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  1. Used to be straight 150. Like, no +75 levels from taming bonus, nothing. You'd get a level 150 tamed creature. I was given a 150 Griffin to replace a perfect tame 150 wild Griffin (so 224) that died due to a bug. It was before Aberration or any other maps, Rag had just launched as had ARK (official 1.0 launch was in late 2017), and Griffins were rare to spawn and highly camped because RMT'ers were rampant on my server and usually griefed/harassed to maintain control of server dinos. This was also definitely a PvE server. Had to stay there the whole time to protect the thing because 2 other tribes tried to kite Allos to it but I got it tamed. Then it blinked out of existence so I flipped out, put in a ticket, and they gave me a complete turd to replace it. I tried to use the 150, but it was so unimpressive compared to the 150 perfect I tamed, I ended up shooting it in the face and moving on to free up the tame slot. Cryopods were a long way off, and server-cap was a daily issue back then.
  2. EA was 2-ish years. For the years of EA, it was primarily a PvP playerbase. The larger playerbase takeover of PvE players started when the game went to 1.0 in '17 and tipped over in ~18'-19', sure, but the EA years can't be discounted because they definitely had a big influence on what the game would become. PvP was the dominant mode from '15 until the timeframe you are talking about. That aside, the issue is that there is no way to ever balance PvP in a sandbox style game with so many elements. People will always find the thing that is the deadliest for the least amount of work and will dedicate a whole server to fill a base with whatever that thing ends up being. It is harder when WildCard seems to hand it to players on a silver platter by releasing the new-most-OP-thing with the next expansion to garner interest in buying a new xpac. Now to be clear, WC has been really generous with the amount of money that ARK costs as we've seen from other developers. It can get far worse, and the cost isn't my concern. But it's just the way the game has been presented: Every xpac heralds a full-on meta shift that requires less effort and swings power in an increasingly large way.
  3. There should be a Community Crunch tomorrow, they'll probably mention it then though there wasn't a Crunch last week. As of now, no news on if or when the event will take place.
  4. My guess is it's some sort of weird interaction with the Shadowmane's reflect-damage mechanic and the on-death acid-burn effect of the Reaper? Or, it could be that you have "Kraken's Better Dinos" (the mod) installed. Kraken added an effect to the "Better Reaper" that when they are inflicted with any kind of bleed, they spew the acid-burn effect on anything in melee range. Also, you put this in the Mobile section, so... @Joebl0w13 is there a move-thing that could happen? I'm fairly confident the Reaper and Shadowmane aren't on ARK mobile!
  5. First off, every place this is ever discussed, it devolves into "DLSS GOOD FSR BAD." Everyone knows that DLSS does a great job compared to FSR, no need to go there! _______________________________________________ But the situation is that we have 2 upscalers now, Nvidia's DLSS (2nd gen) for the 2k and 3k Nvidia cards, and AMD's FSR for general use. We also have ARK, a game capable of bringing even the heartiest of systems to its knees. We "soon" will have Intel's ARC Alchemist GPU (allegedly now Q2 2022) and with it, yet a 3rd option, Intel's XeSS upscaler tech that is supposed to be more similar to DLSS 2. There are whispers of FSR 2 which will revamp FSR to possibly reconstruct at the level of quality and detail as DLSS 2 as well. And Nvidia undoubtedly has something in the pipe for DLSS 2 to make it even better, so what gives? Here we are playing ARK in 2022, amongst a handful of popular titles that support one or both upscaler technologies, and ARK supports neither, while running on a very popular and heavily used platform. @Cedric is there any word on this? Not that call-outs really ever work, but hey, we are past the point of these techs being new and I'm sure a lot of people would like to see these come to ARK!
  6. Only thing you can do is report their re-spam. Fight fire with fire, they are obviously interested in only keeping the land restricted.
  7. Yeah they reset to (number-255). It's crazy.
  8. Frosty Flapper Mr./Mrs. Freeze Numb Icebound Glaciate Cold Snap Ice Wing Just some suggestions. Don't know what particular brand of "badass" you're going for but maybe something will look interesting?
  9. Correct. If you have a pool of 0/20 mut female, you can mutate until you either hit stat cap or hit the level cap. Some dinos can go over the level cap (level 450 for official servers and level 500 for certain dinos) and when whatever level cap applies is exceeded, the dino is deleted upon server restart, or deployment from a cryopod. But if you are playing on unofficial or singleplayer the level cap can be turned off and you can mutate until the stat cap. The stat cap is based on the max addressable value of the integer variables that WildCard uses to store the stat information. The range is from 0 to 255, so you can get to 254 points in a stat if the level cap is turned off! When the stat cap is exceeded, the offending stat is "reset," or reduced by 255 (I think) so that it fits in an integer variable. So if you have a dino with 254 pts in melee damage, and you mutate melee, it becomes 256... and then 1 point. I'm not 100% sure where the stat lands after "reset," but going to (or past) 255 points in a single stat is bad news. You can see this in action by spawning in a level 2500 and a level 2000 Rex with the gmsummon command on singleplayer. They will spawn tamed out to level 3750 and level 3000. Look at their stats on the dino inventory screen, and check (on singleplayer) with the Creative Mode inspection gun (green, look at the upper line of the on-screen inspection text) at its point values for stats. The 3750 will most likely have many reset stats, and will have 100-150k HP but somehow only 15-30 points in HP. The 3000 will have 75-110k HP and will show as 150-200 pts in HP. Then log out of singleplayer and log back in. The stats will readjust and become nearly nothing, that were low on the level 3750 Rex. The stats that are under 255 will stay high on the level 3000. EDIT: The values might be a little different than the ranges I presented, but hopefully the point is clear!
  10. The standard things come to mind, primarily to validate your gamefiles to ensure everything is correct. Past that... It's anyone's guess. Is this happening on singleplayer or online, official or unofficial?
  11. This is a nightmare. So much work went in to these, but some of the changes are just far too imbalanced like Deinonychus, +75% HP? Bosses already completely ignore them, pretty much trivializing most (if not all) bossfights. I mean, respect is due for the amount of time it took to type all that out. But lord-a-mercy.
  12. In the past, it has been announced and/or handled. I was on a server that corrupted and we got 4-5 days offline and then when it came up, there was about a 3 day rollback, but they communicated what was happening at least. Nowadays, with the way things work, there is no telling. Still was hard to bear, because for the three days of the rollback, I had been in a building mood and built out an enormous addition to my base. Logged in and a bred creature, all this kibble I made, and about 2/3 of my base all gone as if I never did it.
  13. I just did a fresh install of ARK, and it is 340 GB.
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