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  1. I don't think it's possible on console, as far as I know it can only be done with mods so your only option is to boost the base stat & per level stat multipliers
  2. If anything they seem to have boosted it at some point in the last year or so, it used to be really slow even with ovi boosted dinos, nowadays I have no problems getting eggs, currently have 5 mate/oviraptor boosted female yutys and have over 200 extraordinary kibble already made and around 60 or 70 eggs in the fridge Server settings are 1x egg laying interval so that's not boosted, one thing I think makes a difference for me is the breeding settings are boosted and I spend a lot of time running around my base imprinting and checking when dinos are ready to mate again etc, just seems every time I go past my yutys or therizinos there's eggs, might just be a placebo effect where I'm always busy so seems faster compared to just going afk for 20 mins then coming back to nothing?
  3. I think you might have to increase your rates? I might be wrong as my server is 2x apart from breeding anyway so I don't change anything but if you're not getting the 2x xp, harvest & breeding then set them manually, taming isn't boosted by the way if that's all you've checked For the pots you'll need to demo them and make new ones then the recipes show up, it's a common bug which has happened to me a few times
  4. I've been busy last few weeks so not really kept up on things, knew there was an issue with imprint timers and figured out easy enough what was happening with my server's settings but I've not been reading the forums so don't know what any devs or Ced have said about it I've just done a test on one of my servers and was fine at 4x with 1.0 cuddle interval, was expecting 2 hours, upped it to 6x and hatched another egg and got 80 mins until imprint which I was expecting
  5. Any idea if this is affecting officials during the 2x event? technically it should do if all they're doing is changing the maturation/hatching/cooldown settings in the server config
  6. WC aren't bothered, it's been fixed a while on unofficial and would be easy to implement
  7. If you've got your own server then install ark api (might depend on host if you can install it or not? I have my own box so no problems) there's a plugin that makes the level distribution the same as Ragnarok, works well on official maps without being too op https://arkserverapi.com/ https://arkserverapi.com/threads/better-spawn-distribution.553/
  8. Yeah still works for me using pillars, grab the rudder and place pillar on sail hole, place 2nd one on the half foundation snap point going back towards the rudder, pick first up and replace, pick 2nd up and replace then same again with the first one, foundations should now snap at same level as the raft
  9. Saw Syntacs video and they fought 2, one was opposite dead island around 15 70 ish and the 2nd was in the redwoods
  10. I use a thyla, and a rex for the queen, also take a spare cryo and freeze my wyvern then throw it out through the waterfall, it usually lands on the bridge so you can run out and mount it without falling into the spino infested water below Thylas can run the whole cave, make sure it's on lowest follow, drop down the first waterfall, wait for cryo cooldown if it's still active, whistle thyla to follow and drop down the 2nd waterfall into queens chamber (this might have changed? first time I did it I dropped down mounted on thyla and queen didn't spawn so always done it like this since with no issues) go to the edge and throw the rex out in the area the queen spawns then mount thyla and drop down to kill it
  11. Only works on PC Go into your steam library, right click on ark and select properties, then set launch options and paste the command in the box
  12. Yeah can be a pain to claim them once they start wandering, I usually pick all the eggs up with a few seconds left then hatch one at a time, plus have a crossbow or longneck equipped as it's a bit easier to aim at them especially on foundations/ceilings
  13. Yeah I've had a few swarms, used to fly around on an argent whistling attack at anything that moved and they'd wreck it, only thing's they had problems with were pteras & tapejaras which were usually fast enough to get away if they weren't low level and could survive the initial attack, same for gallis, and griffins where they sometimes end up going around in a circle and can never hit it, never tried a wyvern but think they'd have the same problem and gigas which I think would wreck them with the aoe, everything else was easy game though
  14. Stats wise they're the same, vultures are easier to tame but you can't whistle them to attack your target, unless it's something that's already dead although they will attack anything that attacks you or them first, so dimorphs win for me, just
  15. Yeah it's easy to do, just subscribe to any maps & mods you want in the steam workshop, when they've downloaded start the game and wait until everything's installed (it tells you in bottom right corner when it's installing mods) Once everything's installed go into single player, the map should appear under the story arks and all the mods on the lower right window, highlight any mods you want and click the arrow icon so the mod appears in the top right window
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