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  1. GreenRoc

    Argy stuck on top of world

    Long time ago I had done a barrel roll on my Ptero (before flier nerf) on The Center, was touching the ground on South Tropical, barrel rolled into a rock and was suddenly above the top of the skybox, as if I was teleported up there. I never could get her back down through the skybox. Eventually she ran out of stamina, and kicked me off her saddle. I never saw her again.
  2. GreenRoc

    Aberration Drops Aggravation

    Same. I've probably spent several hundred hours in the portal room, never seen a terminal in there. I would like to know where the terminal is.
  3. I would like to disable the boss teleport sound. Today I was flying around and loud sounds have always made me jump and scream, even decades ago as a kid (jets flying overhead, glass shattering, slammed doors, I scream and my heart races and it hurts). This sound did just that, when someone else had teleported to the boss arena. I want to disable that sound without disabling anything else.
  4. GreenRoc

    Old Ark

    The ability to play older versions of Ark, I think is a fantastic idea! We can play older versions with Minecraft (which is like ark if you play to build and survive), so why not with Ark? I personally have my old gaming Rig set up to play older Ark!! I havent connected it to the internet since Ark was in Early Access! I am able to play Ark before the first TLC, before Aberation was added... It's only singleplayer, but I love it! My favorite Ark was before they added Pegomastax, but sadly I dont have that version on my old gaming rig... but I did add the npc replacements code to get rid of it, and numerous others. I support this suggestion!
  5. GreenRoc


    Yesterday, someone on the official server I play on, says they clicked the join last button, and somehow lost their level 100+ character. There was no server moving involved as far as I can see from their chatter, just a quick "join last" and they joined without a character creation prompt, and found themself as a level 1 tribeless survivor named "Human". I hope their ticket is answered in the next 6 or less days, or all of their dinos will be deleted I support a character recovery system! It's not the character's XP that is a deep loss imo, it's the lost DINOS and imprints! I wish account-bound imprints were a thing. Character loss bugs are still happening as recently as yesterday! I had googled what I was worried about and this is one of the threads that came up.
  6. Some of these maybe inaccurate, but this is copy pasta of a section of my personal game INI. Location: SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\ARK\ShooterGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor A few friends of mine suggested I put this list online somewhere, and this is the best place I think to put it. This portion disables spawning most of the creatures that attack a player/tame due to proximity. Also disables creature spawns that trigger non-hostiles into being hostile. I haven't figured out how to disable cave creatures, as I have seen cave squid, even tho I have alpha and regular squids "replaced". I wanted more sheep, but I hardly see any of them on my Singleplayers, probably due to the limited amount of sheep allowed on the map, but that amount should be able to be adjusted with another config not seen here. Neutral dinos are not on this list (like trikes and stegos). It's more like Creativerse's Peaceful, than Minecraft's Peaceful. Some creatures will defend themselves if attacked. EDITS: Sept 22nd 2018: Added Replacement for Tek Raptor
  7. Hello. I have a base I built on the water's surface. You cant see the water, becuse it is high enough above it, but when you walk around, you can hear splish splash of the water. I went through a lot of trouble to get an Industrial grill made (several hours worth of time), only to find out I cannot light it when it is on my base floor. What an annoying waste of my time. Suggestion: Prevent placement of Industrial Grill if placement would prevent it from being turned on. Want screenies? Here's some: Cant light it. Has gas in it. Cant light campfires on this floor either. I know I could place it on a higher floor, or raise up my foundations (would take days), but at the time I placed it, didnt cross my mind that I would be unable to use this, especially when there is no water showing above the floors here. I'm frustrated. Not a bug, but a suggestion... would have been nice to know it wouldnt work, before I placed it.... Better yet, would be nice if I could pick it back up, without losing any mats. But this is official, no S+ or Builders Helmet here. Demo only, and lost half my mats. Le sigh.
  8. GreenRoc

    Graphic Option - Monitor 1 2 or 3

    Didnt notice another issue I have, until after I posted my previous comment. As soon as I tab back into the game, the game client will move itself down and to the right. This only happens when I try playing windowed and at the size of my monitor. The game client will NOT stay in the same place. I move it back up, and as soon as I tab out and back in, it shifts down and to the right again, hiding my action bars and status icons. This auto moving makes it so I shouldn't have the game client at the size of my monitor because I end up not being able to see the action bars or my health/food/etc icons. I end up having to make the game client much smaller, less enjoyable, all to keep the game client out of my main monitor. Would this "shifting/moving" on it's own be considered a "bug"? So instead of playing at 1920x1080, I have to play at 1600x900 ... or I have to drop everything I am doing when I launch my game client, if I want to keep it at 1920x1080. This severely frustrates me.
  9. GreenRoc

