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  1. See, that is kinda what I thought you meant but wasn't sure. That sucks, toss a report out with screenshots from your server with evidence and location coordinates.
  2. Ok, but it means nothing on a case-by-case basis. The dude should submit a ticket! If the GM messages back that blocking it is OK, then so be it! I personally have reported and had huts expunged. A few reports of nothing being done doesn't mean that nothing is ever done about node-blocking, especially if people can provide recent examples of when nodes were forcibly unblocked, I dunno. It is possible that the GM will send him the same response. It is also possible that the GM will delete the structures. It's not like its a waste of time for a player, who feels the blocking is unnecessary, or a waste of time for the GM, whose duties include judgment calls on such issues. @StinkyFingerton, I'd report it. Invincible might be right, you might get told its not a violation, you might not. Depends on the GM.
  3. You can also use alternative sources for all COC-listed items as well. "Can include but is not limited to" is in the CoC, which is kinda like saying, "let the GM decide if you are unsure but you THINK there might be a violation." Reporting is the correct thing to do in this case, I feel.
  4. From the ARK Code of Conduct: "Blocking access to important resources (ie. charge nodes, gas nodes, Extinction City Terminals, etc)" Under the PvE-specific griefing section. I think it would depend on how it is actually blocked. If there are just foundations fully over the top of the node and an oil pump cant be placed at all, take screenshots and report it, including that line from the CoC. Hell, do it anyway, you don't have anything to lose.
  5. In the past it has been about your distance from the titan during the moment it dies. You had to be pretty darn close, and it might still be that way! I was in a group and we had 1 out of 6 people actually get the kill because they finished it off while we were regrouping and getting stam. Maybe that's what it was! But it was a while ago. You could do 99.9% damage, and someone grabs that .1% while you are out of range, you don't get the engrams.
  6. @Niphorox, Jen used to be on the ARK team. Miner, the conversation was from May of 2019, she was on the ARK team until June of 2019. The things she said were said as Community Manager. @Cedric filled the vacancy she left. Both their statements are correct, it is to prevent restart looping to get infinite materials, but also can bug out and take a long time to respawn. Honestly neither of which make sense because for one, you can use cheats to spawn materials, or really anything, and for two, you can indeed set the respawn time so low it is nearly instantaneous.
  7. I didn't make my point clear, not that it matters now anyway. But the grossly-vast-majority of ARK players are not playing Hardcore ARK, so they aren't restarting from level one very frequently, that was my point really. If you are playing hardcore ARK you of course will have a very different experience than non-hardcore players. Fair point! But honestly it will only get you so far. A Carno, even 2, can be overwhelmed by Raptors and eaten, especially so if unsaddled. They attack slower and rely on AI for movement and attacks, so they are heavily disadvantaged. Even so, they can help to some extent even before being saddled. This whole discussion was about effectively gathering mutton. If you are racing through levels every other day, then yes, you are doing ARK better than other people, and getting mutton is more important. If you are just posting to talk about how you can level up really fast, I get it. Play with a tribe and you can get a lot further, far quicker, and you might not even have to rely on mutton as much. None of it really matters though, when there is change that seems to slow down gameplay speed it always frustrates people (not saying it slows you in particular down). Again, doesn't matter.
  8. If these are transfer-locked new PvP servers, then odds are they are getting survivors pregnant on Aberration, transferring in, and having the baby on the new server. Raise it up, and you are basically untouchable. If that is what's happening, all you can do is screenshot and report it. If it's an ordinary server and you are just new there, then yeah, I guess welcome to PvP.
  9. With all the things that happen on ARK servers, all the events that go on, saves, harvesting, building, loading structures as people fly over, individual server-members throwing out a thousand eggs at a time, sometimes its hard to see how the servers manage to run at all. I mean, completely ignoring the obvious question here.
