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  1. GreenRoc

    Dedicated Spawn Locations

    I feel this should have existed from the start of official. The fixed random spawn areas as no-build zones.
  2. I would like to suggest an idea my non-gaming friend had to help remedy an issue on PvE Official Servers. Suggestion: Time Stamps on player-placed structures so GM can see when it was placed. Just a time and date that GM can see, so they know who placed what first. This idea comes up following my departure from Official Ark. I have left because I cannot trust GM's to know who is griefing who, when it comes to structures being reported. My story (not all the details but some of them) I was on a server that my tribemate plays more than myself, and a message appeared from a GM. Upon further chatting in global from the pve server's community (a community of most people who get along), we found out that one of the players had reported someone who has been protecting the rare obsidian spawns since the server was new (my tribemate's friend). The reporter had successfully gotten a GM to remove the pillars from my tribe's friends that were protecting obsidian. I dont know when, but the reporter had walled off some obsidian and metal. What the GM didnt know (that would have saved us from this GM removal of pillars) was who placed structures first (I dont know myself). According to my tribemate, the removed structures have been there for months, protecting obsidian. And the same day these pillars were removed, this reporter proceeded to build up next to my tribe. Additionally, they said in global that they felt my pillars were bad (from all that was communicated that day, they seem to have a hatred for all pillars, all of them, even good ones). They lived no where near me, but started to build next to me, and I feared that what they had done to my friend's tribe, was just starting with mine. He proceded to insist that he needed to be there. And refused to remove his structures. at one point, someone asked me why I wanted him to remove his stuff, and I didnt have the words at the time to tell them that I was terrified that what the reporter did to my friend with the GM, is what he will do to me soon enough. Afraid he will build up enough, and then report me, accusing me of blocking him, when I was here first. If he builds next to us, he can make it look like we block him in. With many tears, and heartbreaking moments across several days, lying in bed with my eyes wet and painful... This was far beyond any experience I want to have in any Community game. the reporter even went as far as publicly defaming me in the forums, making himself out to be the victim, and me the bad guy, which further pokes my trauma reminder. Thankfully a moderator deleted that post of lies. I had to leave Official Ark, stop playing, for my health. I had to leave my friends, leave my community behind, because of how much this hurt me, literally, in real life (I have some mental issues I have had since I was born leaving me with over-intense emotions I cant control, as well as ptsd that this issue poked really hard, I am still struggling with this issue poking so many of my trauma reminders). It hurt to leave, but I know I had to, because I know there was nothing I could do about it. I cant even report this, because that same day, the report system broke. And even reporting it would not guarantee my safety. It seems like among all the GM's, it is like the right hand doesnt know what the left hand is doing. I cant know if the GM who gets the reporter's ticket, will know of my ticket sitting in the void of the old ticket systems, trying to defend myself by reporting his previous attack on my friend. Time stamps on Structures would have prevented all of this, it would tell the GM that the pillars they removed, the pillars that the reporter accused of griefing him, were placed many many months before the reporter ever set foot in our server (according to what I was told, the person who had their pillars removed, has been there since the first week the server opened) It breaks my heart. I had so much passion for this game, but I cant see myself being able to play, without hurting so hard, so deep, in pain from loss, caused by all the griefers that plague us on PvE. And the GM's lack of tools let the bad guys win. The removed pillars were protecting this obsidian , and many more like it! Is it not allowed?! How can we prevent other players from blocking the spawns, if the pillars needed to block the spawns is considered "excessive" and removed by a GM? I have so much hope and love for this game and it's employees to make the best game in the world... I do not wish to hate on the best game I have ever played in my 41 years of life. I wish it was more stable, I wish we weren't victimized like this. This is a damn beautiful game unlike anything I have ever seen. Better than Conan, better than Atlas, better than so many other games. I would apply to work for you guys if not for my unstable mental conditions, which is torture in itself, I would not be compatible in a working role, even a voluntary one, because my emotions are too extreme. I had to leave your official servers, because I do not want to be the victim. It hurts too damn much. I have ragequit before, and returned, but this time is final. I have RL freinds who are concerned for my health, who saw me hurt so bad, who heard my screams and cries of how I hate myself (because of my inability to not be so emotionally charged from this issue, how embarassing, it is just a game right? why do I get so upset?! Why does it affect me so much?! I am so ashamed, which is not a place of mind I want to be in) who encourage me to stop playing Official, and I agreed. I do not see myself ever returning to official anytime soon. (aside from just keeping the area loaded for my tribemate's needs, which I am doing, but I have to be super careful and repeat to myself, these are my tribemates things, not mine. I am just helping out my friend). Unless something on Wildcard's end drastically changes to protect people like me, people who have fun without hurting others, I dont see myself coming back to PvE Official for my own personal entertainment. I'll help my tribemate, but this is just helping a tribemate. I cant be attatched to anything on official anymore. Ark is like a bad drug I know is bad for me, but other than that, it is just so damn good. One rotten apple can spoil the bunch. This is what that reporter has done. Lots of good to enjoy in PvE Official Ark, but just one him alone spoils the whole thing. P.S. I only PvE. Everything in this post is referencing to my experience with PvE. I dont always specify with every sentence that this is PvE. Dear Moderators, if you have to edit this post, please make a copy to share among yourselves, to help aid decisions to improve Ark for the future, for this is a letter to your people, you and everyone behind the scenes of Wildcard. It just happens to be in a public forum, but this place is the best way I know to communicate to your whole company. I wish the game was better than this. Maybe someday it can be.
  3. Suggestion: Spoil Timer Modifier for each items that spoils, for unofficial and singleplayer. In my Unofficial and Singleplayer: I have spoil timer adjusted so it takes a long time for meat to spoil. Problem I encountered, is that the SAME spoil modifier also affects the Unstable Element, where it takes 39:59 to spoil (convert to Element). For those who dont want it so complex, I suggest adding spoil timer overrides for each item, and still have the one config that controls all the spoil timers. The individual item spoil timers should overrride the one global spoil timer. If this already exists, pls tell me. I want to have my unstable element spoil in a second, without reducing the spoil timer I have on everything else. Thank you.
  4. GreenRoc