    Graphic Option - Monitor 1 2 or 3

    I did a search to make a suggestion for this today, and totally forgot I had posted it before, and I had never seen the suggested work-around, which doesn't work for me. I cant do that. I had removed the WIn button from my keyboard, because it causes me issues when I accidentally hit it. I still need what I suggested. I cant have the game client on my main monitor because that is where my firefox notifications pop up (and firefox/Windows refuse to give me the option to change where that notification pops up). Another reason this is a problem for me because I watch Netflix or Twitch on my main monitor, and the ark game client would cover whatever I am watching on the main monitor, sometimes for several minutes, while Ark options were unaccessable. Cant even pause the video because Ark game client can hijack my cursor during that time. I REALLY want to play Ark in Fullscreen, but I dont, because Ark's Game Client will NOT let me decide what monitor it launches in. Ark's game client keeps loading in the "main" monitor, NO CHOICE on where it launches. NO CHOICE. I WANT it to launch in the monitor I had it in previously, like World of Warcraft does. If only the game client could at least launch itself into the monitor I had it in for my previous play session... Then I could enjoy Ark fullscreened. I'm disappointed. Ark looks so much better fullscreened
  10. GreenRoc

    Wild Raft - Despawns When?

    I hadnt thought of that! Thank you! I used my wyvern to chomp on the rafts until they sunk.
  11. Question: How long until wild rafts despawn? ----- Details: Someone parked some rafts at my place, right where I was planning to build, very close to one of our pillars. Since then, I've had to build around these rafts, waiting for them to despawn. It has been weeks. They have not despawned, they have not been moved. Their names are yellow, which tells me they are Wild Rafts (this server hangs around tame cap, been capped or just under cap for many months). I would have expected the rafts to despawn by now, but they have not. They are in my way. No owner, no tribename. No one to report (if this is even reportable). This is on an official server (PC). NA-PVE-Official-TheCenter60 According to the dates on my screenshots's names (not all are seen here), the boats showed up between August 17th and August 18th. I have been building this base here since August 9th, and our tribe has had pillars on the island for months beforehand (I have no date for when we put pillars down, but it was months ago). The boats are in my way of my plans to build a wall around the entire island. I plan to make what looks like an aquarium, leaving the inside of the island unbuilt, while there are observation rooms in a rectangle around it... based on the design of the original Jurassic Park Raptor Pen, but modified to have windows, and my own style. I would have posted this question in support forums, but it seems that forum section has been removed. I "can" build right over these boats, but I am afraid that 'if' this was done to me maliciously, then whoever put those boats down, could report me if I build over the boats. Posting here as evidence, in a way, but I am curious as to the answer to my question. If they despawn, then I don't need to send in a report. I can wait. But if they don't ever despawn... then I will send in a report. Screenshots: ^ spotted on August 18th ^ They are in my way of making what I have been planning to build around the island. Structures are my tribe's, rafts are 'wild'. The rafts are still there today.
  12. GreenRoc


    Yeah I think that maybe why. I have enjoyed some singleplayer, but it isnt as enjoyable as Official. Thank you. I'll try my best. --- Thinking more about this, I thought of one change, just one. idk how hard it would be to program, or how hard it would be to make a workshop mod: Removing the "attack that" AI behavior in wilds. If that one AI behavior could be removed from the wilds (but allow my tames to have that AI), that one change would make the perfect game for me. Everything about official, I enjoy, except that one thing. THAT alone, makes it the perfect game, or breaks me. Anyone know of a mod that can do that? I talked to someone about a mod to change the AI, and I was told that due to how this game is coded, there would have to be a code put in for every-single-creature, to change an AI behavior with all of them. I wish there was an option to make npc's not attack anything. Just everything wandering around, fleeing is tolerable for me if they dont get attacked. NPC's that dont attack, THAT would be the perfect game for me. Ark is so close to the perfect game for me. Every other game I've tried pales in comparison. I enjoy and loathe your game at the same time. I wish it could exist without loathe. This game is just too freaking good to quit.
  13. GreenRoc


