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  1. ... and a big helping of RNG. They aren't "somewhere." They are everywhere you listed. Its just that you can fastforward the RNG with Ext OSDs. Just remember, they are still bound in RNG. So if after 1 or 2 drops you don't have a full set of 800+ dura JM flak, nothing is broken, it is simply RNG. You could do 10 OSDs and get zero flak BPs. You could do 10 more and get 10-15 useless BPs, maybe one good BP. If you took a break, well then you played before, so you probably get it.
  2. That's a sales tribe. BuT tHe ArK eCoNoMy!!!! At least that one tribe doesn't have to mine metal anymore. Or likely some worse form of trading. But who am I to say?
  3. It's a cycle. You get wiped every day, and if you do all the pro-PvP advice you are getting here (finding an "empty" server, staying "hidden") and somehow get built up, you then return the favor to the PvP community and go raid thatch, wood, and stone bases built by bobs for their supply of fiber loot profit. If you stay long enough you become the very thing you dislike right now, telling yourself, "well if I don't kill this bob with a thatch hut, they will probably build up and raid specifically me, so its better to do it now while I have absolutely, positively, 100%, without a doubt, Z
  4. Someone else said this (it was @Destrian) , and they didn't elaborate much, but the reason I liked it is because the OSD/Vein events are marked only with sound and a single 'e' menu. Using Genesis mission "tech" (I think the "tech" Destrian means is the on-screen/sidebar information display) to clarify timers, waves, enemies remaining, and maybe a total killed would make it feel more connected instead of just seemingly random sound-stingers when its initialized, as you beat the waves, and ultimately finish the defense. The cosmetic portion, I don't have any issue with the way it looks
  5. There's a lot of good suggestions in here, and most would have made Extinction a rousing success for the game, I mean a real triumph. As an avid ARK'er myself, Ext was rough but still very fun. -Get rid of manas: That would have been nice. They wouldn't be the shell of an echo of a ghost of what they were originally. -Make the whole map bigger: That would have ALSO been fantastic but I think it would add to the lag and desync issues. -OSD/Ele.Vein rework with Genesis mission tech: Again, it would have been great too, but c'est la vie. Is this just a thought exercise in
  6. There has never been a future roadmap that I've seen in 6 years of ARK about non-canon ARKs being added. Off the top of my head, I seem to recall that ExcitedKangaroo confessed a scaling/build volume problem or something techy-like about Valhalla that really adversely affected the stability of the map, and that it wasn't being developed further. I think Kangaroo and CO worked then on the Ragnarok map. Googling it, Valhalla has updates in 2019 and a message on the map download page that says that Kangaroo isn't going to expand it further, but has been developing it to try and fix the mis
  7. Eh, maybe I'm wound up about nothing. But as someone who's seen a lot of science fiction shows and committed probably too much time into analysis of them, I've never seen anything like this, this close in tone and storyline to something like ARK, outside of a show directly inspired by a game or what-have-you. I didn't really want a meta-discussion about show-writing though, I just saw similarities. I'm not a screenwriter, and I don't pretend to be, I'm an audience member in both cases and I see similarities. I guess we will see what happens with the show.
  8. Only advice I can give is read the Explorer Notes. The Origin story of how the ARKs happened/became necessary has some weird similarities with the show's story, it seems.
  9. Material falls to Earth and is of Alien origin? Check. Weird material with ultra-fantastic properties? Check. Poised to irrevocably alter human existence? Check. Is even presented in a hexagonal structure? Check. Hell, the music and scenes of the show even make the show look like it's a drama-thriller, as in, there is more than meets the eye (in a bad/negative way) to this substance. Understand, I've played ARK since 2015 and have 1.3K posts on the site, so I'm not a scammer trying to hock some stupid show or product. I was watching a YouTube video and the 6-secon
  10. I just don't possibly see how! I get that if 3 riders from each tribe are facing each other down on 6 of the same dino (3 on each side, fully imprinted) and they decide to have a chomp-off, whoever has the higher stats and saddle will win, so in that single not-common case, the lines matter a lot. If one guy has a 75 point melee Therizino and he faces off against 2 bred and ridden lightly mutated Therizinos (say 50 points melee), the 2 will more than likely win. Like the squid issue from the other thread, I could log into singleplayer and test it, because 75 points melee is a HUGE starting
  11. I think the dinos help, yes. But the primary reason for their success is their persistence, in my experience. Of course, having a single steroidal ridden dino makes you an almost insurmountable threat to most players on the server, but its the Age of Cryopods now. Throwing out a ton of dinos on cooldown and in 15 minutes (with 3 actives) having an army of 12 (3 dropped when entering server, 9 tossed out 3 at a time in 5 min intervals) is doable. They probably aren't being countered by an army, and is it really gonna come down to an open-field battle, or is it much more like someone will sn
  12. If ARK 2 has a tamable dino plan anything close to what ARK has (something akin to Pigs or Owls), it'll be like ARK is now. Being able to heal up your raid dinos trivializes soaking and raiding, further cementing the offensive stance at its already massive advantage over defense. But that's another discussion, I think! Your #2 is really the biggest endorsement to divorce PvP entirely and/or look for a different game. Cryopods are a free-for-all, and you are dead-correct: RMT sales DO happen. Being so easy to raid and be raided means that nearly literally nothing is safe, and yes, the
  13. From my experience on smalls, naah. It's not vital. It'll help maybe with a few fights here and there, but again, those are just the ones where you have bred dinos and the other person doesn't, and they get rolled over with no effort! When it comes to the server getting wiped by an invading tribe or a big tribe just out for some profit, naah. It's over, might as well transfer off server and move on. Maybe if you can get a few cryo'ed dinos to upload, you can have a better start on a new server. But I was on Island 15 smalls for several months and for that time we couldn't progress far at
  14. If you are playing PvP, considering my personal experience playing (and echoed through everyone I know that has played), having a good mutated line means absolutely, totally, wholly, nothing to your success or failure in PvP. Nothing at all. This isn't a honorable skirmish fought in the plains between assembled Dino armies, this is a get-offlined-world where either you or your opponent comes with an absolutely unbeatably overwhelming force and stomps your entire base into the dirt with little to no effort. It might take some TIME, but server-wiping Megatribes have time. So 2 Rexes that bit
  15. It is more annoying to be a non-duper on Official PvE now, but people still find a way to dupe. Yep, if I get an event one-off dino like a Griffin or Basilisk or Karkinos, I generally don't use it. I pump it with food and leave it at base to just look cool, or clone it (if I can manage the cost) and use the clone. It's not fun to play that way, but after previous losses (RIP Holy Diver, lvl 150 perfect tame white event Griffin with huge melee), it's just not worth losing the single irreplaceable dino to a server crash or transfer bug.
