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  1. My experience from playing on Official for approximately 8000 hours is basically a cautionary tale. I have my time split approximately 90/10 between PvE/PvP, and I can tell you: The "community" that naturally exists on Official is mostly people griefing, ignoring, hoarding/selling, lagging, kiting, reporting, lambasting, griefing more, stealing, and chastising, with a smattering of waking up to a respawn screen because some asstard found the one tiny hole in your base and dragged you to your drowned death. Then the server "community" tells you it is your fault and tells you to build a better base. It sucks that it is their instinct to say it is your fault, but it is the correct thing for them to say. When I wasn't wasting my time on PvP, I found in my over 7000 hours on Official PvE (this is not a flex, this is to show that I played the goddamn game, I didn't stuff troughs and sit in my base) breeding/raising Gigas, killing Alpha bosses with my own dino lines, and exploring maps/caves with friends or solo that on any of the 7 servers I played on, there were people who actively sought to subvert and snuff out any community. I recall some did it for the sake of rivalry: An old beef, old tribes that refused to leave, so the server suffered with kiting and collateral damage, DDOS'ing to be spiteful, invading bossfights, more kiting, resource-foundationing, and on and on. No amount of reporting helped ever. Some did it for the sake of profit: If they kept everyone fighting and pissed off, they wouldn't notice when events started and they uncryo'ed 350 dinos to tamecap the server so they could control tames and then they could tame, clone, and sell back to the server freely. Fun times. But most did it for the sake of chaos: Just being an asshole for the sake of assholes everywhere. Multiple storage tribes on non-canon maps with lower server-tamecaps so they could laugh, kiting and running, or kiting and openly bragging in Global before being reported by 5 people and then continuing to be seen every single day on server for the next 2 months meaning: no result to reporting. PvE-raiding during ORP countdown window, tribal alliance war mechanism used to raid people, and on and on. It might be best to get as far away from the "community" of Official PvE as possible, because most of what it is is a dookie-festival of nonsense. Every server had multiples of these instances, sometimes it was an individual and sometimes it was a whole tribe. I latched on to one part of your response, I know... But Official's lack of policing on PvE makes it tough to find actual friends and community. It isn't non-existent, but overall it supports deviant behavior.
  2. As @MightyBanana said, PvP will inevitably result in your base being wiped, even on Unofficial. Official PvP will result in it being wiped daily, or if you get lucky, weekly. Especially if you are a somewhat chill-out player, PvP isn't the place to go. There are people on PvP who look for chill-out style players specifically to grief them in the hopes that they rage over in-game voice, and they can catch it on record for some sweet cry-face emojis and upload it to YouTube. PvE communities exist, they are just more rare. As far as what server, I would love to say Ragnarok, but it is usually very laggy during server-save times and it will be bothersome. Maybe start on SE? Lower population, cool build locations, a few non-standard tames, its a nice server to start on. But I love SE so I'm a bit biased.
  3. TheDonn

    Ob peace

    Is this for PvP or PvE? Do you mean making the Oby like a safe-zone on PvP?
  4. Oh, I read it the most, your insult aside. I just disagree with the idea. I know that isn't necessarily what you came here for, to see people disagree with you, but it's how I feel. This game in 2020 damn near stands alone with no payment other than the purchase of the game and paid DLCs. If you disregard all my points, that's ok, but I for one am happy with the way WildCard provides content in this way. But I hope you realize that everything (I mean everything) you want, all of the added bonus, you can get from renting or running your own unofficial cluster aside from paying WildCard more money. That was another reason I didn't go into because of it being late.
