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  1. I didn't know console-mods has been done as little as 3 times... Not to be a nay-sayer but it makes it seem like that tips the odds pretty far out of favor of this ever actually happening! Though I have a Switch and got ARK for it for only 30 bucks, and even on the Switch it is a hoot. Mods would of course increase the fun, but c'est la vie for the consoles I guess! So, you're saying there can't be a system in place to write code and automate any part of the console-mods, or push updates? But also the threefold investment WildCard would have to make to set up distribution with all three, means even more investment and personnel to conceive, write, test, validate/certify, and push updates. That is nuts. OH WELL, GET TO HIRING!! I kid, I kid. As primarily a PC player, I look forward to what Genesis brings and more ARK story, and more dinos. I hope you all keep up the good work you are doing, and that we hear some news about progress on the QoL list Ced has been spearheading.
  2. Yeah, PC has Steam and I'm guessing WildCard considers Steam to be vetted enough that you all use it as mod-distribution. Nice and easy for us, and I'm sure it makes it a bit easier for WildCard too, having Steam handle that! But setting up 3 others for PS4, Xbox, and Switch, I just wonder what it would take and if they would even be interested. These other companies with console mods are fairly big players with a bit more history and "pull," if you will, so I wonder if they would be stricter (with regulating and certifying mods than they would be with the other companies) with WildCard.
  3. In the Caverns, I can't say 100%. But I know for certain that normal Alpha Squids cannot dismount or grapple tamed or bred Squids!
  4. Interesting stuff. Nintendo for one zealously and rigorously controls and guards what comes to their consoles, I am still amazed ARK even was ported over. But a good read, very informational and a more in-depth look at the issues with console mods. But let me ask this: Would the manufacturers even allow you guys to set up a distribution hub on the various platforms easily, or is that a complicated thing for you guys to do?
  5. Heck yeah. Freakin' Squidding time for you! Congrats.
  6. It let it go because it let it go, not because you shot it. The fact that I can log in right now and stick something in the Squid's tentacles and while it is grappled, swim up and shoot it 3-4 times and it DOESN'T let it go means that it is not correct in any way that shooting them causes them to drop what they are holding. Then 5-10 seconds AFTER I have stopped shooting and am now fleeing for my life, it lets the creature go, oh, yeah, yes. That totally means the damage I dealt to it 5-10 seconds ago changed its mind, like a slow-acting dose of pain medicine. Or the fact that I can get grappled with a Spino, right now, and melee the Squid 5-10 times before it lets me go of its own accord. It does not work the way you describe, otherwise many less people would lose tames to Squids. I get that it seems like it does, but please understand that it does not, and it just lets go when it lets go and doesn't have anything to do with shooting it or melee'ing it. Also, you shot it a couple of times... Squids are not complex enough to have a "OK well the survivor dealt XX amount of damage so I better let go of the thing I have grappled now and go after him" protocol. If you shot it "a couple of times," that also indicates that shooting them does nothing to release the creature in their tentacles. Everyone on the forums has an anecdotal "thing I did once" and it gets tiresome honestly. If something can be tested (which EVERYTHING in ARK can), and it DOES NOT PRODUCE PREDICTABLE RESULTS, it is not valid in this game we play. If you shot it once, and EVERY TIME it let go when the hit-marker for the arrow showed up on the crosshair, well then you'd be on to something. But considering that this is not the case because it can be immediately falsified with testing, we are on to nothing. YouTube or not, the Turtle method is good. I offer every Squid I've ever tamed as proof that it works fine, as well as Rip's brand-new tame. Understand, I never said that Mosas and Plessies and others CAN'T do the tame. Just that Turtles are much safer to use because they are an extremely low risk tame to lose compared to the others.
  7. In that area its not so bad, except for an overabundance of Squids. So its advisable to try and lure it away from the other Squids, I've seen ocean-floor traps for Squids and they seem to work fairly well. But I always just tame them in open-water, and it works fine as long as you are careful.
  8. There are other dinos that can be used as bait, too. Spinos are actually pretty good for it because of the HP regen you get while in water coupled with their speed. But taking your 100% I-finally-got-all-my-stats-on-one imprinted Spino probably isn't a great idea! The above is all MY way, other ways work, like Spinos, Mosas, Plessies, and others. I just like using Turtles because they are cheap. Just keep in mind that two tames can not be used at all: Squids and Basilos. You can use em as an escort for clean-up, but Squids won't grab other Squids or Basilos, and they need to hold something to be tamed due to their high aggression (lest they kill you very badly). This does not work. You are more than welcome to bring extra weight and gear to Squid taming, but my testing on this ages ago as well as right now to re-confirm shows that shooting it doesn't cause it to let your dinosaur go (although it does not hurt TE, strangely). In ARK we have to look for predictable results, and if the results aren't 100% steady it is not a predictable thing, just a fluke. Shooting the Squid doesn't cause it to release your dinosaur. If you shoot it two, or five, ten times and then it releases, the arrows didn't make it let go, it just let go. It releases it after a bit of time, and sometimes doesn't, but in the case of my friend's Mosa, nothing would release it. He de-rendered, he shot it, he even punched it. To reiterate, don't give anything to the Squid that you aren't willing to lose. That is why Turtles are great, because they are expendable.
