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  1. This is exactly the thing. EA was just that: Early Access to a game being actively developed, expanded, tested (by us), and changed. The current official server 1x rates were changed from the old rates because the developers felt the game moved too slowly as part of the Early Access shaping of the game. The rate change was a base rate change, not a "favor" done because WildCard believes the playerbase is lazy, nor was it done so people can pull the old "two miles, uphill both ways, with snow, and no shoes" argument to try and convince people who feel that the current 1x norm/2x evo rates are a bit too much. EA is over, and has been since 2017.
  2. Enforcement target spotted! I wonder how exactly the Astrocetus is gonna work. Hopefully we can bossfight with them. WHALEFIIIIIGHT!!
  3. I think @Sphere runs an ARK cluster on personal hardware (a big Tr4 Threadripper system if I remember right). Hopefully this tag brings Sphere's experience into the thread for you.
  4. Is that really the reason? A classic punitive effect for PvE because of PvP. Bummer!
  5. "React" doesn't really mean positive only, so get ready. The stack sizes are a decent change, especially Org Poly and refining equipment. Some good TLC there to ease so materials come easier! But then... Modified Drag weight of creatures to prevent carry by Quetz and Crab: Galli Kapro Megalosaurus Procoptodon Megalosaurus I guess I understand. But the other 3? I dunno. Especially Gallimimus and Procoptodon. Two of the most niche tames, multi-seat fragile speeder and berry-getting superhopper. They are both good tames, not trying to say they don't have value but their value is limited. So who in the hell asked for this? Why is this the wheel that gets the grease? An artificial difficulty increase on otherwise easy-to-get tames targeting PvE unofficials with flyer-carry turned on? Neither Procoptodon or Gallimimus are a big part of PvP on official. Sure, they rule to have some FUN on, but past that, you aren't boss-fighting or raiding with a Roo or Galli regularly. Now I'm sure maybe ONE video exists of ONE guy with ONE Roo/Galli doing ONE raid or bossfight which, keep in mind, says nothing about their actual usefulness. On official PvE, you can't carry them as wild anyway but now you... what... have to... cryopod them to get them back to your base after you tame them? Which 90% or more people are doing anyway? So then on unofficial flyer-carry PvE, people who would tame either for funsies can't tow them back to their base to tame them up, but have to tame them on site. I just don't understand this. If you were going for an opposite QoL change, this nails it for lovers of these tames. @Cedric the other changes are understandable, and like I said, Megalosaurus I can understand. But a bit of reasoning for the other three would be nice. *I don't think a possible upcoming TLC is the reason, citing the recent TLC on the Procoptodon.*
  6. So for ARK to actually dismount an entire drive from your system, that would take a pretty crazy amount of work for the program to do. Often times (not EVERY TIME, but the vast majority of the time), the simplest explanation is the best for issues like this. It could be problems with the drive, problems with the power delivery, problems with the SATA cable, or a potential problem with the motherboard SATA header. Also it's important to understand that the AGE of the hardware is completely, wholly irrelevant. It doesn't matter if every component I listed is brand-spanking-new, they could still have a tiny break in some contact or a short in one of the many wires, and it would make your drive drop off of the device manager. Take it from someone who returned 3 (that's right, three) warrantied sets of RAM to Corsair because they replaced a broken (but somehow brand-new) set of RAM with a different broken (but somehow brand-new) set of RAM, 3 times. Fourth one worked without a hitch for 4 years, but the first, second, and third new sealed sets of RAM were all bad, after very careful installation and zero overclocking/timing alteration of any kind. I would look at your hardware, honestly.
  7. According to arkpedia and verified by my own in-game experience, a dino will level 73 times. At 3,550,000 experience, the dino's final level is gained and experience will not increase anymore. So the birth-cap, if you will, is 377. At 3,550,000 experience you add its 73rd level making it level 450.
  8. Yep. Been that way since the release of Extinction, some of us have been aware of it and spoken out, but it's evidently still not fixed. I can hardly imagine it is intentional, but who knows?
  9. The problem with the "new" Raptor pounce is the introduction of the coding to allow an opportunity to dodge the pounce, as @iAgnehole mentioned. Old pounce: The Raptor runs up, pounces, and as it does it pulls you from mount (if you are close enough) and pins you. New pounce: The Raptor runs up, it instantly dismounts you, you then have .25 seconds to dodge, -THEN- it pounces and pins you or your mount.
