos and make some narcotics. we made a smithy and crafted our first pick. i used it to get metal form the river rocks. we had enough to make another pick, 2 hatchets and 2 pikes. i worked on collecting resources to make a raft while Riley made 5 more mortars. he worked on collecting stone and flint to make spark powder to level up. we were lvl 30 and doin fine. we bout to start building raft when all of a sudden a giga comes from nowhere and kil us and our dodos. chops ran into the water, i forgot to whistle passive. i respawn and run back over. and in the sky is a dude on a ptera watchign us. i ask him in chat if he done this. he said he sure did and was proud of it. i asked why and he said he wanted to take our stuff. he must not have realised we had very little. the guy was already in flak and had a ptera, so he was surely more kitted than us. i ran into the water and got chops. riley was screaming at the mic cursing the dude. i said he cant hear u it no point. we managed to get away with chops and our bodies. i had the raft and riley also snagged the 50 metal ingots we had along with the spark powder. we made it to the white cliff beach and sat there for a bit. the griever f*cked off so we could relax. but there was not a lvl 65 giga across from us. i asked on chat and people said he was new to the server. he joined a few days ago and had built in the snow. he has been dragging dinos into bases and he has been clearing the beaches with a giga he found. as we were builing a new base we see an argent. "great, he's back" i said. turns out it was the guy who i was talking to in chat. he gave us 2 cryoed argent, a beaver, deodic, anky, two gachas both with element dust and they can breed, a rex, a pair of mutated breeding velanos and a few other small tames. he also gave us some decent bits of armor including a full set of asc flak and master craft ghillie. we also got some guns and some a bunch of building suplies. most of the tames were mutated or at least bred. they all had names indicating what mutations they had and how many in each stat. also forgot to mention he gave us saddles for al the creatures. i just want to take a minute to say thx to this guys. dude if you happen to be reading this thx alot. we really apreciate you helping us and expecting nothing in return. if only all ark players were like that. ok so anyway we built a base near that tall rock thing btween the redwood area and the white cliffs. the guy gave us a decent amount of metal structures including gates so first thing we done was block all ways up to our base. next we built a main house. then i used my awsome buidling skills to make a barn for us to store some of our dinos in. i have started on a breeding pen. if riley and i end up choosing to stay and we get to tek stage we plan on making an underwater base to store and do things like breeding. nothing underwater can brake tek. but that is way off. i logged off to do my assingments but riley said he wanted to keep goin. i logged on this morning and found had had finished the breeding pen and had bred the velanos. there was and egg in the fridge. we are gonna play this afternoon and hoepfully meet up with hornet when he logs on.
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    Greetings Survivors! Zen Rowe here; for anyone that doesn’t know, I am the Mod Community Manager here at Studio Wildcard. We’re starting a new segment where we will look at the mod authors and the projects that can add so much extra life to a game. Today we’re going to be talking to Garuga123! Why don't you introduce yourself and tell us a bit about the project you are sponsored for. That's amazing, We don't have too many creators in the community that create new creature assets. If you don't mind me asking, could you tell us a bit about your background? What do you do outside of modding? Wow, so your background ties pretty heavily into what you do for your mods. It's always interesting to see how our history can impact our creations. Monster Hunter is a great game to take inspiration from as well. For anyone that wants to find you, do you have any social media channels that you are active in? That is fantastic, being able to see someone's workflow in action is an incredibly useful resource for new mod authors that might not be familiar with the particular medium they are trying to tackle. On top of that, attempting to stream while you work is incredibly difficult, there is so much trying to draw your attention. That's impressive. What originally brought you to start modding for the first time? Was it for ARK or for another game? Yeah, it's unfortunate, I know that a lot of people like seeing their favorite characters from TV and other games popping up in the world, but unfortunately that is an ever-present risk to such creations. Mods that use that content will probably get taken down at some point and copyright law is a messy thing that I don't recommend getting pulled into. I am glad that the experience did not discourage you from continuing! Let's switch gears for a moment because I'd like to talk about your creations. In particular, I'd like to look at my favorite one, the Brachiosaurus. (Credit to @UpFromTheDepths for this video) This thing is fantastic. When you showed me some videos of the working creature in development, I was awestruck. The first time I saw it rear up I was thinking "What is it going to do? Is it afraid? Is it going to fall over? Will it do a trick?", and then those legs came crashing down and it was a great moment of suspense in the design of the creature. The taming mechanic was a fantastic touch as well. Can you give me a bit of a high-level rundown on your process for creating a creature like this? Would you say you managed to capture your original vision for what these creatures would be? Did you have to make any compromises along the way? I think that's a great way to approach adding new creatures. And yours blend so well with the core game that if I didn't know better I would have a hard time identifying that they weren't. Since I've got you here... do you have any super-secret content that you are working on that you would be willing to reveal for us? That does sound interesting! Aside from balance, are there any other significant challenges you expect to face when creating it? I look forward to seeing what you manage to create with this idea! To wrap up, is there any advice you would like to give to any new mod authors that would like to make new creatures? Sound advice for anyone interested in making mods for ARK! