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  1. I'm worried about who is voicing the T-Rex, personally. Or whatever that big chompy one was from the trailer.
  2. I have been largely on official for most of my playtime (9k hours) as well. For roughly the last year I have been on an unofficial cluster and it has been great, a few mods, and some boosted rates. S+ felt like cheating at first, I'll admit. After a time though, for me it started to feel more the way the game should be played. Resource pulling, breeding, storing items, etc... The ease of playing doesn't make the game "worse" or "easy mode," which is what many say, just more fun. You spend more time doing things that you find fun. Hell, even I rejected unofficial for years because of the
  3. Not to mention that even if you can KO it with a barrier trap so your TE starts at 100%, even extraordinary kibble is terrible at taming it. The percentage goes up a lot per bite but the TE goes to total and utter crap. They are like a worse more useless version of a Rock Golem, but even Rock Golems have a more standard TE drop while eating their preferred food. The Astrocetus "prefers" extraordinary kibble, and tames out at like 15% TE. For the work involved in getting a 100% start-TE on these things, and being one-off tames (no breeding, only cloning), losing 85% TE is complete garbage.
  4. Naaah Don Corleone, it was wild tamed sharks VS a decent bred squid, because that's what Kronos was asking about, and I was honestly curious. I love testing stuff like that! Maybe I am misunderstanding though, because I did fight wild squids against the shark pack, and it was terrible for the squids. Even multiples, fighting 3 wild squids against the shark pack was a total wash. The pack maybe took 200 damage between all 8? But the new test I posted the huge wall of text for was wild-tamed VS imprinted and ridden. I tried to set the squid HP to what might be considered a "decent" level a
  5. @KRONOSDOUBLE I'll tag you too here. So out of curiosity I loaded back up singleplayer with the shark pack. I spawned a level 140 squid, imprinted it, and leveled it a bunch (over 50 levels, it spawned miraculously not half bad with 29 pts melee and 34 pts HP). I leveled it to 40k HP, and ~600% melee and put a 75 armor saddle on it (first one I spawned). I know, I know... those are big-time rookie numbers to the monsters people have bred. The thing is, I said: Turns out, even with the shark pack I spawned in, and the sharks functioning on AI and unridden, I didn't even sta
  6. Hey Kronos. Felt froggy so I did some testing for ya. Singleplayer, set up exactly like Official Servers (150 max level, no weird stat scalings or dino mods that affect Megalodons). I spawned in 8 level 135 perfect tame Megalodons: All 8 tamed out to level 202 of course! I spawned in saddles until I had 8 close to 55 armor.. I did this to emulate taking some garden-variety wild tames, not all 150 perfect or bred ones, with less-than-official-capped saddles to see, as you put it, if it can handle unfriendly creatures in the deep. It's harder to emulate a bred squid on singleplayer
  7. The other thing about account sharing, yeah I can get that. But the tribe taxing scheme isn't a new thing to ARK pvp. When I played pvp years ago and was a total noob (still basically am with pvp, but I digress), it was the way it went on the scorched earth server I played on. It was a bit different in terms of attitude though back then, an Alpha kept order more than anything and took care of griefers and big external raiding parties. Nowadays, griefing is just the pvp way and there aren't Alphas in the same sense that there were. The "alphas" nowaday are just either nomadic tribes with r
  8. The Holiday Event isn't considered a standard Evo Event, and so even Small Tribes was affected by the boosted rates. So you would see the new normal 2.5x doubled to 5x, meaning a Small Tribes Island stone pickup would net you 5 stone. I'll edit my abovea post to add clarity to this point!
  9. So, looks like picking up stone will still be a perfect indicator of CURRENT rates. If you keep in mind that the NEW BASE RATE IS PERMANENTLY RAISED, it works fine to tell when event rates are turned on and when they aren't. Small Tribes Island servers are 2.5x and WildCard rounds down. A stone on Island gives 2 stone. 2.5x rounded down is 2. On official pvp or pve with 1x rates, a stone gives 1 stone. During a 2x event, on official pve or pvp with 1x rates, you could see when the rates are switched on because it would give you 2 stone. You would never get 5 stone for a 2x rate
  10. Friggin things. Still haven't raised one to adulthood myself. Thanks for the info!
  11. Oh my god. That would be terrifying considering that youd have to use flyers of some sort to even do the raiding, and also considering that they target and attack the rider with priority. Bred out vultures can also easily have thousands of HP and be quite a pain to kill. Kinda a good strategy.
