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  1. No air brakes, that's seems stupid. I guess I was looking for something that should exist, (and does exist on most fliers) but doesnt. Thx for the info.
  2. A friend gave me a phoenix which I've never had before. Today I realize the air brakes aren't working I tried X which works on other fliers, but it doesnt seem to work on the phoenix... Is there another hotkey to stop it from moving? I'm trying to mine but it floats out of range pretty often, making me have to reposition it, I want the air brakes to work
  3. Waiting here as well. I uploaded some rexes in some cryopods, cant grab them into Val yet... ... soonTM
  4. Happened again today on official server. I got stuck when the drop despawned mid-transfer. Dilo started attacking before I got to the 'rec' button. I couldnt fight back
  5. I personally would like at least this, a warning when I log in. Last week I was shocked to see a "We are taking the server down" notice without any forewarning for myself beforehand, only having been on the server less than 15 mins at the time. After restart, I found myself stuck inbetween one of my base ceilings, and a behemoth door (I was lucky, I could open that door to get unstuck). I had logged back in to see my survivor glitching up and down, taking occasional damage. I was not happy, I was stressed/anxious worried/frustrated/etc, having supplies on me that I wanted to transfer to another server, did not want my human to die (wasting the time I had waited with those mats in my human inventory). It could have been worse. I personally experienced zero warning for that restart.
  6. Still an issue. Almost died again today. Had a pack of Dragonflies chewing on me the whole time, and I could do nothing about it. This window needs a cancel button much sooner, regardless of how fast a player transfers, not a FIX to have a player slow down, not a FIX if the drop despawns during transfer, today I got this very long window when I had hit esc in a panic to attack dragonflies, this had nothing to do with transfer speed of my own, this was me hitting esc to save my bacon, and getting stuck in the refresh instead. The speed of the player sometimes has nothing to do with getting stuck in the screen over a minute. Players can get stuck in the screen by the despawn of the drop, or something that stuns players. Cancel Button is needed a LOT sooner, like immediately as soon as the screen pops up in a stuck moment. Video of today on official server: https://youtu.be/kIWwbq8mhtg What caused this stuck the first time (before I hit record) was hitting escape so I could mount and kill the dragonflies.. You can see in the video I was unable to do anything in-game. Easily repeatable, in a different way, which I do later in the video. You guys got time to make whole maps, at least two since this bug has existed. Please do me a big favor and have one of your programmers look into this, and make it acceptable. This part of the game is one of those very messy inefficient things that I am very sure could function a lot better and smoother if someone spent some time on it between map creations. Work-arounds are work-arounds, until the thing gets fixed. Please fix this.
  7. I had no idea that my preference for post length caused that kind of trouble for mobile users (I use PC, not mobile). I apologize for the inconvenience I had unknowingly caused, and I will be aware of it next time I post.
  8. I believe they did. It wasnt enough DPs to beat the timer. I was not there so I cant be sure. Regardlesss, the AI needs to be changed so it will be on land long enough for non-flying tames to attack it. But... after some searching, this has been an issue since 2017... My hope for a fix has died. The Rhinos at a distance with a Bait Rex near the Manticore... this seems to be the do-able work-around, but it feels like this isn't the intended way to defeat the Val Boss Arena. It feels so awkward to me to have to do it this way.
  9. My friends doing a test run on Val told me they failed to win the boss fight because "maticore just flies in the same place" This needs to be fixed.
