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  1. After discussions with my tribemate, we have decided to repaint our large base with Navy or Slate. I find it hard to believe that this mixed up dye is unfixable. I found out like 5 mins ago, the black color was changed to "Transponder Node" and "Transponder Tracker" which looks like a non-color, having no shine, it is like looking into a dark void, and I still have some of the paint on two brushes on Official PvE. Black color was changed to this: Hmm.... valuable perhaps? I dont know if these brushes will work to dye anything, I've not used these transponder brushes. The above image is from the previously painted Black pieces. To sell them maybe abusing a glitch, so I wont part with these because I dont want to break rules. I may save these things for the memories.
  2. I lived through that sting. My pack of rexes only mutation was in that part. I was on 323, when Panda and Jen were actively playing. Jen had over 20 rexes with Cyan in that back slot, I had a variety of navy blue. We both lost our eye candy with that. For that Rex back loss, I recall seeing actual word that Wildcard wasnt going to fix those lost rex colors. I do forget where I saw it, so take my word with doubt, as I cant prove they said it without a lot of searching. I havent seen Wildcard say if they are, or are not fixing the dye issue on my structures. I now give up waiting for a fix. I am sick of my eyes hurting (literal pain: an ache in the upper-back of my eye sockets) from being in that base. I dont think my tribemates want it demolished, and I keep having to go in there for some tribe-things, and feedings, and storage, etc. I just hate having my time wasted when a game team suddenly decides, "so we finally fixed this" I guess even if they say they wont, they might possibly do what they said they wouldn't do regardless of what was said before. I really am not looking forward to the task ahead of me. *sigh* Oh well. Thank you everyone for your time. Have a great day!
  3. I have read PC patch notes to the date before the Genesis release affected my tribe's structures. @Luewen I did not find the patch notes you are referencing from. I have not seen anything official that says that there is (or is not) a pending fix for the changes to dyed structures on official servers. I could be wrong, I could have missed reading it. Clarity and link to the actual location of the official word would be most appreciated, especially with a task that may consume over a week's worth of my time.
  4. This doesnt seem to answer my question so far, still looking... "Nobody has to worry about whether or not adding new colors to the game will unexpectedly shift all the color assignments" From This doesnt include a dye fix for structures that were changed when genisis released (or lack of). I maybe confused by some of the pronouns used that could be referring to different nouns. I have not finished reading patch notes.. I want to see official word that they are not going to fix the color of painted structures on official, before I embark on the 2+ week long task of repainting my tribe's base.
  5. I've googgled for a while. I cant find where Wildcard has said this. Reddit, Twitter, these forums? Alot of places to go through. Where have you seen them say a fix was done? Knowing what website you were looking at can help narrow down my search.
  6. Can you show me a link to the official post saying this please?
  7. I am very patient. took me some time after posting to put together a set of screenies to show before and after I'd rather wait for a fix, than trouble with repainting. My tribemate and I repainted some. "if" there is a fix pending (and I dont know this fact), I'd keep waiting. But have I been waiting for something that will never come? Only Wildcard employees with access to the "to do" list know what is on the to-do list. I would like to know too, for this is a big task I rather keep waiting, than fix it myself.
  8. Question: Is there a dye fix in the works on Wildcard's to-do list? Hey Devs, how are you today? I love this game so very much! I am still waiting for broken dye to be looked at. While there is an existing thread (that I accidentally posted in today), I feel the title doesnt amplify the issue that I am still waitin for a fix. The issue: Gensis released and my base on center broke, all the pieces that were painted black turned into a void color with no shine, and it hurts my eyes to look at. I read on Twitter something about Wildcard will fix the older stuff that broke after the dust with Genisis has settled. This led me to make the choice to wait for them to fix the color of my base, I just have to wait. The vagueness may or may not have included the fix to the dyed pieces. I am still waiting for that dust to settle. Has the dust settled and I am waitin for something that will never happen? Or is it still on Wildcard's the to-do list? I need actual employee knowledge (not guesses, I have spoken to some people about this, and they throw in their opinions, which is speculation, not actual fact). I will need to see word from the people who know the official to-do list. I've learned to not trust speculation, especially with things that would consume this much time. The amount of time that I would have to spend to fix it myself, is far too much time to spend based on hunches and guesses. Waiting is easier for me, as I am not spending time on making dye and repainting, I can busy myself with other things while I wait. My base is still visibly broken. I have a lot of patience. I am still waiting, cause things do take time. I can wait, I can wait more. I know it takes time.
