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did any one else got spotted by a threat as soon as you spawn

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1 hour ago, 2OLEgend said:

I recently went to SE to scout out base locations, I spawned in front of a level 130 raptor. Respawned in aggro distance of a rex (didn't catch its level unsurprisingly) and ran into the great full jaws of a low level dire wolf. Suffice to say that SE base is still in my pending tray. 

The joy of SE, it's not too bad now with cryos but back in the day was a nightmare doing the run to an obi to get a tame out, multiple deaths later you finally make it to green and the water is full of kapros 😂

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On 2/23/2021 at 3:10 PM, NitroGAM3R said:

one time i was playing ark i spawned (i spawn in south) and a random giant aligator hits me as soon as i got control

nothing like the classic raptor to the face....It was weird, I just started doing the looking at implant animation, raptor slashed me, and I was immediately able to move. I didn't have to wait for the rest of the scratching the arm or anything. Of course even with the ability to start running away, it was all over, but I did try.

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2 hours ago, St1ckyBandit said:

Genesis teleporting: hold my beer

Yeah - HLNA Genesis transport, it is very common.  Transfer to the lunar biome, and before you can see or move you are being attacked by tek raptors and rexes.  Another issue is if you transfer with a tame on "attack my target".  When you get attacked before you can see or move, your tame can then counter-attack.  If the attacker runs, your tame will chase.  It is a fast tame, it could be out of sight before you know what happened and can respond in the game.

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