  10. Ignore Player - Chat Option SUGGESTION: Option to /ignore specific players in the chat box, so their chat will not appear on my screen. I "need" the ability to ignore specific players in the official Chat Box. I did a search and did not see any suggestion of this. If there is one, please move my post to the correct thread. Why: To explain why this is a "need" for me, I am going to dive into very real parts of my life that people discourage me from discussing on public forums, and many disbelieve (for idk why reason). but I dont hide, especially when it is something very important to me. People could learn from this too. I like to help. I am 42 years old. I am autistic. I am not making a joke. I dont do jokes (except for the occasional pun, some people call Dad Jokes). It is a Neurological Condition. My brain works differently than a non-autistic mind. I also suffer from Fight-or-Flights, also known as Autistic Meltdowns or Adult Autistic Meltdowns. My meltdowns can be set off by a multitude of external stimuli. The most common trigger for my meltdowns are other people, usually things they say that arent nice. So, I "need" to put some people on ignore. "But green, just close the chat." But then, I cannot see Tribe chat, or ally chat, or chat from my friends, or chat from nice people. I seek social, I like to play on servers with other people, this is my joy, heck I am even going to TwitchCon, because I love the positive energy that comes off people. I have over 13,000 hours in ark, mostly from Official. I have tried to quit official, many times, but I am just drawn back to it because of the fantastic people that thrive here. My friends, people who understand me, people who are kind. People are important. But some people, are so cruel, and poke me in just the right way to cause me to lose control. I had a meltdown, I lost control of most of my conscious skills. Impulse took over, rage spat out against those who were cruel. But many thought I was just faking it, being an irresponsible child, trying to cause drama, when I was none of those. It was an adult meltdown (see article I link below). Some people in global were so cruel to me during this episode, they told me to uninstall I like to see kind people's chats, they bring delight into my life that sees so little delights (yes I hate life, most of it sucks, Ark cheers me up, but it is not perfect). How can I enjoy the delightful chat, when there is a plague of cruelty in the same place? There is no option here, not yet. To have global open to my eyes is like a ticking time bomb. Eventually I see chatter from mean people, people who like to mess with other people, people who trigger my fight-or-flights. I need to be able to /ignore these people, people whose words set off my meltdowns. Words do set off my meltdowns. It is a painful, embarasing thing to experience. Words do hurt me, I am still in pain from what happened, real, literal, physical pain. I do not make jokes. I do not exaggerate. This is very real. Why cant I just mentally ignore? I am like a Duck born without the oil to roll stuff off my back. I have been to countless therapies over the last four decades to learn this thing that most other people seem to have the ability to do: mentally ignore. I would like to have that ability too. I am 42, and still see no sign of this ability, even after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours on therapy to help train me to mentally ignore. No progress, nada, no matter how much money I spend, or time I spend, no therapy has ever gifted me with this gift that seems to be so easy for most everyone else. With the options we have in Ark's chat, it's all chat or nothing. I cant mentally filter. The game has no filter options, it's all or nothing. I need to be able to ignore people's chats, specific people, if I want to enjoy the pleasures of kind people without the risk of losing control of myself. I type this as I am recovering from a really bad meltdown that happened within the last hour. It was set off by someone in the chat on the server I am on, who repeatedly poked my trauma reminder, and I completely lost control. At some point, I ran over to my door (irl), beat it repeatedly with my hands, flat palms on flat surface, screamed so loud and so sharply that my throat hurts. I cough, and type while my hands are sore from the uncontrollable beating of the door. I had an autistic meltdown, set off by someone in global chat on an official server. If you are curious to know more about what a meltdown is, there is this article that someone wrote that is a very accurate description of what I deal with, what I have to be concerned about everyday of my life, and I NEVER want to have: www.beccalory.com/still-not-tantrum-ever-elusive-adult-meltdown/ As long as I want to chat with people I enjoy chatting with, and enjoy eye candy that makes me very happy, in a place where there are people who trigger me, this threat of a meltdown is present as long as I cant hide their chatter. I HAVE TO keep the global turned off, because it is a threat to my real life physical health. I have some private chat in DM over steam with some of these friends in the same server, but I miss all those who are in global who are awesome people, and want help with stuff, and I like to help. I need an /ignore so I can hide chat from specific users, without hiding chat of other awesome people. Thank you to everyone who cares to understand. I appreciate it. The more people understand, the better my life is. TL;DR: Please Wildcard, make the chat safe for me. Add an /ignore option.
  11. A wall I was able to place yesterday, I cannot place today because someone placed a pillar closer to me within the last 24 hours. I had a 3-wide space to work with when I started on the new map. Now it's even smaller. If every player-placed structure had the same radius of enemy structure prevention, this would not be an issue. Just leaving this post here for the devs to glance at, if they find the time. One of dozens of things I wish were programmed better in this fantastic, one-of-a-kind game. P.S. I know, I know... players will offer suggestions and work arounds, I've probably heard it all before (over 12k hours of playtime). There are good-intended pillars, and then some dilo ones. You may save your breath, but I cant stop you. If you want to complain about my post to get your jollys, oh well. Thx to anyone who genuinely cares. I appreciate yah!