  9. When you hit enter to make a pagebreak.... and it submits a post instead. I did not intend to post here, I was drafting for a new thread
  10. I dont transfer my official character unless I have nothing to lose on the server I am moving out of, and/or have a friend who is able to let me back in the tribe if something borks in the transfer process. I usually make a new toon if I want to move into a new server. I am fully aware that uploading my character is not guaranteed to be stable, ever. Transferring has never has been stable since Transfers were added to this game. Maybe Ark should put a warning like.... "Upload at your own risk" Transferring to another server has a chance to lose your character due to corruption by Rockwell... or evil Jerboas in the terminals. Evil Jerboas. Cute and deadly.
  11. I'm watching a stream, my roomate is watching two streams and running his own stream on his PC, and third PC is also running fine. All other programs on my PC are running uninterrupted. I've never had this issue in Ark before. It seems new as of the summer patch. Edit to add: I'll try spending some time in Ark on my other PC, see if I see the same thing on my side account. I usually dont move around with her, she keeps an eye on inventories for me (and learns engrams to help me with my desires).
  12. I wonder if the tick reduction has anything to do with this? I'm so curious. I wish I knew the inner-workings of the coders out of personal curiousity. I wish I could help more with this company, this game is so awesome, I wish I was able to work on their team, but forms discourage me and those social mannerisms and norms continue to confuse me to no end. I would like to, but my brain is just some distance off of what is seemingly required. Oo shiny! *runs off to pet pretty dino*
  13. Hello, I am not sure the right area for this. I am waking up after a full day's sleep, and still seeing the same problem I saw this morning on official servers. Official Server NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter60 has been buggy for me all day... It continues to not know where my survivor is standing, and it seems to happen every few minutes, all day long. I cant interact, cant claim new babies, cant do anyting with "E" no doors, no mountings, no pearl pickups... I have to repeatedly chestbump with tames to get the server to know where my player is. I have mental difficulties with forms like the one used for reporting bugs. I am not sure how to descibe this bug, I know what a De-sync is, and De-Sync maybe the short description of what I am experiencing. I dont know if anyone else on the server is dealing with this, I have chat off. My side PC which I rarely use to move around (she keeps watch on a trough for me), sees my player in a different place than where I see myself. Chestbumping with my tames (jump and run against their bodies) seems to reset where I see myself in line with what the server knows. It seems my human de-syncs more often than server saves. I am struggling to get all imprints done, and babies fed, and I miss picking up pearls from under my Phoenix because of this de-sync. No dead babies yet, but the additional panic (omg omg baby bay bay needs food and I cant get in it) is not doing well inside my hyper-emotional brain. Where to show this to a game dev? How to get their attention? No dice 'it seems' so far. I have Tweeted a few emplyees, but not seen a response. Posted in a related thread, but dont know if they are aware. Limited time event for breeding, and I am struggling to work with it. I am super patient, but I rush this to be made aware, of due to the difficulty this de-sync is causing me. I struggle to enjoy this limited time event. Limited time, and my time is being strained/used/wasted due to this de-sync. P.S. I word alot. If anyone has complaints about my words being too much, I'm sorry, I wish you had more patience and/or tolerance. I love you.
  14. I personally am not crashing, but I am having frequent de-sync's with the official server I am playing. I am not sure what to call it, "de-sync"? Based on my tribemate's view, I am on one side of the base while they see me on the other side, and I am unable to access inventories, as if the server lost track of where I am in the game, and this has been happening pretty frequently. If I push myself against a tame and jump a few times, I will re-sync with the server and I can access inventories again. I'm feeling impaired in my ability to raise dino babies, but the work-around for this glitch on my end seems pretty consistently remedying the de-sync. I've walked against my pets almost a dozen times now, just to get the server to detect where I am so I can reach inventories. I dont want to relog because of the game client telling me there is another player (me?) online.
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