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  1. Thank you very much for working on optimizations. This is greatly appreciated. I hope the Lord's work continues in this manner.
  2. Mate, you're going to have to show me how you get cryopods into Prim+ This would be killer for keeping gigas.
  3. I've been hitting the water caves on island for months. Only gotten a very small fistful of rex bp's. Thankfully one was 88 armor.
  4. Kind of like finding sea crates. Ridiculously hard. Good challenge though.
  5. Hey Ced, what does being a "sponsored mod" mean? I'm new around these parts.
  6. Nuggie

    Couple questions

    @OP, Since you are on Xbox you are very unlikely to enjoy the state Prim+ is in. I would wait until the migrate it into the main game files.
  7. I bet if you throw an @ in front of their names they will see it.
  8. SOB. I was similarly unaware of this. Thanks for the heads up. I'm suddenly very happy with my current set of bp's.
  9. Cryopods... on Prim+? Maybe you're in the wrong forum, mate.
  10. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/ Put in a ticket, mate. Going to be a long wait. Took them 2 weeks to answer mine. At the bottom click "submit a ticket"
  11. I think the build up limit is 75'ish on pc official
  12. I don't know how bad the lag is on other servers, but if they're anything like the server I play on its no wonder the unofficial population is increasing.
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