  12. " If they were really smart they'd make an easier server " A quote from my friend. " they do have to consider their major player base. That is their bread and butter. " I dont argue that, and for that player base there are servers out there that already exist. Is it too much trouble to add just one server where there are no hostiles, on the official network. Just one. What harm would it be to dedicate one server for people like me? " It would get filled up pretty quickly I'd imagine " that'd be my prediction as well.
  13. I remembered this morning another reason why I need No Hostile Server: the need to walk away at any given second. Cant be doing that in regular Ark, because of hostiles, so on official I rarely go where I'd encounter hostiles for this reason as well. Sometimes my character starves to death in the base, because I had to step away. I can recover from that, get my stuff back. I cant recover the same for venturing into those areas with hostiles. Real life can take priority, and suddenly. Cant get back to base in time, because that takes, well, Flyer nerf and all that slowness and limited stamina, ground mounts have to wade through so many hostiles to get to a safe place. Seconds count, in both real life and Ark. I can imagine situations of roomates pulling a player away from a PC (parents, wives, husbands, kids significant others, etc etc), beyond a player's control sometimes. I am not subject to that sudden departure due to another person in my home, but I am subject to other causes that will take me away from the PC in under a minute, at any unexpected moment. I wonder how many potential players do not play because of their need to walk away immediately. Again I elaborate why Unofficial and Singleplayers will not work for my situations.... Singleplayer lacks my tribemate. I play to help her, to cheer both of us up with happy visuals. Singleplayer wont give that joy to us. sure, singleplayers can pause for those moments needing to suddenly walk away, but it lacks my tribemate, making singleplayer not as joyous as servers. Unofficial is unstable. Mods added, or removed. Admins or owners getting bored and closing the server. It's unstable, unpredictable. Could lose all of our work over someone else's rules or feelings. My tribemate knows players on official that she talks to and interacts with in the official network. Trades and tames and social she may want to engage in, and those exist on official servers. I dont want to tear her away from that for an unstable unofficial. Singleplayer and Unofficial, which I have tried both, numerous times, and none of them have ever been like my time with my tribemate on official, nothing compares to the joy I have playing with her. Again I emphasize... This is a SUGGESTION. I do not EXPECT it, but I do strongly strongly hope for it to happen someday. They have asked community for server suggestions in the past. This is my suggestion for a possible future for a server. If one server is put out there like this, I wonder if it would be filled to capacity... It just might.
  14. Yes it is dangerous, a lot of this game I do not enjoy. Adrenaline causes me physical pain so I try to avoid hostiles and stressors as much as I can. There is a lot of this game I never go out and deal with, because it is too stressful, too painful, I dont like lost progress, lost items. Ark has many facets, and I dont enjoy all of them, but some of the pieces I am super passionate and love so much, and those things in Ark are the best things imo, out of all of the games out there. Nothing compares to it. I'm sorry it didn't work out well for me, I got very defensive, one of my personality flaws some say, I am working on that, not sure I'll ever break from it, but I hope I do, for this conversation was quite unpleasant for me. Thank you, I appreciate that, good luck in your adventures too, as long as it doesn't harm anyone.
  15. You have. I'm sorry you dont see how you have insulted me. If I was in better spirits I'd probably be able to phrase myself better. I apologize if I come off as hostile. I am defensive for sure right now... I still would like to have this way of playing Ark, WITH my friends. I know this is unlike a lot of people's way of playing Ark, but I know I am not alone in this desire. I wish me and my friends could enjoy this game, without losing progress. Games imo should be fun, and fun is different for other people. My kind of fun involves eye candy, buildings, helping friends, and doesn't include lost progress or dying easily, nor having to tend to keeping an avatar alive for most of the time, when I would rather be building and harvesting. Many others cant play the game because the 'challenges' (RAPTORS ATTACK! WE DIE! Run back to get our items we spent hours collecting DIE AGAIN, THIS IS NOT FUN) are not their kind of fun. The eye candy, breeding, dinos, building, harvesting, and with friends, that is their kind of fun. If only there was a mod so all the tames are friendly, but then it would need to be programmed and updated, and then whoever made it would lose interest and stop updating and the the mod breaks, and back to square one. When it comes to the sights of the game, AND DINOS there is no other game like it. The artists for this game are some of the best I have ever laid eyes on, and I LOVE it. and building oooo that tickles my pleasure centers... and breeding, with genetics and mutations ooooooo FUN. This aint no Ovipets (which I like btw)
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