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  1. I remember years ago we would get breeding multipliers at least once a month (I played Official, now called Legacy, as early as 2015) I dont recall if we had breeding boosts for Easter... Then one day, Breeding boosts just stopped showing up, and I prepped for it every week for weeks. It took me months over many weekends to realize breeding boosts weren't coming anymore. I miss those old days of breeding boosts. I dont miss the high ping or unplayable servers tho. Edit: took me a while to read through all the comments... I struggle everyday to not be negative, not just on forums but in life in general...for years I tried really hard not to hate on Wildcard either (I have reasons I wish to be good to them). I am sorry if anyone was upset by my post on page two I have been a passionate Ark player for many years, played most of my 20k hours on Official PvE (legacy too). But due to how painful it was for me in real life, with losing stuff I never wanted to lose... It's kinda hard to praise them with 100% positivity, when suffering so much heartache over the years. It was a good run, lots of joy to be had, events and encounters and friendships made that I will never forget, friends I still have to this day, I love you peeps! So not a total waste, it took over most of my waking hours for three years, so this game has been fantastic for most of it, or I would not have played! I had to dig down deep to find that I still have hope for this game to be better than it was (even if a tiny hint of hope is hiding here somewhere), to fix all the bugs, to a point there are no glitches, but I have not seen that come true yet. I might come back to Official PvE Ark, if I can feel I will no longer be plagued by stressors that trigger my adult meltdowns, which are never fun to be getting when it is stimulated by a video game. I panic too much to continue playing this game in Official PvE. Only coming in to help my friend, but even that situation has risks, I'm just not emotionally bound to any of the tames anymore, so it doesnt feel like I have to do something to get the tames back if a glitch eats them. There are people around me who praise me for quitting, others who say "that's why I never play multiplayer" but then there are also others who treat me like utter garbage because I gave up playing Official Ark. Whether they realize it or not, every post here that attacks people for not being 100% happy with Ark feels like an attack on me too. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but after not playing Official Ark for a while, I have observed that I am mentally much better. when I played Official Ark, I had to be on at least every 4 days, or gigas would die.... a weekly requirement to be in Ark or risk losing dinos. I just dont have the strength for that anymore. It was fun, all the fun stuff, all the friendships made and keep going to this day.... but the negatives now outweigh the positives for me th s year. TL;DR: Weighing the pros and cons, I am better off not playing Official PvE Ark anymore. but it has it's positives I don't regret.
  2. While harsh-sounding, I agree with the overall message. I have found Boundless to be more entertaining now.. While Ark is still more beautiful, Boundless is far less buggy, and uses almost none of my memory, Boundless uses far less than Minecraft and Creativerse! but ark is still the most beautiful game I have ever laid eyes on. I just wish it wasn't buggy up to wazoo, nor easily abused by jerks. I have over 20k hours in Ark... I have played since 2015. I stopped playing Official Ark (outside of helping my friend) because of how easy it was for jerks in the game to grief my tribe's stuff on PvE. But that was merely the last straw. Game glitches/bugs have caused me to lose dinos for numerous reasons: stances altered, eggs spoiling, dinos starving (all from stuff that was not my own negligence). And some bugs that continue to persist to this day. I got sick and tired of my stuff (and my friend's stuff) getting destroyed by no fault of my own, stuff I put time and effort into. I had so much love and hope for Ark, for the devs of Wildcard to get their act together and make this the best game I have ever played! But how many more years would I hold onto that hope until it came true... 3 years, and my hope has died. Canceled my subscription to Bluefang Solutions due to Ark's memory leaks (or something). I had no mods on my Island, no more than 10 tames, one medium-sized building plus a tame trap, and this is a support ticket I was sent from the company: How can I fix it, when I am not an Ark programmer?
  3. GreenRoc

