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  1. Constant Crashing - [Resolved]

    Ok restart fixed it. I was in a bit of a panic when I started this post. I don't do very well with stuff when I just woke up. Sorry for any derps. Have a nice day.
  2. I am unable to log in to PVE-OfficialServer323 (Legacy). I had just started the game today, since I had logged out last night, and left myself in one of my dino yards. I ran a few feet in game, and crashed. Now every time I try to load into the server, I crash. The client shows this error: I warned my tribemates not to go there. I fear rendering the yard will cause them to crash too. My dinos I adopted last night are very hungry. I didn't get a chance to feed them last night, because schedules irl. Pls help me out and tell me how this error can be fixed, so I can get in and feed these dinos before they starve. Hopefully it can be fixed in the next two days or I fear my dinos would starve. Thank you. I haven't tried restarting my PC or using a different PC to log in...yet. I will try those next and reply back here with my results.
  3. So many of these suggestions I just absolutely LOVE!!! I would love the ability to pick up a structure (have it go into my inventory) shortly after I place it. The ghost is still lying from time to time (ghost: the green phantom image showing us where a structure would be placed). I hate losing resources from the ghost not displaying properly. Also, it would be nice if I could zoom out further when I am placing a behemoth gate. I don't like losing half of those resources via demolishing because the ghost didn't show all that I needed/wanted to see. Oh please fix this! All the damaged beds, because I had tabbed out while fast traveling. I got three monitors, two games going, discord, steam chat, Twitch, all running, and I tab out frequently. Sometimes (rarely, but as recently as today), I bedhopped, tabbed out to open discord, and some reason I was able to move my character's view around via mouse, could not get the menu up with esc, nor get inventory open, nor use tab, but my cursor moving around on my three monitors was causing my character's pov to move around. I struggled to be able to find a place on my desktop to click, that would avoid punching my tribemate's wall or bed, as well as avoiding clicking stuff in other programs that I didn't want to click. Alt tab doesn't always work to get the focus back into the game, or out of it. So frustrating! I'd like soooo many quality of life options added. Like being able to remap the keybind for mount/dismount, and have it as a separate keybind option from use or pickup. The amount of times I try and pick up eggs, or poop under phiomas, but mount instead, or try and open a gate, and dismount instead... I got in a habit of taking off the saddles just to avoid mounting them. I haven't found a work around for opening gates, I still dismount about half the time, even when I have the dino squeezed all the way up against the doors.
  4. Obi Blocking

    While that maybe good for some, it is not good for everyone. On the PvE Island server I play, the green oby is kindly shared and well maintained by several ppl in the community. A tribe had also built a bridge to the green oby for easier access, with a drum set and a public drinking fountain. No build zones around island oby would ruin this community area for us. It is annoying imo, to have clusters of dinos stacked ontop of the oby, having to crawl under all the swinging tails to access the inventory. Suggestion: add a PvE code so that any tamed dino within the ring of the oby could be moved with whips. Just whip them away, problem solved.
  5. Maximum Difficulty Not Working

    Yes, go into the ini. In my PC it's here: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and put the following in:
  6. Can't access uploaded wyverns

    I've had this same issue with dinos from modded server/singleplayer. They have been in there since May22nd. I created a post about it, waited almost 30 days with no reply, then I sent in a ticket. I told them I am ok if the dinos are deleted. The summary of the reply is that they couldn't help me. A community moderator was kind enough to help me on the issue but was unable to help me in the end, other than showing me other threads with the same issue, and a solution of a very complicated program that I haven't a mind to comprehend. That program can change the codes in the local data, but it's too confusing for me to use, and not user friendly. So I just gave up. I have 23 dinos still in the oby , that I can see in my singleplayer (and on official servers, I can see my dino count as 23/20, so I never know when I reach capacity on official). Until they add a delete option, I have come to accept that the modded dinos are stuck there forever. Even adding all the mods that were active, still didn't work to remove them. These dinos are not removable, not deletable. I tried to apply an expiration for dinos on my singleplayer, but it didnt change the timer in the oby (maybe I didn't know the right config). I'm sorry for your loss, but I don't think you will be getting them back. Edit to add: As for the unmodded dinos, I have some in my SP oby that I had spawned in, unmodded, but higher than average levels. Those too are stuck in the oby for probably forever.
  7. Cementing past

    I personally get Ragnarok cementing paste from the redwoods, where there's a bunch of beaver dams (unless someone blocked the beaver's spawns). I get over a dozen stacks each time I loot over there. Here's a map where I circled the beaver's redwood area in red.
  8. "If it's not in render, it isn't there"

    There's a wild jerboa stuck in an adobe foundation in my base on an Official Scorched Server today. It wasn't there yesterday. I flew out of range, and back, several times, and the jerboa is still stuck in the same spot. I cant even kill it with my Wyvern, it's hit box isn't reachable. I just see the tips of it's ears poking above the foundation, and occasional jerboa pellets can be seen on the surface of the foundation. Sometimes Raptors spawn in our barn. Inside our barn, there shouldn't be any spawnable areas. These creatures probably spawned when the structures weren't rendered.
  9. Deprecated Official PC Server Backups

