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  1. I liked SOTF and i wish i could play it but i doubt they'll put effort in. I loved the concept but it needed a lot of QoL changes. I would have kept playing if the crafting and taming and controls for all that could be streamlined better. It was fun but clunky as hell. Make the map smaller, less ppl like 12-20, make crafting simpler, taming easier and let the players be the challenge. That would force conflict a little better. Get the clunky stuff out of the way. Less people in a smaller space makes it more sustainable and matches shorter for those who only play a match here and there. In fact you can largely get rid of structures since they only served to build the craft stations that people needed to use to craft their kit. Just let people craft directly from their resources. There was no need for base building or that jazz. In fact if they were to add anything id add more pvp focused items. Things like: traps bombs camoflage shields (personal bullet shields that have finite power. Maybe have some broken down TEK around map to loot for element to power it.) small deployable area shields. Med Kits for players and their tames Buff potions and Debuff traps or grenades, mines etc. Deployable Turrets with a small turret limit per player and high resource costs (also powered with element and no bullet crafting since thats tedious) Give ppl a huge variety of playstyles. Anything from sneaky, to Tek and Mek to dino swarm etc. Things like that can keep an arena game fast paced and interesting. Then do Loot boxes (hear me out b4 you rage.) That give mostly just badass skins or "kits" that you can use once to start with a certain pvp kit. Have all these things grindable for the F2P crowd and just make it quicker to obtain for P2P crowd. Nothing that changes mechanics and no gold only keys to open them. Do the 3 slot thing and use currency to open faster. Anyone who places in Top 50% should get a free box. Can also make in game currency to buy kits with. Make simple kits cheap to keep up and big kits Box only drops. Let em buy skins but not boxes so no p2 win. They can open em faster but they still have to play to get them like everyone else. Put optional ads in game for a free box like 3x per day or something. And have the usual rarity for boxes. White, green, blue, purple and orange. No stupid energy mechanics. No stupid pay to win. The most successful F2P games i see are the ones that offer a load of good fast paced content and monetize their game around collectibles. People love to customize. Me included. Would so sell my soul to Play SoTF and get sexy skins while i kick ass lol.
  2. Its a more complicated question than it seems. Players always have this silly notion that Devs can just wiggle their fingers and make problems magically go away but simply lack the will or desire to do so. Programming is a nasty beast. Coming from someone who tried and realized I'd rather literally beat my face into a keyboard or be chained to a chair and have to watch paint dry. Its not so much a lack of patience or ability so much as the most absolutely trivial things can make things go wrong. Its bad enough on the small scale but in a huge game like this with billions or more lines of code. Tons of variables from creatures, to players and all their stuff and all the other stuff that has to happen on the server there is no easy fix. If a fix can even be done at all without being prohibitively expensive. The mod has it right in a lot of respects. Sure we want bug fixes. We want this game to work. But while the devs are busy tracking down overly complex bugs they may or may not be able to fix who's paying the bills? They might have to take down servers altogether. They might have to wipe ppls stuff. They might break other things trying to fix these things. People might ask well why didnt they make a game that works from square one? The answer is pretty simple. In most fields that are sufficiently complex you often find out about problems down the road that didn't manifest at first. Its kinda like a messed up janga. Sometimes theres that one block that can't be taken out without toppling the rest. Anyone who thinks they can do better should go take a programming class. I'm not even saying to try and make a game. That would be literal orders of magnitude more complicated and frustrating. Just take maybe one or two programming classes to see how irritating the absolute basics can be and imagine how it would scale up. All in all i think WC is doing pretty damn well. They have a game that is very ambitious. They make the DLC to keep their stuff going but it actually has a good bit of content to it. They don't do microtransactions or pointless fluff DLC. They don't even really do a paywall per se. Can just as well play on island or free maps without DLC and though I'm not 100% sure on this i believe you can even trade for critters from DLC you don't actually have. Compared to the utterly shady practices a lot of other companies pull, these guys have my support imperfect and all. Sry i digress. As for Ark 2. Depending on the bugs it is often easier to rebuild entirely in a new engine rather than convert the game to a new engine or use the old flawed engine to fix what's broken. An interesting parallel that i can throw out there: Look at the guy who worked on DaggerXL. He tried to reverse engineer Daggerfall, improve the graphics and fix the bugs. Mind you he didn't have the source code and though it was an incredible game for its era it would be dirt simple by today's standards. He never really managed to pull it off. They could retain their graphic assets and rebuild the meat and potatos in a new engine and likely end up with something that functions better down the road. Not saying they necessarily should do this just saying its not so cut and dry.
