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  1. GreenRoc

    Font size settings

    I too have a monitor that sits away from me. I have increased font size for Firefox, Minecraft, World of Warcraft, and other games to accomidate this distance (and my slowly deteriorating eyesight, which is near-sided). I dont play Ark on my far monitor because I cant change the Font size in Ark. Instead, I have to use a closer monitor. Even on the close monitor, sometimes I have leaned towards my monitor and squint to see what the heck the item is, or what it says in the tooltip. I done this so often, I sometimes dont even notice I am doing it. I know the new interface has been around a while... but I have been squinting for a while too. Font/interface size options, would you please add this? World of Warcraft has it, if you need to look at an example of how it can be done.
  2. GreenRoc

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    I been playing on SP a few days with an old PvE Legacy save where I used to play. Configs I changed were few, as I wanted a Legacy feel, but without all the stressors. Primarily, no hostiles! I used NPC replacement code to remove all hostile creatures and all creatures that would attack you if you got near them. Including things like dragonflys (attack you if there is a corpse nearby) and therizinos (attack you if you get really close). This does break kibble trees, but I personally dont mind sitting at a dino for 13 hours. No joke. I rather sit at a dino for 13 hours, than spend five minutes with a hostile dino. I am pretty sure there are plenty of people like me who want to play to see the eye candy! I have spoken to numerous people who never spent more than a few hours in Ark, or even a few minutes, because it was "too hard" and/or "I died". Many people just want to see pretty things, and tame dinos, because DINOS! FEATURES: - MAIN FEATURE: All hostile/territorial/temperamental (attack unprovoked) dinos removed - Ammonite, Pachyrhinos, etc spawns disabled due to their ability to turn non-aggressive into aggressive. - Trikes, stegos, and other defensive type animals still spawn (dinos that wont attack unless you attack first) - Survivor hunger/thirst/stamina also altered to require less maintenance (optional). - Same harvest/tame/exp rates as official, and included in evolution weekends (optional). - Breeding rates always 2x, 4x-6x on evo weekends (my personal preference, also optional) I really hope this "no hostile dinos" server becomes a thing. I personally nicknamed my SP "fleeting" because my replacement codes replace every nasty dino with Ovis (fleece). I could imagine servers like this would bring in a lot more players into Ark, players who want to enjoy parts of the game (build, explore, dinos, eye candy) but wont play because other parts make it too hard for them, and/or because they dont want to die. I may be willing to start up on official again, if this became an official type server. Eye candy lovers! This is for you, and me! Love to build, collect and breed creatures, and hoard items, but hate dying every day. Love and Peace! P.S. I know some you people who like challenges would be quick to criticize me (as many have before) and this kind of change with statements of "Where's the challenge?" "but it is a SURVIVAL game" If you think to tell me about it, chances are, I already heard it, so please dont waste your time. Adrenaline hurts me, literally, physically. That "fun" that many gamers want from games, that adrenaline rush, is bad for my health. I only put up with Official Ark all these years because there was too much good eye candy in this game. but no more! I had given up on official (not an easy choice) because it was too stressful, and taking up too much time.
  3. You haven't looked hard enough. I been on several Legacy servers, and there is plenty of open space. Spend more time looking, ask some friends of yours to come help, there's space, plenty of space. Believe me, it is there. There's a LOT of players who are sentimentally attached to their dinos in Legacy, never wanting to give it up, like myself. I disagree with your last sentence, "no one wants it" is not true. You have my word as a Legacy player for 3 years. I only left legacy a week ago, because I didnt have time for it anymore, but I took the legacy save files and now play it on singleplayer everyday. LOVE the abilty to pause it, so I can get some sleep. I am 100% sure I want it, wish I didn't have to leave it for needing free time for other more important things. I wont speak for anyone else.
  4. About the small tribe servers... I heard they were pvp only. That fact alone I will not be playing. Before I heard they were pvp only, I was actually interested in going there and starting up my own tribe (and I hate starting out, rarely do it). Those boosted rates were a huge appeal to me... And I am a soloist, on Official Legacy. If the tribe size was 1 player, I'd be cool. But PvP only, nope, no, not me. Never. If you had PvE versions, I would not be surprised if those servers were really popular. Can you please make PvE versions of that? Same settings, same configs, except... make it PvE. I believe you will find it to be popular, if only you tried it. Please try PvE. I want to play it PvE, permanent higher rates.
  5. Hello, I am having bad issues with Ark's game client launching in the main monitor. I would like an option to have Ark's game client launch in a different monitor. Ark loads in my main monitor. Web Push Notifications load in my main monitor. Both seem fixed and nonadjustable (at this time). I know I can switch Ark's game client to windowed, reduce the size so I can access the top bar, then relocate it to another monitor, then resize it back to bigger px, and then back to fulscreen.... but that is a pain in the dilo to do every-single-time, to just have it relaunch in the main monitor next time I open it, and have to resize it again. I've googled a bit, and only saw solutions in the form of downloading 3rd party programs, to readjust where a steam game loads up, but I really dont wanna go that route. As far as the issues I am dealing with: Firefox Web Push Notifications appear in the bottom right of my main monitor, which is where I have fullscreen Ark running... Many times when a notification appears, I end up tabbing out of the game, as my cursor becomes unfixed and outside the game window. This has caused problems for me, especially when I am in a battle and need to move my character. I have tried to post to Firefox to provide a fix for this issue, but so far, no dice: https://support.mozilla.org/en-US/questions/1220770 I don't know which company I need to go to to resolve this problem, but I have spoken to this website (another post unanswered) Tweeted to an addon creator, as well as spoke to that Firefox forum, googled a bit, only seeing non-practical solutions. So far, I have not seen a practical solution. I would like to get a working solution that doesn't cause other problems. I need my notifications, so options to disable them is not an option. I come here, hoping that Wildcard can give me the option to choose which monitor their game launches on.
  6. GreenRoc