    Raw prime meat not stacking

    I'm not joking. That is how I like to play PC games. What most gamers find as a fun and interesting or challenging, can be a time-wasting, stressful, unwanted, unenjoyable part of the game for me. I like eye candy, harvesting, building and breeding. I dont like having to spend my time trying to keep my avatar alive, or rushing around because of spoil timers on items that I need to tame more eye candy. Slow and steady is my preference. I need to relax in everything I do, because of health concerns. I had like 30 sentences of stuff about why I like what I like, and what I dont like, but it led to being off topic, so I deleted that text. I strongly dislike sarcasm. And do not like when people think I am. Mistakes happen. I hope this is enough to bring clarity to your speculation of my intent.
  5. GreenRoc

    Valentines= no imprinting.

    Oh? Does the event override my custom config settings? That doesnt sound right. I want pretty dino colors I do not want boosted maturation overriding existing configs. I prefer the xmas colors anyways. I havent had my server running during this event so I wouldn't know if the event overrides or not. I was just trying to help out with posting my settings as-is.
  6. GreenRoc

    problem with managarm

    Good advice. I rode one on an Official Center, lag started when I was on ground and tried to spam jumped to get away from a raptor, saw raptor rubber band back, and next thing I know I am suddenly right under the map's ceiling.
  7. GreenRoc

    What do you do for fun?