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today, Garuga. Until next time, Happy Modding! Twitter: twitter.com/survivetheark Facebook: facebook.com/survivetheark Reddit: reddit.com/r/playark Instagram: instagram.com/survivetheark Twitch: twitch.tv/survivetheark Steam: steamcommunity.com/app/346110 Youtube: youtube.com/survivetheark
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    so if you have read my last few posts u know i have two survivors on a server. a bounty hunter/ mercenary and a casual player. so the other day i raided a base to take a rifle blue print that a survivor did not want to share with the community. so using my casual player i raided the base and took the blue print. bty the longneck has over 1000 damage, so it will be a taming and combat beast. anyway i go into hiding as the dude is now bent on killing me and my destroying everything i have. so i uploaded him after safely storing everything i have in my hidden water fall base and i downloaded my bounty hunter survivor. so i went to my stall and guess who is there. the guy i raided, he hired me to kill kodking, which is my casual survivor. i had no idea what to do. but when i told my friend on the server about it he offered to upload his casual character and make a character that looks exactly like mines which is not hard as i just go with default build with red eyes and cyan hair. so he names himself kodking and names his tribe after mine.. i knock him out and take him to my bounty base where the dude comes to interogate my friend. all he basicly done was threaten to destroy everything unless he got his BP back. my friend said to die in a hole. so the dude just raged and left the base. he did say to throw my friend in the jail cells. i done so but let him out later. he changed back to his normal survivor and that my delemir was sorted. i doubt this will be the last time this happens. also been breeding those theriz and rexes i tamed on my singal player world
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    OR they can make Parasaurs detect actually useful and record all player names with steam account in tribe log
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    Unofficial Ark and Single player is great.
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    As it has been a while since I played actively, I decided to hunt around and see what I had been working on - breeding wise. Sabers, Daedons and as usual my Pteras - so hatched and popped a few out. Im not looking for anything totally out there as I know I can get some from friends on the server at silly levels, other than Pteras as mine are one of the higher ones out there but my Saber came out at 259 with a high HP stat missing so that should be bred at 285 by the end of it, just trying to get a set of colours on it now too... could take me a few weeks. The Daedon came out at 265 but with a silly high HP stat still to go on it, so that should pop out 290 if my calculations are correct. Finally... finally... finally, I got a new (mut free) Stam stat from a friends random event catch for me. Its only a 517 but its better than my current clean 495 so I will trash all my old lines, get my clean line up and running again before getting my mut lines starting all over again with my new clean bird haha. For those who know me on this thread... my pteras have not had any new stats for a long long time
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    This morning was an emotional roller coaster of events. First while flying around trying to find obsidian and crystal so I can make more upgrades to our base I must have ended up where I died a while back because there up in the sky just flapping happily away was the pteranodon that I thought I had lost a week ago! I was on cloud 9 and I should have known that it wasn't gonna last because this game sucks like that... Made it back to base with my MIA ptera and the one that I tamed the other morning. Parked them in their area and proceeded to jump on my Arky to try and get some more metal and rock to finish the walls of the barn I'm trying to make before I leave for a week. Can we talk about the sensitivity of trikes for a moment. Because I didn't even see this one in my view and when I went to get some berries out of a bush I some how triggered this thing to attack me and down went me and my Arky..(RIP Bumi) Ok I'm upset that its gone but I got the saddle back and it wasn't that big of a level so I can tame another one. No big deal. So I start to run around and try and gather things that I need to get a tame going run back to base and I see my jerboas and dodos going crazy in the corner of our base and hear a ruckus outside. I run out and see that a raptor came and tried to eat my doedi which caused my lower level ptera to fly down and start attacking which ONCE AGAIN caused a trike to join the fight and dragged a turtle in the fight as well. When it was all said and done the turtle, trike and raptor were dead, but so was my ptera (RIP Sherri). Found a new Anky to tame and with the help of my GF who watched it for me while I got ready for work we are only down on bird. (Please don't die soon Toph) But on the plus side got some large planter boxes built and have crops growing so hopefully soon I can start making kibble which will help with taming of things and not having to rely on trying to scrounge for narco berries all the time.
