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  1. ASA better have reverse vacuum compartments we can use to build aquariums for our water babies!! XD
  2. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/server-backups/
  3. Many of the "people who cling to wanting a free game" have already given WC plenty of money.....for the same game and content. And don't even get me started as to what constitutes a pretty decent price for what is now officially an early access game.
  4. I've played since 2016 and on official servers since they dropped (PVE). Even during the odd occasion where I wasn't playing every day, not a week went by that didn't see me hop on for a few hours to feed dinos, refresh timers, etc. One thing that's kept me going has been the feeling that it would be a shame to throw away so much progress; I keep investing because I'm already so invested. That incentive will disappear once official servers are sunsetted. Disappointing? Yes...but also liberating. Most of the players on my servers feel more or less the same way. Official servers represent years of dedication by a very proud community whose members are some of the best spokespeople for ARK. Most companies would kill for an asset like that. Yet here is one that would arrogantly throw it away, disenfranchising a significant chunk of their player base. Not only is the number of players who are going to walk away being underestimated, they will be the very players who are most likely to have been multiple purchasers of ARK.
  5. Haha ffs I doubt the semantics of my wording would have any bearing. However, an announcement by a 'lead designer/programmer & cocreative director of ARK: Survival Evolved, cofounder StudioWildcard' could be very relevant.
  6. For over two months ArkSE was being sold along with the suggestion that a remaster would be included. Does this amount to a case of fraud?
  7. 2016: Ark player base expresses anger as Wildcard introduces paid DLC while game still in early access. 2023: Hold my beer.
  8. Yeahhhhh......... I love Ark, but I'm done with wildcard. It's been an honor everyone. Cheers.
  9. When are we gonna get a round of votes to decide on one persistent bug for WC to finally fix? From the vertical misalignment of (tek) behemoth gate doors to moschops not harvesting fish, it would be fun to see what sticks in everyone's craw the most
  10. It might be too easy to abuse the fact that dedis can float. Imagine placing a foundation on a skiff and snapping a bunch of dedis to it, flying the skiff to some destination, and then destroying the foundation, leaving floating dedis. Being able to strategically place a floating dedi floor to stage operations from could be a little op
  11. Amazing app! Can't imagine playing ARK all these years without it lol. Just updated to and now I get the following exception when I try to load my library: "An item with the same key has already been added" Any chance I can recover the library, or am I outta luck?
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