  3. And THEN! Real life flooding happens and I lose my two baby sheep. Today is not my day. In game sheep. My goats are ok tho the littlest got polio cuz he got too cold to want to eat Hoping he pulls through but he can walk kinda and wants food so fingers crossed.
  4. All quiet at my tiny metal hobo shack. Life happens and i didn't have much time to play the last couple days. Honestly though, i needed a little break after the mad dash to set up in the first 3 days. I've been unraided for over a week on this server. No small feat with the alphas regularly hunting everyone down and blowing their bases and killing their tames. All they managed to take from me was my sad argy (RIP.) It must be frustrating to them. Im slowly gathering Extraordinary kibble and breeding high level sheep for the day i find someone to trade with. I want to eat the koreans warboat and throw every one of them in a tiny metal cell with the word EZ painted on the one wall they can see from the chair they are chained to. Force feed em mushrooms and let em rot lol. Everyone whos left on this server is tired of them. I'm plotting their demise while i baby sit the next round of sheep.
  5. Uh how does this happen? Like that is a legit question cuz i dunno and i really want to so they dont nuke my stuff too
  6. As far as i know they ended development for it which really made me mad cuz i really wanted a fully developed version of this. There was a post a few years back about it if i remember. I would probably play something small and slinky like a thylacoleo or kapro. Might even go full hard mode and play raptor. Really sucks they aren't ever gunna do anything with it. Play with a dino was fun but primal survival sounded amazing
  7. Oh yeah forgot to mention im solo on Small tribes PVP Rag 40. So yesterday was fairly interesting. I am still setting up so most of my time is spent slinking around rag trying to get what i need while I avoid or trick my Korean overlords. My careful reconnaissance tells me that theres 1-3 large korean tribes. I'm not sure they are working together or not but a little paranoia never hurts So I am going to assume they are. There is another chinese guy who likes to go around and wipe noobs. In fact all of them seem to have a penchant for kicking the weaker players around and then taunting them in chat. I had lost my ptera to a silly lvl 150 megalosaur i didn't see on the hill. That was annoying but at least I was almost done taming my pelagornis. I had intended to do the pelagornis -> ichthyornis -> Hesperornis route. I was thinking that pelagornis could harvest extra prime for me before i figured out they cant get prime. It wasn't a wasted tame though. It got me home and i can always use him to eat kairuku for that sweet org poly. After a few hours taming that and the ichthyornis on the down low, I took my argent and the ichthy down to the desert river to look for my golden duck. I found a nice lvl 90 female and built a box to store her in while i fished. I wasn't sure where the koreans lived. I only knew they had a large warboat. One of them swooped down, grabbed me with an argent and dropped me from a great height and killed me. Silly me for not having chutes but i dont really carry anything i could use to kill him anyways. I'm all about low risk and seeming weaker than i am so that i can fly below their radar so to speak. After I was dead he killed my argent but made a fatal mistake. It was then that i realized just how shallow these guys knowledge of the game really is. They left my ichthy alone. I wasn't sure whether he simply didn't notice it or if he didn't realize what i doing down there. The loss of my Argy annoyed me sure but the Ichthy was def my more valuable tame. I needed her to get my golden duck. Just as important though was her ability to turn tiny dirt common creatures like dodos into prime. Taming another ptera or argy would be quick and painless because of her. It was trivial to simply build a raft and tame the duck and retrieve the two. Before long i was cozy in my tiny base with a small herd of high level sheep to breed, a pelican for prime and a golden duck to covet. I own everything i need to secure the entire top end of taming food. Assuming i don't die i can tame or trade for whatever i want. They won't know what hit them by the time i move into my more overt and better defended set up. I really wanna steeple my fingers and go muahahahaha right now lol.
  8. ugh dont let these guys get to you. I'd submit a ticket about it complete with pics proving that you didn't do any abusive pillaring. Or put a post in support thread or something. If you quit cuz of this these guys win and the community will be all the more toxic without you. Community can be the best or worst part of this game and id hate to see it get punted further into the worst side.
