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  1. That hawk is my new favorite animal, the abilities are sick, and the way it looks is also sick, can't wait to tame like 50 of these, BTW, when does the new map come out? (can't pronounce or spell the name)
  2. I would LOVE to see the v raptor in ark, and have it like a troodon that doesn't give torpor would be a nice addition as well, just, don't make it spawn on the beaches.
  3. Ok, so no domination Rex, but another Dino I would suggest is the deinocheirus, another therizinosaur that wouldnt be as annoying as the theri
  4. I wouldn't mind seeing the domination Rex(modded creature in place of the indom), or the velociraptor(I don't think it is from any mods). The velociraptor would get a set of Dino armor that could go up to ascendant, and could latch onto smaller targets such as humans and giganopithecus and have a bleed effect, and can be seen in packs of 4 to 8, and also spawn it the woods, I would hate spawning on the beach and get insta killed by them.
  5. Or they could just use the smaller, simpler mods, like ark additions, or the actual s+ to add some new features, give me more reason that I want to play it, because right now, if I'm being honest, it's getting kind of boring with the same thing every time you spawn in, there's nothing new, I mean the dlcs put fun into the game for about a week, but then it just gets boring again, that's what I was talking about... mainly, I would love to see something like primal fear get added, but it's way too big of a mod to even think about running on an Xbox one s , which is what I play on.
  6. I hope that when they end ark 1 they add the mods for it to vanilla, so you could play with your favorite ark content creator, without having to buy a PC to get steam to eventually get the mods that they play on.
  7. I will be honest and say I never knew you could ride the diplocaulus anywhere
  8. We could also see about adding the guanlong, nonridable, but fast, deadly, and hyper aggressive, like the corrupted dinos of extinction, also the smallest tyrannosaur, meaning that it would be more deadly than the raptor but less deadly than a high level carno, or a Rex.
  9. This idea would work, but it is about the size of a diplocaulus (correct me if I'm wrong on spelling) so being rideable is quite a stretch
  10. LOL that sounds like a really good job for it, guarding vaults is something I do on every pvp server I go on, but mainly with high health dodos and high health high attack dilos, so adding a pack of velociraptors to the mix that has ascendant armor, and can latch on and bleed people trying to get into your base just to get maybe some old cloth armor and thatch floors sounds TERRIFYING.
  11. I would also love to see a velociraptor, but like you said it would be the only non-ridable dromeosaur, and also the most fragile considering it's size. Edit: unless they give it armor that can go up to ascendant.
  12. I'm kinda hoping, that we can add another therizinosaur, maybe the deinocheirus? I mean it wouldn't be as annoying as the theri we have now, plus it could be passive unless provoked.
  13. Quick question. will I be able to find this flier on any other maps on its release date or will I have to wait until crystal isles comes out? ( I'm on x-box 1)
  14. It is the Tropeognathus with a tek saddle, but will it have a normal saddle?
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