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    so i raided someone yesterday afternoon. nothing too big. i heard he had an op rifle BP so i broke in and took it. i intend on return it. the dude did not want to share it with the server so i made it my mission to steal if from him to share with rest of server. best thing is i did not leave a trace to say it was me so he should not have found it was me, sadly someone leaked it was me and now i am a wanted man by one of the most weaponized tribes on the server. so i decided to upload my casual character and go as bounty. so i arrive at my store and if find the guy who i raided there waiting. for a moment i thought he knew i was the bounty hunter and my casual players. anyway i ask him what he want and he says he wants me to kill kodking. so to recap i raided a base for the strongest longneck rifle BP on the server which has over 1000 damage. and now i have been hired to hunt down and kidnap myself. ii asked what he planned to do with kodking and he said that was personal. so i accept due to the fact at my stall a sign says i can be hired to kill anyone for the right price. i am also being payed 1000 element for this. i fly by my base and find it has been raided. luckily i cryoed and stored my tames in my secret waterfall base as i had a felling he would raid me. i cant figure out what to do. i cant kill myself and hand myself over. if anyone got any ideas i am open to suggestions. also tamed some rexes and therizinos on my singal player world.
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    I hatched my new wyvern on Val. An ice wyvern level 165, not too sure if the stats are good but he will surely help me get more eggs without dying a million times. Thought about taming but 2x ended and I was not feeling up to it. Tried to gather special eggs for kibble. Sat around my base and stared at my baby wyvern afk. Just waiting for it to grow now
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    PvP players... need your atention. I understand the events .. but fix stuff!! New cluster needed or reset official. Focus on the Cheaters fast.. ! you have a game with great potential ..but atm is just a massive fail. No one wants to play a bug / cheat/ aim /dup game ..
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    Soon enough these trolls are going to bring capped servers back. I'd suggest neutral Giga's and turret mode Velo's. You can place dino leashes inside right next to the wall, so the perimeter extends past, so that the Giga's aren't kited off. Tek turrets aren't too bad against corrupted either. Maybe even a couple neutral enforcers. They are soft but with everything else helping and 4x damage it may be enough to cover you for the 15 minutes it takes for ORP to kick in. Or really teach a lesson and make 10 turret towers with 20 velo's each. They won't be able to get close to the base. An exercise in futility. No map you paid for should be off limited because of trolls. WC needs to solve it and stop putting the buck on their customers. What other business/company does that? "We need x,y,z coords. You have to go into single player, go to the place you had the issue, and type this command to get them." Really? I thought my part of the transaction was complete. I gave you money so I could play a game. I didn't know you hired me to troubleshoot for you. Ridiculous.
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    NA-PVE-CrossPlayOfficial-Valguero1172 Been a few day since posting last. Got the GF to start playing as well so now got extra help gathering and hunting. Tamed a new ptera and was enjoying being mobile again but that got killed by a raptor sadly. Tamed a Trike yesterday but got that one killed because apparently it has a Huge hit box and I hit another trike on accident trying to gather berries and it called its friends in to attack me and my trike. Got a couple dodos (Pinky and Hal Jordan) and two jerboas as well cause I love those little things. Tamed a doedicurus to try and help gather stone and metal and figured out that it doesn't gather metal so next on the list is a steggo which I've seen a few nearby. Also tamed a NEW ptera this morning as well so am about to fly. Made myself a raft to be able to go across the river to gather the good trees instead of the driftwood on the beach and I'm currently working on a barn to store all the dinos we have currently and any future ones.