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    I dont remember if I posted this before... I would like an official server, where "leavemealone" is always active on every player and tame. Some of the benifits of this game mode would include (but not limited to) helping new players to learn how to play this game (learn how to move, access inventories, build, explore, etc). I wonder how many people started playing, and died before they learned how to get in their player inventory, or equip a weapon? I know that was my first experience. Stupid dilos. I know I would enjoy a server like that, even now. A building delight to PvE players like myself, who hate losing tames and builds to hostile creatures. Kinda like Peaceful mode for Minecraft, but with tamable everything. Giga taming would be amazing!
  7. GreenRoc

    Structure Decay Changes

    I'd like to add that I wish new player spawns were build protected like drops are. And also tell a few stories of reasons why some people pillar: On my main server, there's a base built on top of a player spawn (which was not pillared off to protect the player spawn), and upon several occasions in the past, players would spawn there and get stuck inside their foundations. I believe this was later fixed by Wildcard so players pop on top of the foundation when they spawn in. I remember a time I had a friend come in, an experienced player, but not yet aligned to a tribe, and got stuck there, could not get out, even tho the tribe who built on spawn have the base set up to allow the player spawns to escape. Another tribe I have seen on another server, whom built on spawn, didn't care to make a way out. All the doors locked, and I heard from someone who was a vetran of that server, tell us that the base had 30+ bodies stuck in it. If you ever wonder why spawn points are pillared, it is likely to prevent people from making a base on top of spawn. If any of you have had a problem with pillars at spawn, did you ever ask the pillar owner to remove the pillars when they were online? And ask nicely? Some players are very happy to remove pillars around new player spawns, or obelisks, if asked. One of my allies has the entire zone around green oby pillared, and he will remove pillars if asked nicely. He told me why he has pillars there: so some *bleep* wont come and build a massive base and/or preventing others access to the oby. I know a tribe leader who would pillar everything within render distance of their tribe's base, because they had a bad experience with a base built too close to them. That other base wasn't laggy, it was super ugly. My leader didn't want another eyesore within render distance from then on. P.S. I type a lot about this subject because I am passionate about this game. One legacy official server has been home to most of my waking hours for the last three years. I care about what happens, because it directly affects what I do everyday.
  8. GreenRoc

