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  1. Yes please, I would like to know. It would be an immense undertaking to repaint everything. I dont want my tribemate to waste all that time on tends of thousands of dyes (I tend to under-estimate). If Wildcard isnt going to fix it, it would help to know, for those whom are waiting for a fix, can stop waiting. If Wildcard is going to fix it, I'd like to know, so players know to keep waiting for a fix. TL;DR: Who is supposed to clean up the paint messes made by Genesis, players, or the devs?
  2. On the Horison... Is a fix for the Dye in the works? I ask because I want to know if we players should wait for a fix, or if we have to repaint everything. Knowing what you devs have planned will help us know what action to take with our bases. My tribe will need about a million dyes if 'we' are to fix this ourselves. It is a time-consuming task for us, a million dyes or more, many many hours, or even days. Knowing if you will fix it, OR not, will help us plan our time. Image: It hurts my eyes to stare into the back hole of our base. Lights only give a tiny amount of reflection on the textures. Overall, this old black dye is now pitch black. Our tribe may have over a million places that have been painted.
  3. Dear Wildcard Interface artists, The hitbox for your advertisement for Genisis is a bit too big imo, too close to the "join Ark" button. I accidentally clicked a little too high when trying to "Join Ark" (see image: That is where my cursor is, and where it opens up the store page). I was not even in the expected box of the advertisement, but the click where my cursor is opened up the Steam Store in my game client which took a few buttons/clicks to close out. I'd expect the box to be a bit smaller, and not so easy to accidentally click when my hand shakes. Mmy hand will shake sometimes, making the cursor move just a little, this is what happened to make the cursor move just a little above the intended clickable area. P.S. Dear moderators, if I have put this post in the wrong category, please move it without penalizing me, I mean no harm or ill will. I am not very good at knowing the best category, but I have made my best guess by putting it here.
  4. I wish for this as well, because why waste time making about a million dyes 'if' they are going to fix it. Are they going to fix it? Or leave it for us to repaint? Some part of me does wish this pitch black was a color, could make some cool mazes out of it.
  5. With the existing code, I know it is possible to make A peaceful official PvE server. My wish, my dream, my vision of what I want in Ark to make it perfect for me. Details: Peaceful like Minecraft/Creativerse kind of peaceful. No hostiles. None. No territorial ones like Theirz, dragonflies, vultures, bears, etc. No creatures that make other creatures become hostile, like Pachyrhino and that swamp oxygen thing. Like Creativerse's Peaceful: Defensive tames will attack if poked, like Trikes. So dont poke them unless you want to be poked back. Hopefully you dont poke them when they are behind the rock you are trying to harvest. No food drain for players and tames. No water drain for players, like Minecraft Peaceful. Structures take zero damage. I really deeply loathe losing something I wanted to keep. Leed-free oceans, for freedom to build all those wonderful raft builds. This is a server I would be madly in love with, For building, eye candy, mad breeding, and I'd want it to be official, because the friends I like to play with play Official PVE. I'd be ok with the ability to move tames into this special peaceful server, all the hostiles tamed on other servers could come in to help with the things they help with.
  6. Thank you. I will keep that in mind for next time.
  7. Yeah, It would be nice if I could whistle while I am pinned. My rock drake was on Neutral, and spins around teh raptor, unable to bite it on it's own. This was on official, many months ago: My drake was on neutral, but never landed a hit. I had a lot of gear and fortitude on, so I survived to hop back on and nom nom nom
  8. I feel it would be awesome if there was an Official Server with much longer decay timers. On Boundless, the lowest timer (outside of tutorial campfire) is about 4 weeks. People who pay for gleam club can have that timer boosted up to... well... infinite. I have bought 25 weeks personally. Ovipets has a vacation mode for up to 6 months, but Vmode Pets isnt as debilitating on a community as Ark structures could be. For people with lives that tear them away, and some suddenly (no time to pod everything) I think a "vacaton mode" or an option to extend timers would be a fabulous idea. Maybe even specialty servers. Ohhh that would be so nice imo Unofficials I have never seen stay around for very long. Officials are more reliable, more persistent. singleplayer isnt the preferred choice for some social creatures.
  9. One thing I wish I knew about, was the complete clearing of configs and graphic settings that came on the 25th If I knew then, what I know now... I would have saved a backup of my configs, and screenshot my settings, before launch. Silly of me to think they wouldn't reset our settings, I keep hoping they would know better. My most recent backup of my configs is July 2019, I wish I had something more recent. Did they let us know there's be a reset before they reset it all? If yes, I had totally missed that memo.
  10. Exactly. I havent bought Genisis, and I dont plan to.
  11. " intentionally block spawn points for the purpose of not allowing any new players to play on the server" Example: "Turrets located on or near spawn points" https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/code-of-conduct/ Report them. Support > Report Abuse
  12. My personal three (my opinion) of massive issue that hasnt been fixed is: 1) Manticore rarely lands, issue since Manticore was added. 2) Structure preview lies (shows the wrong position, snaps somewhere else when placed) Issue since 2015. Conan Exiles doesnt, ever, afaik. 3) Anti-mesh false positvies deleting tames. This can be fixed if they fix poor collision, which has been inaccurate and accidentally tames/players can be pushed under the ground by other objects since this game was created. I remember one of the reasons there were few spawns back in 2015 was because most of the wilds were swimming around under the map, until they added the feature that deletes them. Now it seems the part that deletes stuff is even more sensitive, giving no leniency for innocent, non-malicious people getting partially shoved under by other objects and hostiles, as well as some dash moves (Rock Drake, Mana) that come in contact with uneven ground. As far as the OP's three issues... I never knew those existed, they're in parts of the game I dont go poking around at.
  13. I been pulled off Rock Drakes. I purposefully rode around aberration on a Diplo because raptors didnt go after it. Diplos are a good way to avoid those trollish Raptors.
  14. Me as well. I loathe it. I do not enjoy challenges, do not like threats, and I lived in a corner of maps without hostiles. I dont play Ark for the dangers. I play it for the building, breeding, eye candy, hoarding, friends and other non-aggravating stuff If there was an official server with zero hostiles, zero threats, and no risk to losing things I wanted to keep, I would be a very happy player.
  15. I've only seen that happen with pregnant mammals' babies on a server where the tame cap has been hit. Eggs should just stop incubating when the tame cap is reached, so that is weird imo.
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