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  1. Alpha Rockwell might be possible on official using a 290+ sword and a high melee build (115 with 140 weight & 650% melee) only reason I say "might" is because I can only beat it with damage numbers turned on, when they're off it's difficult to tell if you're actually hitting the tentacles as you still see blood splatter when the sword hits and the hit boxes are a bit janky, sometimes you have to be kind of floating inside the tentacle to hit it, if you can nail the positioning to hit them without needing damage numbers then you can beat it with 2 1/2 - 3 mins to spare
  2. Give it a go, would be interesting to see if it works though I have never done gamma so don't know how the ape compares to alpha, I reckon it'll be pretty weak, I'd say it's probably faster to grind the shotgun ammo if you already have a decent shotgun than raise and imprint a rhino (unless you already have one?) if you have a shotty over 220% then may as well jump straight to alpha Hardest part is getting the tribute
  3. Cedric made Prim + S+ is made by Orionsun who stopped work on it to work on Atlas but has been updating S+ again for a while now, or there's Super Structures and some other custom server mods all based on S+
  4. Not used it myself but guess it's levels in each stat? if you add all the numbers up +1 it should be the level of the dino
  5. Yeah the mods not being updated server side is what usually causes it but the fact there's people joining the server kind of says the server is up to date unless every single one of them has auto updates disabled in Steam which I doubt, and it's definitely the right server I'm looking at as you have the most hours on there Edit: just tried joining and no problems here so try re-subscribing to the mod/s that updated recently as it looks like your's might be corrupted
  6. Only sites I can find it on are battlemetrics & trackyserver and there's no links to a website or discord, battlemetrics is showing active players though with some joining in the past hour so you shouldn't be getting mod mismatch errors now, if you are then unsubscribe from any mods that've updated since you started getting the error then re-subscribe to them and see if that fixes it
  7. I'd usually agree but sounds like he's playing single player and Aberration is a b***h to transfer off just to go and get some cactus sap then there's the hassle of then having to go back up to the surface just to download it
  8. Sounds like you've tamed my ex wife
  9. This is the trap design you want to use if you're using a cannon, I'd test it on a low level first just to get the cannon placement and aim down so you don't mess up effectiveness with splash damage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dgZJTPMveLQ And this is a video of someone using it to give you an idea of where to place the cannon
  10. Adult dinos don't eat that much if they're just hanging around in your base, unless you literally have 100's stood about it could be babies going through a lot of food if you're doing a lot of breeding? open up game.ini and look for these settings, if they're not there then they'll be at default and shouldn't be a problem BabyFoodConsumptionSpeedMultiplier= TamedDinoCharacterFoodDrainMultiplier= GlobalSpoilingTimeMultiplier= The first 2 multipliers want to be no higher than 1.000000 otherwise they'll eat a lot more, the spoil multiplier will only cause problems if you've
  11. Bit overkill that, a 150 has just under 30k torpor, 3k base + 180 per level, 190 arrows with prim crossbows (157.5 torpor per arrow) will knock it out so 2 will be enough but take a 3rd and plenty of extra arrows just to allow for missed shots, lag, reload bug etc One other tip is not to put the front gate on, keep it on your hotbar and have it ready as you swim into the trap then all you have to do is swim round and snap it onto any gateway to lock it in
  12. Have you tried podding and releasing or going out of render then back again? sometimes the stats don't update if the baby is kept in render, though what you've described would only happen on servers/single player with really fast settings where you can raise and fully imprint without ever leaving it
  13. First off lay egg interval has nothing to do with breeding, 0.25 will give mate boosted females a chance of laying an unfertilised egg just over every 4 1/2 minutes, mate & oviraptor boosted will be under 3 minutes so you'll just end up swamped with more eggs than you'll ever need, way too low as it is and no need to lower it further, if you're not getting unfertilised eggs then add more females and keep them rendered The number of imprints a baby needs will stay the same if you scale mature speed & cuddle interval by the same factor so a rex on those settings takes just over 80 m
  14. I used to kind of feel the same then had a look into it and there's nothing going on, have a play around with this if you have some free time https://andrew.hedges.name/experiments/random/ Set the first number to 149, set them as non unique, set the 2nd pair of numbers to 1 & 7 (for the 7 stats) and change it to sorted, run it a bunch of times and make a note of how many times each stat gets picked on each run, you'll soon see the pattern that we see with wild dinos where the majority are bang average with a few outliers that have a big spike on one or maybe two stats, the average for
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