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  1. I went to this new place for lunch with family last week, and I bought for everyone. Ended up spending $60 bucks for the 4 of us, because the place came highly recommended. I am not a picky eater... While it was mostly decent food, their best selections according to the table were bowls that were basically the equivalent of a Chipotle/Qdoba burrito bowl (rice, chicken, tomatoes, lettuce, a sauce). I got braised lamb because their "Mediterranean" fare has gotten a lot of praise, and the friggin' sauce they put on the dish wrecked the whole thing. One of my family members got this lamb meatball dish. The lamb meatballs smelled like a dirty sink, and had an aftertaste reminiscent of the run-off from washing my grandma's '83 Buick (the taste was no better than the smell). It's like... Who gives a crap about spending $15+ a plate on commonly available food because the menu-items that set you apart are unremarkable? I could go to Qdoba and spend $8 on a burrito, know exactly what I'm getting, and be satisfied. I've had lamb, and this was just bad lamb. Mediterranean my ass... OK, food rant over: I wish I would've spent that money on a season pass and a 30-pack of beer. I don't need to see more content from Genesis to know I'll play it, and it will be enjoyable. After 8000 hours since 2015, this game is my number-one all-time top time-played game (which is likely the case for most of us). You triggered me with the lunch thing, hahaha!
  2. I figured the following out from experimenting on singleplayer, years ago. Just sharing it now because I kinda thought people didn't give a crap about Rock Golems, but understand, the following was not poached from anywhere. This is from me, I have figured out 100% why the TE is wrecked, and how to fix it with an explanation backed with evidence beyond "it worked one time." I think Lucky by Nature's method is just that: Lucky. I don't feel like it will not give consistent results. ----------------------------- Nitty-gritty time ------------------------------- For one: When dinos clip through structures, the MAJORITY of the time they cannot be hurt, and though you can shoot them you can watch as no HP is depleted and/or no torpor is added. From my investigation on singleplayer, this is NOT so for Rock Golems. The Rock Golem's head is a dynamic object, I don't know the 100% proper Unreal-Engine-4 term for it, but I believe the head has its own 100% independent capsule for hitbox-purposes. For two: The reason for ~80-90% start-TE, as stated many times, is splash damage from the cannonball's impact, splashed onto the body. The obvious solution is to mitigate the damage to the body. How do we do it in a 100% predictable way, while understanding how the mechanic works? Like this. I am not an artist, just a guy who loves the ol' Rock Golems and knows how to use MSPaint. The above represents the top of a functional Rock Golem trap. 3 walls wide, and typically the Red Wall is left empty for the Golem's head to stick through. Just put a friggin' wall there. The "dynamic head-object" (Sorry, I don't know a better way to describe it) sticks THROUGH the wall and soaks cannonball shots, and the metal wall dissipates the damage that would normally blast the body. Your trap isn't good forever though, but you can repair it or just replace walls/pillars. EDIT: *IMPORTANT* Because the head's protrusion can vary depending on how you build your traps, you may have to adjust your trap to just BARELY let the Golem's head stick through the wall. If it sticks through too far, you will STILL splash the body and the metal wall won't absorb any damage. After figuring this out years ago, I'm glad to actually share it with you nincompoops. Others might've figured it out too, but my first true 221-tamed 150 perfect (on 2x) was a bigass personal victory! Enjoy perfect tames on Golems! Source: My own research and brain, along with my 7 135+ perfect tamed Rock Golems.
  3. +1 to new-Alpha plan. Mosas have been strutting around as arrogant as can be for far too long. Its about time someone resolved to take 'em down a peg or two. "I have all these teeth and a biiiiiig mouth." OH YEAH? WELL HOW ABOUT A VICIOUS PENGUIN BEAK? OR A BEAVER-CHOMP? OR A SQUEAKY OTTER BITE? Freakin' Mosas, man.
  4. As an adverse effect of the "ability to dodge" mechanic, Raptors now have an auto-dismount. It is the worst. So you get close with a flyer or a land-mount and they just instantly toss you off, and THEN you get the "chance" to dodge the pounce. And then yeah... They pin much larger dinos to the ground. I haven't seen them attack the pinned dinos, but they will pin a Megalosaurus-sized dino. It's ridiculous.
  5. In the end, who the hell cares? The only takeaway from this thread is that something needs to be changed. Bickering about who is the most technically correct (the BEST KIND of correct) isn't gonna get us anywhere constructive. And EVEN IF we come up with a 100% agreed-upon-by-all-parties crowdsourced solution, there is a huge, huge, huge chance the developer team is gonna solve it how they want, and not give a damn about the solution WE think is best. The alliance mechanic needs a look. That is where we have landed, right?
  6. Just for information, the max domesticated levels added are when the dino hits 3,550,000 XP, or 73 additional levels. Source is ARK wiki for Levels, and my many level-capped Gigas from Red and Purple OSDs on Extinction!
  7. This is what happens on PvP servers. It is normal, and can't be stopped. You probably saw his dinosaur as level 200. If you are on a PvP server, you can be killed by a high level player when you are level 1. In fact it is very common for this to happen. When a new server comes, it is even worse. Every player comes to the new server to kill players who try to start. It is fun for them to kill beginners. There is no solution.
  8. Many of us who played during Early Access and experienced pre-ORP ARK build in a way that, were ORP to be taken away, we would tend to be fine. We either constantly heard of the one asshole tribe that tried to be the PvE Alpha and kite people all the time to show their dominance, or it actually happened to us as noobs (me). I was Titanosaur'ed while offline, and 3/4 of my dinos were in the building. The big things like my Mammoth and Therizinosaurus (among others) were in a walled-in dino pen that was surrounded by spikewalls. Came online to a half-blown-open base, half my dino-yard broken down, a tribe-log of dead tames, and one single Pteranodon. I'm guessing it blended in with the building so they didn't spot it. I know who did it, still remember, and don't know if I'll ever forget hahaha... It was in late 2016, after a year and a half or so on PvE37 on legacy. A year's worth of tames, gone in an evening. After a year of playing, I still didn't know a ton about what I was doing so most weren't good tames at all. I had a few bred Ankys and Pteras, and a bred Argy. I had that Theri, and they were brand-new. That thing was a monster for the time... But what a pain to get. It died like a wimp under that Titanosaur's feet, just like everything else. ORP is fine with me, raptor the griefers. If I personally can be assured no one is Titanosaur'ed again because ORP prevents it, I am OK with it. I know it's just a game, but damn dude... ARK is a bit beyond the "just a game" status with the time it takes. There are people on PvP and PvE who look for every opportunity to ruin other people's play-experience because "having fun" for them is found in the creation of misery for others. ORP took a lot of that power away and made PvE a lot more PvE-focused. Yes, the environment comes up very lacking in terms of active threat level, but it is what it is. Nothing is challenging to @BertNoobians Rexes.
  9. TheDonn