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    spawned on val got set up then by the the end of the day had killed 13 raptors
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    PS4 - Unofficial Cluster This weekend I managed to finally start transferring all of my dinos and stuff from my Valguerro base in the aberration zone, over to my preferred base location near the spire along the lake. It is a large flat space, so I started building a medium sized barn. I got it all done except the roof, which I will need to do, as this cluster allows dino pick up, and I'm wary of some troll picking up and moving my small dinos. I got all the necessary appliances installed except for a cooker, which I will do later. I transferred all of the resources and nearly everything else from the underground location. Just have some more artifacts back at the old location. I then transferred over some of my Reapers from Abberration, so I now have about 15 Reapers on Valguerro. I will use some of them to fight the broodmother, along with my Megatheriums. Over on Abberration, I ran into a cold streak with the Reapers, only getting normal looking babies, and finding fewer and fewer Queens. On Friday the server event was switched to Easter, so I had hoped for some cool colored babies, but I ended up only getting 2 colored babies out of 6-7 pregnancies, and the colors were boring. So I took a break and went looking for shine horns or other cool dinos. I decided I wanted some cool high level Abberrant Spinos, so I kept looking until i got back up into the Green zone along the river. I ended up finding and taming a pair of near max level Spinos. After demolishing my trap, it got dark very quickly, but I noticed a fire in the distance, so I made my way over to it. The name of the tribe was new to me, and the base was unfinished and mostly made from thatch walls. So I called out in chat since I could tell the person was online. A moment later the person arrived back at their base. naked with no light (in the dark of Abberration) I asked them if they were new, and he said yes, just started that day. He asked me a few questions, as he hadn't played in many months, and had forgotten how to tame dinos. He also noticed my Owl, and wondered how I got one. I told him that this is a 3 map cluster, and that I transferred over the Owl from another map that I had tamed it on. And that flyers were allowed on this map. I then went thru my inventory and dumped a bunch of stuff for him. (I had been hitting drops while searching for Spinos) I didn't give him anything OP, since I want him to work a little, but certainly enough stuff to make his life easier. He said thank you and I was off back to my base. I then hit the Drake trench and came away with about 16 eggs, including about 5 very high level eggs, and one that was I hoped a cool event colored one. Got back to base and transferred the eggs to Ragnarok, as I have a drake capable hatchery already built there. Hatched up the 5 high level eggs, and got 2 sets of twins, and I was correct about the color event egg, as it was bright blue and pink with black just like the one I killed while stealing it. One other was a bright green with Yellow. So I spent the rest of the evening raising and imprinting those, while working on my Rag base. I tamed a max level colored Anky, as I needed one for Valguerro, and I also went out and tamed some max level veloansaurs. I was really lucky, and found 2 max females and 1 max male in less than 30 minutes (The velos were added to the Rag desert) I plan on bring some Velos along with my Rexes and Yuty, next time I do the Rag bosses. Finally I was exhausted and logged off for the weekend.
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    Been a few weeks since I posted here but I made plenty of progress. As for my solo series, I am coming along very well on Aberration and I'm almost ready to take on Rockwell (gamma). - Built a tek replicator along with a proper base. - Bred some megalosaurus for a trip down in the red (drake eggs) - Hatched and raised a dozen 180+ rock drakes. (A 185 hatched at 380% melee!) - Got my hands on a first trash reaper, from a 85 queen. - Also gave birth later on this week to a 220 reaper (from a 145 queen). - Crafted a cloning chamber, for the upcoming reaper army. Just need to place the damn thing properly.... Regarding the solo video recordings, I did a few more, yet to be published : - Beta Broodmother. - Beta Megapithecus. - Gamma dragon. As for the ice themed map, I'll pause the work on it for now due to IRL constraints. In fact, I'm looking to change jobs and will undertake classes in cyberscurity at the university this winter. Cheers!
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    She's beautiful. I would name her Pumpkin if she were mine.
