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  1. P.S. I wont be looking at replies because Wildcard usually doesnt reply, and I am not interested in the usual "jokes" from the community who likes to tell me I shouldnt be playing Ark and other "you are annoying" comments. Lost time is not something I throw away, nor will I want anyone else to decide the worthlessness of my time. I am deeply disappointed at the carelessness shown by this company today, which is probably far worse than past carelessness I have witnessed and suffered through.
  2. I'm trying to see if people who have lost their items got their items restored. I personally feel that closing download without closing the countdown timer on items is not only careless, but is the final nail in the coffin for my trust in the company to care about player's time. I've been on Official PVE since 2015, over 17 thousand hours on record for my Ark playtime. If items lost in terminals due to Wildcard locking downloads today (and forgetting to lock the countdown timer) are not restored. This maybe the last straw. I need Wildcard to be considerate of the time spent on our v
  3. I'm having difficulty staying connected to NA-PVE-Official-Abberation272. I restarted my PC, didnt fix. I get kicked off after online for four mintues. This is like, practically unplayable. Log back in, move a few feet, cant get into inventory, rubber band back to where I logged in. Cant access inventory, move around, rubber band back to another spot and external inventory opens a minute later. I want to place some storage to unload my encumbered herbivore so I can go on a berry run. I been at this task for hours. I left my door open, I need to close it. Lost connection repeatedly,
  4. (where's the delete button, I realized I should have posted elsewhere?)
  5. I post for the devs to know they got more code they need to work out, eventually. I can hope for code to be improved. They've fixed things before (that were unresolved for months or years).
  6. And I just logged in minutes ago, and I was greeted with a message a dilo killed me. What good is a PvE base if it wont keep me safe? Magical dilos eat me through walls while I'm offline, this isnt right at all. This isnt ok, this isnt ok at all. I play to relieve stress, not create it.
  7. I'm logging in to my character who is fully enclosed in a base with at least one foundation around my bed and a four wall highceiling and somehow while I am tabbed over trying to deal with other matters, I see the message an ikky buird (I cant recall the precice name right now) was able to steal off my body that is laying on my bed with over a foundation between me and the walls and it stole from me? I'm on an PvE official PC server. (In Goofy's voice) Somethings wrong here. Is this intentional or another "oops" from Wildcard's coders thing? Image of my position (mine has l
  8. yes I am seeing black names, and no gender symbol. I need to know their gender so I know what I can mate with what.
  9. I want more dino species (not made-up creatures) I like to build virtual homes and not feel forced to move from place to place. I dont like competition or unscheduled combat. If you havent bought genesis for any reason, feel free to discuss, or not.
  10. Ok, thanks to my roomate helping me resolve this. I had to completely close out steam (where steam isnt running in the background either) to resolve this hangup. So my hangup was a steam issue (which is what I was wondering if this is an ark issue or steam issue). I hope this helps anyone else who might have this same issue.
  11. I waited. At 5:19 I click the update arrow (the one above "view news" and the update timer changed to Scheduled for today 5:20 I seem to be unable to update Ark The update seems to keep postponing itself. I wait again, click update, and the schedule advances several more minutes.
  12. It's 5:08 and I cant update until 5:14? Error Image: Is this a problem with Ark Servers Or Steam servers?
  13. Na-PVE Official Ragnarok 382 (PC) has crashed once again. I'm pretty sure this is a daily occurrence. I'm growing tired of this. May I request a new server box for 382 pls? @lilpanda Thx and love you lots new box or not. You can only do what you can do.
  14. Server crashes alot,and I do bedhops (Fast Travel), so the gear will drop off often. I got tired putting clothes back on everyday. Cloth was a freebie I got out of a drop. I usually run around naked to not lose anything. (p.s. Dudette, but you couldnt know, all good) Edit to add: I read patch notes, oh goodness much better! Still missing armor tho. You guys are listening! I love u all
  15. I want to use Tek engrams. To have Tek engrams I need to kill bosses. To kill bosses I need to get trophies/artifacts to pay the price of entry into boss arenas. To get trophies/artifacts I need to go into caves. I dont like caves, I dont like boss runs, and so my access to Tek is a series of unwanted activities through areas I dont want to go into. 14k hours, and only two boss runs. I shall agree that caves arent one of the biomes to pick from, and so, I pick Redwoods. Redwoods (near the trees) is probably my next pick on my most hated biome. I'd rather live in Murder Murder
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