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  1. " If they were really smart they'd make an easier server " A quote from my friend. " they do have to consider their major player base. That is their bread and butter. " I dont argue that, and for that player base there are servers out there that already exist. Is it too much trouble to add just one server where there are no hostiles, on the official network. Just one. What harm would it be to dedicate one server for people like me? " It would get filled up pretty quickly I'd imagine " that'd be my prediction as well.
  2. I remembered this morning another reason why I need No Hostile Server: the need to walk away at any given second. Cant be doing that in regular Ark, because of hostiles, so on official I rarely go where I'd encounter hostiles for this reason as well. Sometimes my character starves to death in the base, because I had to step away. I can recover from that, get my stuff back. I cant recover the same for venturing into those areas with hostiles. Real life can take priority, and suddenly. Cant get back to base in time, because that takes, well, Flyer nerf and all that slowness and limited stamina, ground mounts have to wade through so many hostiles to get to a safe place. Seconds count, in both real life and Ark. I can imagine situations of roomates pulling a player away from a PC (parents, wives, husbands, kids significant others, etc etc), beyond a player's control sometimes. I am not subject to that sudden departure due to another person in my home, but I am subject to other causes that will take me away from the PC in under a minute, at any unexpected moment. I wonder how many potential players do not play because of their need to walk away immediately. Again I elaborate why Unofficial and Singleplayers will not work for my situations.... Singleplayer lacks my tribemate. I play to help her, to cheer both of us up with happy visuals. Singleplayer wont give that joy to us. sure, singleplayers can pause for those moments needing to suddenly walk away, but it lacks my tribemate, making singleplayer not as joyous as servers. Unofficial is unstable. Mods added, or removed. Admins or owners getting bored and closing the server. It's unstable, unpredictable. Could lose all of our work over someone else's rules or feelings. My tribemate knows players on official that she talks to and interacts with in the official network. Trades and tames and social she may want to engage in, and those exist on official servers. I dont want to tear her away from that for an unstable unofficial. Singleplayer and Unofficial, which I have tried both, numerous times, and none of them have ever been like my time with my tribemate on official, nothing compares to the joy I have playing with her. Again I emphasize... This is a SUGGESTION. I do not EXPECT it, but I do strongly strongly hope for it to happen someday. They have asked community for server suggestions in the past. This is my suggestion for a possible future for a server. If one server is put out there like this, I wonder if it would be filled to capacity... It just might.
  3. Yes it is dangerous, a lot of this game I do not enjoy. Adrenaline causes me physical pain so I try to avoid hostiles and stressors as much as I can. There is a lot of this game I never go out and deal with, because it is too stressful, too painful, I dont like lost progress, lost items. Ark has many facets, and I dont enjoy all of them, but some of the pieces I am super passionate and love so much, and those things in Ark are the best things imo, out of all of the games out there. Nothing compares to it. I'm sorry it didn't work out well for me, I got very defensive, one of my personality flaws some say, I am working on that, not sure I'll ever break from it, but I hope I do, for this conversation was quite unpleasant for me. Thank you, I appreciate that, good luck in your adventures too, as long as it doesn't harm anyone.
