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  1. Worth noting - out of the dozen times I have been wiped, it has always been while I was offline. I would see 123s in game, and they would pass by and give me space. But once I would log out, every tame and piece of gear (even though they were far inferior to 123's) would be cleaned out.
  2. I'd be quite happy with just the Dinopithecus. We already have plenty of large therapods, and Ark would be better without more overpowered creatures in my opinion.
  3. You got my vote. I am glad that there are others that want a little variety. Frankly, I think Ark would be a slightly better game if they either removed the giga or made it untamable. The last thing I want is another giga.
  4. People are likely picking something that is at least a little different from what is already in the game.
  5. In my opinion, the small giga is more of the same. If something is going to be added, why not go with diversity? Of all 10, I would pick the small giga and shoulder pets last. The baboon gets my vote.
  6. Looks like from the voting so far that a majority seem to just want more of the same as opposed to something unique.
  7. Are you playing PvE, PvP or single? Playing on someone else's server will limit your options a lot due to the likelihood that the good spots are all taken and the mediocre spots are pillared. If single player, I think it is fun to do a restoration built to mix things up. I recommend fixing up and building a base in either the Ragnarok or Valguero castles.
  8. Boy, if I had the skill to complete this mission on alpha, I would never do it again. I think the mission mechanics are rubbish - nothing fun about it in my opinion.
  9. You keep stating that your holy book needs a "shout out". This is not a place that is appropriate for you to try to evangelize your brand of belief in the realm of the supernatural. The rules of the creature submissions specifically state that people are to post suggestions of actual prehistoric creatures for which there is scientific evidence (a fossil record).
  10. In my opinion, this idea is 100 times better than most of the suggestions in the top 10: most of which are slight variations on creatures already in the game. This one is a creative pick and would add some nice diversity. Well done - I hope it gets many more up-votes in the next day.
  11. I'll vote this one up: much better than another shoulder pet! While I would like to see something dramatically different like primitive human ancestors, I think the prehistoric mammal category could use more company.
  12. <duplicated post when topic was moved>
  13. I like my Ark creatures the same way I like my coffee: secular.
  14. Been with ark since year one. In my experience, 1-10 players in PvP will be out to intentionally ruin your gaming experience just for kicks, and unless you luck into a mega-tribe they will succeed. I have found that on a quarter of the PvE servers I have been on there is at least one tribe that will make the server unplayable at times due to duping, forced crashing, mega-structures and mass pillaring just for the sake of it. Then there is the strong chance that at some point, you will go to transfer servers and your character will just disappear. If you are a tribe of one, the support tick
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