  16. Your numbers might be right. Regardless of that, you are saying that ARK breeding needs an overhaul in the 11th hour of the game's development and lifespan because it takes too long to get 200 (two hundred) points in a desired stat. Are you speaking with a sense of hyperbole to get a point across, or is that what you want out of the game of ARK? What is necessary? What is "endgame?" What is overkill? Who are you competing against? Trying to get a self-tamed/bred/owned Rex line that's better than @BertNoobians' line so you can "compete" with a "superior" product, even t
  17. Same here. I thought it was just me, because it doesn't happen every single time. But yeah, I've noticed even if you stop fully, click to attack and let yourself spin around, I can attack sometimes once or twice before it spins 180 degrees back the wrong way and stops attacking.
  18. I'm worried about who is voicing the T-Rex, personally. Or whatever that big chompy one was from the trailer.
  19. I have been largely on official for most of my playtime (9k hours) as well. For roughly the last year I have been on an unofficial cluster and it has been great, a few mods, and some boosted rates. S+ felt like cheating at first, I'll admit. After a time though, for me it started to feel more the way the game should be played. Resource pulling, breeding, storing items, etc... The ease of playing doesn't make the game "worse" or "easy mode," which is what many say, just more fun. You spend more time doing things that you find fun. Hell, even I rejected unofficial for years because of the
  20. Not to mention that even if you can KO it with a barrier trap so your TE starts at 100%, even extraordinary kibble is terrible at taming it. The percentage goes up a lot per bite but the TE goes to total and utter crap. They are like a worse more useless version of a Rock Golem, but even Rock Golems have a more standard TE drop while eating their preferred food. The Astrocetus "prefers" extraordinary kibble, and tames out at like 15% TE. For the work involved in getting a 100% start-TE on these things, and being one-off tames (no breeding, only cloning), losing 85% TE is complete garbage.
  21. Naaah Don Corleone, it was wild tamed sharks VS a decent bred squid, because that's what Kronos was asking about, and I was honestly curious. I love testing stuff like that! Maybe I am misunderstanding though, because I did fight wild squids against the shark pack, and it was terrible for the squids. Even multiples, fighting 3 wild squids against the shark pack was a total wash. The pack maybe took 200 damage between all 8? But the new test I posted the huge wall of text for was wild-tamed VS imprinted and ridden. I tried to set the squid HP to what might be considered a "decent" level a
  22. @KRONOSDOUBLE I'll tag you too here. So out of curiosity I loaded back up singleplayer with the shark pack. I spawned a level 140 squid, imprinted it, and leveled it a bunch (over 50 levels, it spawned miraculously not half bad with 29 pts melee and 34 pts HP). I leveled it to 40k HP, and ~600% melee and put a 75 armor saddle on it (first one I spawned). I know, I know... those are big-time rookie numbers to the monsters people have bred. The thing is, I said: Turns out, even with the shark pack I spawned in, and the sharks functioning on AI and unridden, I didn't even sta
  23. Hey Kronos. Felt froggy so I did some testing for ya. Singleplayer, set up exactly like Official Servers (150 max level, no weird stat scalings or dino mods that affect Megalodons). I spawned in 8 level 135 perfect tame Megalodons: All 8 tamed out to level 202 of course! I spawned in saddles until I had 8 close to 55 armor.. I did this to emulate taking some garden-variety wild tames, not all 150 perfect or bred ones, with less-than-official-capped saddles to see, as you put it, if it can handle unfriendly creatures in the deep. It's harder to emulate a bred squid on singleplayer
  24. The other thing about account sharing, yeah I can get that. But the tribe taxing scheme isn't a new thing to ARK pvp. When I played pvp years ago and was a total noob (still basically am with pvp, but I digress), it was the way it went on the scorched earth server I played on. It was a bit different in terms of attitude though back then, an Alpha kept order more than anything and took care of griefers and big external raiding parties. Nowadays, griefing is just the pvp way and there aren't Alphas in the same sense that there were. The "alphas" nowaday are just either nomadic tribes with r
  25. The Holiday Event isn't considered a standard Evo Event, and so even Small Tribes was affected by the boosted rates. So you would see the new normal 2.5x doubled to 5x, meaning a Small Tribes Island stone pickup would net you 5 stone. I'll edit my abovea post to add clarity to this point!
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