  4. You have. I'm sorry you dont see how you have insulted me. If I was in better spirits I'd probably be able to phrase myself better. I apologize if I come off as hostile. I am defensive for sure right now... I still would like to have this way of playing Ark, WITH my friends. I know this is unlike a lot of people's way of playing Ark, but I know I am not alone in this desire. I wish me and my friends could enjoy this game, without losing progress. Games imo should be fun, and fun is different for other people. My kind of fun involves eye candy, buildings, helping friends, and doesn't include lost progress or dying easily, nor having to tend to keeping an avatar alive for most of the time, when I would rather be building and harvesting. Many others cant play the game because the 'challenges' (RAPTORS ATTACK! WE DIE! Run back to get our items we spent hours collecting DIE AGAIN, THIS IS NOT FUN) are not their kind of fun. The eye candy, breeding, dinos, building, harvesting, and with friends, that is their kind of fun. If only there was a mod so all the tames are friendly, but then it would need to be programmed and updated, and then whoever made it would lose interest and stop updating and the the mod breaks, and back to square one. When it comes to the sights of the game, AND DINOS there is no other game like it. The artists for this game are some of the best I have ever laid eyes on, and I LOVE it. and building oooo that tickles my pleasure centers... and breeding, with genetics and mutations ooooooo FUN. This aint no Ovipets (which I like btw)
  5. dude, please stop beating on a dead horse. I have rented from BFS for years. Literally years. No issues. No changes, no problems. Homestead came around, and that was too much for it. I changed NOTHING, other than updated. I play for fun. Ark doesnt have to be dangerous. 22k hours, and you think I need to learn to "play better"? I tend to give people benefit of the doubt far past what someone else would, when I feel like they are being trolly, so this is why I still respond, still state my position on my suggestion, because I am doubtful if you are a troll or not, but you are slowly getting there imo. You have already expressed your dislike of my suggestion. So please leave it for people who do agree with me. I know I am not alone in this desire for this kind of suggestion. Those same people, some do not look at forums because of how hostile they can be, and they don't like hostility, just like your insults. So please move on if all you have to say are attacks to try to make me look like I'm some irresponsible idiot. I dont think you would like it if someone tried to insult what you are passionate about. This is a suggestion, because of something that doesn't exist that I would like to have. And it is fully possible to have in Ark if only the game owners would make it an option, so this is for them to know how I would like to have a server, how I like to play my game, what I find that is fun and enjoyable and would make me play more Ark. I want to help others who do not play Ark but want to play, actually have a server they can come in and play that isnt gonna piss them off every second, a server that they can enjoy, because life has enough dilos for them to stress over, and they want something they can enjoy and relax with. More players, more business, more money for Wildcard. My suggestion is for something that is possible with Ark's current code. Configs that already exist that can make it happen. And I want a server, official server, so my tribemate and many others would join me. They don't play unofficial because of the instability of it's existence. I have heard you suggest unofficial and singleplayer, more than once.... but those aren't workable solutions. My friends wont play unofficial due to it's instability, and they wont play my singleplayer, because well... singleplayer.
  6. BlueFang Solutions, and the servers were for Ark, modded Ark too. Please dont point fingers at me when I was using a business who provides servers for renting to play on Ark maps. I dont take to kindly to such attacks, especially when it isnt my fault. Also, your survival game is different from my survial game, you make that very clear, and I understand that players have different preferences (no brainer) and have been met with many numerous occasions with people who do not play or enjoy what i play and enjoy, and try every which way to invalidate how I would like to play, because they themselves do not enjoy a game like I do. My survival game... I feed my avatar, I craft things, build things, hang out with friends, friends who like games like I like games. No hostile survival game = The Sims Online. The first Multiplayer game I have played, and it was a survival game. No hostiles, and avatar maintenance only took up a small portion of what was done in game. Sim homes were made to aid in that survival, as well as look pretty, and have as a home to hang out with friends, and socialize. Outside of my personal preference, I have known MANY players who never played ark but really want to (but dont, for it's too easy to die and lose stuff), others who tried to play but never got to their first night because they couldn't figure out the controls before dying to some dilo or raptor. They have seen footage and gameplay, they love dinosaurs, passionately adore dinosaurs, and play a lot of Minecraft too... but they mentally cannot handle all the dangers in Ark, HATE dying and losing stuff, so they have to settle for just watching, when they really really want to play, to have control of where the camera looks, or what tames are ridden on, bred, built, etc. They know they cant enjoy the eye candy for themselves, because the game is far too dangerous, even in beginner servers, it is too much NON-fun in there. Singleplayer will NOT do... Singleplayer is Singleplayer, meaning there is no one but the one. Singleplayer takes out a large chunk of why I like Ark: my Tribemate.
  7. Any chance to postpone deletion, and give legacy players at least 30 days once the server list is available? From my personal experience, 30 days is not enough time to move everything. Edit to add: 15 days means sacrifices may have to be made. I can relate to the emotional pain of having to give up stuff due to the limited time available, like when we had four days >.<! For everyone having to endure this, my heart aches for you, I know what it is like. You are not alone. I wish more people were more sympathetic in your struggle, I too have felt the pain. I still have nightmares, and feel emotional sadness at what I had to give up. It was so good, but someone else decided for me, took control, and there was nothing I could do to save the happy things that I invested years into, to have to lose that stuff that gives me so much pleasure in my life, because someone else doesn't seem to care enough to help me save what I want to keep.