    Game Tweaks

    Ah. Garchomp. In every story-game I can have one I do. Sand Veil Garchomp all freaking day. EDIT: Inspiration has struck.
  10. This is probably the best thing. I saw someone suggested in a thread some time back to add a "war mode" to PvE of some sort, but I can see drawbacks in doing that. Either that or the "PvX" servers from mobile that have PvP "zones" in certain areas of the map. I think why people are confused is that in PvE you can be dragged into a war, whereas on PvP you are already at war, forever. So though the alliance mechanic exists, it really doesn't matter on PvP because you can still be attacked by anyone for any reason (including "no reason"), whereas on PvE it matters because it is just another griefing tool? Maybe? I dont freaking know, I guess.
  11. TheDonn

    Game Tweaks

    Haha, agreed. I was just making a dumb point about PvE-played Pokemon, I don't do many trainer battles anymore. Just like I don't do much ARK PvP. Since the conversation is mostly about PvE ARK, I figured my comparison was safe and also... It was just a cheeky joke. But I do stand by it, a trained Pika VS a wild Mewtwo will likely show the Pikachu winning due to advantages of training and such. But the same can't be said about a Giga army and the King Titan.
  12. TheDonn

    Game Tweaks

    A random-stat Mewtwo VS a 6IV Light Ball Pika is not necessarily a wash for the Pikachu, especially considering that a Timid 252 speed-EV Pika is faster than a 31IV non-speed Nature Mewtwo (let's say wild because it is a better comparison of Solo VS King Titan). It could win, even with Mewtwo's higher base speed stat. If 6IV VS 6IV, yeah, its a total wash! But even if they are trained/caught, how many non-hacked Mewtwos are 6IV? I'd say very very few! Especially if Light Ball with a crit Thunder, it would onetap a wild Mewtwo pretty comfortably. But I get the point, you guys... It wasn't a great comparison, I was just trying to stand up for Pikachu... So many things (dinos, and in this case, Pokemon) get lost in the weeds for every game because people get in the internet and look up the current META, and just use that, and call the rest crap. Mewtwo Mega Y or even X would crush a poor Pikachu, I know that. Mega-evolution tips the scales outrageously toward the Mewtwo, and Pikachu couldn't catch up even with Endeavor/FB. The ARK example is having a button you can press that makes 15,000 rockets fall on the enemy base in the distance... Yes, if you add something that makes it crazily out-of-balance (like a Mega-evolution), it is obvious how the tide of battle will turn. I will say that applying your playstyle to all (or even most) tribes is not advisable. Some people won't tame Gigas until they are very high level or have played for a good long time. Some people just don't. They don't play like you, or me, or anyone else who is comfortable at the time they learn Metal Dino Gateframe with going out and trapping, KO'ing, and taming the ARKs most dangerous and naturally wild carnivore. Those players, the newer players, and/or the more skittish players won't be rocking around on a Giga at level 52. Many players will not sit and grind XP to level up as fast as possible either, so it will take them a while to get to max level, not that being max level does anything at all to make you a "better" ARK player... You simply have more options on which to spend your engram points! +1. Pretty dumb that Ab Oviraptors aren't down there. I didn't respond because it's one of those things that was obviously an oversight but we should just accept that we don't have them/it won't change. For that matter, I personally expect none of this to be fixed. Scorched Earth kibble had issues and was only fixed as a secondary effect of the rollout of the entirely new kibble-creation system. It took almost 3 years, and was never addressed directly. It isn't a great addition to the conversation to say this, I am aware, but Ab is old content. It would be friggin' lovely if SE got an Ascension, and we got Tek Wyvern and Drake saddles, and Extinction gave you Ascension levels, but it's all old content to WildCard now. They will do what they need to in order to keep it playable, which mostly will consist of putting out fires (dealing with huge exploits and their ilk) when they pop up, but other than that I feel the Dev-team considers it "finished" content and has moved on.
  13. While I agree it would be nice to have more boosted rates on official, it will likely not happen. And I will probably get down-voted to -300 for this, but screw the color-events. There is no reason to breed for fun color mutations, because you only need to wait for the next Holiday color-event. I say down with color events, personally.
  14. TheDonn

    Game Tweaks

    But a Timid Lightball Pikachu (talking 6IV and maxed EV for Spd and SpAtk) could potentially outspeed and nuke a Mewtwo...
  15. TheDonn

