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  1. Hey man i just saw your post on the giant fox and i think it would be a great idea to put it on the vote forum for the new dino or if you don't want i want to ask you if i can do it cause i love the idea and it's my favorite animal.

  2. I just want tameable Crystal Wyvern Heirs and Liquid Creatures!!! Add them to the official port of Crystal Isles FFS!!!
  3. Perhaps, but I'd love to just get tameable heirs that can breed tbh
  4. I seriously think its on purpose. They cut so many creatures from the map so theres not enough spawn points for regular creatures on the official port. I'm still waiting on their announcement telling us that Crystal Wyvern Heirs will tameable or not like in the mod, and if they're going to actually add the Crystal and Liquid creatures back into the map.
  5. After talking with some people on Reddit though I was told the Crystal Wyvern Heirs were tameable though. Like, the skull-wearing version of the Crystal Wyverns, at least on the actual mod. On the ported version, if you steal an egg from the Heirs it hatches as a regular Crystal Wyvern (no skull helmet) which is extremely disappointing, because if you go into single player, do the "givetome" command on an heir, you can breed it with a regular Crystal Wyvern. I'm mad that I can't have an heir for myself with the skull helmet.
  6. Yeah I know... I'm just salty about it... Was really looking forward to taming the heirs and liquid dinos. Heck, you can BREED the heirs ffs So why... why can we not tame them???
  7. Where is the rest of the Crystal Isles port??? The tameable Crystal Heirs, the crystal griffins, crystal snow owls, embertross, liquid dinos and literally everything else???
  8. to my knowledge there was a mod released for pc players that added the removed dinos to Crystal Isles, but I'm a console player. My pc can't handle Ark so I'm sort of forced to play console but it pisses me off that console players are severely robbed of these things.
  9. I never got to play on Center, Rag, and Valg before they were ported so I don't know how much was cut exactly but there was way too much stuff unique to Crystal Isles that they cut instead of putting the effort into porting over to official. This one really is a complete bummer ngl.
  10. Sooo what happened to all of the awesome content that we could have gotten for Crystal Isles, but instead got a completely watered down version of the mod ported to official? What happened there? A bunch of new awesome content to enjoy? Oh, you must be talking about: - Tameable Crystal Wyvern Heirs - Crystal Snow Owl, Crystal Drake, Embertross, Liquid Creatures, Crystal Griffin, and other Crystal Varients of currently exiting creatures in the game - New tools/resources unique to Crystal Isles Yup, a LOT of awesome content to enjoy... that was severely CUT. Thanks for the diet Crystal Isles for official I guess... 23/10 painfully disappointed.
  11. I don't like the birthday suit skin, wish there was an option to turn the blur off and just deal with the barby doll-like figure of the characters. The blur causes a weird bloom effect and its so freaking annoying on console.
  12. Imagine An addition to the mutation pool Instead of just getting chibis as little pets to follow you around... you can also get a mutation that makes the baby stop growing at a certain point. So you can get gaintism or dwarfism as a mutation. I'd so freaking down for that!! Imagine 20 midget rexes killing bosses!
  13. Does anyone know the chances of them adding the RP Decorations to official? That would be great for pve players. Also, whats the chances of us getting the liquid and crystal varients of creatures in the Crystal Isles dlc? I would LOVE to tame me a blood wyvern, and a liquid one XD
  14. So, I like the S+ stuff so, but I have so many issues with it already... It wasn't AS bad before, but since the update, structures don't seem to want to snap properly at ALL. Attempting to place triangle roofs at certain angles, even having the game show you its going to place in that very spot, but change IMMEDIATELY when placed so its in a completely different spot or direction and having to pick up the structures every time you screw up is absolutely annoying. And, while reading patch notes, I noticed the Managarmr has been getting hit with nerf after nerf. I don't understand why Wildcare adds cool creatures into the game, and then nerfs them to absolute uselessness. Velos aren't capable for killing Gigas anymore, which were honestly VERY useful again wild gigas. So, since their nerf, MANY people in my server have either stopped looking, stopped breeding, and have killed off the ones they had. Now, with the Managarmr nerf, they're doing the same thing to them, calling them "decoration tames" rather than actual support tames. It's rather quite sad to be honest... I loved the Manas, but since this nerf, even I don't find a need for them anymore, and I play pve. No use breeding and selling them to the pvp players on my server if they don't do any damage. Nobody ever really used them for travel either since their stam consumption for boosts were heavily nerfed as well.
  15. Awesome! That'll make taming and breeding much easier! Now, can we get censorship options like Conan and Rust? Would love to see the Au Naturale mod integrated into the game to give a more asthetic "stranded naked" feel to the game! Would also love to see more skins such as more armor skins, bikini/swim wear skins, and overal holiday skins! With the addition of S+ though, I'm hoping it will make building much easier!
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