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  1. Well while we're all complaining -here's mine I put in a bug report back in October and complained to Dollie (got it partially fixed so thank you for that Dollie) but the rare flowers on extinction are not working while riding a dino still... tested it and may have destroyed half my pretties running a tapejara to my trap at my base. Any hope for a fix?
  2. its on the surface but happens during the night cycle (or it did last year) and that was a nightmare. I had one guy while I was fighting off reapers come and take the present and bring me... more reapers...
  3. This always happens with raptor claus. We had an event just after official started (start of the end of legacy) where all regular drops became Xmas drops at night. Everyone got stuff and it was glorious. No arguing or BS just presents. Including hairstyles, bps, gear, saddles, etc...
  4. The passive tames do not seem to be effected by the taming multiplier. Its been that way forever But thankfully unless your looking for terrific horrific danger noodles Titanoboas aren't necessary in the game anymore
  5. i think he means 2x the 2x Honestly taming still takes too long on 2x perma but I'm grateful for it regardless
  6. bred all my types just fine without cryoing/transferring. Validate your game files maybe? (Longshot but everything is worth it when it costs nothing but time)
  7. Nicely done Wildcard, thank you for the information on the TLC and server reliability focus. This will be greatly appreciated by new and old players alike.
  8. Well Cedric did say the crunches would be light for a while......ok cool beans I guess.
  9. The perhaps a compromise? I know Gigas are top tier-end-game dinos but the 10% takes to long maybe make the getting to 10% only take 12 hours and the rest of it stay the same (add 12 hours to juvy time maybe?) The same for all the other dinos taking longer then 12 hours to reach 10%? An the ping being 255 has about as much to do with people being on the server with mega huge bases as people breeding.... just my humble personal opinion. Thanks to Cryopods some (SOME) players could reduce the size of their bases helping the server's ping BUT that is a choice a person would have to make on their
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