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    Well, I've had a relatively dull Ark week since my last post. Partly why I haven't posted, there just isn't anything worth talking about. Week 3 of hunting for a rex saddle bp came and went without success. I haven't been playing as much simply because, well, I'm getting bored. I don't want to start too many side projects on this map when I know anything I do now I'll probably have forgotten about by the time I come back to The Island, so literally everything I've been doing is investing in boss fights. And even continuing breeding, my lines haven't been giving me that much success either. I've advanced my rex HP stack by 2 and melee not at all. My spino HP stack has advanced by 2, hitting just under 9k at hatch now. I don't plan to make this my main line anyway, it's just for fun. I vastly prefer aberrant spinos for their awesome glowyness and also because they really need that extra 5% boost to melee imo. The most exciting part of the weekend was taming a max level tapejara; Halloween themed to boot: She doesn't have a name yet, and I kind of don't want to jinx it by naming her since she's my only tape. Stats aren't great, but she's immediately become my de facto drop runner because she's so much faster and more maneuverable than the workhorse argents. I actually forgot how much I enjoy flying on these, it's been so long since I had one. Hopefully I can get her a mate at some point and breed up a baby. Eventually I think I'd like to have a stamina focused breeding line, maybe with HP and some weight too. Melee, not really useful on these but then that's what the tek saddle is for. I wish they actually came in tek variant. I think anything that has a tek saddle should have a wild tek variant, because normal saddles look silly on tek animals and a tek saddle is 1000x cooler on a tek animal. Also since spinos don't have an alpha variant they should come in tek and have a tek saddle too. They don't even get a bone costume and they would look amazingly terrifying if they did. Anyway. That's about it for me. Just alternating between breeding and drop running. Taking a bit of a break from swamp cave, I am so, so sick of it and the stupid arthros constantly breaking my armor. It's a cheap mechanic that doesn't make the cave harder, it just makes it more irritating to go through. I don't even die if all 3 sets of armor breaks, I have enough HP to survive the run back out again. So it's just a waste of time and resources. At least running drops I get to look around for neat things, like the tape that I found as I was out and about scouting for red drops by the volcano.
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    so i am now the servers bounty hunter. i can be hired by anyone to kill or abduct anyone, i can also be hired as a mercenary. so i woke up and logged onto the server. i go check out the contract box and sweet mama. i have a but load of contracts. so turns out this solo guy who lives in the middle of the desert has been blowing peoples bases up and wiping peoples progress. so i have bout 10 tribes asking for the same guy to be taken out. so i prep for a raid and head out. surprisingly this guy has very little turrets set around his base. instead he has velanos. dont get me wrong they good and all but they did not even shoot. so i set his walls with C4 and blew them up. his base was literally the weakest base ever. little turrets. no base defence what so ever. i blew another hole into his main base and started looking for him. being a master in hiding i checked all the places i could think of, and i found him crouching under his bed. i tranq him and loot him. i then cuff him and bola him. picked him up with my ptera and carried him to the box. i later returned and destroyed the rest of his base. i know have him locked up in my bounty prison. no one knows where it is. so i have my first prisoner locked up and i cant wait to fill it up with more prisoners. i also tamed some rexes with my ally. so cant wait till this afternoon when i can play again.
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    so i was out on my new mutated argent which someone gave me for clearing out that greiver along with a velano. and i see a swarm of fliers heading down to a base near viking bay. so i follow and sit on the sea stack near the end of the bay and watch the raid. sadly a solo player's base was blown up in the process. i told my ally about it and he said it common to have constant tribe wars and smaller tribes being caught in the middle of it. i totally fine with wars. but when innocents are being harmed or affected that when i get salty. so i told him about me becoming a bounty hunter. he said to talk to the server owners on discord and fill them in. so i do just that. the owners give me the thumbs up. they built a small stall at the community market where people could put in contracts. i told my ally and the admins to not go exposing my identity. my plan was i join in a a boss battle that is held on the weekends, learn the transmitter and upload my casual character. and when needed i go as my bounty character. so i done that. i also left me some gear and a clone of the argent i got in a vault. i take the stuff as my new character called Bounty, tribe of bounty hunter. so now i all set. i also tamed some pteras and used my allies breeding chamber to combine the stats. so the idea is i use the ptera for stealth. and eventually get a drake. i went to the stall and already had a few contracts. i looked through and the viking bay tribe leader requested for the sky tribe leader to be kidnapped and taken to my interrogation box. so i had my first mission. my first goal was to scout the base. second was to wait for the leader to expose himself. then i would strike. the base was in the red cliffs. on one of the tall flat areas. i say there watching their base. eventually the leader flew out on his griffin. so i had my target. now i had to catch him. it was easy to stay hidden as he seemed to not watch his back. i zoomed in and picked him up. quickly flying away so that he could not whistle his griffin on me. i raced to the box and dropped him in. i contacted my contractor and while i waited i knocked him out and took all of his stuff and placed it in the confiscation vault. they talked and from what i know they are on a probationary treaty. if either of them lift a pinky at the other in a bad way i have orders to take which ever one of them out that made the action. i like being a bounty hunter as it gives me a reason to use my skills in stealth and espionage alot more than usual.
