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  1. As long as you can claim they are defaulted to follow, swim away then cryo.
  2. Sorry I'm not in game so this is from memory after TLC to harvest wood press the A (jump) button.
  3. Yeah I noticed the deploying banner and the disconnects are still an absolute nightmare. But mammoth are still the go to wood gatherers still 75% weight reduction. The stomp attack is the way to gather wood.
  4. I had something similar last week. I uploaded the tributes and started the countdown all my tames uploaded to arena and two alliance survivors. Apart from me I was stuck on the obelisk. They defeated the Alpha dragon without me. But because it was my tributes and tames gave me all the element apart from a token payment of 1 element.
  5. Xbox official island PvE Due to event disconnects problems, sticking mainly around my west coast base. Built tek cloner and tek teleporter, the spoils of the failed alpha dragon fights really helped (I died and didn't connect but my allies won, posted on here previously). Mainly stuck to general maintenance tasks, filling troughs and cryopoded most of the tames that only really being kept out for boss fight rex, deinonychus and theri army. Therizinosaurus may never reach full maturity as I was lucky enough to do alpha dragon with another allies using their tames (also previously pos
  6. Thanks for the official update, hopefully it gets through xbox certification soon.
  7. Xbox official server island. Disconnects every 20-45 minutes still. Since recent update. Usually but not always preceded by a long lag. Obviously no such thing as a hot fix due to Microsoft procedures but a message that they are aware either in game or on the forum would be most welcome.
  8. Developers get quite a bashing, I played on elite dangerous and they had the same problems. Big, huge ambitions but ultimately the company wasn't geared to solving the core problems with the game. But the main reason I think ark will turn the corner, dinosaurs.
  9. The saga continues , Alpha dragon 4th attempt, the main difference between this tilt at the dragon was I was not using my theris (my second army still only 50% matured). Deinonychus are the dinosaurs of choice with a magmasaur tanking. But way more than that I'm no longer in charge lol. Seven survivors 19 deinonychus and one magmasaur enter the area, the dragon was shreaded in less than 5 minutes, but ark isn't finished there. In its death throws the dragon falls of the cliff we succeeded in getting the kill but no element reward was given. But finally after weeks of preparing
  10. Xbox island official pve Weekend server was full of beach Bob's begging due to free weekend. But raised therizinosaurus to 45%, started to raise basilosaurus and beelzebufo. More importantly hopefully having an opportunity to get alpha dragon. An allied server friend said that the deinonychus was the best tactic to take on my nemesis and was willing to help using their tames. Today may be the day, death or glory awaits.
  11. Follow up, I was the first to render the half auto decayed base. Only a handful of drop bags though. Most of the base is still intact as it is metal, 3 days left on timers but I'll be at work. Also with it being obviously auto decayed will make it a target for most of the server. Apart for the land grab, only gained the contents of a forge (oil, scrap metal ingots) and a few artifacts ( clever, brute and ark max player trophy). Disappointed only as some of the base is tek level, the lapsed owner craft character still in tek sleep pod, but most of tek storage boxes are virtually emp
  12. Island xbox official PvE Theri army progressed to 34% matured. More importantly a near neighbours pillar forest has auto decayed and some of the walls on the perimeter of his base have gone also. This has allowed me to open up the front of my base and access the coast without navigating a coastal path and shear cliff. 2 days time the stone components will auto decay, unfortunately 4 am my time, but hopefully I will be the first to render later on.
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