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      With the latest server update on PC (v276.493), if you're going to attempt ascension, before doing so please make sure you've opened a supply crate/transmitter/obelisk/ basically anything terminal/tribute inventories. It's a temp workaround to characters being lost when ascending whilst we're investigating character issues further.


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  1. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    ... I found the problem. There was a platform dino above that had empty troughs on it (used for feeding dinos across the map, as a friends dino I hardly used). I demoed the troughs, and now Anne and Eve have no trough Icon. Vlad has a trough icon. So... this was my error. Dang. I wish we would get some kinda warning when they are at zero food, so we at least have a chance to save them, when these kinds of things happen. I still need some lady gigas to mate with Thx for the feedback. It was my blunder I see now. Edit to add: I wish the hardest to raise dinos, weren't the first things to starve.
  2. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    Here's a screenshot of my area: Eve (Bulbdog) stands where my female gigas were, you can see she has a trough icon. Vlad (Giga) is 3/4 full on food. Anne (Bronto) is 1/3 full on food (she needs to be fed, that is pretty low), and Otter's Bronto is full on food. The bionic green toe is another Giga, 3/4 full on food. The trough that feeds those dinos was filled yesterday (sits somewhere behind the green toe'd giga). It seems I need to go force feed some of these at this time.
  3. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    Are you on Legacy? Maybe we can arrange to get together and have some Giga lovin. I'm green_roc on steam, same avatar as here.
  4. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    I'm not sure if this is relevant at all.. I have (or had) Five Gigas. Three males, two females. It was my two females that starved. I have no more females. Does anyone have a female giga they dont need anymore? Something over level 150 will do. Edit to add: A friend maybe able to get me some eggs. I hope I get a female.
  5. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    They were probably hatched within two months of eachother. They were raised from babies. One parent of Indominus 3.0 was created, but that was back when spawning in dinos was allowed (and was not spawned in OP), because there was a bug that caused the parent to be lost. Indominus 3.0 was currently level 202, with no mutations. There was a recent fix in the range of hunger in patch notes, I dont know if that has anything to do with this. I am 100% sure they are within range of the trough, which I double-checked to make sure it has meat in it, just yesterday. I had not checked them individually to see if they were full. I have over 400 dinos to feed, and I am a one-man(woman) tribe, so I dont have the time to check all of their hungers individually. Is the bug that causes dinos to suddenly stop eating on their own still a thing?
  6. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    I wish Ark had a storage system for dinos, like the one in Pixark, that looks like a gumball machine. Just convert the dino into digital data, and it turns into an item that you can put inside a storage box. No spoil timer, no need to keep it fueled, or keep the dinos fed. The dino is now an item. The loss of this dino that shouldnt have died, is going to take some time for me to get over. I wish this never happened. I wish there was a way to recover this loss, to bring back Indominus 3.0, but I know there is not. Rules, and policies forbid recovery of such losses. I feel let down by this game I adore. Indominus 3.0 will be missed. I shall go make her a gravestone, where I have never made one for any of my dinos before. This is a first for me, in years, because she meant so much to me. Indominus 3.0 - Rest In Pixels.
  7. Giga Starved to Death - over 2 years old

    Has anyone else lost a giga recently, that should not have starved to death? Is this a known bug? Please fix this bug.
  8. Update: Not a bug. I made a blunder. Please move this post to General? Thank you. ------- The oldest giga on PVE-OfficialServer323 has starved to death alongside another giga whose also over a year old also starved. Indominus 3.0 was raised before Imprinting was a thing. Both starved gigas starved to death today, TODAY within 15 seconds of eachother. Another giga that stood next to this pair is still alive and has plenty of food (3/4 full on food). Feeding troughs are in range. Meat was put in the trough less than 24 hours ago, and I looked in the trough's inventory until the meat no longer rapidly disappeared from the trough (as has been my routine for over a year). And I always leave meat in the trough after the meat is not being eaten. This is very saddening. Horribly sentimental, not just to me, but to several other friends and old tribemates. This really hurts to lose this. I've kept it alive for years. YEARS. And suddenly for unknown reasons, it starved, in range of feeding troughs. The only thing I can think of that might have triggered this unknown bug, is that I had moved these gigas around in my base within the last week. There is no reason it should have stopped eating when it was in range. The timing of their deaths seems to be as if they stopped eating when I moved them. I am pretty sure this is a bug, as I cant imagine they didnt get enough to eat. I filled the troughs yesterday, and I see other dinos even farther away from the trough, with the trough icon, and they are plenty full. Years... the oldest giga on the server. This is quite sad. She is irreplaceable. P.S. Wildcard @lilpanda @Jen You may remember this Giga, Indominus 3.0, painted completely white, part of Blackstorm, raised by TassieKarl. she will be dearly missed. Stupid bugs/glitches, causing us to lose something so precious and irreplaceable. Sad day today.
  9. Cursor Moving outside of Game Window