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    Personally, I do like a large majority of the suggestions listed, but there are so many, it is a little difficult to address them individually as is - so I copied the items listed down to comment on a few. 01 - Rain: Weather Seasons - I would suggest on expanding on this one and to go as far as having in-game seasons. I think it would be a nice mix. Such as 60 in-game days = One season. Then you would have a rotation of the 4 season. Spring - Summer - Fall - Winter. It could be set to follow the patterns of the year, or simply have its own seasonal system in game with adjustable settings for Unofficial Servers/Cluster. Each season could have its own - more likely weather issues such as heat waves, heavy rains, and possibly extend to the falling of leaves or the color of the grass on the ground. 02 - Rain: Slippery Slopes During Rain - Like it. 03 - Rain: Health Risks - Like it. 04 - Rain: Rain Gear - I am always for new gear to wear. We have very few options as is, and most of the clothing skins sets we have seem incomplete or out of character. Having another option to mix in would be nice. 05 - Storms - I like the idea of have a few more weather patterns added, and that they would have a bit more of an effect on the map itself besides blinding us with seemingly non-stop lightning flashes (The Center). Even simply things such as lightning hitting a tree and turning it into a charcoal tree, damaging structures that are taller than the tree line, or possibly knocking flyers off of birds that fly higher than the tree line. The water issues I would be interested in seeing as well, but I think I wait to see what the manage to do with water going forward prior to making any notes. 06 - Storms: Defense - Like it. 07 - Waves - If they could make it happen - I would be all for it. 08 - Waves. Raft Movement - The concept sounds simply enough - but I do not know enough about coding to say if this is truly "simple" or not. As is, I am good with the way things are unless they are able to make it work easily enough. 09 - Waves: Danger for Rafts - Much like those above - this is one where if they went that route - I would be all for it, but if it came down to this or new items/gameplay because of the complexity of the coding - I would probably place my vote with the other items. 10 - Berries: Identical Plants - Agreed 11 - Berries & Co: Variety - I agree with the idea that they should add more harvestable, plantable, and usable plantlife. Whether this is a prehistoric game, or simply Arks by Wildcards design - it never made much sense to me that the berry selection is so small. The Primitive Plus version of the game certainly stepped up this portion including grains and other items you could cook/craft. But there are still things that seemed to fall a bit short. There should be a large variety of bush, vine, and even tree harvestables that could be gathered/grown and harvested along with many other food items that could be crafted with them. 12 - Aquarium Crop Plot - Agreed. Even today we have uses for crops grown underwater or at the very least, grown surrounded by it. 13 - Dye Colors - Agreed. The colors we have are becoming somewhat stale and it would be nice to have some new ones to work with. 14 - Dye: Paint Effects - This is another point that would be awesome to see in game. In fact, on another post someone was asking about having some fluorescent glowing colors that we could use to paint items. Similar to the glow that you see in aberration. My suggestion then had been to mix Angergel with the colors to create the glow. It would give another use to the resource and a way to simplify the process. 15 - Maps: Involve Voxel Areas, 16 - Voxels: Cave Dangers, and 17 - Voxels: Don't Dig Too Deep - These seem to involve actually adjusting the map, and while I would be alright with some minor alterations, such as placing a foundation on the ground and allowing it to cut into the ground for placement to avoid clipping - even that is more than Ark seems to allow. As such I am going to have to pass. I only see this a possible meshing issue in the future. We already have enough problems with the ground layer of the map - messing with it further just seems to be asking for trouble. 18 - Game Crash in Mid-Air: Why Always Dead - SERIOUS / IMPORTANT - Having been one to experience this more times than not - I would agree that something should be done. In the meantime, I have taken to flying over laggy map areas low to the ground with a creature on neutral - follow to protect me from that which would kill me and some tek boots. If not locking characters mid-air on the creature, then at the very least, they should spawn on the ground below where they where they were flying to avoid the fall damage. 