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  1. On Official as well as Singleplayer, Water/land hostiles have started appearing after Extinction was released. Sarcos, Kapros, Baryonyx. and when on an un-official where the ini was changed, too many Crabs are in the water too close to home in the herbivore islands. Amost lost our only doed on the unofficial due to a sarco, and had to box up all our dinos on an Official (where we have lived peacefully for over 6 months). Hoping this is an unintentional change, as this is where I have my home on two different servers, one official, one unofficial. We picked here because we dont want to deal with hostiles (hostiles are not our kind of "fun" in this game). We've lived here 6+ months with no issues with hostiles (seen below). Since the extinction release, hostiles so bad, we had to make an ugly box to keep our dinos safe. P.S. Since I have switched to Google Chrome, I no longer see the little box on the right that let me resize images in my post.
  2. GreenRoc

    Rangnarok Wyvern Eggs

    Experienced this void of eggs myself on an unofficial ragnarok server. I'll go make a whip.
  3. GreenRoc

    Tamed Titan Visible Across Map - PvE

    I'm glad I am on the other side of the map from the ice biome, so I am not dealing with an auditory irritation like that. If it were me, I'd probably turn my sound down, but it also turns down some of the needed audio as well, so that might not be a good work-around. I'm sorry that is happening. I hope they update with a fix soon.
  4. GreenRoc

    Tamed Titan Visible Across Map - PvE

    and I am 100% serious. It is causing me some physical discomfort. I'm hyper-sensitive, and some visual things are so irritating, it can cause me pain. I've been having to not look that direction just to avoid seeing it. P.S. Being born with high-performing autism isnt always something to be proud of, as I am accused of an attitude I dont have without even saying anything. Being autistic has it's negatives too. And I am very serious. I dont like how people turn the word autism into a joke, as too many people wont take me seriously when I say I have autism. Feeling real life physical irritation from visual stimuli is a real thing. Posting facepalms and laughter on my post is belittling the seriousness of my post. I hope Wildcard is paying attention as it seems some non-Wildcard people here aren't very caring about this very real thing. If you still dont believe me by this point, please dont waste your time posting, as your uneducated response will be irrelevant to my reality I have to live with every-single-day, for 40+ years so far.
  5. GreenRoc

    Dino Leash is awesome but needs FX toggle option PLEASE

    Yes please. I'd like an option for my game client, because sometimes the red beams are from a leash you do not own.
  6. GreenRoc

    Tamed Titan Visible Across Map - PvE

    Someone on my Official Server (PvE, PC) tamed the Ice Titan. I can see it from far far away. Screenshot from about a day or two ago. I feel annoyed seeing this from across the map. It's text catches my eye and causes me some level of discomfort. Is there a way I can turn off this display, without turning off anything else? (I seem to be unable to resize the image at this time)
  7. GreenRoc

    Anky Attacks changed?

    Thank you for sharing that info invincibleqc! I'm relieved to know this was unintentional. In the meantime, I think I will enjoy these few moments where the anky bites rocks. Rockbiter says: A delicious-looking limestone rock!
  8. GreenRoc

    Anky Attacks changed?

    I tamed an anklyo on Extinction, and I expected to harvest only metal, stone, flint, wood and thatch with the left click, and berries and seeds with the right click, but now... Both left and right clicks collect all of the above. I do not like the anky collecting berries and metal/trees at the same time. I like being able to choose what kind of resources the Anky collects. I do not see anything in the patch notes about this. I'm very bummed this has been reverted back to the old state, my less preferred state. Now I am wasting time by having to toss berries in order to make more room for metal. Anyone else want it changed back? I know I do.
  9. GreenRoc

    Someone gave my Parasaur a Manacure

    I think it's great! My manicure commentary was a bit of a joke. It's how I felt like pointing out the new design for the parasaur. I finally noticed it when I got a close up of my tame's neck, wrinkles that I've never seen before, were very clearly there now. I'm pretty happy overall the work they did on it. This is something I just love about Ark! they have wonderful artists!
  10. GreenRoc

    Someone gave my Parasaur a Manacure

    Of that blue-ish parasaur, not quite, he has his head tucked into a wall (shy I guess), but I have full pics of another one!
  11. GreenRoc

    Someone gave my Parasaur a Manacure

    I was kinda being silly... Parasaurs got a new look! Different color patterns, more scales, cleaner claws/spikes. Took me several hours riding on one to actually notice. Subtle, but looking good!
  12. Or is it spelled mannacure? I should google... Manicure! Anyways... loving the makeover! I wonder if anyone else noticed? I'm pretty sure I'm not imagining the parasaur got a new look.
  13. GreenRoc

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    For me, It is very risky! No fun whatsoever! I could lose tames. Adrenaline causes me pain, and boss fights pump that painful stuff into my system from just watching a video of someone else doing the fight. Just the thought of it makes me tremble. How people think boss fights are fun is baffling to me. They might as well go play Fortnite.
  14. GreenRoc

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    When you said craft them earlier, I thought you meant crafting a replicator in a terminal. I apologize for misunderstanding. If I can craft cryo patters in a terminal, then that'd work for me.
  15. GreenRoc

    Are Cryopods the answer to PvE tame cap?

    You still have to go into boss fights to learn the engram for the Tek replicator.