    I like to raise creature babies, play with friends, help out with harvesting materials, looking at others builds, build my own houses. Hoard items. Get items for my friends. Help friends raise tames. Relaxing things is my fun. Eye candy is my fun. Helping friends collect stuff, and fight NPC's is my fun. I played Ovipets before Ark. Ark is like Ovipets and h1z1's Just Survive had a baby, and looks far prettier than any other game I have ever played, and there is nothing else like it. I have to play Unofficial now. Official is too stressful for me, because of players who dont care about anyone else but their own personal gain, and attack me, steal things I spent time on, abusing game mechanics and GM's for who knows why, because they like to see the world burn? I dont want to stand in that fire.
  8. Cryo pods = Need to have extinction or trade with people, which requires good in-game relationships and good trading and communication skills. I am horrible at all three, being different (Aspergers) is a struggle. I been hesitant to ask for them from those on the servers I play, but some are nice enough to give me 300 pods, and a fridge or two. Thank you folks. To prevent those dinos from dying in the pods, we have to have Cryofridges, and enough of them, which requires earning the engram on Extinction, or buying it from someone, and powering a generator as well. Fridges have space for 72 tames. When I cryo'd all my tames before I quit official a few days ago, I was delayed on packing them away, by the lack of Fridges. We eventually got enough, but I still had a lot not in fridges when I left, because I figured my tribemate wants to breed them. If they were summoned from a pod, she would have to wait for the full mating interval before breeding them. Better to just keep them outside of the pod and keep them fed, instead of waiting over a day to breed again. We cant get eggs from tames inside the Fridges, so we still have to have the dinos hanging around to get the eggs we need. The pods are merely a band-aid, and not a tame cap remedy/fix imo Keeping our tames in storage is a LOT of work, and in most cases for us, it is easier to just keep them out and in the yard.
  9. GreenRoc

    Raw prime meat not stacking

    I would like raw prime meats and Raw Mutton to be stacked on my Unofficial. My unofficial is super easy, almost as if I removed Survival from it. "too easy" is how I like my unofficial.
  10. GreenRoc

    Valentines= no imprinting.

    My Unofficial has these settings: Last I tried, I get full imprints, and babies that become adults in less than a day. Both of these configs should be changed if one changes, in order to get 100% imprinting
  11. GreenRoc

    can i turn off velonosaur spines?

    I would like an option for veno spines to not render too.
  12. GreenRoc

    3x breeding killed my giga...

    I'm sorry to hear. As far as my awareness of an incubation 3x, is rare, super rare, I dont even expect it anymore. I dont blame you for that. I blame the lack of advanced warning for an incubation increase, which incubation 3x hasn't happened since their Extra Life Fund Raiser. Also, the start time has always been inconsistent, sometimes being a day or two off of when I expected it. I lost a purple giga after spending 16 hours straight force feeding it. It died in Juvenile stage. Was a gift from a friend who no longer played, so that egg was irreplaceable. This was before Cryopods. I never tried raising them again until Extra Life Fund Raiser. Haven't raised a giga since... but I probably can now, because of Cryopods. A 2 day egg takes me over a week or more to get fully incubated, due to my lack of trust of the stability of my egg lying there while I am in within render. This is why I need another game running, because two real life days spent staring at an egg is not entertaining. I have lost eggs, got babies stuck in floors, just from not being there in-game near the egg. It's an annoying tedious task imo. I'm pure PvE player.
  13. Due to additional complications beyond my control, and seeing this manipulative player start to work himself into a place to try to get me reported (by repeating the same actions he took towards my friends who got their pillars deleted), I maybe calling it quits on official from these events tonite. I cant even report this guy right now. I plan to hop on briefly to sort stuff out for my tribemate to take over, and then I'm done. I do love this game, but when Devs give the win to a manipulative troll, I cant trust the system to keep good people safe. Its just not safe for me anymore. Time for singleplayer and/or unofficial, because I love this game too much to totally ditch it. Thx Eli for the update. I appreciate all you do, and know you can only do so much.
  14. GreenRoc

    Suggestions for how to do caves???

    I take a giga into the Forest cave on Extinction. Gets me a lot of Meat and XP. I cant speak for other caves that I havent gone in. Imprinted barys seem like a good choice to me. A pack of ravagers sound good too. I would take in an extra set of gear, and some stims too if I had to go on foot. Many of those caves caust torp, and/or loss of control of character. Some caves need climbing picks.
  15. I have played since TheIsland was the only map. The community was just as toxic back then. I see nothing different from 2015 to 2019. When you say Community, are you referring to the player base or Wildcard? The context leaves me a little confused. Edit: Many gamers are vile, selfish, inconsiderate sons of dilos, even before Ark existed. In contrast, there are those who are kind and thoughtful among those... Not much can be done by any game company to cull all the inhospitable folk. There are so many people who just don't care to be nice to their fellow humans. Not even guidelines can stop people from being so hateful. All we can do is just report people who are exceptionally vile (breaking rules kind of offensiveness), and hope WC will see that too and ban them.