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Community Crunch 224: Anniversary Event, Crystal Isles Launch, New Dino & More!

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1 hour ago, AlannahJay101 said:

Woohoo I won something! Thanks guys and congratulations to everyone else! 

P.s how do we claim our prize? O.o

Congrats! I’m pretty sure they will send an email asking about your PayPal Credentials, but I’m not sure because I‘ve never Done it before. Guess we’ll have to find out.

                                                      .~ (@)  ~~~---_
                                                     {     `-_~,,,,,,)
                                                     {    (_  ',
                                                      ~    . = _',
                                                       ~-   '.  =-'
                                                         ~     :
      .                                             _,.-~     ('');
      '.                                         .-~        \  \ ;
        ':-_                                _.--~            \  \;      _-=,.
          ~-:-.__                       _.-~                 {  '---- _'-=,.
             ~-._~--._             __.-~                     ~---------=,.`
                 ~~-._~~-----~~~~~~       .+++~~~~~~~~-__   /
                      ~-.,____           {   -     +   }  _/
                              ~~-.______{_    _ -=\ / /_.~
                                   :      ~--~    // /         ..-
                                   :   / /      // /         ((
                                   :  / /      {   `-------,. ))
                                   :   /        ''=--------. }o
                      .=._________,'  )                     ))
                      )  _________ -''                     ~~
                     / /  _ _


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1 hour ago, Allanballan said:


Thank you jurassic park man

               ,  ;:._.-`''.
             ;.;'.;`      _ `.
              ',;`       ( \ ,`-.  
           `:.`,         (_/ ;\  `-.
            ';:              / `.   `-._
          `;.;'              `-,/ .     `-.
          ';;'              _    `^`       `.
         ';;            ,'-' `--._          ;
':      `;;        ,;     `.    ':`,,.__,,_ /
 `;`:;`;:`       ,;  '.    ;,      ';';':';;`
              .,; '    '-._ `':.;    
            .:; `          '._ `';;,
          ;:` `    :'`'       ',__.)
      ';. '`'::'`''  .'`'
, .;`      `'::''`
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Happy anniversary, Ark. Five years of dying, respawning, dying again, taming, building, dying, exploring, dying, crashing, hating you for all the bugs that have become features... and so many of us are still here to celebrate nonetheless XD You found an untapped market of masochists to sell games to, and that was creative genius ;) Just teasing, Ark, you know I love/hate you.

I was sure the new dino would be a flyer because of Crystal Isles' floating islands, well I'm happy with my guess. I agree with the comment above that this looks a lot like a Tropeognathus (the modder Hokiroya had made a nice one at some point and this beak looks very familiar), and I like the idea of a turret on a creature. Always surprised there aren't more in the game ! Dino Riders showed the way :P 
...And I hope you guys notice how excited people get for new "real" dinos ! Sure, all the people who have played CI as a mod wonder what's going to happen to the crystal wyverns, crystal griffins, embertross, and all the mean creatures from Eldritch Island, but there is a real excitement about getting an actual dino, in a game many of us starting playing because of the dinosaur angle. When we talk about it, that's oftentimes the first thing that comes up, along with the nostalgia of the EA phase when discovering regularly new creatures was keeping things fresh and exciting. I'd pay real life money (and possibly with my first born child) for a season pass that introduces new creatures regularly.

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"Later this summer for consoles." Freaking wonderful. The people with the least content have to wait the longest, instead of you just releasing them all simultaneously. Thanks Wildcard, really feeling like you give a crap about us


At least the new dinosaur looks cool. 

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I love the new dino thing and all, but I'm still having troubles trying to spawn in the VR dinos and bots from genesis (I'm on Ps4) and I was wondering if wildcard could help me out here. OR anyone at that, i wanna see if I can spawn in bots from genesis, then forcetame them and see if they can roam around acting like tribe members. solo tribe without mods. again as I say: a little help fellas :l

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I don't like the birthday suit skin, wish there was an option to turn the blur off and just deal with the barby doll-like figure of the characters. The blur causes a weird bloom effect and its so freaking annoying on console.

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16 minutes ago, 13Alpha1 said:

What do you mean? Do you not like fun lol. Also the floating islands have rockdrake eggs so we might end up getting them too

The drakes need removing tbh, it's too easy to get eggs on a ptera then just hover above all the drakes laughing at them

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