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    Such things do not entertain me, and irritate me instead. I am entertained by other content that Ark provides (details below next quote) I am hurt by adrenaline. Losing progress, getting attacked, jump scares, game avatar dying, all of which cause me physical unpleasantness, and I wish to avoid. Ark is the most beautiful game I have ever seen. Eye candy is a strong pleasure for me, and I freaking love dinos, and controlling them, riding them, in much the same way I love mounts in World of Warcraft, I love controlling the movements. Ark has breeding, and building, harvesting, hoarding items, crafting, leveling up, and a multiplayer experience to share my game time with friends, as we help each other progress. Ark has numerous things I love about games. For over 12,000 hours since 2015, Ark has pleased me most of the time. The stuff I dont like about Ark, was like a thing I put up with, deal with, but still keep going, because the pro's outweigh the cons. It's like a bad addiction... I know its bad for me with the bad in it, but I still did it because of the joy it brought me. I dont like losing progress, I dont like adrenaline rushes, I dont like getting attacked where I cant escape (i.e. Raptors and other loss of control effects). These things are in Official Ark, and I have removed as much as I can from my singleplayer experience. The downside is it is single player, it lacks the interaction with my friends. I understand many people play games for the adrenaline rush, which gives them great pleasure, Ark does this for them. I understand. I did my best to avoid that which I dont like. I did my best to stick with Official Ark as much as I could handle. Sometimes taking breaks up to 7 months long, because the stress this game caused me from the unwanted content.. I got back into it, because the eye candy (etc) and helping friends would be too much of a temptation, and I failed to resist. I still play singleplayer, but I am better off healthwise to play something else. I crave helping friends, and singleplayer doesnt satisfy that craving. I am back into World of Warcraft, Minecraft (where hostiles are easily avoided), and Boundless as well, as they have eye candy (not as good as Ark's eye candy) and I can help friends in there. I dont lose my progress when my avatar dies in those games. with Minecraft, I play servers where you can easily recover your stuff, or keepInventory is set to true. WoW lacks custom building (I dont count garrisons), so I have the voxel games to top off my desires to build... Conan Exiles gives me that building pleasure as well, but it lacks dinos. I miss the dinos. I am a minority with my interests it seems. I understand that certain games aren't for everyone. I'm hesitant to point out I have high Performing mild Autism (formerly known as Aspergers Syndrome) in fear I will be disbelieved or disregarded due to stigmas some have. But there, I said it. Several of my friends approve of my leave of Official Ark, some are against games as a service (having never played Ark to begin with), and some just don't play public multiplayer whatsoever. My decision to leave official Ark comes as no surprise to some. Leaving official Ark, I stand by this as a good choice for me. I still struggle to resist to this day, but am promptly reminded by memories of pain, and crying myself to sleep, that I need to avoid getting deeply involved (unless all the perils are removed or avoidable, which I highly doubt that will ever happen with Official Ark). Leaving Official Ark was not a decision I took lightly or made hastily. I am doing better, mentally, physically, since I left Official Ark. I still miss it, only returning to help my friend feed her tames when she is unable to, but no more Official Ark for me for any other reason. I am better off not being subjected to the emotional pains it caused me with it's uncontrollable aspects. I miss the good that was there, but the cons outweigh the pro's for me.
  4. Only thing I could think to suggest is to set them to Passive Flee. Sure it makes it difficult to mount, but at least they will fly away and not die to hostiles.
  5. GreenRoc

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    In my journeys in life and online for the last 41 years, most people I meet are cruel to me, or reject me. There are few rare gems of people out there I get along with, who are kind to me. The amount of pain that this game has already caused me irl from stress, PTSD reminders, and my possibility of getting MS from stress, no game is worth that kind of damage. I have other RL friends who have seen my mood, my emotions, in reaction to expeirences in Ark Official. These real life friends, along with numerous internet friends who wont play any form of public servers, I am encouraged to not play Ark Official, and I find myself happier without Ark Official, and they are happier for me as well. Edits: This thread isnt my own, I dont want to be mistaken for hijacking, I am replying to a comment in my notifications, so much more I have typed, but later removed because I dont want to bother people with typing more details about my experiences and opinions. To have the ability to restore lost dinos, like a backup of tames in case things go wrong (as often things do go wrong, even lost characters) I feel would be great to have with this game, a backup to preserve and restore lost tames, not just in taxidermy forms. More acute locks on storage, and stop letting other non-tribemates be able to turn off forges etc. It's just silly imo that hasn't been fixed yet either.
  6. GreenRoc

    Search Raw Meat now includes Raw Fish Meat?

    It affects me every time I go hunting meat to feed the tames. I want to search for just Raw Meat, like I did before. Now I cant do that.
  7. GreenRoc

    Search Raw Meat now includes Raw Fish Meat?

