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  1. Thanks for sharing, honestly helped me try this mission for the first time and complete.
  2. Started to find when I log on triangle ceilings have disappeared. Regardless of which type (metal,tek, etc). I have also over engineered foundations below. Ongoing problem very annoying
  3. Science fact fiction or science fantasy fiction. I personally chose science fun fiction, Douglas Adams had the right idea. Don't panic. Don't take any of it too seriously and enjoy the game in your own way. I firmly believe people on here play the forum more than the game anyway.
  4. I play official PvE and wild card haven't went far enough, I want to transfer all my end game tames from the island a tear this place up. Also in doing this I will no longer have to maintain a huge pointless island base. This sounds sarcastic but honestly it isn't. I now realise the sarcastic disclaimer makes it sound more sarcastic but...
  5. Gen 2 xbox official After the 2 hour mini game of watching TV and waiting. Finally got back to my stone base and feed my two female trikes. Narco is my priority atm so berries are vital. Eventually tamed a doedi. Only 85 lvl, but had to roll it 2k back to my base. Hopefully back on tomorrow.
  6. Xbox Island official PvE Had a couple of hours to kill before going to work, but not enough time to get into anything major. So I decided to alter my main base, nothing fancy just a couple of ramps for my gachas to drop their loot crystals. So I demo'd a few ceilings, a few walls and started adding a few ramps/ stairs. Only then I realised I had a gapping hole in the roof of about 7 or 8 random ceilings missing. So no biggy, I went to plug the ceilings. Was hit with the build limit 5678 of 5500. eh I had been taking stuff away not adding. So I resolved to replace a few of my single walls with large 4x1 type, no snap point. So I had to demo 4 single walls to replace with the larger walls. Now I have a hole in the side of my base with about 3 gasbags, rock elementals and my skiff blocking the hole until I can finish work. Arked
  7. Xbox Ragnarok official PvE Started on ragnarok with new character on my main account, mainly because I don't fully trust the transfer system. My main character and my alt account character staying on the island for now. I am well established on the island so I made all my base building materials there and transferred to my other self on rag. I wanted to build a flat base mainly because everything I have built previously has ended up as multi level pillar experience which I have found lags the server. So I joined a server friends server mainly for the low traffic in comparison to the island. They have a base in the Highlands, they helped me get to the obelisk to recover my set up materials and tames. After a quick tour of the local area I started to search for a base site. The server has a maximum of 11 survivors at one time so there is no lags or host time out issues on login . My base was constructed it comprised of eight by eight metal foundation exclusively flat box with large metal walls and metal ceilings. No pillars and no triangles to be seen, with a behemoth stone gate ring fence. The behemoth fence is required for the giga spawn nearby. The giga are really helpful in levelling my new character, Red Rage my trusty giga has 34k hp and levelled to over 1200% melee, so makes short work of anything that gets too close. I had been active for a few days exploring the area, particularly enjoying the flora and fauna. This island boy was in awe of wild Wyverns and mantis; enjoyed the surprise of rock golums Jack in the boxing out whenever I approached. Every thing was good. Or so I thought . I was looking for oil, as up to now everything was coming from the island, the lag seems so much worse as I had been living in the lag free world of ragnarok. So my rag base would have to be self sufficient. Oil vein coords were very easy to find on the internet but extremely difficult to find one that wasn't boxed in within a megabase. I flew from the Highlands hitting all the coords in a systematic way, I was in the desert when I was contacted in game chat. Here is where it started. Someone wanted to access my compound, for vegetables. So being new to the server I hot footed home to allow access. No sooner I arrived the survivors started to berate me for building on a veg patch. I mean crops grow everywhere in the Highlands. I put this down to a couple of Bob's spouting off. This really soured my first day's on a new server. But because of my recent arrival to this map I left a gate unlocked to allow both characters access when I wasn't there. This was on the agreement they would always close the gate behind them. But this arrangement was removed by the following incident. I was crafting element in my inventory and because its a tedious task I was away from keyboard for about 5 minutes. I came back to find the two survivors checking the locks on all my stuff. They left only when I give them food. The next day I left a roof door open, when I came back my forge, cooker, fabricator and grill were all blazing away. This was the last straw, I decided to expand my base and total coverage of all the veg plots would remove the need for people sniffing around. The whole compound was built on so 21 by 16 foundation 12 walls high only one tek behemoth gate entrance to my base. With a 12 by 16 greenhouse on top. The idea was to grow crops and leave my surplus in a unlocked fridge outside. Obviously with my base expansion the curtain wall needed to extend. This is where things became strange. A well established survivor nearby with a base much larger than my island base, began to complain in chat about how my base was causing lag. Lag on a server where only 11 max online. At first I thought it was the proximity of my wall to theirs and I offered to demo. But it soon became apparent that they wanted me to demo the whole base. Tl;dr I spent a year on a packed island server and never upset anyone. In the space of a week I have became public enemy number one on an underpopulated ragnarok server. ark logic at its best.
