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  1. Yeah I had some serious issues with pvp players the moment I started playing this game. They got super personal with a friend of mine. Long story short, and just skipping the details, she no longer plays this game due to those assholes. As for the Mana though, it still does "decent" damage, but I'm also playing on a boosted cluster. Even then though, I spend more time waiting for my Manas stamina to regen than I do boosting around. Even with 6k stam, I can only boost about 4-5 times before I need to land and wait, and I'm barely 1/4th across the damn map. I do, however, wish Manas could continuesly boost without needing to air dash forward for another boost. Also, with the Mana's training... if a Mana isn't trained, it jumps away from its owner if they're attacked and the owner is dismounted. So for them to really be nerfed makes little sense to me. Regardless though, I'm probably going to keep using mine. I love it too much to just toss it to the side.
  2. I've noticed. The recent update on console has reduced the lag greatly! As for the wishes thing...? I was asking out of sheer curiosity as I've heard players talking about it recently but could never provide any sort of proof or links to such discussions. So I figured I'd ask a community that would probably know more on the topic than me, or them.
  3. So, I was wrong about their damage. My Mana, after tame without levels, was hitting for around 44 damage per .5 seconds with the ice breath and now hits for 22. However, thats for specific creatures. The bigger the creature, the smaller the damage output. Brontos seem to only take about 12 dmg, and thats within melee range. My Mana is level 491 with 674% melee (and this is a leveled Mana I personally use) and it takes me a good 10 minutes to kill a level 150 Bronto. Took someone 45 minutes to kill a wild 280 Giga the day after the nerf to test out the damage output and stated that the giga was only taking 2 dmg per .5 seconds. It's almost like with the Velos to be honest. They were able to easily slay wild Gigas with ease, but now it takes nearly a team of 5 level 400+ Velos to kill a level 50 wild Giga. And I need that sort of defense considering I'm based by Green Ob on Rag, where Gigas are usually known to spawn.
  4. Nooo... a lot of your points aren't up to date now. Let me fill you in. With its heavy stamina nerf, on official, a mana can jump/boost at most 3 times before needing to land and wait a decent period for its stamina to even begin recovering. Its stamina recovery, due to the nerf, is also extremely slow. I play on a boosted cluster, so our tames reach a max level of 300, but even then a 300 perfect tame Mana only gets about 1200 stamina and can boost a total of 4 times before needing to land. It's damage nerfs make it so it only does around 58-72 damage per strike, and with the recent breath nerf, about 2-4 damage per second (possibly .5 seconds but whatever). It may be able to breed and have imprints, but they added a "training" system, and without training the Mana will jump away from its owner if the owner is attacked, and will jump in awkward directions if 2 players are riding it at the same time. Honestly, I think the Rock Drake may have it beat in land speed, as the Drake can crawl over rough land. As for it killing extinction creatures faster (not just the titans) is due to their x2 damage buff against corrupted creatures. The Enforcer gets a x4 damage buff I believe.
  5. Very informative! I like your points and can understand a few things a little clearly now! However, I think the Mana should not have had such a huge nerf to their breath. I've been seeing their breath ping for about 2 damage per second (maybe its .5 seconds, but who is counting, right?) and that just seems like too much of a nerf. I can understand it doing that much at a distance, but definitely not up close where the breath should be the strongest. If they add any new saddles, I hope they have some sort of good function to them, but as you said, I am taking these rumors with the biggest grain of salt. I would just like a bit of confirmation. I've heard about it, even with the Griffin breeding, at some point in the past, but this was addressed recently and I figured, why not make a post?
  6. What a sad, sad day... So, I play on a Nitrado Cluster for the xbox, and have been enjoying the S+ update! It seems great... until you start building and realize the new structures don't even snap properly! Great job beta testers... great job... beta... testing...? Anyway, after reading the latest, and a few other recent patch notes considereding creatures; I've noticed that the super cool and useful Managarmr was once again heavily nerfed... Why? We have had people come to our cluster from official pvp, and never once complained or bragged about how good the Managarmr was. So why the nerf? I'm genuinely asking, and if anyone knows why, I'd love to know. Now, the sad part of it is though, it appears the Mana has been rendered completely useless, and I have seen a lot of people calling them "decoration tames" since the nerf and release of Homestead. It hurts seeing creatures you've bred and sold off to players being killed, breeding lines going to waste, mutations that are just going to sit and starve, because the Managarmr was once again nerfed. When Wildcard nerfed their stamina consumption upon air dodges and boosts, players hated it but seemed to have let it slide. Now, players on my cluster are killing them off, like they did the velos when they were nerfed, if not kept as turret support to land flyers. Which, for the velos, seems to be the ONLY good thing about them. However, the Manas stamina and damage nerfs are just too much. They already don't do anything for melee damage overall, but not being able to boost very far due to low stamina and now not being able to kill much of anything really makes this Moon Hound seem like a big ol' sitting duck. They're made to boost and jump around, its how they attack creatures in the wild, so why nerf their stamina in the first place??? Now, they're not even good support creatures! Such a beautiful creature... wasted. I would love to see their overall melee buffed since their breath was heavily nerfed, and their stamina after tame either increased, or no longer consumes so much upon boosting and air dodging. Oh, I also heard a few things I'd like confirmation on. I heard Griffins, Drakes, and Wyverns are all going to be made breedable. Also heard Wyverns are supposed to be getting Tek/Regular saddles. And I heard the Direwolves were getting some sort of saddle as well.
  7. So, I like the S+ stuff so, but I have so many issues with it already... It wasn't AS bad before, but since the update, structures don't seem to want to snap properly at ALL. Attempting to place triangle roofs at certain angles, even having the game show you its going to place in that very spot, but change IMMEDIATELY when placed so its in a completely different spot or direction and having to pick up the structures every time you screw up is absolutely annoying. And, while reading patch notes, I noticed the Managarmr has been getting hit with nerf after nerf. I don't understand why Wildcare adds cool creatures into the game, and then nerfs them to absolute uselessness. Velos aren't capable for killing Gigas anymore, which were honestly VERY useful again wild gigas. So, since their nerf, MANY people in my server have either stopped looking, stopped breeding, and have killed off the ones they had. Now, with the Managarmr nerf, they're doing the same thing to them, calling them "decoration tames" rather than actual support tames. It's rather quite sad to be honest... I loved the Manas, but since this nerf, even I don't find a need for them anymore, and I play pve. No use breeding and selling them to the pvp players on my server if they don't do any damage. Nobody ever really used them for travel either since their stam consumption for boosts were heavily nerfed as well.
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