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  1. I have logged in with strangers standing over my bed - they had been watching me sleep I guess. I also had 3 griefers following me around in my base, so after asking them a few times to leave and them continuing to jump around me and getting in my way, I sprinted out of the base so they were locked in and logged out for the rest of the day.
  2. I know there are a lot of bugs, exploits and issues with Ark. But what about those little ornamental things that seem like they would be so easy to fix? For a game where you can do just about everything and with otherwise a great eye for detail, what little items are you shocked that WC left out of Ark? 1) No walking or encumbered animation: just slowed down running? Wow. 2) Ghillie gloves clipping through the map. How is this a thing after 6 years? 3) Ankylosaur idle animation with elastic, stretching side spikes. Ever notice this one? What else have you noticed that leaves you a bit mystified?
  3. You can use Ark as a way of getting over your fear: first, dominate them with superior firepower and tames. Then, tame the ones that frighten you and welcome them into your family: mantis make for great, versatile tames.
  4. I haven't seen one in quite a while, so maybe.
  5. Or....you can just refrain from using it allowing others to enjoy the partial functionality. Granted, it would be awesome if it was fixed.
  6. I agree. I would imagine that some people really like the current state of Ark PvP, but for me, active combat is magnitudes more fun than raiding offline players.
  7. I have decided to shun all the overpowered creatures like wyverns, gigas, rexes and manas and just keep them cryoed: they take all of the risk out of the game. With the exception of a few special circumstances like purple OSDs and alpha hunt missions, you are pretty much unstoppable on them. My favorites now are all early to mid-game tames: I like equus riding with a small wolf pack, and love those adorable carnos.
  8. If the past is any indication of a potential future... I would imagine that many of us have been let down in the past by a beloved franchise being translated to the screen with sloppy writing and bad CGI.
  9. I didn't see this in the patch notes, and I am not quite sure if this is just an artifact of my graphics settings changing without my knowledge, but: I have never seen mirrors work before other than a little light reflection. Now if I place a mirror, it actually works and I can see my character and the room being reflected. As soon as I stop the game and load it back up, it is back to just a slightly light-reflective gray surface.
  10. I saw a 990 regular rex and an 895 tek rex. Max level on my server is supposed to be 300, but I have seen wyverns as high as 360, and of course tek creatures a bit above 300.
  11. Similar, but different: I found some crazy high level rexes as well, but I will only use them for boss fights (and alpha genesis hunt missions). Otherwise I will keep them cryoed - they are essentially little gigas. Also enjoying the primitive life - it is nice to have a challenge again.
  12. I have been finding them on single player - haven't seen one in a week or so, but I also haven't been looking.
  13. Yep - some type of fair, less exploitable ORP would certainly coax me into buying Ark 2 and getting pack to PvP.
  14. You can set the difficulty so that creatures spawn with a higher max level: I have mine set to 300. That gives you a bit of a head start in finding high-level tames.
  15. Sorry you had to experience this as well. I hope it turns out better for you than it did for me. I was a singleton with bases, tames, BPs and all ascensions across 3 official maps. When my character disappeared in transfer, I put in the support ticket right away. After a week with just an automated response, I requested to just get the decay timers reset while I waited for resolution. Needless to say, there was no help to be found: by the time they were willing to put me on a calendar to restore my character, 4 years of bases, breeding lines and gear had decayed or been raided by vault campers. I have been doing single-player since. I hope it works out better for you.
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