19 - More Fashion Wanted - This is something I have been requesting for the last few months, and have commented on nearly every suggestion I have seen with the concept brought up. A few of the situations I have come across are; New Skin Sets. We have a lot of skins that are basically random and some incomplete. Have you noticed the large number of hats in comparison to other clothing pieces? Or how some only apply to one or two clothing items and not the full suit? Having a few more that we can place on top of existing clothing/armor sets would be nice. Such as a Pirate set, Ranger set, Explorer set, Knight set, etc... Each having a Hat, Chest Piece, Pant, Glove, and boot skin included so the sets could be complete. New Hairstyles. As you mentioned, a variety of hairstyles that reach out to other nationalities and time periods would be a start. New Theme Sets New Clothing/Armor Sets. Cloth - Hide - Ghillie - Chitin - Scuba - Fur - Hazard - Flak - Riot - Tek. That is pretty much all we have. And in order to stay alive in game - more often than not we have to ditch the lower level items, even if they are at an ascension level, because they simply cannot match up to the higher level items. Which means that without skins, the only thing we can do is color the sets to create a slight amount of individuality. Personally, I would suggestion that each clothing set style be given an evolved form, like a cloth 2.0 that has a different look, better stats, and possibly better buffs in one area or another. By providing the same to the others - they could essentially double the number of clothing styles available. They too would have their own journeyman, mastercraft and ascension levels. It would give a bit of variety. 20 - New Animal Behavior Command: Attack until Own Health Level at 25-50-75% - It would be nice to have them only attack up to a point. Whistling passive works if you are in range, but if not, this would give us a way to make better the chances of your creatures survival. 21 - New Animal Behavior Command: Added Safespot - Neutral. Interesting idea, but not something I would use based on how I play the game. 22 - Pets on the Run - They do have the trackers in game already - they do look a little on on some of the creatures though based on their size and placement. Personally I wouldn't mind a second version that may resemble a collar with a charm of sorts for some of the creatures. 23 - Triangular Ceiling: Hatchframe - I don't tend to build with them - but I know those who do who would appreciate this 24 - Triangular Ceilings: Snap Points - Ditto to the above. And if you are wanting to expand on building items further, I would like suggest the following; 25 - Large Foundations - Arranged as either 2x2 or 3x3, they would allow us to cut down on lag in game. They would could only be placed in areas where foundations could normally sit - meaning they could not be placed to stick out over the edge of a cliff ( leave that to the cliff platforms), they would have to snap to the ground. 26 - Large Ceiling Tiles - Arranged as either 2x2 or 3x3, they would allow us to cut down on lag in the game. They too would follow the rules of their singular counterparts. A 2x2 tile segment could hang over the edge, but a 3x3 would require additional support such as foundations placed below or columns 27 - Square Wall Segments - the 4x1 large walls have been great, but it would be nice to be able to cut down on lag without having to build something that is so high. Having a 2x2 segment would allow us to do so. 28 - Small, Medium, and Large Columns - If you consider the standard column - just that - a standard. Then the Small column could be a 2 high, Medium a 3 high, and Large a 4 high. They would allow for columns to be placed in a way that would allow for us to dramatically cut down on lag when in use. 29 - Double Wide Spiral Stairs - The spiral staircases are pretty, and they fit neatly in a tight area, but I cannot tell you how many times I have fallen over the edge because of how narrow they are. It would be nice to have a spiral staircase that takes up a little more room - but at least would be safer to walk. 30 - Double Wide Tek Bridges or Connectable Tek Bridges - The Tek Bridges are nice, being that they are one of the few (only) bridge options we have. And they are narrow. If we could have wider bridges, or at the very least, be able to widen the bridge by placing more than one next to the other so that they would like together - that would be an awesome use. 31 - Large Cliff Platforms and Tree Platforms - Essentially large platforms to build with. Right now they are a decent size and having a larger variety could add to the type of structures you are able to build. And if you are wanting to expand on personalization options, I would suggest the following; 32 - Additional saddle types for different creatures. Currently most have one - or two saddles if they have a tek option - and regardless of how durable it is, they all look the same unless there is a skin. My suggestion would be to add new saddles for some of the creatures with different craft costs that would do different things when worn. Light saddles to add to speed, saddles that cut weight of certain items, saddles that will allow a second passenger, saddles that would act as a traveling refrigerator, saddles that would act as a traveling trough for other animals in the party, etc. Each with a different look. 33 - Additional saddle skins. We have a few that can wear a skin to change the saddle or the look of the creature. And we have some silly hats they can wear. But there are many that don't have an alternate skin to use. I mean, how fun would it be to have a Thyla skin that resembled a Lion or a Tiger for example? It would change thing up to have some fun. That is all I have time for for now. Again, love the list and hope I do not come across as too demanding or pushy with this - I simply enjoy adding to those suggestions which I enjoy.