    With the amount I can hold, I cant be doing that with 300 meat stacks total I feed our tames raw meat first, because there isn't enough fish meat to feed all our meat eaters. I need that Fish meat for the few tames that only eat fish meat. I need fish to go into the trough after the Raw Meat is eaten. To have to transfer the fish meat into another dino (since storage doesnt have enough space for all the fish) is adding another chunk of time to feeding our tames... Quicker to just hold T over the Raw Meat, than to have to go store Fish in another dino just to get Raw Meat into my inventory. I only play Ark Official to help feed my tribemate's tames and refresh structures (when she cant play for a weekend). I want my time spent there to be as little as possible. I am not happy that this search issue is causing me to spend more time. Advanced? Imo, That should have an option to "search for exact phrase". But there is only so much room where you can add so many options in a dino inventory. I'd rather them change back to the old search engine, I had no issues with how it was.
  8. GreenRoc

    How to disable Homestead?

    I rent a server from BlueFang Solutions. Currently running The Island, no mods, and less than 4OO structures, less than 5 tames right now (had to start over recently due to the old game save using too much). I sent BlueFang Solutions a ticket saying "The Memory Usage seems to be running higher than normal" on March the 2nd, and part of their reply was "as for the memory usage we can’t allow that" I could try disabling homestead, but I really want to use it Thx for the config text, I'll try it out
  9. GreenRoc

    i got robbed and lost around 400 dino's

    I believe you can. I had a tame that was owned by my center character, cryo'd by my center character, moved to my extinction server, released, realized it was personally owned by my other character (so I could not change it's name), and re-cryo'd... but maybe my rank as tribe leader had an effect on this? I was able to cryo a tame in my tribe that was personally owned by another character. To the OP, I am so sorry for your loss! I have learned in the game to never trust anyone to be in my tribe unless I know them well enough. But that precaution sometimes isnt enough. There are bad guys who are dedicated enough to put on a trustworthy facade, sometimes ongoing for weeks. If all someone has to do for 400+ free dinos was to pretend to be trustworthy... I would not blame their victim. Sadly these kinds of people exist, and play Ark. Some whose main motivation for playing is the satisfaction of tricking other people, to do harm to their enjoyment of this game. Some people are just that level of cunning and patience, and heartlessness. I am so sorry for your loss... I feel the pain! I would help but, I quit Ark Official due to those kinds of people on PvE. Official PvE just isnt safe for me mentally. Only come on to help my tribemate when she asks, nothing more. 12000 hours here, mostly PvE Official... all of the progress I made in this game abandoned or given away, because I cant handle the losses due to scum in this game.
  10. Issue: Searching "w m" now includes Raw Fish Meat This is a problem, and it is a new problem, and I dont like it. I get a lot of Raw meat and Raw Fish meat when I go hunting to feed my tames. I would seperate these two meats by typing in "w m" in the search bar, so I only saw raw meat. Now, searching for "w m" and even searching for "Raw Meat" will include the Raw Fish Meat Is there a way to search for Raw Meat without seeing the Raw Fish Meat? This is going to tack on more time spent feeding my tames. The only work around I know (to separate the meats), is to manually transfer each stack one by one. This is an issue when I get up to 300 stacks. I hope this is not working as intended, and will get a fix soon.
  11. GreenRoc

    Why I dont want cap on My flier speed

    Given your description of the differences between the two words, I meant it is "locked", and I want to unlock it like it used to be on my Unofficial. https://youtu.be/eCIgSVwrz4Q my vid of taking out an alpha rex with pteros, before Official Release I know we cant do this right now (never said we could Right Now), but when we could, it felt sooo fun and satisfying to me. I want to get back what a Ptero was, "was" on my Unofficial. I have been against the nerf on my Unofficial since the day it was forced upon us. I continue to be against it. I dont like them forcing their wants for gameplay on my unofficial that was started back in 2015. If they want us to play how we want, like they say they do, then they need to give us the option to unlock the flier speed for unofficial/singleplayer. That is fine for Official imo, but I do not agree for my unofficial. I want it to be how "was" on my unofficial before the nerf. ----- I keep thinking about this, continues to be part of my motivation for this thread ... They say something like... the PVE nerf was to get us to explore the ground more or not to skip all the dangers, but later in the same broadcast say something like... they want us to play how we want. Isnt that a contradiction? Are they lying about why they nerfed it? Are they unable to give unofficial the option? Are they too busy to do it yet, or are they intentionally not doing it and will never do it? Or is there something deeper there, and they just aren't telling us? P.S. I just discovered how to break up paragraphs without adding a row of space when I hit enter: shift and enter. This old lady learned something new.
  12. GreenRoc