  8. I personally didnt lose interest in my gaming/social home of over 2 years... I am still interested, but my enjoyment came under threat (see my full post) after it became legacy. I tried to continue my enjoyment, but I struggle to get my old legacy save file to work well without lagging like 2fps or crashing. I left Legacy mostly because of lack of support. Example of verbal attacks: I was called nasty racial slurs, reported it, but my ticket was turned down due to it happening on "Legacy". I've seen numerous rule-breaking incidents, and felt an overall feeling that PvE Legacy became a home for cruel gamers who preyed on other gamers who wanted nothing to do with PvP. My last straw was encountering a player-made 4-high Behemoth wall stretching 8 or more across to block a path I had used everyday in Aberration, and GM's were not allowed to get involved to remove it. I didnt leave Legacy out of lack of interest, I left because I was being attacked, verbally, emotionally, in-game physically (directed at me or not). I left because I was terrified of losing my things due to some player-made attack, and left because I was unable to enjoy the game on the same server with inconsiderate players who broke rules everyday and no GM's would help. I also hate starting from nothing in Ark, intensely stressful, severely unenjoyable, and a whole lotta DoNotWants. So much about this game I deeply loathe... but too much I enjoy that I keep going, regardless of all the dilos. P.S. I tried to quit before, posted publicly that I would not return, yet I find myself still playing Official, enjoying it in some ways, but I had to severely limit where I go, strongly depend on my tribemate for resources in areas far too dangerous for my tolerances... I have to avoid the bad so I dont have another severe anxiety/meltdown attack. I've had global chat off for months now... Tempted to look at what people say, strongly desiring to see tribe chat, but I do not risk it, not anymore since the last time I was verbally attacked in Ark. Now I tab out to discord, anytime I want to chat with my tribemate. I have to keep chat off due to how sensitive I am to verbal attacks, and the in-game chat's lack of /ignore. Mental struggles are a very real struggle for me, directly affecting what I should and shouldn't do in-game... I have to find filters to make it work, so I can enjoy what I enjoy. My time with my Tribemate is unlike anything else, and I do not want to give that up. TL;DR: I still miss Legacy, still wish I had what I had there, but Legacy grew into a community I could not stand to be around, and no support to get rid of (or punish/warn) the nasties. My tribemate left long before I gave up on it too.
  9. The post I wanted to reply to, for some reason I cant select a section in their comment. I do not think the mana is "op" for PvE, I personally hate the term "op". Please do not put words in my mouth that I never said or thought Weberms. I dont like building materials handed to me, same reason I dont like Creative Minecraft. I dont like to lose anything I spent time on. It's why I do not play PvP, because I dont like it even MORE if some player caused that loss to happen. PvP seperate from PvE is not unheard of. Now for semi-joking, which I rarely do, but it is late and I am feeling rather silly now: I wish there was "Classic Ark" you know? Before gigas, before breeding, before pegos and ikkys, but with all the bugs fixed. Dang, I got WoW classic on my mind... I wish there was a choice if I want my hard earned time wasted by changes or not. Oops, there goes Water Strider's Water walking, nerfed because we were using it too much? Joykiller... oh wait, that is a different game. I love this game so much, I just wish I didn't have to roll with so many punches. At least with Minecraft, we can play any release of the game we want. I wish I could do that with Ark, I'd go play a 2015 or 2016 version.
