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  1. The youtuber was showing the mod version of the map, and yes they were ultra fast and could have their speed levelled because they were a modded creature so it was 100% nailed on it was going to be nerfed, as for imprinting I'm not sure as I've not tamed one on the official release, they're a passive tame so you can't imprint them unless they've made them breedable, on the mod they were breedable (could've been another mod I had installed that made them able to breed, been a long time so can't remember) but guessing like regular wyverns you won't be able to breed them
  2. No, no and no Wait until transfers open up then bring eggs over from Aberration if you want basilisks, getting drake eggs on the mod version of CI was easy mode with zero risk and it's right they removed them from the map I'll agree the area looks crap now, they should've at least re-purposed it but looking at the rest of the map I think they overlooked dino spawns anyway and just concentrated on getting the terrain finshed
  3. Think those errors are OK and don't actually hurt anything, I'd never seen them before until after yesterday's update but get them every time now whenever the island and Crystal Isles start up, Ragnarok starts up with no errors though, anyway all the servers on my cluster that I've tested so far work OK whether they have that error or not (google searches for it give more results for Atlas) I think the problem is probably down to some dodgy netcode that they've updated to make the Steam & Epic versions work together then as usual have f****d it up instead of opening up a beta branch and getting players to test it for them, as always we are the beta testers My server seems to be working fine, can't really add any other useful info except I've never used bRawSockets (think that's been disabled by default now?) and my ports go from 7777-7795 and 27011-27029 with the servers using each odd numbered port and the even numbered ones unused, I'm the only player on it though so no idea if it works for players outside my home network
  4. This is the spawn info for Crystal Isles (ignore anything with BD in front as I've got better dinos installed on the server, it does say Mod Additions at the bottom of the list for each spawner) https://pastebin.com/Pn14WvEg I'm going to have a play around over the weekend with the weights and limits as I felt the map to be quite empty, might try and change some spawns as well but will need a bit of figuring out what needs removing/adding to each spawner Needs a fix but not going to hold my breath with them after seeing what they did to the Aberration cave on Valguero, was fine on PC release but borked when it came out on console so they fixed it and applied the console fixes to the PC version which ruined it and they've not touched it since
  5. I need fully mutated hp, melee & weight mantis, needs to be at least one male & one female so I can start breeding them myself and I'll pay you 1,000,000 element each Needs to be on official so good luck with that
  6. Have you downloaded the map through Steam? not the 14/15gb update from yesterday but the 5gb map download from the store page? https://store.steampowered.com/app/1270830/Crystal_Isles__ARK_Expansion_Map/?curator_clanid=8729288 Mine didn't install right for some reason, probably my internet connection which has been playing up recently and kept doing what you're seeing, tried downloading again and works fine now
  7. At the bottom of the Administration tab in ASM there's a box called "Server Args" just add -crossplay and it should work, make sure you're not using any mods though or the server won't show up for them
  8. Working fine for me but got a small update 10 mins ago so don't know if it was an issue before that?
  9. You can play cross platform but don't think it works for non dedicated? for a dedicated server you need to add -crossplay to the command line
  10. Not sure as I've never used non dedicated, is your current server through a paid host, hosted through the game or have you set the server up yourself?
  11. Yeah as it won't be using raw sockets if it's not in the command line
  12. I'm not sure as I host myself, if you can't see any options for it in their control panel then have a look at the Command Line Manager, you'll need to delete bRawSockets if it's in there
  13. Do you get any errors during startup? I'm seeing this which has never happened before on all servers but I can connect to them apart from Crystal Isles SteamSocketOpenSource: gethostname failed () gethostbynamefailed ()
  14. But it was ready to release last week, just the riots that stopped them releasing it, honest
  15. I can't get on Crystal Isles, shows up in the obelisk but after loading it just opens up the Steam overlay and the game returns to main menu, trying to connect from the browser doesn't work either, takes an age to load then stops responding after the mods are loaded, only 4 mods and takes about 30 seconds on other maps to load Same thing happens in single player when I try to load up Crystal Isles, opens up the Steam overlay and returns to main menu I absolutely despise this company
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