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  1. It sure is slathered in feel-good language, right before telling you nothing can be replaced. Man... They really are spreading it on thick in that response. Hard to read, really.
  2. TheDonn

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    @Vamanos, that sounds terrible. I couldn't imagine what that would be like. PvP in ARK is kinda dead right now unless you are in a Megatribe, and so PvE is full of the people who want a competitive style of ARK-gameplay. These people show up and say whatever honeyed words they can to wedge themselves in somewhere, and then create chaos for fun, to get that rush of competitive gameplay. As was mentioned earlier, some will solely blame you. Some will solely blame the perpetrators. @ravenispurrty explained though, at some point you have to trust others if you ever expect to gain the trust of people yourself. You cannot be blamed for reaching out, and many will cite the absence of a hard-and-fast rule in the CoC as carte blanche to blame you solely. Tribe-ranks SHOULD technically help you in this respect too if you take the time to set them up, but as @invincibleqc pointed out, when these individuals can make C4, all cryopodded dinos are suddenly up for grabs. It's a bad situation regardless of blame. Now the most poopty thing: Submitting a ticket will most likely get you nothing back. As pointed out though, a ticket will help the dev team see that in some way, this issue should be dealt with if possible.
  3. TheDonn

    In-game hours

    About 7200 hours since ~2015.
  4. TheDonn

    Getting insided

    I agree, 20GT. It sucks, but on PvP you get what you pay for, essentially. You have to watch your ass, and be on the defensive pretty much at all time. Paranoia helps you survive. Most times, NOT making random friends actually keeps you safer, even if the friends are the "Alpha" of the server (meaning the most prolific Managarmr-noob-slayers) you are asking for trouble. When people know where your base is, you are now a target and it will be a matter of days before you are attacked. You might survive, but most times the attackers offline-raid you and bring a nuclear warhead to a fistfight, so you stand zero chance. Well, with everything but using shock darts on a Giga!
  5. TheDonn

    tips plz

    Use the resources on the internet, mainly YouTube. There are an uncountable number of building tip videos on YouTube, and your building style will become your own. ARK building is a bit too "trial and error" to give better tips in text... Definitely not better than just telling you to watch YouTube videos.
  6. TheDonn

    Dino decayed like material

    Yeah, I had an outpost base fully decay a few weeks ago on official PvE. It was kinda hilarious/frustrating though, because the few pillars I had around the base giving me a space-cushion (my outpost is now surrounded by ENORMOUS behemoth-gate-ring box tribe bases) are ALL THERE in a circle around where the base was. The pillars are wood. The base was wood, and the base decayed. The odds that I actually flew a circle around the wood base and reset only the pillars at the perfect range to not reset any of the base are vanishingly small, so the only solution is that the base decay timer bugged out. I lost some dinos (just 2) as well, but weird poop is happening every now and then. If your stuff disappears too now, just hang it up. Don't submit a ticket, you just have to move on. They aren't replacing stuff anymore I think, according to tribemates, alliancemates, and my own tickets to get replacements for bug-losses.
  7. TheDonn

    Broodmother easy

    Oh so that's fairly recent then. Still, good change is good!
  8. TheDonn

    Enforcer BP's are kinda confusing. Advice?

    That is not true, good sir. The ONLY 100% predictable difference is the crafting material scaling, Keito. So an Ascendant blueprint will cost more materials to craft than an Apprentice blueprint. Especially with Enforcers, there is zero guarantee that an Ascendant blueprint will have better stats than an Apprentice or Journeyman blueprint. It's all about the stats on the blueprint, and an Ascendant blueprint for an Enforcer with 95% health and 125% damage will ALWAYS be worse than a Journeyman blueprint with 110% health and 135% damage. The Journeyman blueprint will cost significantly less to craft as well. ----- The only reason you are getting more stats per point invested is because of the way domesticated level stat-addition works. Each point into a domesticated dino (or mammal, or reptilian, or robot in the case of an Enforcer) increases the total stat based on a percentage of the stat at post-tame with zero levels invested (including imprint). An example using the hitpoint-stat of Enforcers: Enforcers gain 5.4% of their post-tame (when you place it on the ground after crafting) hitpoint (HP, or health) stat per level invested, regardless of quality or amount of materials invested to create it. Whether it was a primitive Engram-crafted Enforcer or a 18000-dust Ascendant, that 5.4% per level will not change. The post-tame HP stat WILL change though, and that's why you see the difference. A level 1 Enforcer has 375 HP. 5.4% of 375 is 20.25 HP, which ARK would visually round up to 20.3 HP, meaning that if you had an Enforcer with 375 HP (as its post-tame HP stat) and put one point into HP, it would gain ~20.3 HP and show a new total of 395.3 HP. Say you have a different higher-stat Enforcer (its a Journeyman blueprint-crafted Enforcer), and it has 4000 HP as its post-tame HP stat. 5.4% of 4000 is 216.0 HP, and so one point invested into HP brings you to 4216 HP, adding a lot more than the example of a level 1. You then have a third Enforcer (its an Ascendant blueprint-crafted Enforcer) with 3100 HP as its post-tame HP stat. 5.4% of 3100 is 167.4 HP, and investing one point in HP brings your total to 167.4 HP. ----- The quality does not affect the 5.4% per point, only the initial amount. After seeing many Enforcer blueprints, I can tell you with a fair amount of confidence that MOST OF THE TIME, Ascendant quality blueprints are usually worse than Journeyman or Mastercraft blueprints, while also costing a premium of material more than the others. There is no hard-and-fast rule about "Ascendant is better," the closest we can get to that is "Ascendant is more expensive."
  9. TheDonn