  10. That would be cool too. A few of the stories of these players who played and never looked back, some of them tried singleplayer, and gave up after they died. Then there are players who refuse to edit the configs, they think it's cheating. A mode selection would likely encourage them to try a version where they have more survivability. I had suggested no hostiles for specialty servers. I havent seen it come up. I dont feel that Beginner servers are for beginners.. In those servers, do first-time players die before they know how to play? I haven't played beginner servers, so I am not sure how it plays. I suppose I could try it, but if it has hostiles, then I dont feel it is a beginner server. Lower Level cap doesnt usually help someone new to Ark survive better imo. Level 5 dilos can still be fatal to a level 1 human who doesn't know how to fight back. Maybe a Tutorial mode, a small little place for people to learn the game SAFELY, without dying before they have a chance to experience what this game has to offer. I was lucky to join a tribe on my first day (after my deaths, someone carried me to their base with an argent). They gave me metal tools and Flak right away, but they were people I had known for months previously. I guess some people just aren't that lucky. I would personally like a no-hostiles server, so me and my tribemate can play together. I had an unofficial, rented my own, but Ark uses way too much of the CPU, so I had to shut it down. Too much CPU with no mods, and less than 200 structures, less than 4 dinos. Server host companies wont allow server hogs like that. Singleplayer and Unofficial Wont do! I need Wildcard to host it. This is why I suggest (emphasis on suggest) for official. Not singleplayer, not Unofficial, but Official. I would like a non-hostiles Official Server so me and my tribemate can play on a server together. There's at least two of us (and maybe more non-active players) who'd hop on board if it was a server where it wasnt so freaking easy to die. Edit to add: If it were up to me, I'd never want do die, or lose my items I collected, AND all the while help my friends with breeding, building, taming and more! There is no other game even close to the eye candy that Ark delivers to my pleasure centers (I've tried Atlas, Conan Exiles, Dark and Light, none of them are as good as Ark imo). I dont want/like/enjoy the feeling of horrific terror (I hate adrenaline, it HURTS) that comes with the fear of every hostile in this game, nor do I want to spend most of my real life time on keeping the weaker-than-dilo avatar alive. I want to play Ark, without worry, without fear, without hostile wild creatures. Love the artists of this game. You blow my mind with eye-candy goodness that looks so real! I LOVE YOU Why waste my time playing with Ovipets, Neopets, or (dare I say Minecraft) when I can play with Ark creatures... But Ark added all of this death and survival in to this amazingly beautiful game, and I just wish I could enjoy all the breeding, building, hoarding, collecting, harvesting, farming, socializing (etc) that Ark has to offer, without fear of losing any of this stuff I spent my real time on. What if it was just one server, just one, Island, PvE. Just one. I wonder how many would flock to it if they knew about it. I know I would join. I'd tell all my friends who quit Ark, to come back and play. Unofficial wont do, they just shut those down too fast.
  11. Increase Rex's Attack Range An Ikky bird stole three stacks of meat from my Rex, all the while I was pointing my rex's face up and spamming my left click... I could not hurt the ikky bird at all! I did try to bite the ikky as it flew down to steal, and my rex still did no damage, as if it was immune in it's dive. It finally flew down to land and I killed it in one bite. This happening on PvE official (idk the nightmare this would be on PvP). I think it's stupid how unreachable creatures are with a Rex. Stupid how Ikky birds can steal from my rex, and go unharmed. Stupid how things can attack my Rex's rear end, unharmed. Stupid how things get stuck on my Rex's behind and I cant do any damage to it (I even lost a rex due to this). (I am a bit ranty here, it is fresh on my mind, and as I tab out of Ark to type here, a pego starts to gnaw on my Rex) TL;DR: Increased attack range for tamed rexes would be smart imo.
  12. No Hostiles Beginner Servers Suggestion: I want beginner servers to have ZERO NPC hostiles. This is 100% configurable (I done it on my Singleplayer). My thoughts/opinions/stories/etc: Defensive creatures are ok imo, like trikes and stegos. But things that attack without poking them (or cause other creatures to attack), I would not want them on beginner servers (i.e. carnos, dragonflies, pachyrhinos, etc) I have heard from many people's first moments of Ark.. Most (if not all) of them died to a creature, many of them died in less than 5 minutes, and some of them died before they could figure out how to pick up rocks, or even open their inventory. Many of them never tried Ark again. My first attempt at Ark (August 2015), I was blinded by a wild dilo in less than a minute in game, and quickly died, there were two dilos there where I spawned. But because I was there to help a friend, I kept going. Died to dilos again. I still didnt know how to make a stone pick, nor punched a single tree yet. 20k hours later, I still die to stuff. But I have a base and tames to help make item recovery much much easier, and deaths happen far less often. Beginner servers need to be for those who do not know how to play Ark, and give them a chance to learn how to control their character. and also for those who would like to play Ark without getting attacked by anything (heck, I might even play there if there were no hostiles). Both PvP and PvE should be beginner game modes (but if I had it my way, only PvE). Summary/TL;DR: I suggest more survivability in Beginner Servers for those who dont know how to pick up rocks (yet).
  13. I feel beginner servers are for helping new players learn how to play Ark in general, I dont feel that needs a map variety.
  14. There are so many suggestions buried because the most voted is on page one. Default arrangement here is not newest first. But with 7 upvotes, you look to be ahead of most of the suggestions that exist right now.
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