  9. Because in my honest opinion this game has some cool stuff going for it with the complexity and tames and such but its all pointless unless theres something to use it for. PvP is the ultimate challenge. Sure losing stuff is frustrating at times but i enjoy trying to do as much as i can by losing as little as i can. I love the mind games and diplomacy in the community. I love hiding my stuff and I love coming up with new ideas to do things solo (im a small tribes solo player). There has never been a game that challenges me to think outside the box and express my ingenuity quite like this one. That more than outweighs any frustration for me. Ofc i only play in winter cuz life happens but still lol.
  10. Spent the day trying to hide from my korean/chinese/russian overlords. Hell if i know what they are it just shows up as boxes anyways. Spent 3 days in game and have little to show besides a ptera and some cheap tames but im determined. They can wipe everyone else off server but ill still be there waiting for the day they fall even if i spend months naked living in a hidden stone box with nothing lol. I wanted a sheep so i could get mutton to tame something half decent. I was in hide with metal tools at least and my ptera was decent. I was poking around highlands on Rag. Always seems like bad idea to go to highlands. Anywho one of them drops down by me on a lvl 280 something griff. He picks me up and i poke him with my sad pike and he puts me down a couple times. He says hes gunna give me something. Turned out to be some garbo hide and fiber and a cryopod. I played the thankful noob and took the cryopod but i was a lil suspicious. I never did get my sheep cuz i ate my cake when he landed. A lil while later im flying around looking for i forget what prolly crystal or something. I see the guy on the griff. I set down to recover stam on the ptera and the guy comes at me. I can take maybe 4 hits max before im dead. I fly up and dart away. He pursues me, trying to tear me out of the air. I realize the motive behind that cryopod. Odds are pretty good he simply wanted to kill me later and take the sheep. I shoot between a brontos legs. I knew i couldn't win this fight and I knew my odds of survival were slim but i was determined to make a go of it at least. I try to aggro him onto anything i can. I want him to waste stamina. My only chance is to evade long enough for his mount to tire or to lose him in the dense vegetation. I juke like a bat as he spins around for another dive at me. I spiral around a cliff and weave between trees, anything to make it harder for him to track me. Any time i broke away for a few seconds i would drop into a bush to hide and recover stam while he wasted some time looking for me. He was never far behind and he knew it but that tiny reprieve would buy me time and energy to leap into the air and evade him again. I managed to break away and dive into the canyons to escape. I dropped and hid in a bush and held my breath. One heartbeat... two.. three it went on forever. I forcefed my poor tired and bloody ptera. Something griffin shaped hit the waterfall. I dunno if it was him or not cuz griffs do spawn there and freq fall off the cliffs above. I wasn't taking any chances though. If it was him he would have been kicked off his mount the minute he hit the water. I leapt up, rapidly scaling the cliffs and disappeared into the forest. I took the long way home, always clinging to cover and always looking over my shoulder. Was a hell of an escape i didn't think id pull off honestly. I def felt like the mouse fleeing the cat. I found out just skeevy and hostile the alphas are. Bring it on then lol. Go take my crap out of my sad stone box. But one day when you've grown fat and complacent I'll be there.
  11. Lol this thread amuses me. Not sure if the frustration here is about whether the new stuff fits into lore or whether the OP is frustrated about the shifting META. This game has always been a sci fi game. New content always changes things but you can't call the devs incompetent if their creations don't fit your idea of a perfect game. Fact is Ark is one of the most unique games out there and is def not perfect but is a hell of a lot more interesting than a generic dinosaur game could ever be.
  12. Doesn't matter if its small tribes or not. Its still a game of hide and seek. Hide your stuff and don't engage in any fights you wont win. If they found you then hide your stuff better. Doesn't even have to be because of transfers. A well tamed close to max argent will be level 210 ish just after taming. Its not terribly hard to get one either. Had 3 within the space of a week or so last winter when i played hard. That was right out of noobdom.
  13. Thylacoleo. Small, fun and angry lol. Love the hangry lil bastards lol.
  14. It sucks but from their point of view playing pve extinction makes you a soft target. People like that don't want a fight they want an easy raid. They don't have to work as hard because kiting corrupteds are much easier than real pvp on a real pvp server. Im sorry this happened to you but Ark is like a study in human nature including less savory traits like greed. If you leave yourself open to exploitation then people will come exploit it. Sad but true. Treat every situation like your gunna get wrecked. Build your base with solid defenses even if you thik you wont need them. You make it too much work for them and they will find another softer target.
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