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  1. I know this thread is a couple of months old but I have just lost my second stryder to the same dropping through the ground bug. First time my experience was the same as the op, in regards to being in the fast travel menu and instant death. This time nothing just gone. Hope rather than expect that there will be a fix for this soon. In the meantime I will be looking for a replacement which hopefully my megre mission tally will allow.
  2. Selling is probably the wrong word, I meant get rid. But I would hate to do that if the transfers do open up soon after.
  3. I'm on a server which has actively tried to help all players to complete the missions to ultimately complete this game. Unfortunately players are having great problems playing the game due to lags and disconnections. Gameplay isn't a issue but stable servers are. In my experience 100% of the time.
  4. My sentiments exactly, I'm getting closer to selling off my other server items to fully commit to gen 2. The only thing is the nagging feeling as soon as I do they will open it up. I would like some clarity that's all.
  5. Thanks for sharing, honestly helped me try this mission for the first time and complete.
  6. I have recently mindwiped my main level 121 character to a fully craft biased bulid. I am now preparing to mindwipe back, with an eye on trying to complete some of the missions. I have to say I'm a complete beginner when it comes to missions and so far only completed the maewing and canoe gamma races on gen 2. I own gen 1 but have never played it at all. I have looked for mission specific character build but they all predate gen 2 release. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  7. If you want to raise multiple baby dinosaurs, food runs are a necessary evil. Unfortunately carnivores need meat and lots of baby carnivores need loads. The problem still lies with the fact you have taken on too much for the time you have available. Sounds like your Ark/ life balance is badly out of kilter. You are probably one of these people who has an active social life and real world fwiends. Sorry I'm not going to pull any punches, stop wasting your time on this and devote your time to feeding your digital baby dinosaurs like a proper survivor.
  8. Not atm according to this http://arkdedicated.com/dynamicconfig.ini
  9. Tame a few dire wolves, run with the pack no saddles. Made me smile just writing, so it has to be fun.
  10. As in 'Liberty and Co' it means company. The problem i have is i don't know what IDK means
  11. Started to find when I log on triangle ceilings have disappeared. Regardless of which type (metal,tek, etc). I have also over engineered foundations below. Ongoing problem very annoying
  12. Science fact fiction or science fantasy fiction. I personally chose science fun fiction, Douglas Adams had the right idea. Don't panic. Don't take any of it too seriously and enjoy the game in your own way. I firmly believe people on here play the forum more than the game anyway.
  13. I play official PvE and wild card haven't went far enough, I want to transfer all my end game tames from the island a tear this place up. Also in doing this I will no longer have to maintain a huge pointless island base. This sounds sarcastic but honestly it isn't. I now realise the sarcastic disclaimer makes it sound more sarcastic but...
  14. Gen 2 xbox official After the 2 hour mini game of watching TV and waiting. Finally got back to my stone base and feed my two female trikes. Narco is my priority atm so berries are vital. Eventually tamed a doedi. Only 85 lvl, but had to roll it 2k back to my base. Hopefully back on tomorrow.
  15. Ah sorry I didn't mention i was was on an official server on xbox.
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