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  1. Actually the harvest thing isn't a bad idea, and I can agree with the scaling abilities and jumping height. Now, for the invetory bag, I was going for it not just finding player bags but also bags from tamed dinos and enemy player inventory bags as well. Also, with them being some pretty adept hunter, I think it would be cool to impliment a stealth ability that can be triggered like the Rock Drakes climbing ability or the Snow Owl's thermal vision.
  2. Knowing that foxes can climb, I do think it would be a good idea for it to be able to climb, just not exactly "stick" to the wall like say a Deinonychus. I also think they should be able to jump at least 2 walls high, since foxes can jump pretty high IRL anyway. The sniffing out an inventory bag for anything, not just a human or tame, I personally think would be an amazing idea. But I do agree, it can use more abilities unique to it. The thing is, what abilities?
  3. Island has redwoods? I get that you have your arguments but that just means you don't have to tame it IF it ever actaully got released. There are also a lot of creatures in the game that, sure, have a single unique ability but are otherwise utterly useless. Otter? Freakin cute and adorable but has low hp and has a chance of getting you pearls upon killing fish. Big whoop. And thats 1 example. The only other thing the otter can do is keep you warm. Archaeopteryx? Just eats chitin and can glide. Again, big whoop.
  4. They added mythical creatures. Once they did that, any argument is fairly invalid. Anything in Genesis or anything that is in the game but didn't either: A. Exist in Earth's history B. Isn't a mythic creature listed in historical books and fairy tales Is basically original creations from Wild Card. What sort of harm would it do to add a creature that is based off of real world foxes?
  5. So, to answer these questions (I do want to state here and now that this is not an original idea of mine, it was from a post on Facebook but the abilities and details are mine). Saddle Engram could be learned between say levesl 25-35, but if I had to put it at a specific level, I'd have to say 21 or 22. There are a total of 4 engrams learned on these 2 levels and it would be after the smithy and forge. Since the saddle is optional, metal could be used to make the saddle to add a little bit of defence to the fox. Yes! Even if they were made to not be able to climb straight up th
  6. Found a post in one of the Ark groups I'm in on Facebook and they have been suggesting what players would like to see in the game and one of them seemed pretty plausable: The Giant Fox. Though we have a Direwolf and it wouldn't be hard to make one look like a fox, the Giant Fox could be smaller than a Direwolf, but obviously bigger than your every day average fox. A lot of suggestions for abilities and if it would need a saddle or not have been mentioned as well. So, I'm posting this here as my take on the suggestion posted in the group. A Giant Fox would make a pretty
  7. I just want tameable Crystal Wyvern Heirs and Liquid Creatures!!! Add them to the official port of Crystal Isles FFS!!!
  8. Perhaps, but I'd love to just get tameable heirs that can breed tbh
  9. I seriously think its on purpose. They cut so many creatures from the map so theres not enough spawn points for regular creatures on the official port. I'm still waiting on their announcement telling us that Crystal Wyvern Heirs will tameable or not like in the mod, and if they're going to actually add the Crystal and Liquid creatures back into the map.
  10. After talking with some people on Reddit though I was told the Crystal Wyvern Heirs were tameable though. Like, the skull-wearing version of the Crystal Wyverns, at least on the actual mod. On the ported version, if you steal an egg from the Heirs it hatches as a regular Crystal Wyvern (no skull helmet) which is extremely disappointing, because if you go into single player, do the "givetome" command on an heir, you can breed it with a regular Crystal Wyvern. I'm mad that I can't have an heir for myself with the skull helmet.
  11. What all did they cut from? I didn't hear about it
  12. The Heir, unfortunately, can't be tamed. The eggs produce the normal Crystal Wyverns you see flying around the map. The only difference there is to the Heirs and the regular Crystal Wyverns is that the Heirs fly faster and wear a skull over their faces. Now, to my knowledge, on the mod itself the Heir was tameable by either KO or stolen eggs. Even now, the Heirs CAN breed with wyverns, but an admin will have to do the "givetome" command on a female heir in order for it to actually breed with a regular crystal wyvern. Other than that, they are completely unattainable. Personally, I'm ve
  13. Missing Rest of Creatures Is WC aware they're missing a vast majority of the creatures that should be on the map? To my knowledge, the Crystal Wyvern Heir's were supposed to be tameable from the information provided in youtube videos I've seen showcasing the creatures in the mod itself. However, you can't even forcetame them in-game but they have no trouble breeding. We're also missing: - Crystal Griffin - Crystal Snow Owl - Embertross - Crystal Drake - Liquid Dinos (which I heard were going to be tameable as well) Did WC not release them on purpose and will release them on
  14. Yeah I know... I'm just salty about it... Was really looking forward to taming the heirs and liquid dinos. Heck, you can BREED the heirs ffs So why... why can we not tame them???
  15. Where is the rest of the Crystal Isles port??? The tameable Crystal Heirs, the crystal griffins, crystal snow owls, embertross, liquid dinos and literally everything else???
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