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  1. This sounds like my girlfriend. If i was able to do cheats in official servers i'm pretty sure she would have all the cute things. As of right now I've been sent to Ab multiple different times for shinehorns and other cute animals that dont spawn in Valguero.
  2. Neebs gaming is actually what got me started playing Ark. I finished their subnautica series, and then Neebsylvania and I was like what else do they have. Didn't like Conan so the jumped to Ark and thought well this game looks cool. And its on the xbox game pass. I'll give it a shot and 3 days later and I'm hooked.
  3. Still haven't done much except going on a metal collection session. Tonight/tomorrow going to move what I call the Carnobarn out (Yuty, Rex, Allo, 3 Deino, a Raptor, two argy and two pteras) and either move them to the top part of where were trying to build our new area or move them out to where the other dinos are at and turn that into a hatchery/workshop area. Tamed a male moth to go with our female this morning and picked up some decent blueprints in drops. Also the gf found a gave on the far west side of the map and she wants to go explore that so I made up two sets of metal armor and gonna make some guns and other goodies so we can go in and explore it and see what we find!
  4. This is why I don't play single player because I know for 100% sooner or later something is going to frustrate me and I will totally cheat my butt off.
  5. Haven't really done a whole lot the last couple days. I have built the dodo coup that my girlfriend wanted but haven't moved the dodos up there yet because our giant wall isn't finished yet. Did manage to find a couple bone jeboas that made me happy cause now our tamed ones are in their bone skeleton. Killed a few bone steggos to get their bones for event stuff. STill need to get a few more bones so I can get the jason mask but I'm sure I can get enough by the 8th. Other than that I've just been kinda moping around trying to work up motivation for the next big build. I love the building but I hate the resource gathering. Specially now that the 8x event is over.
  6. I have copied his 300%green house build which is amazing and his dodo coop is what I built this morning. And I agree they are awesome. I think were gonna try and do his A-frame house at the top of the cliff here soon.
  7. I actually didn't do to much this morning or last night. Just kinda ran around and played with having a Rex and an Yuty which is amazing fun! Those two together make quick work of so much except the bone trike. That thing didn't do much damage to the rex but man it took a beating. I did loose one of our pteras this morning due to compys starting a fight with it while I got a drop and that caused splash damage to some trikes who ganged up on it and killed it. Which caused me to go back and get Bubbles (our rex) and eat every trike I saw along the beach. Did get our dodo house built and as soon as the wall around our area are done we will start to fill it. Also have some plans on how to set up a crafting room/incubation room also just need to get the dinos that are in the area I want to build in out. Im also trying to figure out how to build in a spot that is SUPER not level at all (slanty cliff face on the beach in Valguero) and I know in theory how to do it and I've watched a few youtube videos on how to do it I just need to try and it and learn from doing it.
  8. We hatched one that looked that like. She is a beast! Jealous of the other colors you go though
  9. Started by hatching our 3 Deino and saw that I had 6 hour till they needed care so thought I would take a nap. Woke up at 1 and saw that they were fully developed and ready to go! Thank you extra life event! So decided to hatch our Rex and Yuty as well. Got them hatched and cuddled and walked when they need it and got the saddles made. When I log in next they will be ready to be taken out. Also took advantage of the 8x harvesting and got materials to make more gates and doors to block off the upper area. Got our greenhouse built with 24 med plots and 300% greenhouse and fully irrigated. Also took advantage of quick tames and got a couple decent leveled ptera (one in holiday colors that looks like carnage) and the opposite gender of ones we already have so once the barn is finished we can start breeding. Side note I knew having a greenhouse would be nice but I had no idea how easy it is to just go up and get what I need for taming so quickly and always having a ready supply. It’s a game changer.
  10. Ya I know but part of me wants to some how make one of everything and if I'm gonna have a generator it needs to be hooked up to at least one of the windmills. I want all the things to look like they belong together and I didn't just throw a bunch of crap around just because lol
  11. So the gf and I talked about it and decided that we were gonna buy ark on steam finally and start over instead of continuing to play on xbox. So bought it for both our machines. Downloaded and went to play and the graphics were awful, continuously crashed all the time. The lag was awful for the gf and it was never really an issue when playing on the xbox servers. Did some troubleshooting this morning and tried the fixes that I found online (verify files, delete other files and then verify) and we have decided this is nonsense so were going back to our orignal game (luckily i kept all out stuff and didn't give any of it away yet) and will be requesting a refund later today. Also jumped back into our game in Valguero just in time to see all of our dinos jump an allo that got into our base somehow and I put up a windmill that I found in a drop just for fun cause I have 4 of them. just need to add the generator now.
  12. Might I suggest Bluegrass like the character from Silverhawks (I'm showing my age now)
  13. I was reading that and sadly i don't have the cryo power yet( i know its not a power its all tech but it sounds cooler to me if i say power) so my plan was to have my gf fly me over to where they are and drop me in a place where I could make the trap/gate thing, which i've never used before but I have been looking into it, and then once its all tamed up have her come back and be lookout for the L O N G walk back to our base. But it seems like they're pretty BA so I feel like I can take most things that will come at me afterwards. And thank you. Thing is the ptera was lost for a week like this before and I stumbled across her on accident when exploring so I feel like that's what is gonna happen to me again. Or at least I'm optimistic that is what will happen.
  14. I currently have 3 fertilized Dein eggs and I wanna hatch them and use them to murder death dinos that annoy me around our area. But if I end up with more after those 3 I'll keep that in mind.
  15. Well now that I know this and after looking up where they spawn at in Valguero I will go see if I can get me one sometime soon! Thanks for the info cause I'm all about getting that kibble to make taming easier! So last night was pretty awful except didn't actually loose our two fliers due to death. I just don't know what happened to them. I landed to mark an area that I found crystal at and when I turned around they were gone. The argy was following me and the pteranadon was following the argy so I don't know what happened. Then I got killed but had an awesome person from a different tribe help me out looking for it. Couldn't find them but there is stil a lot of my map I haven't explored yet so I'll try and knock that out tonight. Good news is the baby of the missing Ptera is all grown up and has a saddle on him! Just need to boost up his stamina to match his mommas so I can use him but hes super fast! This morning I created a ton of stuff to make our greenhouse (which is why I was looking for crystal last night) and will finish gathering more and hunting for the argy cause that nonsense is heavy to lug back and forth with a newly baby ptera that can't carry a lot yet.
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