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  1. Ah sorry I didn't mention i was was on an official server on xbox.
  2. Never done it solo, but have with 3 other players. Giga all the way until the last curve, aggro cave giga into the lava then back up to the cliff facing the forcefield to the cold area. Uncryo your rex army from the cliff on top the path below in rows. The person running the cave brought the majority of the rexes and showed me this technique, all I had to do is cryo my giga and unpod my personal rex. Hope this helps.
  3. I have been accused of causing server lag due to my large island base. But I use element dust gachas to produce the large amount of element required to build and power my tek items. 3 pairs of gachas placed 16 foundations apart with 2 owls per gacha. In addition to this a smaller room with deino and yuty egg farm for kibble. I also have a water pen with my water tames. I surround the whole base with behemoth gates as previously some people on the server were kiting titano into people's bases. I try to cryo pod the tames I don't need to leave out for the above reasons, but when the event is on
  4. I have benefited from others auto-decayed property. I have also agonised with the morality or a in game friends stuff timing out in front of my base. But the best advice I saw is, if you do not pick up the drop bag after the structure decays it will be gone forever. You are saving what ever you find from oblivion.
  5. Xbox Island official PvE Had a couple of hours to kill before going to work, but not enough time to get into anything major. So I decided to alter my main base, nothing fancy just a couple of ramps for my gachas to drop their loot crystals. So I demo'd a few ceilings, a few walls and started adding a few ramps/ stairs. Only then I realised I had a gapping hole in the roof of about 7 or 8 random ceilings missing. So no biggy, I went to plug the ceilings. Was hit with the build limit 5678 of 5500. eh I had been taking stuff away not adding. So I resolved to replace a few of
  6. Xbox Ragnarok official PvE Started on ragnarok with new character on my main account, mainly because I don't fully trust the transfer system. My main character and my alt account character staying on the island for now. I am well established on the island so I made all my base building materials there and transferred to my other self on rag. I wanted to build a flat base mainly because everything I have built previously has ended up as multi level pillar experience which I have found lags the server. So I joined a server friends server mainly for the low traffic in comparison
  7. I use the same method, mainly for resources. But as the other survivor mentioned i still gather my fair share of master craft armour and weapons. The stuff that you don't use you can feed into a grinder, gaining exp and resources. I also keep riot gear and fabricated weapons, so I have a ready source of organic polymer in reserve. Gacha 150% crafting skill gives max resources per crystal and 160% maximises loot crystal level. I have levelled all mine accordingly. Even gachas that I don't regularly use i use to collect owl pellets.
  8. I would have said the same but for some reason my legs break when I get too hot.
  9. There is a bug, or there was the last time I checked, where triangle greenhouse ceilings could be picked up even way after the construction timer elapsed.
  10. Xbox Island official PvE Started to gather building materials, the goal was to have most things ready so I can travel to Ragnarok. Lately the island server I'm on has been averaging 30-35 survivors, so lag has been a major issue. This has driven away most of the players who were well established when I started. I started with a small base in mind a approximate 8x8 metal box with most crafting items fabricator, Smithy and a few fridges. I left my main character on the island and using my alt character as the one I hope to travel onwards to other servers. On ragnarok I have
  11. I have had the same experience, only with extraordinary kibble. Totally by accident I found the culprit, strangely he appeared in the tames progressing menu, the one which allowed you to track all your tames until it was patched.
  12. Are you being sponsored by the Frog Marketing Board
  13. Oh, didn't know that. Thank you very much for the heads up.
  14. I recently went to SE to scout out base locations, I spawned in front of a level 130 raptor. Respawned in aggro distance of a rex (didn't catch its level unsurprisingly) and ran into the great full jaws of a low level dire wolf. Suffice to say that SE base is still in my pending tray.
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