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    Is any dev reading this? like, what happened to the fix, 6 months is a lot of time.
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    @Cedric Primitive plus is such a great side of ark that so many want to enjoy, those who are tired of filling turrets with bullets and spending days raiding folks. there are some bugs that have been around for so long on prim plus and from what we have read you are the only one working on it and you have a ton on your plate. Is it possible to let the community help with this? there are great modders, 3d model guys, that could really help out and not sure if thats an option or not. biggest issue im having right now is textures on xbox version of game on valguero not showing up in prim plus, which is a great map we want to play. also, when using lumber door frames on ceilings once you place a wall above them u cant walk through them and this has been an issue for a long time. please let us know and if needed ill download the dev kit and help as well, i have modeling experience and have built maps for older games, thanks.
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    On Ragnarok, there is a Wyvern Cave: You access it by a small hole next the waterfall, and there is no lava. When you grab eggs and go in the water, the wyverns being flyers stop chasing you. Manas are ideal for this as they can swim. Grab eggs, go in water, exit the cave, come back for more eggs.
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    Can we just have some news on Prim Plus please. You know all of the issues. You may not have a fix for them. Let us know this. Please do not reply, we are working on it. Just say that no one is working on it. That would be a better response. Valguero drops tomorrow. We want to know if Prim Plus is getting fixed at all. I am going to venture and say no. If I am right, just be honest. Quit lying to us. Again, quit lying to us. Will it be fixed? The sad reality is that no one at Wild Card is a big enough of an adult to answer without lying. Ark is an awesome game when it works. I have asked for a refund because of the bugs and lack of info on the mode that I bought the game for and will be reporting to the BBB in the near future if replies are not received. I am a business owner and I would never leave my customers in the dark. Start Valguero on Survival Evolved guys as Prim Plus is probably not getting fixed. There, at Least I am man enough to say it if Wild Card isn't.
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    Cryopods... on Prim+? Maybe you're in the wrong forum, mate.
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    Here are some Problems Prim+ has , since long time and short time: - Dino Transfer Ragnarok/Aberation Many Dino's are not possible to transfer to Center/Island... Aberation Dinos deal many problems.. because atm you are able to transfer Reaper's but no Light Pets -> make them kind of op in prim+ ... - Bee Hives atm Bee Hives dont produce Bee Wax, only Bee Honey. Bee Wax is an important Ressource for prim+ - Hazard Suits: Actual you only can craft them in a Fabricator + The crafting mats are ressetted to original crafting recipe with gas balls and polymer -> was prim+ leather and prim+ glas before - Grinding Stone The Grinding Stone has 16 slots but high end Blueprints need much more Ressource- maybe you can increase the Item Slots on these ? - Plant Z It is not possible to place Z Seeds into the Large Crop Plot -Tepee's Teppes dont work on Ragnarok, on other maps they work but are mega buggy - you want to respawn at the tepee but it teleports you to a random spawn area on the map - Primitive Plus Structures Many Structures are not Paintable.... Brick Ceilings Brick Pillar.. Brick gates, Lumber gates .................................. -Primitive Plus Structures missing ? -> Brick Behemoth Gate ? -> Brick Behmoth Hatchframe ? - S+ Primitive Plus Structures (triangle) - X plants 100 Turrent Cap In Prim+ are X plants the only Tower defense (Rock Golems and Dimo Towers also possible) but atm its nearly impossible to build a base in an open field, because a breed Giga can easy tank and destroy all xplants in senconds. Maybe you increase the Xplant cap to 150-200 ? or Increase Xplant HP /DMG ? - Beacons Atm Beacoms are dropping Fabricator super rarely .... I suggest thats not intended- plz remove - Rock Drake Blueprints missing ob aberation (from drops) -Primitive plus Vegtables Since the new kibble rework- all prim+ vegtable doenst work for dinos anymore -Prim plus Meat - Cooked Poultry and Cooked Rips doenst work anymore for Dino Food
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