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  1. I enjoy your Youtube Fresonis sir, and I would like gender as an option when spawning in dinos, which I like to do on my singleplayer from time to time.
  2. It's time for pillars to block spawns.

    Most pillars at beaches are preventing players from building directly on a spawn point, which is a good thing. I'm not sure if you are aware of cases where piles of bodies can be found inside bases at these points. Last spawn-covering base I heard of, had at least 30 bodies trapped inside. Pillars can be both good and bad. If good intentioned players dont have a build protecting kind of structure, griefers can build on rare spawns, nests, metal spawns, etc with foundations and the like. No support for OP's suggestion
  3. Default "Ally Looking" Disabled

    I would like something like this. Maybe something in Tribe settings to let tribes choose if they want ally looking enabled or disabled by default, or... I'd like a setting to enable or disable ALL tribe dinos at once, or maybe by species. I like Jerboas looking at me, and I almost never get stuck in their cute faces... Gigas, Wyverns, and rexes, I disable all of them. Get stuck in them too much. I am so grateful we have this option anyways! The amount of times I would get stuck when a dino looked at me.... I have lost count.
  4. I understand that there isnt supposed to be support for Legacy servers. But maybe make an exception for this case? On PvE-OfficialServer 327, someone build directly on Spawn 1 and according to someone stuck in there, for literal days irl, there is 30+ bodies stuck in the same place, and no way to get out. She could not jump, could not damage the stone foundation, could not get out. She has spent several hours just waiting for her character to run out of food/water in order to die. She cant grab her poop to eat it because of her position in the base, stuck inside a foundation. Are all of these 30+ players dilo'd in being able to play on our server? Any way for a GM to come on and make South1 not a death trap? At minimum, come see the humorous pile of bodies stuck in the base? Devs and GM might get a kick out of that sight, I can only imagine. I personally cant see because it's inside someone's base, and no one has heard from the base owner, afaik. But due to lack of support for legacy... my best guess is those 30+ players are all dilo'd... I wonder how many of those bodies are new to ark, and never played again. My heart aches for both Wildcard and those players. Less players means less profit in the future.
  5. From my personal experience, This change is both good and bad imo, depending on the circumstance. The good: Tame cap will be less frequent due to the dinos that will auto decay and not be claimed by another The bad: I had invited a friend to merge with my tribe. She had some beloved dinos she had with her (she had recently moved into my server). I offered her the option to join my tribe, told her to pick the merge option. She did not pick the right option, and her dinos, tho they were allied with me, were now in a playerless tribe. We were able to claim them when the timers expired. If this would happen again with anyone else after this change, then that is bye bye to those precious dinos, and many tears would be shed. Higher response times for tickets relating to cases like this would be our only saving throw, if they even handled dino issues, but they dont. Would be nice if they would/could because of this inability to claim decayed dinos. What tool do players have to repossess dinos, when a tribe with dinos becomes playerless due to accidents? Players are human, accidents happen, and some of us are far more attached to dinos than others. The loss of dinos can cause severe heartbreak for me and some of my friends, even causing depression in some cases. We need something to allow us to save our dinos, because broken hearts hurt, a lot. I know from personal experience, and have footage to prove the emotional/physical damage that losing a dino does to me. It isn't a pretty picture. P.S. I would kindly request no responses like "buck up" or like "quit playing Ark if it hurts so much". I am aware that my request might fall on deaf ears if the ears are owned by a heartless troll, and/or by someone who doesn't understand mental conditions, oh well, shows what kind of person you are. If you are kind and dont respond like that, I appreciate you understanding. People who understand, or are willing to not judge so harshly, is so very important to me. Thank you if you are one of those nice folks.
  6. Cant Place Wood Ramps

    Well, it appears it was me derrping. I didn't realize ramps will not be placed if colliding with the ground if I have the ramp coming down from ceilings. After I posted, I placed foundations near the same place, and attached ramps to the side, and those ramps were able to be placed while colliding into the ground.
  7. Cant Place Wood Ramps

    For years I have always been able to place wood ramps into the ground, and could place ramps into other ramps (diagonally) but now, I cant. Is this intended, gosh I hope not. I hope this is a bug, and it will be fixed with an upcoming patch. I cant get small dinos up the ramp because it is too high, and I cant place a ramp because of colliding with the ground, ramps have never collided with the ground like this before.
  8. My friend just told me today they are having similar issues. Not with dinos, but with items: Also, update on my issue: nothing new to report, things are still the same, still seeing 23/20 dinos. I never looked into Youtube videos on that program. I find myself quickly overwhelmed by this whole situation: the ticket run around, something that should be fixed and isnt fixed for months, and a program that is terribly complicated and I have no idea what to do with it. I even begin to think about this, as I have today, and I get so very angry, I have to look away and give up. 23/20 dinos still in the singleplayer transmitter, and no ability (that I am mentally capable of doing) to get rid of them. I shamefully admit, I am too stupid to understand that 3rd party program. I need a delete button to resolve this issue. Only Ark devs can add it.
  9. Damage numbers on console option

    Damage text isnt a mod, but a config. I dont know how configs are done on console, but for PC its: ?ShowFloatingDamageText=true There maybe a setting in the singleplayer settings, but I could be mistaken.
  10. Alpha giga

    Suggestion: Option to disable all alpha dino spawns for single player and private servers. I have a hard enough time killing a level 5 giga near my base on PvE Legacy (are giga spawns near island's green oby new, or just rare?). Do not want alpha giga. No support.
  11. Obelisk Crowding

    It used to be this way, but they changed it because people would kite the boss to others bases. I agree overcrowding at the oby is an issue. Ideas I could think of: a 12hr expiration timer for the area, much like pillars are, when they dont meet certain cryteria. Perhaps the ability to whip dinos in the area, but then, might have people griefng others who are actively at the oby... Maybe only whippable if ORP is on, or when the timer has 6 days or less.
  12. Something happened

    I cant join the server that is showing a population of 10. All the rest are at zero. I know at least two other people who are trying to get on 323 and 327, but like me, they are not connecting.
  13. Something happened

    You have a good point imo. I apologize for my panic. My young giga wants my attention, and I cant connect, and the server he's on continues to tick.
  14. Something happened

    Ark servers are not down. I can see them there just fine in the game client. All with 0 players online, for the last hour or so.
  15. Something happened

    Still cant get on. I have a giga that will not get 100% if I miss a single Imprint. And with the inability to connect, I cant do the imprint I need to do now D: Panic has started to rear it's ugly face around me here... I hope there is a rollback, or a temp shutdown until Steam lets us in!