    I tried out my old PvP server I played on years ago, set up my singleplayer to be pve, and found these codes to be very useful! I hope these help some of you folks out too! Cheat ForcePlayerToJoinTargetTribe 0 Cheat MakeTribeAdmin Cheat MakeTribeFounder cheat TakeAllDino cheat TakeAllStructure
  10. No thank you. I love my base and my dinos and my community. I do not like to lose anything, nor do I want to get a fresh start (at the cost of losing everything I have on Legacy). Please let me keep what I have collected over the 2 years and over 5k hours on. If I want a fresh start, I can roll a new survivor. Let me choose what I want to do.
  11. Dead horse?

    I dont want my singleplayer/private server flier speed to be limited or nerfed. I do not want to add mods to remove the cap. I want my unofficial sessions' fliers back how they were before the nerf, or at minimum, I want an option to "remove" that speed cap, so I can get my private server fliers back to the 300%+ speed that they were at before the nerf. The nerf goes against my personal style of gameplay. Let me have back what I once had on my private, personal, unofficial sessions please. ehuhoser. I understand you do not want it for vanilla, and I have the utmost respect and acknowledgement for your wishes. I fully recognize your desires that you expressed with your first post. Me and the op do not appear to be asking for the option to remove flier cap for official servers (aka vanilla), so the suggestion here is not intended to interfere with your 'vanilla'. It would be so kind of you if you would notice the words "singleplayer" and "private" and "unofficial" and "option" on the posts. Thank you for efforts in expressing your desires and showing your passion for your vanilla playstyle, which I fully acknowledge and recognize. Please understand that our request for our option in these unofficial worlds is not intended to affect your 'vanilla' servers, for I feel it would be selfish of me make/expect changes that could negatively affect the 'vanilla' way, and so changing vanilla has not been suggested/requested here for your sake, and others like you. Thank you for understanding.
  12. I do detect heavy sarcasm, but this maybe a very real scenario someday. I had been wronged by Electronic Arts back in early 2000's, and that event surrounding a strike on my account playing SimsOnline still haunts me to this day. A trauma reminder that comes from an online game and poke at my PTSD is a very real happening. Reminders of said event can stir up those memories, and cause emotional outbursts from time to time. Some of us take online gaming quite seriously, despite others lack of value for the same content. We spend our real life time moving our real life mouse and typing on our real life keyboard. We make choices with our real life brain to do things in a video game. Sometimes we make real life friends along the way. Loss in-game, I never ever take lightly. I am sorry for your loss johnm81! Such a beautiful game may tug at your heartstrings, like it does to mine! Losing anything you spent time on, and nothing you can do about it to get it back, can be very emotionally painful (at least for me). You have my condolences <3
  13. Still Unable To Download Ice Wyvern

    Bug: Cannot Download Ice Wyvern into Island Server (Legacy) I have been looking forward to the time I can move my only Ice Wyvern from Ragnarok14 to 323, so I set forth my plan which I have been thinking about ever since I heard that with the new skin, the ability to transfer Ice wyverns would become available. I only need one Wyvern for my Ragnarok activities, and it didnt matter which one. On my main server, I have Two Fire Wyverns, one Lightning Wyvern, and one Poison Wyvern, but no ice wyverns. I wanted to even out and complete my collection, by moving my extra fire wyvern into Ragnarok and moving my only Ice wyvern into the Island. Setting my plan in motion, I started with uploading my Fire Wyvern which was on PvE-OfficialServer323 (PC, Island, Legacy). Logged out of 323, logged into NA-PVE-Ragnarok14 (PC, Ragnarok, Legacy), flew on my Ice Wyvern to the closest Obelisk, saw that I could upload the Ice Wyvern, uploaded it, then downloaded my Fire Wyvern, flew back to my base, and logged out of Ragnarok14. Then I returned to the Island server to download my Ice Wyvern, and I find I am unable to download it. Is this inability to download the Ice Wyvern a bug, or intentional? I have footage of what it looks like when I try and download the Ice Wyvern: I had accidentally posted in Xbox section this post, when I thought I was in PC bugs section. Now looking at the PC section, I see I am not the only one with this issue, so I probably don't need to start another post, but post in this existing thread of this same issue. If I have made any mistakes with my post, please forgive me and kindly direct me to the proper place (instead of giving me warning points for ignorance/mistake). Thank you.
  14. i could have sworn I posted in PC section. Ooops. nevermind. Please kindly delete this post. Thank you.
  15. Day Zero: Server Information

    I too thought that making the save files available meant I could play on single player/privately hosted. What a heartbreak! I am sorry for your loss (hugs) And Nitrado? I dont like Nitrado, I tried them, got bad service, and moved my server over to HostHavok, good service, and later went with BluefangSolutions, also good service imo. Are the files also available via BlueFangSolutions or HostHavok?