  10. BUT for real: Base: S+ additional structures, namely the triangle parts and pieces, can make some really cool bases (Google some designs, there are a LOT out there). Build in stone as soon as possible, because only the Titanosaur (totally neutral, will never attack you first), Giganotosaurus (VERY LARGE and VERY AGGRESSIVE chomper), and Alpha Dinos (aggressive, larger than non-Alpha counterparts, with a red/white colorscheme and a fiery glow) can damage stone. If you find that you have built anywhere that Alpha Dinos or the Giganotosaurii spawn, I strongly encourage you to consider moving your base. What you WANT to store inside will be the determining factor of how big you should build. If you want to comfortably store dinos smaller than Rexes, a 6-high building will fit them decently while still only needing a dinosaur gateway. If you want to store Brontos or a Giga, you need a much larger building with a big behemoth gate. XP: Craft cloth hats (10 fiber apiece), narcotics, cooking pots, and actual structure parts for your base. Early on, it is tough to actually use dinos for experience unless you know what you are doing very well, and even then it can go sideways really fast. So, craft your butt off. A Dino gets a small amount of experience when your tribemate crafts anything, provided YOU ARE MOUNTED ON A DINO. But the XP only is given if the dino-rider is not the crafter. So, if your tribemate is crafting cloth hats, and you are riding your Parasaur within range of your tribemate, your Parasaur will get experience. If you move too far away, your Parasaur doesn't get experience. If you craft hats and jump on a Parasaur, your Parasaur doesn't get experience. At later levels, your tribemate can queue up wood in the Industrial Grinder (1000 at a time) and that XP will go to whatever dino you are riding on provided you remain close enough. Taming: The only "faster" way to tame them is to use their preferred kibble, or a tier above if you have more of that kibble. Kibble is a specially blended mix of fiber, dino egg, water, berries, and protein. Dinos are cuckoo for kibble, but many kibble-tamed dinos still take 1 to 2 hours to tame (at the higher levels). The only way around that is to tame during Evolution Events, which are generally 2x the normal taming rate meaning your 2 hour tame is now 1 hour. While the creature is taming, focus on protecting it. Build spikewalls, or actual walls, as a barrier to ward off interloping wild dinos that will hit your tame. If wild dinos hit your unconscious tame while it is starving and eating food, it will lower the taming effectiveness (commonly called the "TE"). That goes for you too. If you accidentally hit it while it is unconscious, it will lower the TE. Lower TE means less bonus levels. As far as where, that depends on the actual dino. Look at spawn maps for an idea of where the dino you want to tame spawns in at. Then, go there and hunt for a high level one. Survival: In order to never die in ARK, here's the scoop and I'm gonna tell ya - Don't play ARK! Kidding aside, you will die. You will die more at lower levels, but you still die at high levels with a base full of dinos. Mishaps, slip-ups, disconnects, crashes, internet outages, and more will cost your Survivor his life. But as a foot-traveling Survivor, your options are to carry a big stick, or sprint your little ass off. Most choose the latter because it is easier. Higher movement speed works brilliantly for getting distance between you and Meanosauruses. And, use dinos for resource gathering. After hand-harvesting berries for a Stego tame, you will be amazed at how fast that Stego fills a storage box with other berries. The resource you intend to gather will select what dino you use (or need to tame). Therizino/DireBear/Giant Ape for fiber, Stego/Trike for berries and thatch, Therizino/Mammoth/Beaver for wood, Doed for stone, Ankylosaurus for metal, and so on and so forth. Visit dododex.com and find their list of gathering efficiency per material.
  11. Base: Build wherever you find metal spawns. Build right on top of the spawns, after you mine them away. Discard the metal, neither you or anyone else needs it. Once all the metal is mined and thrown away, build a giant cube. I mean, unbelievably giant. Also, build an equally enormous ring of behemoth gates around your area so that people know how good you are at building behemoth gates. XP: Kill Dodos. They are the Boars of ARK (not to be mistaken for the actual Boars of ARK). As you kill more Dodos, other dinos will fear you and leave you alone, but the accumulated Dodo blood will slightly slow your movement speed. After a big kill streak, avoid water. The water washes the Dodo blood off, makes you vulnerable again, and summons giant Sharks. Taming: Pet any dino to tame, especially carnivores. Frequency of pets will depend on the specific dino, see heartsnotdarts.com for petting requirements by species. While taming (in between pettings), you have to sprint and jump around otherwise the effectiveness of the tame drops. You wanna look in the very-tippy-top of the volcano, in the lava. That's where the best dinos are. They should swim up and be more willing to be tamed if you are in the lava too, so jump on in. Survival: Build in the coldest area. Your greatest (and only) foe will be the cold, because ARK devs turned off ARK snow-biome spawns. Gather resources with only stone tools, of primitive quality, and don't go over your base melee stat or base weight stat. Contrary to what you might think, this will help you get more resources. Remember: It's all about remaining streamlined. Higher damage tools will weigh more so you swing them slower, and that's not streamlined. More melee damage slows your swings down too, because your arms weigh more, and your character also uses a TON of food to power the huge arm-muscles, and that's REALLY not streamlined.
  12. Does it say "PvE" or does it say "PvPvE"? Not trying to sound like a stickler, but PvPvE is PvP. Not sure if a game ever says "PvP" only, I think it will always say "PvPvE."
  13. A benefit from specifically the Homo Deus implant? That I'm personally aware of, no not really. People do it for the loot, I think (the boss).
  14. I get the satirical approach to the topic (I mean the initial statement that started the argument), and its hilarious to me but it doesn't always come across on the forums when people get irritated about something. You might be a "if they CHOOSE to get offended or misinterpret, that's their problem" kinda guy, and if so I get that, but just trying to bridge the gap between why people are reacting to your posts, I dunno. Unless you are OK with the argument! hahahaha ARK also moves forward, so in one sense it is a cumulative experience and can be sorta valued as such. But in another very real sense, all of the next moments matter too as you move on to a new goal or objective in breeding, building, or exploration. Even people who have 8-10k hours want to see the bugs fixed! I personally do, at ~8500 hours, because they affect the whole playerbase. A tribemate has 11000 hours, she would LOVE to see bugs fixed. Another tribemate at 3500 hours, he would also love to see the bugs fixed. Someone who just started and runs into bugs like the baby-starve bug wants them fixed. I personally don't think there is anything overbearingly entitled or over-the-top crybaby-ish about someone being hugely peeved about this and wishing it would be fixed. Just my opinion on the matter.
  15. After playing since breeding came into the game, yeah... This is a bug since the beginning, and it is unlikely it will be fixed soon sadly. But I don't want them to fix it because -I AM SPECIAL AND MY DINOS ARE IMPORTANT-, I just wish they wanted to refine the game a bit because they want it to be better. I i wish they wanted the game to be more polished and weren't ok with the "Good 'nuff!" quality level. It's not like we can't play, or bossfight, or breed, or anything. It's just the little things. I wish they wanted to fix them. It's been a while since the "Quality of Life" catalog post, and the catalog is kinda stalled out. I want to hope, but I'm prepared to just continue on as is.
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