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  1. Indeed. I am not 'expecting' what I want on official servers. Hoping for, yes, wishing for yes, expressing what I want yes. Expecting: no. You cant know that, nor can I. Things change. Things are added, things are taken away, things are adapted to. specialty servers have been added and taken away. Gamemodes of different kinds, tames and maps of different kinds have come and gone. This game is how it is now, and the future may bring things that have not been thought of in the immediate moment. Sharing of ideas, feelings, thoughts, stuff happens or not based on what one
  2. Reminds me of last year's Fear Evolved. Raptor overspawns, no dein nests, and no ice wyverns. Did someone forget to remove a zero again?
  3. I personally can agree, as a former official PvE player of Extinction, it's a horrible place to have a base or store dinos, as corrupted things can damage metal and Tek, and wandering robots can damage metal too (that was the final straw for me, when one of the defense units attacked my fully metal base when I wasnt even bothering the robot). I'd still suggest gettin Extinction for the engrams, craftable things that are exclusive to the Extinction map. Plenty of places in the city to load in, and naked run to a City Terminal to get to another map. Great for singleplayer, until the domes' vi
  4. I started my thread when I had loads of thoughts spring up after I read the TLC3 stuff over steam's launcher. My thread was also flowing with my intent to finally quit this addiction, after so many failed attempts of quitting in the past, to publicly declare my leaving helped solidify my intent to quit. This thread being merged into a generic TLC3 muddied the intent I had for my thread, but oh well, JoeBlow musta had good intent for that merge. *shoulder shrug* After much thought since my last post (and many many trips back and forth on pixark to keep all my possessions before server closur
  5. Indeed. Singleplayer looks to me more my style. I tried. Agreed. I'm an explorer-crafter socialist type, which this game has a lot to enjoy, but the majority of players of Ark seem to be on the opposite end. Customizing the game for optimal player joys, my joys lose. Understandable for this game to cater to the majority. Oh well. Comments here have been humbling. Thank you everyone.
  6. Yeah honestly always, cPTSD sucks too. My friends have been helpful with so much of this game, I will miss them so much when I leave. In the past, they've helped keep my tames around on the official servers, for several of my ragequits, one as long as 7 months! I'm sure they'd understand me leaving Ark official (again), and I'm sure they'll help work things out so the upkeep I leave behind isnt overbearing for them. I deeply appreciate your understanding Cailean and the stories of your friends with phobias helps me feel less alone, thank you. I avoid adrenaline-pumping activities and losses
  7. DoNotWant Tree Cat: Added a (slow draining) bleed to its basic attack Wyvern: Slight stat rebalance now that they’re breedable and to bring them in line with Crystal Wyverns Shark Added a bleed to its basic attack I dont like the wild tree cat to begin with (dismounts me while trying to farm, making redwoods practically untraversable), now you make it even more intolerable. I depend on my Wyvern for certain tasks in PvE, carrying food, surviving, it's more hearty than the Crystal Wyvs. If I wanted a weaker wyvern, I'd get a crystal Wyvern. I hunt sharks for fish meat. Now
  8. 2 hrs ago Pixark announces they are closing servers which I play on. Moving my stuff is going to cut into my time for Fear Evolved. Hmm, I cant delete this post. Sorry for rant, I am trying to do better than this.
  9. I would like to see DinoStaminaDrain=0.0 to return to how it worked before RaidDinoFoodDrain was added. That is, when I set Stamina Drain to 0.0, dinos stamina would not drain from ay activity, sprint, biting, swimming, etc. I had enjoyed this setting for a long time on my singleplayer and private server until the RaidDinoFoodDrain was added. It's been a few years now, since this config I had wont work on stamina drain for dinos. I would still like to have the stamina drain 0.0 like it was, which is practically no stamina (how I like it). Also, If there are more configs being added
  10. I dont have a Tek Glove. Bosses are part of the game I avoid for health reasons. Thank you for the tip. I'll consider this because I really dont like dying in-game for reasons beyond my control.
  11. ty Slvr for the word desync, I wasnt sure what it was called. Twice I desync'd when I walked behind my Argent tail, and the drowning incident was near my deinonychus's tail. My three desync's today seemd to happen with non-static collision objects.
  12. idk the proper place to put this. Would a moderator kindly direct this topic into where it will be most appropriate? This issue is now at a level I would consider "game breaking" Because it killed my survivor.
  13. Speak of the devil. Server lost track of me and I am not near a tame. I have to get another account (tribemate) to help poke me back into place. I am annoyed and my time is... And just now, I died to drowning when I was not in the water. Server thought I was in the water and killed me. Ok that is BAD.
  14. Today more than once Official Server PvE is losing track of where I am in the game. Luckily, I was near a tame when the server lost track of me, so I was able to mount her and restore the server's memory of where my survivor is. Anyone know of other work-arounds if the server loses track of me when I am not near a tame? I do not want to "relog" because I run into the annoying login-lock. Edit: Changed title
  15. I had to discuss with my tribemates on official pve about removing sections of our inherited base to reduce the width of one of our main structures. The distance from one end to the other de-renders whatever side I am farthest from, and turning my base would freeze my game due to re-rendering pieces that were behind me. The changes to the rendering system have improved loading times alot, but the far end of this specific base still de-renders, and my client still freezes loading the thing. Necessary evil indeed, I do not disagree.
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