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  1. Help mates. The center also @Cedric
  2. Clearly the power of the Zerg Swarm will prevail. But, generally speaking alphas aren't the ones harassing Bob's. Bob's harass Bob's. There is no fun picking on the little guy.
  3. Nuggie

    Boss fights

    Finally got around to trying this. Had 19x 25k hp on rexes and between 360 and 440 on melee. 25 AC prim saddles. And a pig that didn't do much healing. Beat broodmother no sweat. Most rexes only had 3-5k hp missing after the fight. There was a couple with 8k hp left. Need to work on positioning to fix this I think. On the monkey we lost a few rexes due to positioning too close to the pit. Ended with 12 rexes with 5k or so hp missing (plus the pig, did more healing with it this round). Probably going to skip island dragon and do dragon on Rag.
  4. Nuggie

    Known Issues: Primitive Plus

    Had a problem with stone intake for water on pc. Had to replace it to get water feeding plants in my base again. The graphic was there like water was flowing. But the plants wouldn't start to grow. Replaced the irrigation tap first, didn't fix the problem. Traced lines. All good. Replaced intake, boom got plants back.
  5. Ive seen squids along all edges of the map. Real deep. Pop a windwipe and put it into oxygen. Use a basil. Kill the other stuff if up to spawn them if they're not up. And to get exp. I want to say they can spawn in the western water easy loot cave also.
  6. Nuggie

    Basil, mosa or tuso?

    Basil. Bert, DILO those stats man....
  7. Nuggie

    Easter Patch Broke Handcuffs

    Well that's an interesting twist. We get the ability to add bunny ears and lose the furry handcuffs? Unconventional prisoners for a while.... or no prisoners at all... ouch @Cedric
  8. Nuggie

    Known Issues: Primitive Plus

    About prime fish, I harvested prime fish with a giga from a Leed a couple weeks back.
  9. ... I thought you couldn't increase flyer speed? Wasn't that nerfed? Does it not apply to quetzals? Should it?
  10. I won't be home for a few days, do we get to participate this time around? Any part of it? Colors?
  11. Nuggie


    It is hard for any development team to predict emergent game play from their playerbase. I also very much doubt this is how the devs saw their game playing out. Regardless of their lack of a crystal ball to view the future in, this is how they have managed their game over the last several years. So it may not have been sanctioned persay, but it certainly hasnt been addressed by Wildcard in a negative way. Thereby giving it atleast some legitimacy.
  12. Nuggie

    Where to build?

    If you have something to take someone will try to take it. If for no other reason than to keep you being a future threat. It's the safest tactic an Alpha can adopt. Well hidden is better than well defended. I'm not familiar enough with rag to give you any specifics other than the islands on the far out lieing areas. They are so far out the location might deter people from coming at you. Not only that, but there is ample nearby locations to hide boxes in the water.
  13. That model sounds a lot like pay to win. That being said, I prefer a subscription based game. It makes for a more stable gaming environment from my experience. Any response you're going to get from anyone that works for Wildcard is going to be a "toe the line" generic response. They'll never admit they are going out of business until they pull people into the office to hand them their last check. Or pull the group into the parking lot like Vanguard did.
  14. Cool man. Looks like a breeding pair to me.
  15. Nuggie

    How to fight with a tamed Rex

    I use the same technique for bats, which will get inside your bite range (attack the rexes' body where the bite range is based from the head) if you dont.