    I had my own server, for years. I cant afford it anymore. I learned to play Ark before Flee state. I am so mad at wildcard for addin that. I didnt pull out my weapon. I was in K mode when I was attacked, and I spammed K mode a few times, but I coudnt turn at any point. As if getting attacked locked me in K mode, and I couldnt break out of it. Not the first time I've experienced this bug. I was in such a panic I didnt think to use Strafe, I rarely use strafe. I am not a hostile pvp adrenaline junkie gamer like many of you are. I like pretty things, I like breeding and eye candy and riding creatures, and relaxing for hours. IDGA rats butt about "survival" and I hate that you used that to try to justify what they put in this game. There's so much MORE to Ark than just "surviving", I am strongly addicted to so many non-hostile elements of this game, and I HAVE tried singleplayer, I TOLD YOU IN MY POST IT DOESNT WORK FOR ME!!!! I need a peaceful official server. My friends cant play on my singleplayer. My side acct cant play on my singleplayer without the bloody annoying tether mechanic. I cant afford a private server. I cant even afford to buy aberration for my friend who plays with me on OFFICIAL. 95 % of the time I play on Official, I am fine, and super happy, super super happy! But that other 5%, makes me lose control of myself. And why, WHY is this stuff in the game to begin with?! WHO LIKES THAT KIND OF STUFF??? WHO LIKES IT?! HOW CAN ANYONE WANT THAT?! Yes it is a game, it is a game as well as stress RELIEF and interacting with friends too. I had tried to quit official. I didnt last very long before I got back into it. Without Official, I experience depression, sadness, longing for the official happy things. Official has been part of my life for the last three years. I enjoy hanging with my in-game friends, looking and breeding and riding pretty tames, persistent existence of my base (artwork)... I may be addicted. Only 5% is bad for me, but it makes me go out of control, like in these posts, I am so unlike most of you, always have been. I've tried to quit official, but I just couldnt stay away, and I tried. I tried really hard, took me months and months to quit legacy. It was so hard to let go of my 500 dinos I have had for over 2 years. I eventually did... and got back into Official in less than 2 months. Godmode only makes me bored, everything handed to me. I am almost never bored. 11 hour camping at a tame isnt boring to me. but godmode, boring! I have some Ark friends who invited me to their private server, let me have access to godmode so I could use 'leavemealone' but I dont like it as much as I like official, I dont know why that is, it just is.. Maybe it is from the lack of people there? I dont know why I like Official more than my private server or their private server. Also like official more than my singleplayer. I dont know why, it is just how I feel when I play in each of these kinds of worlds. I want to harvest, feel like I am earning the mats. I am so happy and content just spending hours and hours chopping trees, running around, helping my friends. storing items, camping at dino babies and tames for hours, and building beautiful bases with all the mats I earned. That happy stuff consuming about 95% of my time spent on official. But then a hostile comes along and I completely lose control of myself, go into panic, blood pressure raised to life-threatening levels. I cant handle adrenaline, it is soooo dangerous for me. Just 5% of this game, do I quit the 95% because of 5%? I need a peaceful official server. Just 5% I cant handle very well, a small fraction of everything this game has to offer. I wish the rest of you understood how I feel. I looked at your replies, you all said stuff I been told before, stuff I've already tried, stuff that doesnt help. I dont think you understand how I feel. There maybe no solution for me. As long as Wildcard caters to the majority, as long as any game company does, even with different varieties of servers for the different varieties of players being provided, and some servers have adopted community suggestions too ... my type of desires, my type of gaming, continues to be disregarded, and/or unavailable, or mixed in with garbage that makes me lose control. This is my favorite game. I love it more than World of Warcraft. I just wish it didn't have mechanics in it that cause me to lose stuff I can NEVER get back. I cant handle loss very well. Quitting official, is like worse than losing that tek stego, because no only do I lose the tek stego, I lose EVERYTHING I have there. For anyone reading, who understands, thank you. I'm sorry I am such a poor loser, wish I wasn't, but it is how it is. This game is how it is. I just wish I knew how to cope with that 5%. Wish me luck trying to find the best way for me to cope. There's too much good stuff in this game, to quit over that 5 %.
  14. GreenRoc


