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  1. Nuggie

    What are you raising this Valentines Day?

    Very much easier. Stacks of 100 berries take ages to spoil compared to stacks of 20 fresh meat or even 30 cooked meat. I find keeping things fed is all based on how little gets wasted. I'm half tempted to try jerky to see how much gets used.
  2. Nuggie

    What are you raising this Valentines Day?

    5 basils, 11 boss Rexes, combining different argie lines with eggs from another alpha tribe(5 eggs).
  3. Nuggie

    Base size item count

    From what I have seen the item count is based on a radius. If you have a huge base the walls on opposite ends of the base may not be within that radius of each other. Allowing you to have more structures. If the center of your base isn't in range of the walls you can have quite a ridiculous amount of building pieces snapped in.
  4. Nuggie

    Suggestions for how to do caves???

    Can't go wrong with a good wolf or thylo. The cave on carno island on the top right of map is good. The water gives you good egress if you get into trouble up top. The lava cave is exciting, knowing if you miss your jump you lose everything. Wolves/sabers might be safer there. If you get a beelz you aren't particularly fond of go in to the hard loot cave for a peak. You're going to die, so expect that. It's an exciting cave.
  5. Nuggie

    SP Walls not working and all Dinos Dead

    Bottom line is if you aren't having fun then this game isn't for you.
  6. Nuggie

    Just picked up the game on Steam...

    You chose the correct platform to play on. This is the most stable. I can't help you with a server, I play Prim+, and just logging in to the game on that mod will test your patience. I would do the host/local option and play single player until you get the hang of it (level 40 or so). Then find an unofficial pvp cluster to play on.
  7. Nuggie


    This all on prim+ official? Catch any names on battlemetrics?
  8. Nuggie

    ??? Does Prim Plus Still Have Support ???

    Not exactly P+ specific, but you don't have to dismount when you come up for air on a tuso after this last patch. Work is being done, mates.
  9. Nuggie

    Prim+ Any Good?

    For steam P+ works okay. There is some stuff that is waiting for patches. From what I understand the console versions are horribly broken.
  10. I like peeling the layers of the onion back. Also, this being my first intensive pvp game it is fun managing pve progress while trying to keep from getting wiped out via pvp raids.
  11. Nuggie

    Formula for dino level?

    This is probably the part I wasn't understanding. That and not being able to figure out the wasted movement points. Another question: when people on the trading forums say they have a (for example) 50 point melee dino, does that mean 50 points when it hatches or 50 points after it gains however many points during the maturation process (I'm not talking imprinting and hp raise. Seems like the argies I've raised gain melee not related to imprinting)? Or am I just crazy?
  12. I'm sure there is a thread about this already, but after searching through 20 pages of search results I gave up on finding it. If someone can point me towards it I'd be obliged. What is the formula to determine the level of a freshly hatched dino? I could guess, but I'd rather hear a more educated opinion.
  13. Nuggie

    Multiple Unadressed Primitive+ Issues

    This stuff works on steam. Come on over mates.
  14. Nuggie

    Giga raising plan

    Shoot, it's a bit since the last event. I believe the 8 hours is the same you just get 2x the imprint. So instead of 4% you would get 8% on the imprint. Also, be ready for the baby giga only being able to hold a tiny bit of weight for a very long time. That took us by surprise. Definately a very high presence required the first two days.
  15. Nuggie

    Character transferred and disappeared after roll back

    Well that's fortunate. They can definately fix the owner issue. You'll still have to put in a ticket. On the bright side this is like a free mind wipe and the opportunity to give your character a new look. (Bro-tip: remake your survivor to how you want it to look before you submit the ticket).