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  1. Today sadly I lost my character on xbox pvp small tribes during a transfer. Wild Card was quick to respond but still sad I lost the little I had but happy I'll get my levels back at least. It took about 2 hours from the time I submitted the ticket to get a response which I was glad about since other posts put the ticket response time to a few weeks. I have to wait till Monday night to get my exp back but until then I guess I'll just hand harvest and attempt to start taming something.
  2. I was finally able to tame a decent Argy and PT last night so tonight the plan is to get some metal smelting and start looking for a place to call home because the raft is getting old.
  3. PC gamer that bought a new Xbox Just starting my post count. After a lot of years playing on the PC, 12 years of Eve Online, I finally broke down and recently bought an Xbox one. Ark was one of the first games I tried with the game pass and I've kind of been stuck on it since. I played around on single player for a few days, watched a lot of youtube, and jumped right into a PVP small tribes server. Day 1 was tricky with people running around the spawns on the island map getting me sick and killing me but once I learned how to transfer the Ragnarok map was a much better. I haven't made it very far yet before getting wiped but I've done some basic grenade raiding on some stone bases, used an arthropleura to raid a metal 1x1 I found, and WON one 1v1 fight. I just hit level 80 recently and tried a raft and got to metal and even a few turrets before a Mek destroyed the raft while I was offline. I think once I learn the mechanics of the game a little better and make some friends it will be even more fun. I really have no interest in just doing PVE I like the PVP part but I have a job, wife, etc so I can't be on for 6 hours a day everyday thus the solo life right now and crossing my fingers that my small base is still there when I log back in.
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