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  1. Offline NA-PVE-Official-Valguero563 Just posting here in case it helps... NA-PVE-Official-Valguero563 is currnetly offline. I experienced some lost connections a few times, but the server was still showing up. I'm sure it's offline now, shows it isnt responding in battlemetrics. battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/1192285 I sent an outtage report before I posted here.
  2. My friends tribemate has a character he regularly transferred between OC and NA (one character, two servers). From what I can gather, he's gotta choose one of the servers, and on the 11th he'd stuck on the server he chooses, and cant move his survivor back to the other server. Do I understand this correctly? Edit to add: like Legacy migration with only a few days warning. This is not enough time, not at the extent at which he has stuff (and the limited timer/weight to upload/download things). Any chance to get an extension on that deadline to move?
  3. Thank you. I had not seen that until now. I wasnt following them.
  4. Happening on Official. It's pretty bad NA-PVE-Official-Valguero563 About 50/95, where Dein nests usually spawn.
  5. Ah thank you. I saw the title of the thread had Dein in it, but the "raptor" part wasnt showing up, so I thought it was a different issue.
  6. Raptor Overspawn on Official - Bug? Uhm... I hope it isnt intended. I hope this isnt intentional. DoNotWant NA-PVE-Official-Valguero563, about 50/95 just north of the Dein nests along the east barrier
  7. No air brakes, that's seems stupid. I guess I was looking for something that should exist, (and does exist on most fliers) but doesnt. Thx for the info.
  8. A friend gave me a phoenix which I've never had before. Today I realize the air brakes aren't working I tried X which works on other fliers, but it doesnt seem to work on the phoenix... Is there another hotkey to stop it from moving? I'm trying to mine but it floats out of range pretty often, making me have to reposition it, I want the air brakes to work
  9. Waiting here as well. I uploaded some rexes in some cryopods, cant grab them into Val yet... ... soonTM
  10. Happened again today on official server. I got stuck when the drop despawned mid-transfer. Dilo started attacking before I got to the 'rec' button. I couldnt fight back
  11. I personally would like at least this, a warning when I log in. Last week I was shocked to see a "We are taking the server down" notice without any forewarning for myself beforehand, only having been on the server less than 15 mins at the time. After restart, I found myself stuck inbetween one of my base ceilings, and a behemoth door (I was lucky, I could open that door to get unstuck). I had logged back in to see my survivor glitching up and down, taking occasional damage. I was not happy, I was stressed/anxious worried/frustrated/etc, having supplies on me that I wanted to transfer to another server, did not want my human to die (wasting the time I had waited with those mats in my human inventory). It could have been worse. I personally experienced zero warning for that restart.
  12. Still an issue. Almost died again today. Had a pack of Dragonflies chewing on me the whole time, and I could do nothing about it. This window needs a cancel button much sooner, regardless of how fast a player transfers, not a FIX to have a player slow down, not a FIX if the drop despawns during transfer, today I got this very long window when I had hit esc in a panic to attack dragonflies, this had nothing to do with transfer speed of my own, this was me hitting esc to save my bacon, and getting stuck in the refresh instead. The speed of the player sometimes has nothing to do with getting stuck in the screen over a minute. Players can get stuck in the screen by the despawn of the drop, or something that stuns players. Cancel Button is needed a LOT sooner, like immediately as soon as the screen pops up in a stuck moment. Video of today on official server: https://youtu.be/kIWwbq8mhtg What caused this stuck the first time (before I hit record) was hitting escape so I could mount and kill the dragonflies.. You can see in the video I was unable to do anything in-game. Easily repeatable, in a different way, which I do later in the video. You guys got time to make whole maps, at least two since this bug has existed. Please do me a big favor and have one of your programmers look into this, and make it acceptable. This part of the game is one of those very messy inefficient things that I am very sure could function a lot better and smoother if someone spent some time on it between map creations. Work-arounds are work-arounds, until the thing gets fixed. Please fix this.
  13. I had no idea that my preference for post length caused that kind of trouble for mobile users (I use PC, not mobile). I apologize for the inconvenience I had unknowingly caused, and I will be aware of it next time I post.
  14. I believe they did. It wasnt enough DPs to beat the timer. I was not there so I cant be sure. Regardlesss, the AI needs to be changed so it will be on land long enough for non-flying tames to attack it. But... after some searching, this has been an issue since 2017... My hope for a fix has died. The Rhinos at a distance with a Bait Rex near the Manticore... this seems to be the do-able work-around, but it feels like this isn't the intended way to defeat the Val Boss Arena. It feels so awkward to me to have to do it this way.
  15. My friends doing a test run on Val told me they failed to win the boss fight because "maticore just flies in the same place" This needs to be fixed.
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