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  1. It might be too easy to abuse the fact that dedis can float. Imagine placing a foundation on a skiff and snapping a bunch of dedis to it, flying the skiff to some destination, and then destroying the foundation, leaving floating dedis. Being able to strategically place a floating dedi floor to stage operations from could be a little op
  2. Add 'Destroy Dino' option to cryopod dropdown context menu.
  3. Does this mean it'll target creatures using saddles crafted with chitin? lol
  4. Genesis 2, the literal 'Ark Ship' forgot one of nature's most important pollinators lol
  5. Amazing app! Can't imagine playing ARK all these years without it lol. Just updated to and now I get the following exception when I try to load my library: "An item with the same key has already been added" Any chance I can recover the library, or am I outta luck?
  6. 1. Is that an invertebrate egg in the second slot from the left, lower row? 2. Will the maewing wet nurse effect be limited to babies in those saddle baskets pictured?
  7. Nothing is supposed to be able to leave the border, or be outside it... ...until something does, like something did, repeatedly while wc was diddling with the anti-mesh system during the event. And yes, I believe simply killing the character and destroying its inventory in lieu of any number of alternatives allowing for recovery really is unelegant, particularly considering the absence of any replacement policies. Why do they need to be visible? They are borders, they will stop you going into kill zone... ...until they don't, like they didn't. Look, this has now become ju
  8. "Soon, we will be updating world barriers on all maps so that anything outside of a world border will be destroyed. Boom." SMH. This is such an unelegant way to handle meshing detection from both a coding and a policy perspective. Just more of the same lazy, half-assed approach to yet another aspect of this game. Sure, destroy hours of progress to teach those horrible meshers a lesson. Who cares if the vast majority of players are literally doing everything they can to NOT get meshed, to no avail due to whatever happens to be broken on any given week.
  9. I find your disdain for a player base with valid grievances disturbing. Stay classy.
  10. Six years of witnessing the same pattern of behavior and expecting a different outcome is insanity.
  11. Just happened to me too. PC official island 82. My basilo was recoverable, but everything on me...gone. No death cache, no body, no log entry, just salt.
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