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  1. I think you need to look more into the long and storied past of the Managarmr that stretches back far before the 18th of December of last year (roughly one month ago). This thing has been constantly nerfed, my friend, you just weren't around for it. That is not justification for this nerf, but understand, this thing has been getting worked on for a long while now. And just so you know, the patch that limited their movement was the patch that broke the dive attack damage. The dive attack damage has evidently had issues with its coding from the very beginning, because it has been very widely reported as being totally off balance. It used to 100% ignore armor, and there is a very famous video of a guy dive attacking and killing a group of ~10 survivors. That was quite a while ago. With this recent bugging-out of the dive attack, there is a video of someone 1-tap-enraging a Giga. It is obviously not intended to work this way, yet here you are talking about a 400% melee Mana (achievable with a wild tame of level 85) hitting for over 2000 damage with one of the most unavoidable attacks in the game. Please do not fixate on how dodge-able or miss-able the dive attack is, either: It matters very little because if you miss, you simply tap space, blow up into the atmosphere (out of harm's way), and try the eff again. I personally had a wild tame one hitting for 5000 damage with the pounce. That was nuts. I get that it is frustrating, but also understand: Other tames exist in ARK that can make mincemeat out of Corrupt Gigas and Wyverns, and even Wild non-Corrupt Gigas. The problem is, you were untouchable even on a low level Managarmr with only a cursory understanding of how they work/fly, killing anything you could reach with little trouble and bounding away before it could hit you. Maybe you'd catch a flame-breath or one single bite from a Corrupt Giga, but that isn't nearly enough to kill a Mana. This is an issue for the game because the incentive to use anything else, even on Extinction, their home map, is totally removed. This is a bad situation for the literally hundreds of other creatures to be in, so they nerfed it.
  2. I am honestly floored you responded this many times to people in this thread.
  3. Yeah, we lost the slack of an imprint being 3 to 4 hours, too. They maxed the time out, and doubled it so some dinos are very very difficult to get to 100% unless you are at its feet every single time it comes up for imprint. The 12-day raises are also one of the tames with the tightest timing on imprints to get 100%, as well. Weird how that worked out, but it is what it is.
  4. 1) You have the server set to PvE, if I'm not mistaken. Not PvPvE, but PvE mode. 2) When the server is set to PvE mode, you cannot damage "enemy" dinos. 3) When you unclaim a dino, the dino is still tamed/domesticated but not owned by you, so it is TECHNICALLY counted as an "enemy" dino.
  5. It's truly great that you've found success! And I agree with @Thiefer, I personally -SUCK- when any PvP element is involved (I don't mean Thiefer sucks hahaha!) but I really enjoy watching people play PvP ARK. Make a series on YouTube or what-not and people will probably watch. Also, I guess my point is not about it being IMPOSSIBLE to survive. You have some advanced level of PvP acumen that keeps you alive and thriving so well, and many of us do not. Regardless, it means nothing to someone who is bored and powerful, and looking to clear out a server. I understand that they will likely fail to root you up at first, or possibly fail totally, but that does not make you any less vulnerable to people trying! And that is really the point: Not qualifying what anything takes, just that if you are playing PvP, the reality is exactly equal to my original "correction:" When you build any sort of a base anywhere on a PvP server, you [ARE] putting up a sign that says "Raid me" because that is the nature of PvP ARK. Raiders will succeed and fail, but they won't go away or stop, that's all.
  6. My theory is that figures in UE4 evidently can "reset" themselves. I've seen some really high level blueprints on unofficial, specifically for Mosasaur Platform Saddles (which have insane material requirements) and they seem to reset the ingot cost when they pass 75,000 ingots back to the base value. Meaning, I've seen a 135 armor mosa platform BP that needs 58,000 ingots to craft, and then a 179 armor mosa platform BP that takes 3500 ingots to craft, both ascendant. It's only the ingots, because it seems the other materials scale up forever, but the ingots specifically do this weird resetting thing! I was baffled by this for the longest time but now my strong theory is that sort of off what Grumpy said, they go past a max value, input a negative or some kind of null/out of bounds value, and reset to 0 (or whatever baseline amount exists). I mean, creatures are coded as a blueprint and vary based on RNG. Maybe it is the same as the saddles?
  7. Fixed that for you Scarekrow. PvP is raiding, @DinoMinions. It is only real ARK for the one with the strongest dinosaurs, because they own the server one way or another. Sorry you got wiped, and if you stay on PvP servers it will continually happen.
  8. Alright. Consider my snark withdrawn, and Happy ARK'ing!
  9. Probably a Chibi Rex. I hope you are trolling, because you have to equip pet Chibis so I can't imagine you wouldn't have already noticed and went through the process to make a forum account to ask this question.
  10. Goddamn that looks tedious, but point proven. I wouldn't say it would be easy to pull off on Aberration, but choices there are very limited. But back to that discussion. Though I am wrong about lift, my point about the Rock Drake is barely changed because out of the hundreds of people I have personally played ARK with, you may be the only one I've ever seen fly in this manner. Regardless, my main point and this discussion is about the Managarmr and its uses, in particular compared to the Rock Drake's gliding-style flight while on Aberration. Surely you can appreciate the difference, and see the point I was trying to make. EDIT: I guess I'm also wondering if the Managarmr would outspeed the Drake when flown in this manner. I'm guessing yes, because you can level speed on Manas and not on Drakes.
  11. Yeah the funny thing is that the Deinonychus is, based on what I was told and what I have seen in bossfights personally, 100% ignored by the bosses. All bosses. Nothing attacks them. It is ridiculous, and the bleed from 15 of them all stacks up on bosses and ticks for somewhere in the neighborhood of 1500 damage. So they only occasionally get hit by the Boss when he throws a rock, and other than that, he tries to run forward through them and gets hung up on their bodies, in pursuit of a ridden dino.
  12. The problem with that is that your dive gains speed quicker than you get back from the stall. My entire point is that from the top of your jump, your initial jump, that is as high as you get with a Rock Drake for gliding purposes. Unless you go all stamina, you can only glide so far too, but AGAIN, this is about the practical application of them in Aberration VS the Managarmr. EDIT: The Managarmr can ascend in Aberration very quickly, and the Rock Drake can ascend by clinging to rocks with dashes. Getting out of the Drake Trench on a Rock Drake is made fairly easy with this trick, especially since the Managarmr nerf to the number of jumps you can get. I personally prefer Drakes there, because of the wall-climb ability. But the OP is saying that the Mana shouldn't be allowed on Aberration.
  13. Pounce is a legitimate Rock Drake maneuver. Use whatever normal ability you need to show that Rock Drakes can naturally generate lift. EDIT: I guess I mean Jump, not the Dash-ability, if thats what you mean by Pounce.
  14. This can't be a hasty, anecdotal-style submission where you glide up a tiny bit one time and say "see, lift." This is like, get a friend on a flyer to lock as close to horizontal as possible, fly in circles, and then actually go above the flyer on a Rock Drake from starting underneath it. Something with some real proof that the Rock Drake dive-and-stall can actually add altitude. Because I don't think it can, and am loading now to test this myself. EDIT: Yeah, after a small amount of testing, I can tell you this isn't possible. Rock Drakes descend much much faster than they ascend, and I have a pretty steady mouse-hand and grasp of Rock Drake piloting. If it was as easily possible as you are making it out to be, then I would be able to do it. The best bet for long travel is to try to get close to 1:.999 glide, and just glide very very slowly. Unless you post a video about your initial jump, when you can use the upward momentum of the jump to stall upwards. But again, that is not lift, it is just using the momentum of the jump.
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