    Structure Decay Changes

    It's not a pile of bleep. I have a real example of when someone did not use pillars to protect their base area, and they only had three dinos... Walls owned by my Allied Tribe. Blue Circle is my pillar (with several reminders from me, my allied tribe friend still did not pillar their walls, so I put in a few of my own pillars). Red circles by a non-allied tribe, inside the walls of my allied tribe's new base. This was on Legacy Official PvE, where we have to police ourselves. This... this is why I pillar around my walls, because Fence Foundations offer no build protection. Edit to add: Thankfully, the tribemate of the guy who griefed my allies had removed their tribemate's griefing pillars. Their tribemade had a misunderstanding against my allies, as this act was likely done in revenge (and done to the wrong tribemate of my allies, this wallmaker had nothing to do with the original situation that ticked off the non-allied tribemate). The misunderstanding and pillar giefing has since been remedied in a good way, and eventually my allied tribemate let the walls time out. Sry if any confusion with this story, I try to keep simple but it isnt easy. Not everyone will be as cooperative when it comes to getting along on official servers. This is my base on the same server with my pillars around it: Red are my own pillars with ladders (preventing someone from building near me). Purple is my two foundations to stop a wild spawn. Lime/yellow are my dino gates. P.S. (Edit to add) I am not sure what is up with your heavy sarcasm AngryGamer. I am a very literal person, sarcasm is very hard for me to detect, but when I can detect it, it has to be very heavy. Are you not feeling ok, or are you just trolling? Why do you feel a need to say such things against our very real issues? I am very curious why you have such an attitude, or am I mistaken about how you are feeling? I hope your day goes better, whatever the case, seems like you aren't feeling too well about something (hugs)
  9. GreenRoc

    Structure Decay Changes

    I have each of these on the servers I have played. I worried that some might go poof when I first read the earlier announcement. I am relieved to hear that decay timers to deal with the bad pillars is being rethinked. I do support WC for wanting to have a way for the game to police itself when it comes to the bad pillars, and grateful that they listened to us when we said there are good pillars too. My current low-count structures on pve Official Legacy: With my pillars, 1) I protect a large area of metal spawns. 2) I keep a small no-build zone around my base walls. 3) With two foundation structure pieces, snapped to nothing else, I block spawns inside my base walls. I want to have an open yard for baby walking and Wyvern landing.
  10. GreenRoc

    Server option to disable lightning flash

    I had the same question today. Did some googling... and found a solution that worked. This solved my issue https://steamcommunity.com/app/346110/discussions/0/152391995411203501/#c152391995411215459 I saw your thread on the google results before I found the solution. I thought I'd share this solution in case someone else goes googling and comes across your thread too.
  11. GreenRoc

    Structure Decay Changes

    Thank you for reconsidering Jat. My friend told me he was going to quit playing Ark alltogether because of your earlier predicted change. He'll keep playing now.
  12. You are probably right, I probably would tame up to my limit. I love my dinos a LOT. Cry when I lose them. I have a bear I have had for almost three years, my oldest tame. I love him so much, because he is my oldest. Me and Kenai have had so many adventures together... Even tho I dont use him, he would be guaranteed to come with me to a new server, if my home server ever gets killed off. I guess my previous post was... I hate being accused of bad behavior, so I got defensive. Before they added a cap, I probably had over 1k dinos. I only want to tame less, because people get angry at me for having too much for their potato PC's. I hate when ppl get angry. I struggle to accept that fact that no matter what I do, there will always be someone who isnt happy with me. But I ramble, probably off topic now, I'm just replying to the responses to my comments. My apologies if I have done any wrong.
  13. Yes, and I keep them in different areas on the map, this is a collection of my dinos and my retired tribemates' dinos from numerous servers, moved into here due to the kill list killing off our other servers. I am working on reducing the numbers, but it is difficult, mentally difficult, but I am making progress. If I find my base has an FPS drop, when I have added something, I work on moving some dinos to another base, and/or removing structures. Most of the dinos I have, are to make eggs for kibble. If the kibble didnt require specific eggs, I'd have half the dinos I have now. The other non-kibbling half are working dinos, breeding to get better stats, as well as spares in case others die. But mostly, I am a sentimentalist, love my dinos, had many of them for years. I cry, literally, when they die. If Ark had a storage system for dinos like Pixark has. I'd store most of my dinos in there, if that was a thing. So 1) Wildcard needs to rework kibble system or 2) Wildcard needs to add dino storage like Pixark has Both of those, either of them, I'd be willing to cull/store half of my hoard.
  14. Would you please make it so they wont auto-decay (for several days after the change)? Maybe show something on the structure (temporarily) when a tribe member is near it, so they can see if it doesn't meet the requirements. Giving players enough time, and the info they need to update their structures to comply to the changes. It's an inconvenience to ask someone outside of my tribe to check the timers on my structures.
  15. They said it in chat. It was during that pachyrhino bug, made it easy for them to poison their dodos. I did not see them in person doing it, but they talked about it in chat. So no, I am not 100% sure, because I didnt see what they did. But knowing them, they had no reason to lie about doing it. They are the kind of person who would do such a thing, and brag about it in chat.