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  1. I've never seen 995 down for over 24 hours before, but 995 been offline for almost two days now. And some 995 players are unable to refresh their other servers because of their character stuck on 995.
  2. Oh boy, I hope this change to dedi will lessen the minute and a half long save on one of the PvE official servers I play. Under that minute and a half, like 1:25 in the terminal timer when everything stops being interactive. I havent been on yet to feel the save, but I hope the save time is reduced!
  3. 60 is still offline. PC server. Over 15 hours now. Very unusual for 60 to be down, it hardly ever crashes. Edit: Back online.
  4. 995 (PC, Gen2, NA, PVE) has been offline for an hour. crashed at 8:56am pacific). Time now is 9:57am pacific. Edit: 995 just showed up right after I posted.
  5. 995 PC PVE Gen2 has been crashing at least once every hour or two in the last 24 hours. Battlemetrics: https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/11747023 It's crash about an hour ago and hasnt come back up in over an hour (usually after these crashes, the server comes back up in less than 20 mins). This downtime is unusually long compared to the last 20 or so crashes. Maybe more crashes than that. I lost count, and I was asleep for 12 hours also, so I missed witnessing a lot of crashes.
  6. I'm having difficulty staying connected to NA-PVE-Official-Abberation272. I restarted my PC, didnt fix. I get kicked off after online for four mintues. This is like, practically unplayable. Log back in, move a few feet, cant get into inventory, rubber band back to where I logged in. Cant access inventory, move around, rubber band back to another spot and external inventory opens a minute later. I want to place some storage to unload my encumbered herbivore so I can go on a berry run. I been at this task for hours. I left my door open, I need to close it. Lost connection repeatedly, server still showing online.
  7. Na-PVE Official Ragnarok 382 (PC) has crashed once again. I'm pretty sure this is a daily occurrence. I'm growing tired of this. May I request a new server box for 382 pls? @lilpanda Thx and love you lots new box or not. You can only do what you can do.
  8. NA PVE Ragnarok 382 (PC) crashed about 2:10am pacific I sent an outtage report and tweeted @ survivetheark and thelilpanda Edit: Back up about 20+ mins after crash
  9. 2 hrs ago Pixark announces they are closing servers which I play on. Moving my stuff is going to cut into my time for Fear Evolved. Hmm, I cant delete this post. Sorry for rant, I am trying to do better than this.
  10. I would like to see DinoStaminaDrain=0.0 to return to how it worked before RaidDinoFoodDrain was added. That is, when I set Stamina Drain to 0.0, dinos stamina would not drain from ay activity, sprint, biting, swimming, etc. I had enjoyed this setting for a long time on my singleplayer and private server until the RaidDinoFoodDrain was added. It's been a few years now, since this config I had wont work on stamina drain for dinos. I would still like to have the stamina drain 0.0 like it was, which is practically no stamina (how I like it). Also, If there are more configs being added, I would like a peaceful setting. This would be different than a creative setting. Similar to Admin-only "LeaveMeAlone" I would like to see every wild creature not attack the player or it's tames. A setting where the survivor character still has to run around and collect wood from trees and manually build things. "LeaveMEAlone" as a config setting to apply to all survivors (maybe a seperate one for tames?) and not exclusively for AdminPrivelages, but across the whole server/map for anyone who joins with a "Peaceful mode enabled". I know my wants are not universal. Options for those who play Ark a little differently than the norm. T;DR: I want DinoStaminaDrain to work like it used to years ago. I want a unofficial/singleplayer config of "LeaveMeAlone" applied server-wide to all players/tames, a "Peaceful Mode=Enabled" (disabled by default).
  11. Question for Clarity: Wild Stegos and Wild Mammoths are going to get the ability to dismount riders in TLC3? Or is the mechanic just for tamed versions? I ask because.. Being dismounted by a wild is one of the most debilitating-to-my-enjoyment mechanics of Ark. I am passionately against that mechanic in PvE, and I want nothing to do with it. I change how I play (with great upset) just to avoid that specific mechanic. I avoid building in places I want to build in, just to avoid wilds with that mechanic. I disable all spawns on my singleplayer, just to avoid that mechanic. I disabled all wilds with that mechanic on my Unofficial that I used to have. I live around wild mammoth spawns on Official PvE currently, and I do not like moving my whole base. I hope this isnt what it seems. I really hope it isnt. I do not like that mechanic, I do not like Riders dismounted by wilds on PvE.
  12. Thx for the link to Cedrec's Tweet, for I stopped watching his content for several reasons, some reasons out of my control (my gaming Twitter is locked because I switched PC's), but I personally chose to not look at his tweets regularly because he has posted tweets that hurt me a little inside. Amusement at the loss of tames is not something I want to see, ever. @ladyteruki some really good ideas there! Even if all we get is links to some of Staff's favorite forum threads, or even links to maybe some redit posts or copies of other official content, I would like to see more readable content, than a picture of a dino's hearted fanny
  13. Indeed, timers were still running. I was lucky and got back on 564 in time for an imprint on my Xmas wyverns (given to me by a friend). I had to refresh the server list page until 564 showed up, then I was able to join. Latency was bad, felt like 5 to 10 seconds to interact with most anything (moving, inventory access, laying down in bed, using a cryopod, etc). Player interaction took much longer to be seen in-game than it should, and player costumes and attires weren't showing up right away (I logged in and looked naked, another player in global mentioned their costumes werent showing up right away, a few seconds before the look showed up). With all the slowness, I decided to cryopod my young wyverns and went to bed. 564 seems to be running better after I woke.
  14. Broken NA-PVE-Official-Valguero564 Something is very wrong with NA-PVE-Official-Valguero564 right now. I had a young wyvern set out, 2 hrs left on the imprint timer. Lag was really bad, packed away two of my tames, left a third baby out, 2 hour timer on it, I can check back later. Then I logged out. I see it on battlemetrics as "offline" and thought it had crashed. I had thought this server crashed. So I waited for server to show up on Battlemetrics. Server didnt show on the server list or on battlemetrics, failing to respond to query. then a few minutes ago, I saw it show up on Battlemetrics, loged in, and my baby that should have 2 hours on it's timer (if the server had crashed) had a minute left, when the server seemd to have gone offline 2 hours ago. Server is still running! But ping so bad, it is not showing up on the list of servers, nor showing up on Battlemetrics. I'm on it right now. I hear wilds moving, I can barely play and interact, practically unplayable, but I am still in the server while Battlemetrics cant detect it, and the server list on the game client wont show it. https://www.battlemetrics.com/servers/ark/3753040 There's something very wrong here. Can a WC employee have a look pls? Thx.
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