    Game Tweaks

    I'll respond the best I can since you asked for my opinion specifically. It's a long response (sorry for that) but you put a lot into it, which deserves an equivalently thought-out response. 1: The system on Ab works for me because of the abundance of Mutton for Spinosaurus tames (and a 2x Mutton-tame is a pretty good tame). Karkinos can be tamed less effectively with Spoiled Meat, and really do make life on Ab easier! But I totally feel that their kibble-tame requirements are pretty steep. It is easier to get Drake eggs, cook up some Lazarus Chowder, and make Extraordinary Kibble to perfect-tame one. Cook up 50-100, and keep it. If you KO a crab with a stinkin-high stat (HP, Melee, Weight), kibble-tame it. Alsooo, Karkinos is radiation-immune, and with their jumping ability, they do alright for early-game Ab Drake-Egg runs. 2: I do feel like conditionally adding breeding to special-tames would be advantageous, especially for PvP. It could really shake up the META! For PvE, it would just be more breeding-line tinkering which would be a good thing! Keep in mind though: The dinos are balanced now around being either wild or bred. They aren't balanced around a 95-point melee damage stat, because there is -NO WAY- to balance that. Mutations on breedables make balance an ever-moving target that only moves faster as mutations get higher. So if your aim is to balance by adding breeding, I hope you don't take offense in me saying that it absolutely won't work. 3: With forum-Gigas hitting 535 melee at birth now and Rexes at 30K birth HP, Gigas have taken the role of Glass Cannon, so to speak. But understand, even with the stamina-use and lower HP, they are still extremely threatening. An 800% melee Giga with a 91% imprint (pretty attainable) will be hitting for just over 4000 damage, whereas a 1000% melee damage Rex is only hitting for 620. That difference is ridiculous! So here those Rexes are, nearly matching Giga HP with less damage but so much more capacity for bulk via domesticated levels, while the Gigas domestication is best invested in melee damage. What I'm saying is, I feel like Gigas are very threatening in their current form, and adding their HP back COULD balance them out *when compared to forum-stat Rexes and the like,* but then we come close to moving-target territory (re-balancing creatures based on the power of bred-creatures). Not to mention how devastating a tamed 80K base HP Giga would be against EVERY SINGLE TRIBE that doesn't have Gigas or a good way to defend against them. 4: I agree and disagree at the same time. At some point it has to end, because power-creep from breeding gets out of hand. But specifically about the Managarmr... On PvP they have pretty much destroyed the META, and for most purposes ARE the only META. On PvE, they are so nerfed that they are decent for quick transport, but nearly every other role it is outclassed by a different available dino or creature. So... screw the Mana. It is a shadow of itself on PvE, and on PvP has caused an upset in the META that hasn't ended. It's a bad creature. About mobile ARK: Mobile games are played by people who want to spend a small amount of time and get an A.D.D.-satisfying experience. Companies enable this by baiting people with a shock of activity, and put continuing behind a microtransaction paywall. ARK Mobile is no different. You can do everything you can on ARK with breeding, taming, and building (which is a wretched experience, playing ARK on a phone or tablet), but you can speed through it by spending money. Screw microtransaction-ARK. The one very-huge-thing that ARK has going for it is there are NOT microtransactions. If you add that, might as well sell the game to EA and let them chop it up, and sell it back to us for 3.99 a pop. 5: It would be awesome, to have Rock Drakes follow your gliding and climbing maneuvers... I can't disagree with that! But would they do it? Shoot, Ab is an old xpac now. It is highly unlikely they are changing anything that old, considering how WildCard rolls out content. 6: Could you imagine a 100% imprinted Golem with 55 pts in HP and melee (28k HP and 531 melee) rolling up with 80K HP to a base? Or bringing 2? Or 10-20? Throwing stones that hit for about 1600 damage? Nothing short of a Titan would stop them for sure, and even with a pile of Gigas it would be hard because of their huge HP pool. Though I gotta admit, bred Rock Golems would be sick. I don't even think it's worth discussing the legitimacy of breeding something like the Rock Golem, when we are riding them around and stuff! But yeah... I get it. It's the ARK forums, you have to cover your bases.