  8. There is a bug, or there was the last time I checked, where triangle greenhouse ceilings could be picked up even way after the construction timer elapsed.
  9. Xbox Island official PvE Started to gather building materials, the goal was to have most things ready so I can travel to Ragnarok. Lately the island server I'm on has been averaging 30-35 survivors, so lag has been a major issue. This has driven away most of the players who were well established when I started. I started with a small base in mind a approximate 8x8 metal box with most crafting items fabricator, Smithy and a few fridges. I left my main character on the island and using my alt character as the one I hope to travel onwards to other servers. On ragnarok I have a newly created main character which does more and more when levelling allows, my alt was useful in building as I had levelled weight and fortitude mainly for my planned SE move. I have gotten my new main character to about level 65 quite quickly. I haven't done anything worthwhile yet but just exploring a new map on a server which has low traffic has been a revelation. To such an extent every time I return to my main base the lag and login problems seem so much worse. Most of my time is spent bringing things i never though of in my pre-planning stage. Stuff you cannot live without like dedicated storage boxes. I think it is a shame you can't unlock Engrams which you own the dlc maps, without physically unlocking them when you are there. Mainly the element creating one on Extinction. Looking forward to starting my next post with 'Xbox Ragnarok official PvE'.
  10. I have had the same experience, only with extraordinary kibble. Totally by accident I found the culprit, strangely he appeared in the tames progressing menu, the one which allowed you to track all your tames until it was patched.
  11. I did get loads of dino candies but very few chocolates, but the few I did collect spoiled before I realised they could spoil
  12. This event more than i have experienced before was a waste of lags and disconnections. I lost so many eggs and babies to disconnection and log in issues. I haven't got any advice to offer but it would be a great shame if you were to quit, your stories have helped me through my own dark times. Good luck @Penguin73
  13. Xbox Island official PvE This event was a mixed bag, tried fishing, taming, breeding, farming and lots of raising. Fishing. Sorry not for me found it a boring waste of time. Good if you wanted low level saddles and chibis. Taming. Losts of otters albeit only one event; really low level, but a nice edition to my growing collection. Tamed a really low level giga, just to get a tick in my dossier. I had read before hand that their tamed stats had been nerffed previously a 80k health 100% melee behemoth turned into a 30k hp with 35% melee . Late last night flying back to home to log off spotted a Alpha Carno in one of my ramp traps. Easy kill, weakened with my rex and finished with my crossbow. But my luck didn't end there a event pig was stuck in the same place. Now I nearly always carry a featherlight set for max creatures. I didn't this time due to the annoying tek helmet setting/ unsetting and shoulder pet throwing into oblivion mini-game. But I digress, the daedon was unusually event and level 150. Not a perfect tame due to the extra shocking tranq dart as it was felled. Coupled with the fact that my rex had inadvertently chewed it in the Alpha Carno battle and my new method of exclusively using exceptional kibble it was instantly tamed. I use only exceptional kibble as my deino and yuty egg farm has been running in over time due to event rates. Breeding. Mostly failed at everything, missing hatching timers and the strange egg disappearances. Firstly I'm going to explain my hatching room layout, just to rule out any blame on my part. I have 16 air conditioning units on a dedicated generator in a 4x4 block underneath a one high ceiling. The above ceiling is the floor of my hatching area, I have a high level perfect tamed dime (dino ac unit) with all levels into melee. It has been ages since I have lost any eggs since I set this up. Theft is a no go as well as the room is accessible by a tek door air lock and the eggs weren't any where near an exterior wall. The losses were eye watering to say the least, 18 giga eggs in total were lost, but not hatched, at various ways through their 16hrs hatching time. As I hatched in batches a few disappeared when I was offline but most when I was away from base. The only saving grace was my otter yield of 12 souls all around the 90-180 level. Some of them inherited their fathers high food stat which made them so easy to raise. An otter with a 1600 food stat is awesome . Farming. I maxed out a lot of my dedicated storage boxes wall with the usual fiber, hide, thatch, etc. I also utilised the three forges I had build previously on metal mountain to good effect. Raising. The usual suspects otters, owls, gachas, gas bags and yutys mainly for trade. I managed to get some nice water tames going as well but as my ocean pen is very full most were podded at the 10% mark. All in all a highly enjoyable event; Coupled with the fact I was off work for most of it and no major server distributions. Tl;dr love evolved event winner.
  14. I haven't experienced this exact problem, but I have suffered from anti meshing instan kill. I was lining up to do tek cave and I moved my rex too close to the cave door when it wasn't activated. I died and there was no drop bag. The best advice I could possibly give is never carry anything that you can't afford to lose, but unfortunately if you are carrying a chibi; stuff you want to transfer this advice is absolutely useless. The best thing to do is to pass the information on in game chat, as very few players in my experience read the forum.
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