  10. If you are a level 1 with nothing, you aren't taming and riding a Carno either. Even a low level. You don't get Tranqs until level 21. At level 20 you already have stone building parts, but that's beside this point. You can't ride the Carno until level 46, even if you use a club or slingshot to KO it! Well, unless you get someone to give you the saddle. In which case, get them to give you a low-to-them damage crossbow (150-170%) and a grip of tranq arrows. And a few metal gateframes. And a bear trap. And a Giga saddle. And some Exceptional Kibble. Then you could be a level 1 Giga rider, providing you can hand-pick enough berries to tame it! Actually sounds like a fun game. Do or die! You trap and KO it or it eats you. I know that Therizino saddles aren't available until level 69. But I guess I just don't know where to draw the line in this situation... Myself, I'd get veggie cakes and tame a few. Travel to Ext first and get pods. Tame sheep, pod them. Travel to SE with a Ptera and fly drops. Get premade chainsaw (eventually) from a drop. Get most leveled sheep and HP pump it, then chainsaw it. The underlined... A decent level Carno in the first 45 minutes without expending many resources. Maybe they are trying to move away from that, as well as preventing server-overload during harvesting and the resulting crashes. Please note: I'm saying "maybe they are trying to move away from that" and not "for sure they are and anyone who wants to ride a Carno in the first 45 minutes is a moron and I know for a fact that is true and everyone else is wrong." We are all Survivors, just offering my opinion at a possible motivation of why they might want to re-tool mutton. But regardless of what us peons think, they are re-tuning Mutton as per Dollie's post on Twitter (I think it was Twitter), just like I thought they would: Turns out I was on to something. So we shall see what they come up with!
  11. A Therizino is just time, my friend! Time, and lots of berries. A stone tier level Survivor with one lowbie tamed Stego (or Trike) can get a Therizino. I did it with a wood trap when I was still very green, right at the time the Therizino released. It didn't work out perfectly... Because the Therizino destroyed a wooden dino gate in the middle of KOing her and killed my Stego (was a level 10 pre-tame so no big deal), but I still had a spare berry-getter in my base. That thing paid itself off tenfold though. Glad I stuck it out and tamed it. It was a level 35 pre-tame, and took a long, long time. She basically secured tranqs and berries for every tame moving forward, and seeds for crops, and tons of wood... Until she was killed because I got Titan'd by some douchebag griefers on the server in Early Access (pre-ORP, when ARK was griefer-paradise) that wanted my spot. I didn't move and stayed there till WildCard decommissioned the server, incidentally. Forgive my tangent about Titanosaurs, but this whole discussion is ultimately about gathering mutton effectively. If you can't or (more appropriately) don't want to bother with taming a Therizino, but have veggie cakes and a low level Argy, just tame sheep and haul em back to your base! The goal is to gather mutton effectively. But as you said, it is all about how one progresses through the game. If you don't progress at all and are trying to mutton-tame Gigas at level 25, then yeah, it will be hard for you to accomplish that (but still not impossible). If you make cakes, tame sheep, let em level a bit into HP or breed them, it will be a bit simpler to get big amounts of mutton per sheep for carnivore tames. It just isn't as easy as flying to Highlands on a lowbie Ptera and c-spinning your way to 200+ mutton anymore. I see your point though. Halving the original gathered amount would definitely be better, but WildCard (as we have seen) is about finding the bottom-barrel solution and coming up from there. This is probably the bottom. Maybe they'll give us a bit back? EDIT: @d1nk said it first, hahaha. The sentiment remains.
  12. 1: After some testing of my own, and what @Castlerock posted, You can get more than 2 mutton. Maybe just not from a wild sheep? I dunno, I kinda feel like that was their intent. Tamed and HP-pumped with a Therizino or a Chainsaw and you get a decent grip! You really do. 2: If no veggie cake but you have cryopods: go to where sheep are on a flyer. Make sure to have a fed flyer with raw meat in inventory. Carry with you a PowerHarvest pumped Therizino, even a low level would work as long as it was PowerHarvest pumped. Toss it out, go to town on sheeps, drop pelt (weight), run back to flyer, transfer mutton to flyer, pod Therizino, go back to tame (or to base). That's what I would do, or try to do, if I was starting out!
  13. That's a really good point. Sometimes I stick to PvE-only impact of things, I should do better. But yeah considering a PvP player, this would make things hellish for starters... And tears of the griefed all the more sweet to the griefers, which is basically incentive to grief even more than currently. I've heard pretty commonly for years, people saying that pumping food gives more pelt and hide when harvested. Wool growth is controlled by the server multiplier and food stat, yes! But I've heard the other, and I've honestly never food-pumped a Sheep so I thought I'd test it to see if it actually gives any more resources.
  14. At 1x gathering an Ovis with 3000 HP gives about 100 mutton with a 170% chainsaw. With a 170% pickaxe and 225 melee, I was able to get 37 mutton. With a 600% melee (not imprinted) Therizino pumped up with 60 levels in Power Harvest, I was able to get anywhere from 60 to 90, not sure why there was such a variance, but that's what I found. It is a far cry from what it was, that's for sure. For the higher end tames, yeah we won't be able to laughably tame stuff, but it is still totally doable. Just a bit more work than going to Highlands at any time and in 15 seconds, taming anything on the map. With a good enough Chainsaw, I guess that is still totally possible though! ---------- Also, not to challenge the status quo, but no secondary stat other than health has any effect on gathered material. I tried HP, stam, o2, food, and weight separately. With something like 5000 stam, or 7000 o2, or 80,000 food, or 600 weight (again, individually) still just ~15 pelt and hide with ~30-40 mutton from a spawned in Ovis with ~1.2K HP base. But pump up the HP, you get more of everything regardless of the method of harvesting. Food does not increase pelt and hide gathering.
