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  1. GreenRoc


    I've never seen it before. I had two canteens, I put each of them in the stone tap, and they both broke. Super annoying. I grabbed another two, but these are my last ones. I cant craft more. Is there a way to repair these? Or is it Gacha food now?
  2. GreenRoc


    [BUG] Canteens Break inside tap? I put canteens into a stone tap to refill them with water, but instead of filling with water, they broke instead. I've put these broken canteens into a fab, no repair option. I put them into a smithy, no repair option. I've never seen this before. I am on Official PvE too. I am so confused. Now I have to go make some new ones Edit to add: I have to go find a BP in sotrage because I dont have the engrams to make one. oy. Anyone know what this is? Is this intended or do I need to reset/restart or some other thing to fix these?
  3. I am a PvE official player. I like having a chibi. Took me a bit to warm up to it. I dont like how chibis are distributed. I am pure PvE because I dont like competition. The drops encourage competition. I looted very few for the whole event. I want some of the dances, but it was too much pressure to get enough mats. About that peer pressure. When I went to grab my first in a 24h period, it was because it was less than 10 foundations away, felt like Raptor claws was giving me a present specifically. But from that same one, some jerk threatened me. A guy on a ptera zoomed past me. It was an empty threat, but it made me have a panic attack. I never looted anymore on that server. I was in the process of moving out, having been there since it opened, but finding myself getting too old to upkeep more than one server. So, having not grabbed any for a few days because of that incident, I saw one land super close to where my base on my main (and only PVE official) server. I looted it, and like the last time days before, someone complained in general about me taking it. It's on my lawn, literally less than 20 foundations away from my base. I dont like being complained about. Not looting any guarantees a lack of complaints about me taking any. I have three Chibis. One looks like one of my tames. So I use that one. To all you folks who like adrenaline rush and competition, you do you. That's fine. I'll do my best to stay out of your way. I dont want to fight. I want to build and collect pretty things. Chibis arent one of them (even tho they are super cute and I wanna collect them all) because of these people complaining about me for my rare attempts to loot, being treated as if I was all the others dozen attempts that day that got it before they did. I get complained about for just looting one, having not looted any the whole real life day until that one. Not looting more for many days after, and the next one I decide to go after, another complaint. Good going discouraging me from getting more. I dont wanna anger you because I grabbed one in a 24h period. If you didnt get any at all, my heart aches in sympathy. I'm sorry you missed out. I hope for more next year. I tried to offer the chibi I got on my lawn that the guy on ptera threatened me... But I got no response. Gave it to someone else who wanted it. You missed out man. I like to be nice. but this, only one person can loot each item, and not enough to go around. More mistletoe and coal needed in each imo, need enough so everyone who plays can get every limited item imo. But overall, for me this event's loot drops were a whole lotta nope! Discourages sharing, encourages fights. Not a fan. But I do like the green creatures. I tamed some. Love it. Green. Very Green.
  4. Na-PVE-Official-Extinction444 affected. Listed as Unofficial on Battlemetrics, not showing up on server list in the game client, kicked after a few minutes. According to other threads, Extinction459, island199 having the same issues too.
  5. Seems to be an issue with extinction 444, extinction 459, and others. 444 I played on, seems affected by the kick and listing as unofficial. Gosh PvP? That'd be scary, I wont ever PvP.
  6. Same happening for Extinction 444. Log in via battlemetrics link, but kicked not long later. Battlemetrics displays server as unofficial, not showing up in my survivors list like it should.
  7. Indeed. We had one Anky, and five tribemembers, the anky was usually being used getting metal. The plucking rocks was faster where we were, lots of rocks. Before there was kibble, a 13 (18?) hour mejoberry tame for an anky. That tame was what brought me into the game, I wanted to help my friend tame it, and he was falling asleep Zzz..
  8. Unless they dont talk to you, and I dont believe in revenge. Been playing on Wildcard's pve servers since 2015 as well. The behemoth wall was more of a last straw for me, not the only drop in the bucket, not the first rodeo with issues on these servers. I still play on official pve today... I wish they would stop updating during breeding events, it's like 6 restarts now, grrr. Legacy became unplayable for me for many reasons, not just the one. Some of the things other players did was stuff I had no good counter/alternative. Revenge is bad so that isnt an option in my book. The verbal hostility (with ptsd triggered by certain words) on top of that wall, and even more more garbage that I haven't verbalized here. Nowadays I just keep the chat closed. I fail hard at diplomacy because my social skills are in line with fellow autists, so would heavily clash with most of the rest of the world, so I wouldnt even try. Legacy saves were a blessing, so I still have all my lovely beauties to keep playing with. Edit to add: I remember I started playing when scorpions were new, and before doeds and the fiber picking gorrilla. Fastest way to cather stone was by hand. I still remember seeing many of my tribemates just running around on foot spamming E, as our tribeleader struggled to park the argent in a good floating position inside their pen, as well as making sure every single tame had food in it, because Food troughs werent in the game when I started.
  9. I stopped playing Legacy when someone had built a 4-high, 12+ wide wall of BEHEMOTH gates on PvE Aberration (I am not kidding) blocking off the path I took daily between needed resources and my home base... and GMs would not remove it because "Legacy".
  10. I would like to play on an official PvE server with no hostiles. I am a builder, a mount rider, an eye candy collector, a breeder, an item hoarder, a harvester, and I love playing with my friends... But I hate losing stuff that I spent time on. I hate getting attacked. I hate adrenaline (hurts me irl) and I want to hold onto what I earned for years to come. (and I dont enjoy 'creative' which removes a lot of the stuff I enjoy). I also have friends who wont play this game because of how easily they get killed by npc creatures in the first hour, before they know how to craft anything, because they are still learning the controls. I also know other players who wont play because of avatar (your human) maintenance. Food drain, water drain, stamina drain, it's too much work for them, and they love to play Minecraft and other building games. But asking for those drains to be turned to zero might be too much? But I am pretty sure I am not the only player who wants this lack of avatar maintenance. Managing HP (weather, falling) and Oxygen can be the limit of what some ppl would be willing to put up with. How many players would start playing ark, or play ark once again, if they can avoid dying so much? I can only imagine. For sure, my roommate would. He's seen me play and he is soooo "nope" from the avatar maintenance alone. He even hates stamina drain in some easier games. I hear him ranting about stamina interrupting his diggy diggy hole (Boundless) from time to time from his PC. A server, official, non-PvP, no hostile creatures, nor hostile-inducing creatures (pachyrhino etc)... but defensive are ok imo (defensive like trikes, stegos, etc). I am sure a small number of players would enjoy an Official server lacking dilos and rapamatars, not just myself. Would it cost too much to have at least one, just one server like this? How many ppl would play it? I know I would, and I'm pretty sure I'd buy Ark for my roomate if such a server existed. Totally possible with existing configs, because I set up my Singleplayer like this. Suggested server nickname: Peaceful
  11. I had a space at the beginning so it got confused. Deleted the space, and I had to restart my browser more than once... The snow is gone! Oh thank goodness, thank you all so much.
  12. Ohhh ok so the copy pasta I was using had a space at the beginning... I've been able to add that line of text, I restarted my browser but I am still getting snowfall
  13. The problem I am having is "+add" is not clickable.
  14. I cant figure out how to add this to my adblocker. AdBlockplus for firefox is refusing to take the code, something about it being invalid. How exactly do I put in this filter?
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