    Ark still lags in my base

    Only in the last few weeks did my unofficial, (unmodded Island map, started in fall of 2015) became so taxing on the host's servers, it was practically unusable. I thought I had added one-too-many structures. But today I heard a friend's server broke, now I see your comment too.
  13. GreenRoc

    Why I dont want cap on My flier speed

    Pteros used to be good in late game before the nerf. I used to be able to barrel roll with no cooldown, and I even had stamina drain to zero so I could do that endlessly (still havent fixed that stamina drain config that broke when titanosaurs were introduced), because that is how I want to play. Wildcard didn't give me a choice. they forced their nerf on my private server, I am still against that. Still want to get the flier speed back to what it was. But as it is last I checked, it's still capped, still no config to reverse the nerf. Still takes 3x longer to fly across the map.
  14. GreenRoc

    Why I dont want cap on My flier speed

    I heard stories of kamakaze ptero pilots loaded with C4 on pteros and diving into bases (faster than turrets can track and shoot) and BOOM! But that was on PvP. Some wild versions are faster than tamed, so an increased cap to allow tamed fliers to keep up with their wild counterparts sounds reasonable for official imo, or maybe a little more, so a tamed wyvern can outfly a wild wyvern, and a tamed tapejara can keep up with a wild one to shoot it down.
  15. GreenRoc

    Why I dont want cap on My flier speed

    I dont get bored easily, and I dont have that nature to switch games often. I usually stick with one main game for years, with a couple games played on the side. I dont play PvP, so this stuff I enjoy is either PvE or singleplayer stuff. It's been quite a decent PC for me for years, it has a GTX 970 graphic card currently. Back in 2015, I had some 7 hundred-ish ti, and it could run Ark, but I had to close everything else that I could close to run ark. In 2015, I didnt see pixels on the sides of grass, nor pixelized shadows, and Ark looked more real to me. Ark uses half of my resources now, leaving me more space on my PC for other stuff to be running, as I keep myself from getting bored by always having something to do, and I like having multiple games running at the same time. I actually got "tired" of Official Ark in the last two months. Having left Official after a last straw of a PvE griefer. I have had two different several-month-long breaks/ragequits from official in the past, but this one feels much more permanent, as the health risks I have from the stress that Ark Official was doing to me, are more obvious to me, more important to be mindful of, than what I was considering back then. I can play my own worlds safely, but not without a lot of alteration to the config files. Leaving official has been mentally difficult for me, but a lesser of two evils. I am still struggling with it, even going back when my old tribemate goes on vacation, but I dont consider that playing Ark Official, I consider that helping a friend. Most days since, I think.. I miss playing Ark with my friend, but quickly reminded of how harmful it is to my health. For my personal entertainment, I now play in the safety of worlds I control, where I have eliminated as many stressors as possible. I tried to run a PvE Unofficial to my personal preferences, a file I have played with friends on Unofficial since 2015... But it is too big now, has never had mods, and would probably take over 30 minutes to load on my current server host. It was suggested I start with a fresh world. I played the new world for a few hours, but sadly it just didn't appeal to me like it used to. I might just be burnt out. TL;DR: I do feel tired of this game. Agreed. I didn't stop using fliers when the nerf hit. The nerf took away that happy feeling I get flying very fast, took away the ability to kill alpha rexes with pteros, added 15 more minutes to my daily trips to feed all the tames on my unofficial. Sometimes having to skip feedings because I didn't have the time for it. Before the nerf, I did have the time. Taking more time to do the same thing I did before, is not a "difficulty increase" imo. That nerf took away a specific happy feeling I used to get flying pteros. The only way I got that feeling back is when I played on a modded server with anti-nodes, or went swimming with a managarmr. I want that happy feeling back for my ptero rides. A feeling that might be called euphoria. Pteros are my 2nd favorite dino outside of Ark. I even collected all the ptero toys I could find from the first three Jurassic Park movies! Even had a ptero from D*sney's Dinosaur that you hang from the ceiling, turn it on, and it flies in circles! This several-decade love for pteros is why I want to fly pteros in Ark more than other fliers, and because of that happy feel I get from flying fast pteros, that I get with no other flier in Ark. The flier nerf is something I still do not accept as normal. I hope someday they will add an option for MY WORLDS to remove the cap. I dislike adding mods to give me this speed back, because mods might damage the existence of a world I want to keep around for as long as I live (Classic Fliers causes my flying tames to get permanently stuck in the terminals when I want to transfer them). TL;DR: I want a config to un-nerf fliers on my worlds.