    I am having a mental breakdown right now. I LOVE the beauty of this game, I love to breed and to buyild and to play with friends... but there has NEVER been a point where I want to DIE in game, or lose my satuff or lose my dinos and I DO NOT WANT to spend HOURS, Literal HOURS at a tame to only have it KILLED at the end because of all the hostile GARBAGE you ADD! Hey you, you who thinks this is funny, yeah you... YOU go have your game mode, you enjoy this stuff, I WANT NONE OF THAT HOSTIULE GAEBAGE!!!! WILDCARd makes this gorgeous GAME, SO FReaking GORGEOUS!!!! But I AM SICK AND TIRED OF losing control ov myself EVERY DAY because of the stuff you added to the game. I WANT A pEACEFUL SERVER BECAUS EHOW I am feling righ tnow is a way I DNOOT wantr tro feel EVER, screamning at the top of my lungs in real life because of my 2 hour tame killed with most of the taming progress done, taming because you have this hostile STUFF in the game. Mix that with broken AI and buggeed controls. I CANT HANDLE IT I WANT A PEACWEFUL SERVER PLEASE!!!! FOR ALL OF MY SANITY AND STABILITY, I WANT A PEACEFUL OFFICIAL SERVER!!!!! FOR THE LOVE OF ... I AM SO FREAKING UPSET!!!! YOU WILDCARD< WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?! WHY ... AND I LOST 3 hours, and a beautrifl tame and my beast ravager because YOUR GAME BROKME!!!! I couldnt move left and right for a BUG, next I knwo a series of events with an alpha crab and a pack of ravs and this beautiful Tek Stego, 2 hours into it's tame, DIED because when I tried to kite a ravager away, to get it o folow me, IT DID THE OPPOSITE!!! Instead of chasing me, it ran the opposite direction RIGHT INTO THE TEK STEGO. YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW UPSET I AM?! I CANT CONTROL MYSELF< ALL BNECAUSE YOU ADD ALL THIS HOSTILE GARBAGE INTO THIS GAME I DOOO NOTTT WANTTTT!!!!!! AND WHYU EVEN PLAY? CAuse this is the most beaudtiful game in the whole world... and I have friends here. Anyone think I am a child, well you go ahad and believe your lies. I am 41 years old, PTSD and autism and I cant control myself when I am overwhelmed and I JUST want WIldcard to know that they have some players who are addicted to the beauty they made, but cant HANDLE the losses. PLEASSE!!!! PEACEFUL!!!! And I have tried unoficial, tried singleplayer, they dont work! Every time I find a home in unoficial, THJEY SHUT IT DOWN. I WANT PEACEDFUL OFFICIAL... I HATE BEING LIKE TIS. BUT I GET LIKE tHIS WHEN I AM FRUSTRATED BEYOND WHAT I CAN HANDLE WHY?! ARE YOU TROLLS WILDCARD??? WHAT IS YOUR MOTIVATIN, WHy PUT ALL THIS STUFF IN the game?! 3 Hour TAME THREE!! AND BEAUTIFL.... BUT IT DIES BECAuse your AI is unpredictable and broken! So pretty.... 2 hours... And broken AI. I had a tame trap, but I coulndt get the stego in there because it RAN, for some mysterious reason. IU want a peaceful server, so I can play on a server with freinds, a server that lives for years. 3 h ours on that thing, nodded off countless times, trying to stay awake. then an attack from behind while on my ravager, and I was unable to turn... so could only move forward... INTO AN ALPHA CRAB. BROKEN BROKEN. You people, who think this is funny... Why do you thnk this is funny? Why cant you understand. I am in so much emotional pain. I been verbally abused by people most of my life, and also today already, dont need more. I just wanted a pretty stego to ride around on. And I have a freaking meltdown because of the hostile stuff in this game... And that rav killed the pretty stego. Killed 2 hours of my time. I just want my eye candy. Without the stress. Without loss. What is wrong with you Wildcard? I dont understand why. why cant I have what I want from this game, without getting so upset, I post stupid garbage because I am out of control. If only there was a peaceful official server, where I dont get upset, because I dont get attacked. And can enjoy my eye candy addition... If only. I wish. I'm slightly back in control. But I still want you Wildcard to know how upset your game makes me. And I dont know why you add this unsurvivable stuff to the game. Why cant I have just the pretty dinos and other prety things, without all this loss. I cant handle it... but I cant stop playing. It's too beautiful. I might edit later. I dont know. I'm about to pass out from exaustion. 2 hours, and nothing to show for it. You wasted 2 hours of my time Wildcard, two hours I can never get back. I am so unhappy with you right now. ... but its so pretty.
  15. GreenRoc