  5. Get your downvotes ready! So, P2G (pay-to-grief) basically, because all the griefer kids on PvE would be paid-tier. As an added bonus, you would then feel more entitled to your right to grief, because you pay for membership, so that would be really good for the health of the game. Plus, you could then talk down to others that didn't pay the membership cost, as if your experience is more important and what they want doesn't matter. P2W in PvP (if the "... or maybe not" reasons make it in,) because you could be unraidable (keeping all BPs and dinos safe in Oby storage) and transfer more efficiently than non-paying people. Sarcasm aside, I personally don't like the idea. I'll tell you why, aside from the above reasons. Reason 1: The biggest reason is that once a game introduces pay systems like this, it is a matter of time before it starts affecting the design of the game. EXPLANATION: The current game is (ostensibly) designed around the experience that the xpacs provide, because they are what you buy. They want to design it so you feel you are getting your money's worth, and will want to keep coming back. If they turned the Hexagon shop into a microtransaction shop (it would be all-too-easy for them to convert it to RMT through Hexagon packs or straight cash purchases), it then becomes about designing the game around that. Limiting resource gathering and spawning, prioritizing the shop, or increasing material costs. Or all of them, or just one, but either way ARK changes for the not-better. It's already tee'd up with the stupid Hexagon shop. It works in its current form to reward immersion and involvement in Genesis, but I have a bad feeling in the pit of my stomach about it, and I damn sure hope I'm wrong. Reason 2: People already feel that they deserve a personally amazing experience after a 30 dollar xpac purchase. Indignation on the forums is always highest at the launch of new content, but if you add a membership tier-system, they might as well close the bug reports and support forums... And really all of the forums to use survivetheark.com as a news hub, because it would be wall-to-wall with even worse levels of personally injurious bug reports. This reason is thin, I'll grant that, but its something to think about. The game is buggy. ARK is a sprawling mountain range of code, and part of me thinks the experience will only get so good, which is sorta the reason they haven't done anything like this yet. There are more reasons I feel it's bad, but I'll just stop here. I'm tired, and have work in the morning!
  6. They already do exist on Official, or have existed on Official. Current Rex lines are near or at zero on nonvital stats. I know it seems crazy/insane that someone would do that work to min/max Rexes, even to have such a low-level sleeper Rex, but knowing ARK breeders, it has already been done.
  7. Probably a stopgap till they somehow fix the transferring-to-Genesis-while-pregnant bug. Or maybe just a new bug. WHO REALLY KNOWS? THAT'S THE FUN!
  8. Because they might've intended to cap per-stat mutations at 20 per stat. Very, very, very exceptional tames are 55 points post-tame, meaning 95 points in a 20/20 stat would still TECHNICALLY be possible and one would just be touching the mutation cap. That is one example of one stat, bred cleanly, which DOES happen. Reading my examples it is easy to see how quickly you can cleanly and legitly come to the level cap. So, the mutation cap is obviously supposed to create some sort of limit, but it fails to. That doesn't mean it's an exploit, and that was the point I was making. I was not trying to fully rationalize why the breeding system has been allowed to work the way it does for 4+ years, that's for someone else in WildCard who knows specifically why. I can't answer that, none of us can truly answer that, so it isn't really worth examining unless we get clear official information about why. Yeah, that's what I feel about it too. This integer overflow calculation-error, unlike purpose-driven, designed, and engineered exploits, most likely was discovered by happenstance for most people, but even that I can't say for sure. The difference is that you can hit -28858509/20 with a few muts (~10 real mutations), all it takes is some irresponsible breeding. In the end though, you are still left with a level ~250 baby that now can breed and mutate stats again. In no way does that allow you to gain an unfair advantage over someone else, whether you are on PvP or PvE. Someone else with a (non-negative) 6464003/20 mutation level 449 is still gonna whoop the snot out of you (or be able to steamroll OSDs and bosses), regardless of you breeding into the negative so you can now mutate again. Everyone will eventually all tow the level 450 line, negative muts or not.
