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  1. I have learned this all too often and the misses and I have our own separate chests to empty into before we log out because this has happened to us too many times. As for losses this is our first time playing and we started a little before halloween so don't have a lot of great things. But the biggest losses I think was the first ptereadon that I was given and the first couple that I tamed myself (but their legacy lives on through their childrens children) I'm slowly trying to freeze my heart to the pixels of this game but you do so much with specific ones you can't help but get attached to them at some point.
  2. Ok apparently i just play on the only good official server because every one on that server is awesome and everyone is always super helpful and always has been to all new players and even ones that have been there for a minute or 3.
  3. and yo uwon't till WC releases the newest update. So welcome to waiting like the rest of us Win10 players.
  4. Wildcard hasnt pushed out the update for windows 10 players. And like usual won't even give us the curtisy of saying yes we know its down were working on it. Been over 24 hours so far...
  5. This sounds like my girlfriend. If i was able to do cheats in official servers i'm pretty sure she would have all the cute things. As of right now I've been sent to Ab multiple different times for shinehorns and other cute animals that dont spawn in Valguero.
  6. But it can be. If Gachas can eat anything including hide and critin or karitin (or how ever you spell it) and you can put those in a trough and potentially unless you have a snow owl wandering around a gacha pen, which you wouldn't want to do because they like to be alone then you would put all that stuff in a trough yes?
  7. i literally just did it and it worked fine. its not a poop game but i feel like maybe its a language barrier kinda deal. Lets break it down super simple to help you out. When you go to this site https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/requests/new and click on the drop down to find your issue, what happens next?
  8. Neebs gaming is actually what got me started playing Ark. I finished their subnautica series, and then Neebsylvania and I was like what else do they have. Didn't like Conan so the jumped to Ark and thought well this game looks cool. And its on the xbox game pass. I'll give it a shot and 3 days later and I'm hooked.
  9. They are all over the beach in Valguero and in the northern area of the map in ab. At least they were for me. I see people go by my base on the beach in Valguero all the time with their gigas hunting turkeys
  10. Mine is apparently a 4.9gb update...and I'm pc playing through Microsoft
  11. I don't have one yet but I'm gonna go with they're really cool looking and i want one lol
  12. Pardon my ignorance but What do you mean get the first imprint done in a roo? Can you put dino babys in a roos pouch to get something special?
  13. We have two dung beetles and I have named them Bob and Doug after the McKenzie brothers. We have named our male and female ankys Toph and Bumi Jerboas I've named after video game charecters (Kratos, Tifa are the two I can think of at the moment) Have a dodo that looks like its wearing a GL suit so I named it Hal Jordan Argy named Ravenclaw Tried to name 3 of our Dein that were hatched at the same time Wynken Blynken and Nod but the GF stepped in and named the other two after I got Wynken named. T-Rex is named Bubbles and our Yuty is named Dovakhiin Forgot to add our tek Blue and Silver Parasaur named Cyborg
  14. Still haven't done much except going on a metal collection session. Tonight/tomorrow going to move what I call the Carnobarn out (Yuty, Rex, Allo, 3 Deino, a Raptor, two argy and two pteras) and either move them to the top part of where were trying to build our new area or move them out to where the other dinos are at and turn that into a hatchery/workshop area. Tamed a male moth to go with our female this morning and picked up some decent blueprints in drops. Also the gf found a gave on the far west side of the map and she wants to go explore that so I made up two sets of metal armor and gonna make some guns and other goodies so we can go in and explore it and see what we find!
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