  9. 1: Ragnarok, they only spawn in one area, and you can kite them away when you find the one you want. Alphas can spawn there too, so you have to be careful, but it is 100% reasonable to find several high-levels to tame in one evening of taming. EDIT: Near to Artifact of the Devourer (which is around 47,2 on the ocean floor). 2: Turtles work so well because they are expendable and easy to raise up, but suck to swim with because they are slow. If you lose one, it doesn't sting as bad as when my friend said "no im gonna use my imprinted Mosa, it has 45K hp" and then the Squid never let go, and he watched for 35 minutes, occasionally de-rendering it to see if it would let it go, and it never did, and killed his 12-day raise. Forum heroes might contest this and say it is preventable if you do __________. It is not. Whatever you stick in that Squid's suckers, you'd better be damn well prepared to lose. The big water-tames work, but only if you are so high-class that a 12-day Mosa is nothing to you. 3: This is what I do/have done - Get black pearls for taming (of course). Make a raft. Load 3 Turtles with 20k+ HP on raft as well as the Pearls, scuba tank, mask, flippers, and some veggie cakes. Get an escort tame. I have so far used a Baryonyx, a Basilosaurus, and a Beaver to be the clean-up escort tame (I've also used my other tamed Squids, but they don't count because of course ocean clean-up/sterilization is easy with a Squid). Find Squiddo. Kite away from other Squids. Ride escort tame back to surface, PUT ON PASSIVE. PUT TURTLE ON PASSIVE. Get 50 Pearls out of storage, mount Turtle, open cellphone and set timer for 12min30sec. Swim down on Turtle, relocate Squiddo. It swims at Turtle once below the barrier-ceiling, grabs Turtle (again, it's on PASSIVE!) and when it does, dismount, swim to Squiddo's beak inside tentacles. Spam 'e' to feed it when close to the beak (not spamming because like, you feed one at a time, just spamming to feed it ASAMFP). Swim straight up from that point (flippers really help), whistling Turtle to follow and hit "start" on cellphone timer. If and when Squiddo lets go, it will follow you back up. Breach ceiling, Turtle surfaces, get it on raft and feed a veggie cake. Let it heal a bit, get on escort tame for ocean area clean-up and to monitor Squiddo. If it moves, raft-over to it. At around 11 minutes, make sure you have a clean shot to Squiddo with ocean area clean-up. Twelve minutes rolls around, back on Turtle, 50 more Pearls, ready to reload cellphone timer. Into the water, swim down, it grabs, stuff pearls, rinse, repeat. If Squiddo doesn't release a Turtle, you lost one 24-hour raise on 1x. Just grab another one, dive down at next interval (which is about 13:00). If it is at 12 minutes and you are near Squiddo's mouth, prepare to die. When you see "Wait until it's hungry again!" and at that moment the Squid lets Turtle go and one-shots you, life just got a little harder.
  10. Would that work? I just think if it is running fully on my machine it will use singleplayer boss rules. OH BOY, HERE I GO TESTING AGAIN.
  11. Seems like it is something that can be solved by timing a singleplayer bosskill and maybe adding 10% extra time to account for an extreme amount of server lag. Provided the damage output is the same between singleplayer and official, you will then have a very good idea of the power required to fight a boss. And even if it isn't exactly comparable because of server lag on official, it will be a hell of a lot closer than the current singleplayer setup where bosses hit for nearly nothing when you have good saddles on a dino. But it's not like server lag would add anything close to 10% longer time. And you'd be able to easily tell if you were close to a kill or close to a wipe, which is what I try to use the testing for. Doing a singleplayer test with near-official stats for boss dinos would be useless because victory is 100% assured. But doing a singleplayer test with a 41/40 HP/melee Therizino line if the boss damage/resistance was accurate using primitive saddles and 5 cakes on each Theri would be cool, if it was actually accurate. As it stands now that boss-group composition with only a Yuty can kill Beta Ragnarok easily on singleplayer, which is hogwash compared to the damage official bosses put out. I rambled a bit Rip. Hopefully it makes sense.
  12. TheDonn

    Exploits or?

    Naughty man. @BornSlippy I would just report them. @AndrewLB raises a good point about what is mod-worthy or not, but in the end we can just let WildCard decide because if it isn't mod-worthy they will just send a canned response and mark it as resolved, taking up a whole 15 seconds of GM attention.
  13. If you still like it, as some have suggested find a nice PvE Unofficial with better rates and some QoL mods. Some of these clusters have been around for 2+ years and aren't the temporary ones you will see come and go, if you watch Unofficial clusters. There's too damn much to do on this game to walk away. Seconded. Can't really play SP other than for testing, and only then if you severely edit your ini because there is still no option that just 100% straight-up makes SP replicate the exact settings of the literally thousands of online official 1x servers. If I recall, all bosses do reduced damage on singleplayer and there is no way to change this currently. If someone knows (not to hijack thread) I would love the info because actual boss-testing would be a blessing.
  14. I really get it. I feel like Official PvE should be like that too, but the issue is that there is no personality exam to get on Official PvE ARK servers. Because anyone can join, people who would rather NOT build a community and who would rather cause chaos inevitably join. They find out where the line is and walk as close to crossing into griefing as they can. The sense of community is as reliable as the game itself, and I personally have seen a lot of unsavory conduct on Official PvE. Insiding is a thing, PvE raiding is a thing, structure-spam-griefing is a thing, and many more. I know it seems like I'm drifting from the point, but the truth is, pillaring is the most minor of concerns here. When you want crystal and some jagoff tribe has foundation'ed all spots or walled off the Crystal Caves, or want to repair your ramp and you can't because someone built the sheerest part of the edge in, you'll wish you had pillared a bigger piece of land. It is something we can actually use to armor ourselves against being griefed. Is it still used excessively? You bet. But as mentioned by others, a good deal of pillaring is to protect resource spawns and give a render-distance buffer to a base. I'm sorry you are having a bad shake of things though. I hope you find a great spot to build!
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