    Broodmother easy

    That's awesome!
  10. TheDonn

    Broodmother easy

    Wait, did they buff the Element drop for the Center Arena? I know that was a long-standing complaint about boss-fighting there.
  11. TheDonn

    Getting piped

    Trolls are so damn creative. Sorry @Hillninja, hopefully they fix this up for you.
  12. TheDonn

    Ragnarock... Wildcard...

    Official servers (and the time you spend on 1x breeding/gathering servers) do not make you automatically not a "casual" because you play there. The problem is that many people who do not in any way play ARK casually find more success on unofficial than official because the communities are tighter-knit (and actually exist), breeding can be more relaxed (talking <5x rates, not 50x rates), and servers are in no way clogged with pillar-spammers or griefers due to active administration. Imagine having a base that isn't built like a fortress on PvE because you have no aggressive griefers on your server? Or having a game-crash kill your army and the very next day, an Admin spawns in replacement stuff once they verify what happened? Or being able to actually build a nice base with real S+ and the good features? Spending the time on official is worth it because ARK IS fun, and official servers are "forever" whereas unofficials come and go, but (and I never thought I'd be trying to shill unofficial) slightly boosted rates make ARK play much, much, much better. Even for hardcore gamers (unless your definition of hardcore in PvE ARK is being the griefers and the thieves, not that it is). More time =/= more skill. Just more time. I just wanted to add a perspective of someone who has spent many many hours on ARK, on official mostly, and unofficial. The lag and the bothers of the game are all amplified with the amount of time that 1x official asks you to spend on the game, from what I have experienced.
  13. TheDonn

    Boss Fights on official PvE

    No I don't have a video. It's a real thing though, I promise you. I've done it myself on accident to my tribe/alliance, and LUCKILY i was the yuty driver. I had a Yuty to drive, and downed Beta Rag with an army of unridden Rexs. We lost one, poor Uno. You will be remembered. But yeah, I stepped out of the portal like an idiot, and came back in. I pushed my tribe/alliance out and went solo. Like I said, we got lucky but I can tell you most assuredly, it is possible. It might not happen every time. It might rarely ever overwrite/exclude, but if it does succeed ONE time, you lose months of ARK work.
  14. TheDonn

    Boss Fights on official PvE

    The normal (non-structures-plus) transmitter is not a bossfight starter. On the S+ modded unofficials, it acts as a bossfight hub. On Official, which he explicitly stated is the gamemode he is playing, he has the non-S+ transmitter. Oli, on Official PvE, bossfights are sometimes buggy when you start them. Before you fire off the arena at the obelisk or a supply drop, you have to ensure that everyone is within the summoning circle when the teleport sequence is initiated, and off of dinos (standing on foot by the oby terminal). When you begin the summoning and you have the ~30 seconds to wait while the portal is created to teleport you, you all have to remain inside the boundaries of the portal, and off of dinos until the teleporting completes. If a survivor leaves the portal boundaries during the 30 second summoning and re-enters, whether it is a tribemate, an alliancemate, or a stranger looking to troll (they just have to walk inside the portal boundaries), it has a chance to "reset" the survivors who are going to the bossfight and overwrite/exclude everyone already in the circle. So, even if everyone does everything right with staying within the portal boundaries as well as not-mounted while the portal goes up, all an aspiring troll has to do is run into the circle. Nothing stops them from running in, and if they get the overwrite, the portal goes up and teleports every dino along with the one troll, leaving the tribe and alliance members on the oby platform. Without a dino to ride, the troll runs up to the boss and get oneshot. What happens then? With no survivors in the arena, all dinos are instantly killed and saddles lost. The troll then gets to celebrate how mad they made the people, and WildCard sends the tribe a ticket about how they aren't replacing any of their dinos. EDIT: Before some know-it-all hero shows up to quote me with an impossibly simple solution for the "overwrite/exclude" scenario, there isn't one. On Official PvE, there is absolutely no solution at this point for this happening except for not ever doing bossfights, which is in no way a solution.
  15. TheDonn

    So without the Kibble tree....

    Unless your server is on unofficial (and therefore has boosted rates), Thylas will still need to be tamed with Kibble. They are very very poopy even with 2x and cooked mutton (best non-kibble food): A 150 on 1x is over 3.5 hours and only 19.9% effective (+14 bonus levels), and even 2x is almost 2 hours, and is only 49.9% effective (+37 bonus levels). But, the Wyvern trenches are always there. Stealing eggs isn't THAT tough, and Thylas don't take a huge amount of kibble... Not like a Bronto or something.