  15. It is possible they are trying to get people to have actual Ovis breeding farms. I dunno, a 900 HP bred Ovis will turn out with 1080 HP at full imprint. Level it in HP and I wonder how much mutton it gives still. I don't know if the scaling will be sufficient to support one of the big tames (Mosa, 270 mutton for a level 150 on 1x) with a single Ovis still, even with an Ovis harvested at I dunno, 3500 HP after leveling, how much would you get? I think they are looking at it in terms of how much would go into kibble for the equivalent dino. A 150 Mosa on 1x takes 92 Exceptional Kibbles, that's a lotta damn eggs, soups, and other stuff. It's not crazy crazy hard to get 92 Exceptional-tier eggs, but maybe they are trying to shift from a "Ptera-flap to the Highlands with a mid-melee-pumped Survivor and a 140+ Apprentice Pick and walk off with 300 Mutton" situation we were in before. That doesn't really undo the frustration. It sucks that the situation has shifted like this, but the playerbase will find a way. Off to test mutton gathering.
  16. Yes... FatDog. His videos changed my ARK building life, a lot. Good friggin suggestion, if FatDog does something we might as well all do it just like that.
  17. Right after they update and patch ARK on Switch.
  18. Well that is bonkers. I guess there is the motivation for re-tooling lines of x-dinos?
  19. Dink? RESPECTED? You must be shrooming... Jk. Dink is coo'. @djmcghee2018: I would do as advised, and look for/wait for official word that the server will wipe before picking up and leaving. I don't know the likelihood that WC would just wipe a whole server willy-nilly, but I think its pretty low.
  20. I have a few community maps installed, some ARK mods, as well as all the official supported DLC maps (canon and non-canon). ARK is 132 GB on my PC, so I know its a recommendation but you need at least double that. I have old laptop with a 240gb SSD in it, and Windows 10 and ARK do not fit on the SSD with the current amount of mods and maps I am subscribed to. I know you aren't saying you are getting a 60 GB SSD, but just some info for you.
  21. Unfortunately something as big as CI can't really be optimized. It is, so far, a beautifully designed map, and the Crystal Wyverns are great little speedy fliers though there is little chance they will make it into the Official Release. Once CI is built up on and loaded down with dinos and structures, I think it will be a lot worse than Ragnarok on Official with lagspikes because CI is so big... We'll see I guess. Not certain the size of CI compared to Rag, but it seems much much bigger. Wishlist is not to totally gut everything that Isolde has put into it. There is a lot of content. I'm thinking the Crystal Wyverns will go away, as well as the CI-Phoenix, most of the Extinction Dinos and OSDs, the absolute 100% entirety of the Eldritch Isle, and they'll probably release the Archelon (which would be good) or something as the real-world Dino, but even with all that gone it is a great map. I am excited.
  22. If you have a cloning chamber and some spare element, this is a great way to get over a breeding slump @miXoN. It's expensive, but when the perfect baby comes and you can actually progress your lines, you'll be very relieved!
  23. I've considered trying out those. I like PvP, the increased threat that players present really can spice up gameplay and get the adrenaline flowing, but my longest unraided run on SmallTribes was about 2 weeks, actually got a good amount of kit and even defended myself once. But in the grand old tradition, I then logged into a red tribelog and respawn screen. On regular old official, I got by for a bit less time at my longest stretch, but while 1x PvE is bearable, I didn't have the heart to stay on 1x PvP for long enough to learn good ways to not get raided. It happens just as frequently there, and is much more of a setback. I dunno though.
  24. You are preaching to the choir though, the idea that ARK Official PvP is played like ARK: CoD Evolved isn't new. It's the reason people are willing to log into servers and bootlick the MegaTribes. It increasees the likelihood they can get a single powerful creature and go all CoD on a bunch of bobs. You won't change any PvP'ers mind here either. Most of the PvP players who frequent the forums are very outspoken and proud of their ability to wreck noobs in the name of pre-pre-preemptive self defense. The people who play PvE don't want to deal with that mess, so we all mostly play PvE to avoid that self-promoting toxicity. And the devs, well they just let the game be the game. In 5 years there have been damn near close to ZERO implementations to remove griefing opportunities, so I would guess they aren't starting now.
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