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  1. Cant Glide - 200 Ping - Official Legacy Server

    Ah thx... then I guess it wasn't working when the ping is high, as I was using spacebar in the video, sometimes double tapping it, and holding it down, but the drake just jumped and flopped to the ground, rarely ever gliding. With lower ping, the glide activates when expected.
  2. Nameless Spawn inside Buildings

    Thx for clarifying, sry bout the joke (I thought it was funny, I apologize if I unintentionally bothered you with my post). I agree that they shouldn't be able to burrow through a building raised off the floor.
  3. Fatal Error - Crash on Official

    Just posting this to show my error report. Server: PVE-NA-Aberration901
  4. Cant Glide - 200 Ping - Official Legacy Server

    Ideas I have, workarounds that Wildcard could change/do/add to fix this problem (aside from having better running servers than they already have): Make the Glide state activated by a hotkey that doesn't conflict with other movement keys. For example, use R or left ctrl, maybe even grave. Make it a key nearby the movement keys, but NOT clashing with keys that control movement (imo, I think shift is a stupid choice for glide activation, shift is the same key for sprinting). Or just make glide a toggle that can be activated whether on the ground or not. Trying to activate glide has been a pain in the fanny when it takes the client about a second or more to know if we are in the air or not. By the time the server detects we are in the air, and activates glide, client-side drake is already flopping onto the ground below. I think it may also help if we choose if we grip onto things or not (aka TURN OFF AUTO GRIP, or make auto-grip optional). I personally do not want auto grip. If I need grip for a pounce, I will turn on grip before I pounce.
  5. I had the same experience after a Legacy official server restarted. I was taming an anky in biolume, two charge pets with me. came back in right after a restart, and I could tell that both were reset to zero (both were charging, less than 100 charge), I had to run out of there to avoid nameless spawning.
  6. Nameless Spawn inside Buildings

    Happening with my stone base in biolume. I set up my base on pillars (I thought building off the ground would keep the nameless out of my base). They spawned on my ceilings. So what you're saying shadows, it is an intended feature that nameless can burrow into a structure as thin as a metal ceiling? I saw one burrow into my stone ceiling, I was looking underneath, and he glitched around a moment and poof! He was gone. Doesn't seem to be an "as intended" feature, unless Nameless defy the laws of space, as they burrow into ceilings. Tardis technology? Or something out of Star Trek's Temporal Wars. Maybe it's another kind of folded/pocket space, from some kind of Ark sci-fi/fantasy logic, as they generate portals (made of dirt) in our ceiling structures. Maybe they picked up some of those black holes from the gag factory in Roger Rabbit's Toontown lol
  7. Cant Glide - 200 Ping - Official Legacy Server

    I just uploaded a video of me trying to glide inside my little base area.
  8. PVE-NA-Aberration901 Ping is too high for gliding! There are two official PVE NA legacy servers. I picked the one with lower ping (menu says 30 and the other server, 900, said 60). While in the server, I have never seen the ping under 150. There was a moment in chat someone said, raise your hand if you have ping under 150, no one answered. I live in California (near the LA hub). My net speeds are 189 DL, 12 UP, 12 (or less) ping. I just got my first Rock Drakes to adult yesterday, and I asked people on the server how I can glide. Look down, hold shift in air (so no sprinting off cliffs), and I jump off but glide doesn't activate until a second or two after I press shift. Most of these cliffs I just do a belly flop on the ground below. So Rock Drakes aren't good for gliding on this server, because the ping is sooo bad. Is there anything that can be done? Choosing to go to another server is not practical. There is only one other server (on my home Island server's cluster) and the ping is even higher there.
  9. Wild Inside my Base - Official Server

    PVE-NA-Aberration901... Discovered a level 20 Carno inside my base. I do have some ground spots inside my base, but Carnos shouldn't be able to spawn that close to foundations. I made a video showing the entirety of my base so you can see there are no holes for a carno to fit through. This frustrates me. The ground floor of my fully enclosed base isn't safe.
  10. Is this intentional? I was building my base in biolume and my bulb pet ran out of charge, and nameless spawned on my ceilings (I've had those ceilings for a few days now). This doesn't seem right. After this video, I kited them off, and went back to building, and they still spawned in the same spot again, on my ceilings! Anyone know how I can get rid of this spawn?
  11. I like that idea (maybe move this thread to Game Suggestions, since I don't think this is a bug/support thing anymore). I am glad I found this hotkey now, as I would often toggle nametags off while I am at base, and turn it back on when I am out hunting, but to have to click into several menus to turn it off and on, was a bit of an annoyance. But I would like to adjust the distance at which they appear. I would like to choose if I want all names off, or to see them a bit farther away than current end key distance is, a slider would cover that. I suggest: replace the "Floating names" checkbox in the menu, into a slider, that is activated and deactivated with the End key. Default slider position set to zero (set to zero is same as disabling floating names). If/when this change is added to the game, I suggest having the End key enabled or disabled based on user's setting for floating names. P.S. I don't like my interface options changed when a feature is added/changed, nor do some of my friends, especially when they need the names disabled if their PC crashes from loading them. I strongly advise if this suggestion be added, to resemble a player's previous setting as much as possible.
  12. Ohhhh! I fumbled with my keys, and figured out what did this. It is the "End" key, some kind of toggle. Fancy! Thanks for the reply/support GP :thumbsup:
  13. Hello, just noticed the view distance for nameplates has been diminished by a LOT. While I can see this as a optimization feature, I would like more customization over this (as in, I want to see them from farther away). Video showing what I am talking about: I would like to see the green names from farther away. How can I change this?
  14. removing Flyer nerf

    I hope it is added! I'll be sure to add it to my private server. I want my 300% speed Q back, which I had before the nerf.
  15. Taps Not Collecting Sap

    This needs a fix asap. Without sap, I am unable to tame ovis or snails. There is no other way to get sap on this map. Depending on your perception, this bug maybe considered "Game Breaking", as it makes some dinos untamable (cannot make veggie cakes without sap)