  16. Yeah Wilde, preaching to the choir, bud. I agree! But as long as a META exists, what can be done?
  17. They are not allowed. Friggin sad they aren't, that's my all-time favorite.
  18. I would argue that ARK was designed for PvP. I feel like it's pretty clear, but I personally do not think that the developers intended on Call of Duty with dinosaurs. Intent aside, that is what official PvP feels like. Also, PvP players don't want balance. They want the gamebreaking dinos and items to remain untouched because if they know about them and the tribe they are raiding doesn't, they have a very, very, very clear advantage. Argue against this point all you want, but few PvP players want to go up against an enemy that they have a perfect 50/50 shot at defeating. They want a powershift dynamic to keep victory certainly attainable for one, and for two, the salty tears that come from griefed/harassed players are always better when you (as the aggressor) know that with 100% certainty there is no possible way in hell the tribe you are attacking can do anything to stop you. If you achieve true balance, then there will be a clear point in base-hardening where you have no less-hardened of a base than a mega-tribe (I define base hardness as like, ease of raiding). How many people who PvP would want the game closer to that 50/50 chance where most of the time a raid could go either way because there is no 100% game-changing powershift thing like a Titan or a MEK or a Tek Tapej or a Mana or whatever it is? I think more people than not (the majority) would vote in favor of keeping the items that clearly define victory, because only the people getting attacked are interested in balance.
  19. I believe the bolded is our answer. We are not given a reason to believe that the ARKs physical infrastructures have now been altered by TOWW, and the drop distribution systems are built directly into the ARK's overseer-observation platforms. The explorer note authors were warriors or biologists, so I chalk the non-mention up to: they were concerned with documenting other things like plant and animal life, or targets of conquest and achievements.
  20. Element is nothing though. On 2x, with the right dinos on Ext you are sitting with thousands of it. I bet the devteam recognized this and decided to go after the damage it causes instead.
  21. I don't know that many people would disagree with you (but some would, we all know how that works) about how cool an SE Ascension would be! Considering WildCard's past statements on an SE Ascension though, I don't think its gonna happen. They don't seem to expand old content much, or update old ARKs much (if ever). Their dev-team moves straight on to the next canon-ARKs development and leaves old content behind, like firmly behind. We did get a small update to SE with some tweaking to the environment effects and spoiltimer penalty, but they were trying to revitalize SE and get more people to play there (because its so unpopular). With Rag's wild-level distribution and inclusion of all SE dinos apart from the Phoenix (which is MOSTLY useless), playing on SE was basically obsolete. And as I said before, they just don't drop big updates on old content.
  22. Can verify. Deinonychus eggs want to be really hot.
  23. Honestly having fun on Switch ARK Played about 8000 hours on PC ARK. Bought Switch ARK on a whim, surprised to be having a lot of fun on it. The graphics aren't great, and the load-times are pretty bad. No DLCs isn't so great either, but... It is fun. I'm enjoying it, using the old kibble tree so I feel like I have things to do, and being limited to the Island makes a big difference in taming and farming materials. After a while of playing it on my big-screen, I don't notice the graphics quality anymore... though the bloom is a BIIIIT much! It's just ARK. I gotta say: Switch ARK deserves some of the crap it gets. But it is the ARK experience, no freakin doubt about it. I like it.
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