    I an on Windows 7 Ultimate. I am using Nvidia as well, but manual updates, because GEForce kept changing my preferred game settings, and causing sound issues too, so I got rid of it. I haven't updated Nvidia in a while, maybe I need to try that. Ark isnt the only game this is happening with. Pixark does it as well, and I play in Windowed (non-fullscreen) mode for that game.
  10. It's a massive wall of Behemoths in the green area, with a sign by the wallmaker that expresses an intention to block off a tribe. Not blocking off blue, but the wall is blocking off the only footpath to the north side of the portal room's upper floor, several bases are located along that path. It interfered with my path home, as I would run my Drake up there, then jump off the top edge to get home, a path I took every three days for several months.i had to take a longer way back home after that was erected. That wall was a last straw for me, and I have quit playing that official server (mostly due to not having time for the upkeep)
  11. Thank you for these updated rules! I reported this This is a whole lotta NOPE! Edit: had second thoughts about my post
  12. Bug: Cursor moves outside of game window when moving I am playing with fullscreen windowed, and while this issue/bug has happened in the past, it was very RARE to happen, like once every few days. But now... This seems to be happening every 5-10 minutes. It's getting on my nerves! Is this happening to anyone else? How do you stop it from happening? I have also tried changing my Fullscreen windowed to just windowed, still getting it every 5-10 minutes. I have not tried fullscreen (unwindowed) because that forces me to have to use alt tab to be able to access my other windows. I have three monitors currently. I usually have other programs running: Discord, Web Browser (usually Twitch) and another game. I am playing on a modded map (Iso Crystal Isles), riding modded dinos (Gaia), with modded tools(Gaia), and wearing a Builder's Helmet, and some other mods. I am not sure if this is happening on Vanilla, haven't tried it in the last few hours.
  13. Unable to Transfer Character 279.242

    I personally dont want a rollback. I have done stuff since the patch that I dont want to have to do again. I have learned not to depend on the transfer system most of the time. I make alts on other servers. Only when I NEED to transfer, like someone invites me to a boss fight on another server, or I am moving out, then I will use the transfer system. It's a use-at-your-own-risk kind of thing. I definitely wont depend on transfer system when I have babies or eggs I am raising. I am sorry for your losses. Losing Event Wyverns would be heartbreaking for me, because of how rare they are, how hard they are to raise, all that time lost. P.S. The word is spelled rollback, not roleback
  14. I have had my base on aberration since a week into the release of the map. I have never had an instance where it was freezing (ice cube icon), not even remotely cold (the snowflake icon), neither icon has existed inside my base before. I log in today, and I see I am freezing (Ice Cube Icon) in my own base. I was there yesterday, no clothes, and now today, no clothes (because some clothes make you get colder, so saying this so you know this is not the case) and I am freezing in my base in Aberration, which has never been a thing before. I an highly irritated, and do not want this, at least mention it in the patch notes if this was intentional. Patch notes say nothing about this change. So I assume it is 1) a bug or 2) a stealth change. Which is it? Also I know that devs would need my xyz, but at this time I am not in a position to report that. I can get the xyz later (if I remember) P.S. I am moving out of the official Aberration server due to lack of time for upkeep. This freezing cold inside my base wont really be a bother once I am out of here.
  15. Bugged dino download

    Does your cluster happen to have Classic Fliers, or other dino-altering mods? Sounds like you have the same issue I have, which has been an issue for over a year. I don't know of any fix, and I wish there was a fix, even if to add a delete button. Those dinos I have stuck, are still there, stuck for over a year now. All of the stuck dinos I have in there were affected by mods, or by forcetame.