  9. The cap of level 450 is there for a reason: THAT is the maximum they intend to see on the servers without dinos getting wiped. Dinos come at max level 150, perfect tame for most (with a few exceptions) is 224 post-tame. Level 450 is a long way off, that is a lot of breeding and mutating to get there. Now, no one had really corrected you on the next point, so I will do so very directly so there is no misunderstanding. Having 23452345/20 mutations on a dino is in no way, shape, or form an exploit. It is 100% intended functioning gameplay through breeding. Please watch a few videos. I understand that in the heat of discussion it is easy to throw around terms like that, but understand, it is part of ARK gameplay that you increase your lines through breeding and will come close to the 40/40 mutation cap AND the level 450 cap, even if you dirty-breed (meaning you don't keep your mutated stats clean and separate but rather immediately breed them back in to your mutation stud). The aforementioned level 224, let's talk about that using only the 40/40. You do the work for two stats, HP and melee, and cleanly cap out one 20/20 male and a 20/20 female with HP and melee respectively. Aside from HP and melee, their stats are identical, and you started at level 224. Each mutation adds 2 levels, so we get: 224 + 40 = 264 <-- Post-20/20 mutations. This dino has 20 mutations, which means 40 extra levels at birth. But we are trying to combine them to a max of 40/40. Because we have identical stats aside from HP and melee, we will add 40 mutations for a total of 80 additional levels. 224 + 80 = 304. Add 73 to that (73 is the current maximum number of bonus levels one can add to a domesticated creature in ARK), and we get 377. That's just 2 stats. If we add another stat you wanted to get high, but only 20 mutations, say weight also (we'll just add it straight on to lessen the tedium): 377 + 40 = 417. Coming real close to that cap of 450 now. We add in stam, and it's basically done with a level 447 max-level dino. All said and done, the dino in the end has 20 mutations in HP, stam, weight, and melee, shows 80/20 on the mutation counter, and is within 3 levels of never being seen again. Take the 80/20 dino, breed it. Baby has 160/20. Breed it back. That baby has 240/20. Breed it back again. New baby is at 400/20. That's how fast it happens, and it isn't a goddamn exploit. The TEK suit dura nerf affecting the entire platform is unwelcome, but honestly unexpected. Same thing with the Rhino nerf, I haven't ever committed seriously to Rhinos because I knew they would be screwed with eventually. And here we are, I've been breeding raptoring Rhinos and they get 4.5% charge bonus damage shaved the raptor off a few weeks later.
  10. The Ryzen 3 in general would be fine, for the same reason that back in the day I built a friend a gaming PC with a Radeon 7850 and a Anniversary-Edition Pentium Dual-Core (not hyper-threaded) and it ran within 5% of the generally accepted speeds of other systems with Radeon 7850s. The problem is the GPU (graphics card) the system will use to run ARK. See, this system doesn't have a traditional GPU, it has an APU. AMD's Ryzen 3 3200g is an APU, meaning the CPU and the GPU are on the same chip. The GPU onboard the 3200g APU, known as the Vega 8, shares system memory to use as graphics RAM, which overall is much slower than GDDR5, GDDR6, or HBM (these are dedicated forms of graphics RAM). Not only that, the literal size requirements of fitting a CPU and a GPU on one AM4-socket chip mean that the GPU cores present must be 1) cut down in number, and 2) cut down in speed. ARK is well known to be a graphically demanding game if you are trying to run near your native resolution with non-Potato graphics. A low-end discrete graphics card like the RX560 would run you about 100 dollars, and a mid-range card like the RX580 or the GTX1060 would run you about 160 dollars, and would get you miles and miles further than the Vega 8 APU would. OF COURSE we could all just quad-fire 2080s or Radeon VIIs and max-4K ARK all day, but if there is a budget involved and a timeline, these are reasonably alternative suggestions. Also, the SSD is too small to install the OS and ARK on. ARK takes a TON of space, because the devs set it up to reserve a lot of extra harddrive real estate so they can ensure space for their big patches. You'd have to put ARK on the 1TB harddrive that comes with the system.
  11. Yes. Castlerock is right, @Bamski.
  12. Yikes. Been there, twice. Yet I still log in... Sorry for your loss! Put in a ticket, you might get something back.
  13. You just wait and those people leave. Had some on the server I played on for a while, and they went away. Just have to say nothing, keep chat off, do your thing. Oh and also, standard ARK rules still apply to Switch: don't ever join a PvP server, and don't ever invite a rando to tribe or alliance.
  14. Was it on Genesis, and was it a Brute form dino? Some of them are Brute forms, and can't be tamed. You can find Brute form Tek Gigas in the lunar biome of Genesis, and they can't be tamed either. They are kinda like Alphas.
  15. Is that a heavily duped item? Why would they do that?
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