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  1. hi wil ark aditons get a port to consol ? it seams lik a grate mod and iz sponsord
  2. sory 2 here that bruv, i play on xbox and dont get this problem much. wel atleest u dont ware nite vis gogles cuz if u did u'd think ur goin to heven. hmmm hopefuly devs will notice that console playaz play this game 2, not just pc playaz.
  3. i scrounged arownd on the web and fownd that u can plug in da codes on sp or non oficial on ps4. tri tipe this into ur comand bar, r.lightshafts 0 r.bloomquality 0
  4. hmmmm seems 2 bee happpining alot mabey try turning gama down, i no that theres a code u can juz plug in on pc using cheets tho.
  5. i bee snokimg om jett feul lik bob marlee wee hee hee hee
  6. i rimember my f1st tame, bak then (like a month ago) i had just started out on the rag and i was fresh wid my singleplayer server after a while i made a raft and set sale for a journey to the desert around the wyvern cave i could see the desert and i was excited to get some scortched earth tames when i saw a massive lightning wyvern it looked like a white pigon and then i thought to myself "wow i wish i hade a dragon" and then it hit me, i could tame a pteranodon and go in their and grab a dragon egg and thats what i did i found a low level pteranodon slapped a saddle on it and grabed me a level 150 egg! i was so happy when i brought the egg back i named my pteranodon wyvern, the queen of the skies. (the pteranodon was a she) and started incubating the egg when the baby hatched out wyvern, my pteranodon grew very close to the hatchling, it was then i realised wyvern was the adopted mother of the baby! after it had grown up wyvern and white wings (the baby) were inseperable, it was the mother and son bond that no one could break until one day i was harvesting metal under the feat of a massive titanosaur, thinking that we would be safe under neath the lumbering giant, until a menacing dilo attacked me whilst i was harvesting wyvern rushed to my aid... but unfortunatley she nipped at the titanosaurs ankle the titanosaur turned and i looked into its eyes, which were red with anger. the collusus reared onto its hind legs and with a loud thump me the dilo and wyvern were wiped from existence i spawned at home and gave white wings the bad news. we quickly flew over and started zapping the titan but it was no use, white wings needed to land for stamina. but the titan hit us when we wernt looking and soon we were arked into the terrain. stuck and with no stamina i said goodbye to white wings and with one last stomp white wings and i were wiped. spawning at my base i realised i had one mission and one mission only.. vengeance. for the next couple of months i prepped, taming rexes gigas brontos, anything big enough to fight by the end i had 37 rexes, 8 spinos, one giga, 5 brontos, countless raptors, a legion of argies and 14 piggies. i lined my troops up to fight the behemoth and told them that this was the most honorable way to die. hitting my war drums i whistled attack, and it was a blood bath my brave raptors had gone in to attack and with 2 hits, almost all of them had died. in the end we had won but we had suffered massive loss. 3 rexes had survived and the giga, but that was it. that day went down in honour of white wings wyvern and for the noobs of rag.
  7. their is a chekboks in the setings called USE SINGLPLAYA SETINGS juz unklik it and u shood have official setings. BEWAR this seting will make you're game hard! it wil make boses harder bye like 33% and babys wil take lik 4 days to grow
  8. dood just find the chekbox use singleplayer setings and unklik it
  9. make yee island dlc pls yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  10. but y did mobile get griffan if the graffins are so SPEACAL ( - __ -)
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