  12. I've found it weird when they did this, not boosting taming as well. I remember a Valentine's Day event that brought the taming chocolates, they called the chocolates the 2x event (because they gave a flat +50% taming affinity) and it worked somewhat, if you had chocolates. Then, they nerfed chocolate drop rate when mating! Hahaha, silly people. I still remember getting some hilarious tames, just was confused as to why they added the 2x in that manner. I do remember times past where holiday events didn't even have boosted taming. In fact I personally consider it guaranteed that the l
  13. TheDonn

    ARK 2!!

    I'm excited. Who cares about picking apart an at-times clunky trailer for ARK II? The game is moving forward from Gen PT 2, and it looks like they want to actually let us meet some of these characters we have only seen in notes (except Helena ). Call me a fanboy if you want, but it's honestly a storyline that needs to be exposed more, and has massive amounts of potential. Especially with an animated show alongside it, we'll finally get more story. So, I'm excited to see the future, and how ARK II and the series turns out.
  14. Only issue with Megatherium is they don't eat veggie cakes because they aren't pure herbivores, just like Dire Bears (ruined my dream of boss bears ). But they can be quite tanky, and deal quite a bit of damage especially in the Broodmother fight. I love Therizinos for fights though, for the same reason many others in the thread do: The veggie cakes are tremendously helpful. Therizinos deal great damage and maneuver well, but the cakes are the best part. They essentially approach immortality.
  15. I can't help but speculate! I think either some movie/TV show, or an ARK predecessor on UE5. Either one, I would be OK with.
  16. Gotten this bug too. Posting here to add to the list, but also to add I am hopeful that a solution will be found! LMAO, such a crazy bug.
  17. I'm late to the party a bit... but I'm trying to think of a way they could combat it. Maybe have it read only? Or in a different format? Or in a different hidden location? I initially thought have a script replace the .ini upon loading a server, but that would mess up everyone's graphics settings. I mean like, it would reset it to some standard that might run horribly or the like. Or an .ini scrubber that would read through the .ini and replace out-of-bounds values from what the game is "supposed" to be set at, determined by the onboard hardware? But every one of those have either draw
  18. I agree with John. I was absolutely blown away at what people can do with ini edits. It takes any subtlety away from base hiding and your base appears like a black blot of paint on a blank canvas, basically. Scouting for bases is as simple as finding a Bronto in the Highlands.
  19. I dunno Hemp... Seems like even the people that disagree are remaining pretty damn civil by ARK forum standards! Conversation is conversation, eh? Some people think one thing, some think something else, and they talk. It's wonderful! (I am not being facetious)
  20. I think it is attributed more to big tribes quitting, and to the optimization passes that have actually reduced loading and render times. I'm not saying that it has not gotten better, the lag and tamecapping problem, I just think the other things are more close to the solution than Cryopods are. Reason is, Cryopods are just a choice.
  21. This is essentially the exact same goddamn thing that many of us said as cryopods were on deck for release, and everyone was talking about how they would be the savior of Official. But lookie here: Years later, it still isn't fixed. Even with no cryo-cooldown, people still would rather have their stuff out in their base. I can't blame them, because it IS all about the tames, but cryopods didn't fix the lag, or tamecaps, at least not like many people advertised they would.
  22. You're saying that an Xbox one rendering a higher density area brings the entire server down, whereas a series x doesn't? A few more questions arise: -Are you sure it brings the server down and doesn't just kick the single client experiencing the lag? If it isn't bringing the server all the way down and kicking everyone, it is again just hurting itself. -Is it 100% truly repeatable? If it doesn't happen -EVERY SINGLE TIME- then you can't be certain of the cause, just like above. Even if the base is flown over once or twice where it doesn't crash, that is enough to falsify the
  23. The requests from the server-side to the client-side are small instruction sets, for the pc/ps/xbox to then display whatever instruction is sent. The same happens when you see an enemy player and/or base, or your own tribe and base. I of course didn't program ARK, but understanding what I do about MMO games, this is a fast and dirty explanation about what it takes. So, as @Joebl0w13 said, they basically hold themselves back. The data-requests are handled by the internet connection and whatever adapter is used on the given platform (wifi or ethernet). The game sends its position to the
  24. Many reasons. The main one now being that it would most likely be too much money for them to pay to have the game and all content since 2015 optimized and packaged to fit on a Switch. At first, Switch ARK was just old-school Island map, and that was OK, they were feeling it out. At the time, Scorched Earth, The Center, Ragnarok, and Aberration were all available. Heck, I think Extinction was even available then. Each map is several GB worth of space. All the extra dinos take up more space. That, together with the growing complexity of ARK with game-system updates such as building an
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