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  1. idk if this is a bug, so i play Extinction on PS4 i killed the king titan and waited around a few minutes to ascend as usual and when the ascend cutscene hit, my game crashed, and i have to skip Extinction and play Genesis, whats going on, is this a bug or my ps4 couldnt handle the cutscene
  2. my cursed character is a male, ALL upper body stats to the max and ALL lower body stats to the lowest, i name it jon, or Mr Unholy
  3. i dont know i you really want to challenge the people who created the game, they were there since early access, just saying, they might be very experienced at the game
  4. it would be big smoke from gta sa, i have no idea why
  5. if a fictional character joined your ark who would it be
  6. my reaction when i got in the tek cave for the first time, i was amazed that i saw what the island really was
  7. what was your reaction when you discovered the tek cave for the first time
  8. What Would You Do if Ark has Console Exclusive ARKS.(ex. an Ark for the ps4)
  9. if i was by myself i would do the same
  10. if Everything in ark was real, what would you do, where would you spawn?
  11. one time i was playing ark i spawned (i spawn in south) and a random giant aligator hits me as soon as i got control
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