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  1. I noticed you're playing on PC and have S+ from your post about engrams so if you don't mind using mods then I'd put Equalized Dino Levels on just to give you a better level distribution, especially as you're trying to play through the maps in order, therizinos are very common on the island and spawn just about everywhere apart from the snow, mountains, swamp and most of the redwoods
  2. Depends on where your base is, I've managed with 9 or 10 so start from there and keep adding one if you don't have enough, also make sure you keep checking it throughout the first day in game as the temperature will vary and if it stays incubating then you should be OK to leave it out while logged off, it's always worth having 1 or 2 too many just to be on the safe side
  3. Kite it down to somewhere flat, they have the attention span of a 2 year old so can be frustrating at times, griffin works best as you can shoot from it but if you don't have one then I'd use a high stam ptera and barrel roll the base of it's tail to get attention, you'll be fast enough to get away from it then just keep landing safely in front of it then take off to keep aggro, tapejara also works well, argent & quetz are too slow and if you stay high out of it's bite range it'll lose aggro quickly and chase after something else plus you will only have a few seconds to place the last gateway and lock it in so you need something fast and manoeuvrable, make sure you leave a decent gap between the gateways and don't snap them together at right angles as it'll be too narrow for it to fit in, place a couple of large bear traps as well as it'll buy you a few seconds to get round and place the last gateway Use dododex to work out how many tranq darts/arrows and narcotics you'll need and take extra, I'm paranoid so always add about 50% plus have plenty of spare weapons depending on durability, once it's trapped clear the area of any bad stuff so you don't get interrupted when you start tranqing it or go to put the narcotics/food in, also have your spare weapons equipped on your hotbar and the right ammo loaded so you're not messing around if one breaks, once it's down you've got 2-3 mins or so depending on level to give it narcotics, I always give it more than dododex says just to be safe and once you've given it narcs and put the food in try and get away from it just in case anything attacks you and hits it, they have that much torpor you don't have to worry about them waking up once you've fed it narcotics/berries, pretty easy tame once you get them on flattish ground as long as you're prepared and have all the stuff you need
  4. Yeah I use ASM, got Kraken's better dinos, Dino storage 2 and awesome spyglass on the server and added them to the single player game in the same load order, don't really want to share the save files as the arkprofile can easily be converted & read and contains info like my Steam 64 id
  5. Don't know of any caves but a lot of the underwater is barren at the moment, there's a long tunnel from around 39 12 that goes under the redwoods and comes out in a cave full of beehives and bears, the tunnel is pretty big and you can easily swim a mosa with platform saddle through it plus there's a few big open bits but they're completely underwater so nowhere to build apart from the beehive cave, the underwater tunnel also has the only element ore nodes that I know of on the map so you'll need to be able to defend it in PvP if they're left in, beehive cave is around 30 27 and has a couple of entrances
  6. Just tested with the files from my server and worked fine, everything as it is apart from all the rocks and stuff that don't spawn in my base have respawned plus a few issues with stack sizes as I've changed raw/cooked meat & fish but didn't change the single player .ini Copied over TheIsland.ark, the .arktribe & .tribeback files for my tribe, left their name the same, and the .arkprofile .arktributetribe & .profilebak files for my character which I renamed LocalPlayer.xxx
  7. There's a couple of things you can do with DS v2 to get eggs, best is to enable egg generation in the ini then put all your females (6+ gives loads of eggs) plus a male & an oviraptor in the terminal and they will produce eggs, works like vanilla except it doesn't need to be in render so you can go do other things then there should be eggs when you get back, even works if you transfer to another map on a cluster, or put your females in mating range of a male, might have to have multiple males if you've got loads of females, then place a soul terminal close by with fertilised egg collection enabled Need to put this in GameUserSettings.ini [DinoStorage2] EnableAllGeneration=True EnableFertEggCollection=True For unfertilised egg generation hold E on the terminal then select Options > Automation and check the unfertilized egg box, if you want to use fertilized eggs then first hold E and Options > Automation then check the Fertilized egg collection box, then hold E Opions > New Born Auto Trap, checking Visible will show you the range so move all your yutys into the circle and make sure all the females are within mating distance of a male then click Mating On, they should now all have mating enabled and the terminal will pick the eggs up as they drop
  8. All the caves are fairly easy now with cryopods, I use bary for the upper south, megatherium for swamp, rex for ice cave, basis for the water caves and a thyla for the rest, direwolves & sabers work well for farming chitin in the lower south, sabers slightly better as they have a saddle, just take your time and try to aggro creatures from a distance with a crossbow so you're not fighting everything at once You're playing single player iirc? cave spawns can be a bit buggy in single player so if you're struggling for chitin maybe look at taming a diplocaulus, if you've got flyer carry enabled and a ptera then they're pretty easy to get, grab one from the swamp and drop it in a pen at your base, they tame with simple kibble and don't need a saddle, you have to get them in the water first to be able to ride them but they're like a living scuba tank so you can breathe underwater as long as they've got oxygen and they do 7x damage to trilobites and get loads of chitin, just start at the top of the thin strip of land on the west coast and work your way around to near the swamp on the east, stick to the shallows and you'll get plenty in one run
  9. It doesn't spawn in single player and is a well known bug, if you want to get it legitimately then transfer to another map and bring it back to the island otherwise you have to spawn it in, if you're on PC you could maybe add it to the loot table as a rare drop or make it so you have to kill the broodmother/ape to get it, apart from that there's no other way around it and WC aren't bothered
  10. Make sure you upload everything off your hotbar and armour as well as whatever is in your inventory, dinos can either be uploaded in the creature tab without a saddle or you can cryo them with a saddle and upload them in the ark data tab Just note that if you go to Aberration you won't be able to download any items/dinos until you can access the surface, same goes for transferring off as well so make sure you're ready for playing the map before going over, if you want Aberration engrams and materials then you can get them on Valguero
  11. Yeah, subscribe to the mods in steam and let it download them, start the game and wait until the installing mods message in the bottom right disappears then you're good to go You can just join from a link without downloading them first and it'll do it automatically but there's no progress bar or info on what you're downloading, better to join servers that give you a link to their collection on steam so you can see everything you're downloading and subscribe to them manually
  12. Resources not respawning is a major bug of single player, it's been in the game since it first launched and has never been fixed, they even tried to claim it as a feature to stop players infinitely farming resources and having an advantage, in a single player mode, whereas in a competitive multiplayer mode you can infinitely farm resources truth is they can't even be bothered to try and fix it and just made some crappy excuse instead Once you exit to main menu any resources that haven't respawned will be gone for good unless you mess around with your settings, set resource respawn and no resource respawn player radius to 0.01, start the game and go to the area you want to respawn then leave render distance, give it 5 minutes or so then go and check to see if everything has spawned back, save game and put the settings back to how you had them It's a pain in the ass and if your PC is up to it it's less hassle to run a dedicated server and either password protect it or use exclusive join so random players can't connect
  13. The 3200g is supposed to be a better cpu than the 3500u according to benchmarks so take this as maybe slightly better than what you could get
  14. S+ is finished and won't be getting updates also it's open source so anybody can get the files and modify them/make their own mod, Super Structures is the main version of it now that most people use Steam should keep your mods up to date unless you've disabled it, whenever an update is released it'll download it as long as the game isn't running then next time you start the game up it'll install the update Edit: just noticed orionsun is releasing a new update, steam should update it as soon as it's released
  15. Offset only goes as high as 1 It's OverrideOfficialDifficulty=5.0 which spawns dinos up to 150, checking the max difficulty box in single player should do this as well
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