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  1. Suggestion: Pin Code for Refining Forge, Smithy, Mortar and Pestle, Vessel, and Power Generator Why do I want pin codes for these structures? I have a friend I play with in Ark, and I would like her to be able to loot all my items that I had created in Ark. I play in a separate tribe from her. I want her to be able to obtain all my items in the chance I have died in real life, or hospitalized for months, unable to log into Ark Official pve servers. I would like the real life time that I have spent gathering virtual items to not go to digital void of nothingness from inactivity, with a pin shared between us, she can rescue all my loot.
  2. I've never seen 995 down for over 24 hours before, but 995 been offline for almost two days now. And some 995 players are unable to refresh their other servers because of their character stuck on 995.
  3. Oh boy, I hope this change to dedi will lessen the minute and a half long save on one of the PvE official servers I play. Under that minute and a half, like 1:25 in the terminal timer when everything stops being interactive. I havent been on yet to feel the save, but I hope the save time is reduced!
  4. 60 is still offline. PC server. Over 15 hours now. Very unusual for 60 to be down, it hardly ever crashes. Edit: Back online.
  5. 995 (PC, Gen2, NA, PVE) has been offline for an hour. crashed at 8:56am pacific). Time now is 9:57am pacific. Edit: 995 just showed up right after I posted.
  6. 995 PC PVE Gen2 has been crashing at least once every hour or two in the last 24 hours. Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747023 It's crash about an hour ago and hasnt come back up in over an hour (usually after these crashes, the server comes back up in less than 20 mins). This downtime is unusually long compared to the last 20 or so crashes. Maybe more crashes than that. I lost count, and I was asleep for 12 hours also, so I missed witnessing a lot of crashes.
  7. Alrighty, thank you very much. More space to hoard pets, not too bad.
  8. tyvm, I am sitting here at the store page, feeling lost.
  9. I'm pretty sure this question is of a store page for the steam store, I dont feel like this is a genesis specific question. I need help in the store of Steam. A link to a store page. Being told that the only way to buy Genisis2 is with the season pass or there is a link I am missing I am not here for a gensisis question. I am here for a steam store for Ark store question.
  10. My topic has been moved without an answer? Hey @Joebl0w13 can you answer this Q now that I feel this question will be buried? I would like to buy Gen2 but I am lost in the store page and I need help to know what to click on to buy. Being buried in this topic now I feel I may never get an answer, that is why I was in General, better chance of getting an answer.
  11. I have decided I will buy Genesis 2 because the map looks pretty and I want to explore it on my singleplayer. I am getting lost in the steam store. I do not want to buy soundtracks, I do not want to buy season passes. I do not want to buy Genesis 1. Where do I go to buy just Genesis 2? I'm only seeing a "season pass" and some pack with music, I'm not seeing Genesis 2 DLC by itself, so am I just blind and confused from all the fluff or is Genesis 2 not sold by itself?
  12. I'm having difficulty staying connected to NA-PVE-Official-Abberation272. I restarted my PC, didnt fix. I get kicked off after online for four mintues. This is like, practically unplayable. Log back in, move a few feet, cant get into inventory, rubber band back to where I logged in. Cant access inventory, move around, rubber band back to another spot and external inventory opens a minute later. I want to place some storage to unload my encumbered herbivore so I can go on a berry run. I been at this task for hours. I left my door open, I need to close it. Lost connection repeatedly, server still showing online.
  13. Na-PVE Official Ragnarok 382 (PC) has crashed once again. I'm pretty sure this is a daily occurrence. I'm growing tired of this. May I request a new server box for 382 pls? @lilpanda Thx and love you lots new box or not. You can only do what you can do.
  14. NA PVE Ragnarok 382 (PC) crashed about 2:10am pacific I sent an outtage report and tweeted @ survivetheark and thelilpanda Edit: Back up about 20+ mins after crash
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