    Wild Raptor Pin Attack - Pls Nerf

    And while riding my Iggy, two raptors came up and ripped me off my iggy. I couldnt do anything! It was a stupid level 20. I died, while I was pinned. What this does is get my blood pressure to life-threatening levels, and makes me want to NOT play this GAME!!!!! but not playing, I get depressed... Believe me, I've tried it, I couldnt stay away... All the damn good content I missed, because I was getting away from all the unwanted poop. This dismount/incapacitate mechanic should NOT be in PvE AT ALL. I dont give a flying Jerboa what anyone says to try and justify it's existence in PvE, nor do I care about any excuses for it, or partial work arounds you can only do at higher levels/gear, nor any variety of defense or reasons they can imagine. The attack is too powerful for such a common low level creature in a raptoring VIDEO GAME. This kind of mechanic shouldn't be in ANY GAME, especially PvE. Does Wildcard want to make a large chunk of it's playerbase QUIT? Seriously, this needs some reworking. Disable dismounting in PvE at minimum, or at least let us DO SOMETHING while pinned. Why cant I swing my current weapon, why cant I even WHISTLE?! I cant even diloing whistle while pinned. What sense of realistic-like fantasy game decides to say you CANT press your lips together and blow, while your BODY is pinned? Almost lost that iggy just now, to two stupidly low level 20's, because I couldnt do diddly squat while raptor had me pinned, and had my iggy on passive. It was completely ignoring my iguanadon, focused on my character!!! And the raptor had pulled me off the iggy which stands far taller than the raptor! Why does the raptor grab me from ontop of an iggy WITHOUT FAIL? WHY make situations we players cannot escape from? WHY?! Devs, what is wrong with you, come on! why cant you let me enjoy your game without a Diloing HEART ATTACK?! This is supposed to be a game, not a RAGE initiator. Come on! Why I play: It's SUPER pretty, I can build, collect, harvest, breed DINOS! OMG DINOS!!! and DIno BABIES!!! And I can share that joy with friends... until a freaking raptor makes me want to throw my keyboard across the diloing ROOM! I DO NOT WANT THAT KIND OF RAGE IN A VIDEO GAME!!! DILOING RAPTORS!! I dont want to throw away 8 hours of REAL LIFE time sitting in this damn PC chair because of a 3 second encounter I could not escape from ('cant', unless I didn't play this game). I am shocked at how upset I am because of this reoccuring issue in your game. But knowing how much I frikkin love all the non dangerous stuff in here... I am just super pasionate about this game! I still play it like some stupid addiciton to stuff you enjoy, but you know it is so bad for you!!! I enjoy this game more than WoW (and I do have BfA by the way) because you cant build custom structures in WoW, WoW is not this beautiful, and you cant breed your mounts in WoW to make little mount babies! ... But ... WoW has NEVER pissed me off as much as Ark PvE does. In WoW, if you die, you dont lose any of your items. You dont lose any of your mounts, nor your garrison buildings. It's all intact no matter what. But ark, it's like it wants you to lose everything. I DONT WANT THAT, I want to KEEP everything. This game pisses me off so much that people IRL notice how irritated I can get as a direct result of this game, and several people in real life want me to quit. I tried that, I only got depressed because of all the eye candy I cant see, and all the dino babies I abandoned. Still makes me sad what I left behind when I tried to quit. Considering the aspects of this game that are the reasons I play this game (breeding, eye candy, hoarding, crafting, building)... no other game comes close for me, and I have tried a LOT! Your game is just so close to the perfect game, so damn close. How can this game be the perfect game for me? If I suffer NO loss, and that can be accomplised if I do not get attacked (I have suggested this in a forum where there were suggestions for alternate servers called "LeaveMeAlone"). I am not exagerrating any emotion here, anything I have felt in typing here are my real genuine feelings!!!! I dont want to lose a diloing thing. Tames are my babies, tribemates are family, buildings are my masterpieces, and overall, my REAL TIME spent... and you want to rip it out of my hands in seconds, where no amount of skill can save it once the wild thing hits me, nor can it EVER come back if it is lost. I hope some small part of your team who can make changes to the game, takes notice to my posts here, and realize how severely upsetting this all is to me, how sad this all makes me. Such a gloriously beautiful game, eye candy unlike any other, but you add PvP elements into it that makes me want to rip out my ethernet because it makes me so mad. I am sad, angry, frustrated, enraged, all at the same time, and I dont like any of those feelings. Why does something that is so pleasing to my eyes, have stuff in it that is so.... some word I cant even think anymore. I just cant even really anymore. I just dont want to feel this way. I just want to enjoy what I enjoy, without all the rage-making stuff. I'm tired. I want to go lay down.